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I Hate My Master (5)

The alarm went off. Chris woke up and said “Once you get good at cocksucking, you’ll get me up with a blowjob every day. Until then, go make me breakfast, you worthless fuck.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the kitchen, he headed to the shower. I put cereal in my bowl and ate off the floor like I had been ordered to. He came to get his breakfast and I got under the table to suck his feet. I was wondering if I would be going to work or if he had other plans. He was dressed for work.

“I’m going to work.” Chris said. “You get showered and dressed, take off your collar, then go to work and work-out after. Then straight home. You strip when you get in the door and put the collar back on.”

“Yes, Master.” No humiliating orders for work, that was a relief. I still had to crawl, but I got cleaned up (which felt good) and dressed. I still had to crawl to the door.

I wasn’t late for work, which was good. I seemed to be normal at work, nothing about me was different from before. For the first time since Chris ordered me to rub his feet I felt free, in control. I didn’t even try to tell anyone what had happened to me. It would be devastating to admit to anyone. I was too big of a man, too smart to fall into a trap like that.

Some time working put me in a more normal mood. I had not had a restful weekend, and I just wanted to put it all behind me. Could I hope everything would be back to normal? Or was that too much to ask for?

I saw the guy from the mailroom coming around, making deliveries. I never liked him. I’m sure he was gay, as I had caught him staring at my bulge (which was certainly impressive), and a few of the other guys. He dropped the paperwork at my desk, and meaning to sound snide, I said “It’s about time.” Then, to my amazement, I added “Sir.” It all came out in a respectful tone. He looked at me puzzled, then went on. I was as puzzled as he was. It kept going through my mind for the rest of the day.

When I had to take a piss, I couldn’t head to a urinal. For some reason I went to a stall, sat down and pissed like a girl. I’d been doing that at home, but I had been ordered not to stand. Chris must have programmed me this way. I wondered what else he had stuck in my head and not told me about.

I didn’t join anyone for lunch. I just didn’t want to be around people. After work, I made it to the gym and took out some of my frustrations on my muscles. I drove to the house I shared with Chris, my stomach starting to tie itself into knots. My return to normalcy was ending, and I couldn’t imagine what horrors awaited me.

Entering the house, I automatically started stripping. Chris was sitting on the sofa again. “Your collar is on the table, be sure to put it on.”

“Yes, Master.” I was on my knees already and after I buckled it, I put my hands behind my head. Shit, it was my default when not under other orders. I heard Chris guffaw, then he ignored me for a while.

Finally he said “Over here you stupid slave, default position.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled over and got into position.

Chris smirked at me “So, how was work shithead?”

“I couldn’t stand up to piss, Master, and I called this gay guy ‘sir’. What did you do to me?”

“Oh yeah, you shouldn’t be pissing like a man. You’ll be sitting to do it. How do you know the guy is gay?”

“I’ve seen him checking out my bulge, Master.”

“Well, this is interesting. You don’t like gays do you?”

“No, Master.”

“We’ll, you’re gay now. A real cock-slut. A faggot. A bottom boy. All because I want you to be.”

“Master, I don’t want to be gay.”

“To bad, you are. You watch gay porn, you suck me off and you give me your ass all the time. Sounds pretty gay to me.”

“Master, I do that because you make me.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well it doesn’t matter. You’re gay now. And I think when you get an opportunity to suck him off you will. Got me, slave?”

“Yes, Master. Please don’t make me suck him off. Not at work, it could ruin me.”

“I don’t care. I tell you want to do and you do it. You can bitch all you want, but you will obey. Now, go get started on dinner, which is served in the dining room” Chris smirked at me.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled away. My dinner was in a bowl while I was cooking his. I washed my face since I couldn’t stand looking so stupid with food all over it.

After I set the table, I crawled out to Chris “Dinner is ready, Master.”

Chris opened up a drawer and handed me something. “When you serve me dinner, you will be wearing these.”

“Yes, Master.” It was a couple of cuffs like the Chippendales wore. I put them on.

“And you can stand,” I stood up. “Over there, like a waiter. You just wait on me.”

“Yes, Master.” I stood and waited. Demeaning, that’s what it was. I would stand or kneel and just wait for him to command me. I was an object.

When he finished he got up. “Clean up slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I got the dishes and washed them, including my bowl. When I was done, I got in the kneeling display position and stayed there, in front of the sink. Damn, I was hopeless. I just waited.

“Slave, fetch me a beer.”

“Yes, Master.” At least I could move again. I got the beer and crawled out to serve him. When I delivered it, I got back into my display position. I waited.

“Get to practicing.” Chris point to the dildo coming out of the cabinet.

“Yes, Master. No, please don’t make me do it again.”

“Get practicing slave!” But I was already crawling toward it.

