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I Like To Think It’s A Gateway To My Inner Spirit, Letting It Out To Play

Nubis Garte

1995 | 180 cm | 70 kg

Quebec (CA)

Hey readers. I’m with an Egyptian rubber hound today. Nubis, can you tell us a bit about yourself? When did you first come in contact with rubber and kink?

At a very young age I was intrigued by slimy things. I wondered what it would feel like having my whole body trapped in. I also was very curious about aliens, mystical creatures, demons, and so on. This kinda mixed up and I came up with physical preferences for creatures: those that seemed smooth, shiny and/or viscous with “elegant” yet aggressive lines were my favorites.

So then came the idea of a human being capable of transforming into his/her inner inhuman form. Being in peace with a beautiful evil looking monster. I thought this would be very cool.

So later, let’s say at a young teen age, I was obviously very curious about rubber in general since it looked like a perfect mix of slimy liquid and solid material. I wondered what it would feel to wear surgical gloves. How soft it would be.

Since my mom was a nurse, I got acces to those pretty soon. The couple of first times I wore those, I didn’t even know it was sexual at all. It just felt so good I had to rub by whole body with them. But one time in the bath, it went further… I’ve had my first masturbation.

A bit later, since I knew those were made of latex, I searched the word on google. This is when I found out about catsuits. I couldn’t believe this was actually a thing. I did my researches, found out about the fetish, learned some terms and came up with a favorite: heavy rubber.

Latex catsuit and gasmask. That’s it, the dream was true: I could turn into a beautiful, masked, shiny, silky, inhuman creature with the perfect skin replacement. Or you know… have some fun with any of them.

This is when my fetish really got started.

Hehe and obviously it came also further. But can you tell me, what exactly is so alluring to you about the transformation and inhumanization for you?

I strangly never really got that much along with society and social intercourses. I always felt appart from others, like I didn’t belong anywere. I grew up with animals, mainly cats and dogs, and those were my best friends in most cases. Of course I made wonderful friends, during my teenage years mostly, that supports me nowadays. But playing fight outdoor with my dog, running everywhere… it was like I could better understand their simple way of life: enjoying the moment, playing around, doing crazy stuff… and that’s all I was asking for.

This is both a reason of why I like to escape with the fetish, and why the jackal in particular.

I’ll start by explaining the importance of the jackal for me. First of, I’ve always been very attracted to acient civilizations. Of course especially Ancient Egypt, even before knowing about Anubis. The first time I saw a jackal mask, I had butterflies in my belly imagining wearing it. I felt like I could get back something lost. A very confusing feeling, but one sure thing: I needed that mask. So I like to think Nubis could be my spirit animal, and that makes me even prouder.

And about wearing the costume, it simply makes me feel right. It’s trapping my whole body and yet I’m free. The feel is like a big comforting hug all over the skin. I like to think it’s a gateway to my inner spirit, letting it out to play or “exist”. Does it really exist? I don’t know. I sure feel different though.

That’s a very interesting sight, or view. For me it was kind of the same with people and animals, but I grew more into the puppy scene. Though I also quite like role play in general.

What about attraction to others though? What importance does rubber hold there? And what else plays a part there too?

I think I might be in love with my fetish (with my spirit?). This is something I can feel from latex.

I thought this could be a problem with someone, but no. It’s a universal love I can transmit to others through my gear.

So no latex isn’t just a sexual stimulant. It’s also very comforting and relaxing.

Enough for some of my normal friends to be able to visit even when I wear my suit sometimes. I could wear it a day just to feel better for example.

As for play sessions, at first I thought it would be better for both to be geared up. Turns out I prefer when one of us is still “human”. The idea of owning, possessing, touching, controlling a human being, making it a prey of a latex creature, but still being caring and respectful… A strange mix of love and roughness occuring from a dark creature…

I could either be the creature or the human. In other words, I’m a hunter switch. I do prefer being the hunter than the prey though.

So as of sexual attraction, it is from two things excluding my monster fantasies: physically it would be masked latex man or woman (don’t care as long as it’s latex or similar), or emotionnally… I’ll explain.

If it fits, I can get sexually attracted to someone when we get to know each others. Or I can even be turned on by the way they are making love (in a porn for example). Passion, sensuality, love… if it seems like that, it could turn me on. But even there I’m not sure I could do it without my gear. It just makes me want them more, but you know… as Nubis.

Could you ever imagine creating another Persona such as Nubis for yourself?

Yep… okay let’s go deeper in me and my beliefs. Please take note all those theories are based on my own experiences and conclusions, so I’m well aware I could be wrong and that they are just “theories”. I do strongly believe in their possibility though, so I live by them.

I think everyone works in a certain way, splitted in 3 for most cases. The descriptions are based on myself moslty, but I think the base could be the same for everyone. It will answer the question later:

– First one, the body (the machine, the hardware. Only flesh without spirits.)

– Then there’s the primal spirit or spirit animal (the one all about strenght, adrenaline, energy, instincts, sex, ego, domination; in other words, the one in charge of the body, the one “behind the wheel”) This would be Nubis for me.

– And the emotionnal spirit. (The divine source, the feminine, the empathic, the lover… but the naive and the submissive. Without this one, the primal would be lost in chaos, so it’s protecting it. This is why I think sadness and madness are related. Also, emotions are giving us a reason to act.)

This emotionnal side of mine really reminds me of a cat. When I’m tired for example, the primal isn’t much there so I get more feminine and emotionnal than male and impulsive. This is mainly how I came up with those theories. This is also why maybe someday I might get a panthera mask or something for when I feel more submissive or sweet.

I also like gasmasks, since it doesn’t represent anything in particular. You can give any personality to gasmasks.

Well most beliefs and also some sciences separate the body and the spirit. And to differentiate between reason, drive and emotion (or generally between states of mind) is also common.

I’m aware of that. I didn’t base my beliefs on others though. I noticed it by analysing myself, trying to understand how it works in there.

The fact it’s very common simply add to its possibility. Problem with most people, they are too focused on one belief, one way. In most cases, it could be both or more. Use your brain people, not only other’s judgement!

For example, evolution or creation? Hum why not both? What if our evolution was planned, affected or programmed by another species (god or gods, aliens or whatever).

Just an example like that.

Hahaha I think Elon Musk once said something about the last one. or was that that we live in a simulation? In any case, I assume you hold your anubis hood very dear and precious. Your whole outfit probably. Does it bother you when others misunderstand or misvalue it then? Or has that never been a problem?

I got so lucky to get the mask. There was only three places on different times to order one when I did. It was the first time I could afford one, and I got it right away! This mask means everything to me. When I look at it, it feels both like a part of myself, and a very cherished family member.

And about others, this never had been a problem. If someone can’t understand or can’t believe it could be what I think, I’m good as long as he/she respects my beliefs and understand its value for me.

I’m not stupid though. Everyone has any rights to believe what they want. But respect should be universal… unless morality is broken.

Alright. One last question. How do you feel when you become Nubis?

I feel proud. Heck I would dress up like that for my groceries if it wasn’t that weird.

It also let me act weird and creepy. It fits this strange side of me that comes out here and there, a side I try to hide from others just to seem “normal”. I feel like this is the physical form I should have had from the beginning.

I’m not an ugly guy or anything, and I do like my normal self. It just feels “right” behind the mask, covered in my second skin, able to let “myself” out and free.

Latex is “his” skin, the mask “his” face. Which also means they’re mine since it’s a part of myself.

This form fits my whole self in other words.

As for the latex itself, it feels like my body is securely “floating” and protected. Covered by my protector and his perfect skin… which can also turn me on, of course.

Hehe of course. Thank you for talking to us Nubis. It’s been a pleasure.

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