“Yes, Master.” I saw the big thing staring me in the face for a moment before my lips wrapped around it. Again, I was doing this for so long, while he watched TV, and occasionally chuckled at me.

When he was ready for bed, Chris ordered me to the bedroom and up on the bed where he fucked me. I cleaned him off and as I crawled to the foot of the bed to go to sleep, I realized I hadn’t cum for days. I’d never gone this long without fucking a woman or pulling one off into my hand. Not that I was doing anything that turned me on. Acting like a maid and getting fucked, but still.

The week went like this. I would be assigned to do all the household tasks, practicing my cocksucking in the living room, or have to watch the porn and imitate from the TV in the bedroom. My life was shit, and I hated Chris for it. I was only getting hard when Chris told me to, but the lack of cumming was building up. I could get a bit of a chub thinking about women at work, but that all went away at home. I was getting blue balls. The kind that gets you to fuck an ugly chick if you can’t get a hot one.

Thursday night after dinner, I was delivering Chris a beer when he asked “Have you sucked that guy off at work?”

“No, Master.” I answered, glad that was one humiliation I hadn’t had to do.

“You stupid fucking shit. Why the hell not?” Chris seemed a bit pissed.

“We haven’t been alone together.”

“Stupid fucking excuse. You should have found a way to get him alone. I’m going to punish you for being uncooperative.” He stood up and started to remove his belt.

“No, Master, please don’t.” My blood ran cold.

Chris sat down. “Over my knee you fuck-up.”

“Yes, Master, no please don’t, please.” But I was crawling up over his knees. This was going to be bad.

CRACK. I yelled out. Damn it hurt as the belt came down on my ass.

“You’re getting punished for not offering yourself to a man. Thank me and tell me why you’re being punished.”

“Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.” I said.

CRACK. “Again.” Chris said.

“Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

“Every time, say it every time.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

CRACK. “Thank you Master for punishing me for not offering myself to a man.”

Chris pushed me off his knees. “Kneel and display now slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I was crying. My ass hurt so much. It was red and throbbing. I couldn’t even rub it. The whipping crushed me. It was so different from taking his dick, he had treated me like a little naughty boy.

Chris stared at me for a minute. “Tomorrow you will find him and you will offer to suck him off. You had better succeed too. His cum will go down your throat or that whipping will be nothing compared to what I’ll do to you.”

“Yes, Master. Please don’t beat me. But what if he’s not gay, what if he doesn’t let me suck him?”

“That’s your problem. I’ve given you an order, and you will obey me. Now get over to that dildo and practice fast and deep. Hurt yourself.”

“Yes, Master.” I was afraid to say anything else, even to beg not to have to impale myself on the dildo, in case he had something even worse for me. My punishment went on for a long time, me pounding my throat. I was in agony all over. At some point, I was ordered to just display. Finally Chris ordered me to bed, where he pounded my tender ass hard and fast. It hurt bad.

The next day at work, I kept an eye out for Mike, the gay mailroom guy. When someone else brought stuff by, I asked where he was and was told he had called in. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’ I thought. I was going to be in so much trouble if I didn’t suck him off, and there was no way if he wasn’t there. I gripped my desk in fear.

I couldn’t eat lunch, but got relief when I saw him in the afternoon. He must have just called in for the morning. I kept my eyes open for when I could get him alone, but it wasn’t happening. As the day went on, I started to get frantic.

Finally, in an act of desperation, I went to the mailroom. He was alone. I closed the door. Mike looked at me in surprise and trepidation. Before he could say anything I said “Please, sir, you have to let me suck you off.”

He didn’t know what to say, he just sat there, mouth open. I asked again “I gotta sir, please let me blow you.”

“You can’t do that, no way.” Mike said. He was worried, I could tell.

“Sir, please. I have to suck you.”

“Get out. No way you’re getting me into that kind of trouble.” His face grew stern. Lost, I left.

I texted Chris. “Master, he won’t let me suck him. He’s worried about getting caught and losing his job.”

Almost instantly, he responded. “I don’t give a fuck you stupid shit. Find a way. Just do it.”

I took a deep breath. My mind raced. What could I do to get him to agree to let me suck him off? I had to think of something. I had an idea, and went back in. Mike looked at me in aggravation. “Sir, take your phone out and film me, that will keep you from getting in trouble. It’ll be all on me.”

Mike looked at me for a minute, then pulled out his phone and pressed a button. I started talking again. “I got to suck you sir. I really have to. I’ll get a hotel, you’ll have this video. And here, take my wallet. You’ll be able to screw me over if anything happens to you. Please, please sir. Let me blow you.” I had to look desperate, and I was.

“Okay.” He said slowly. “After work.” He picked up my wallet. He waved me out. I left.

One problem now. I texted Chris with the plan and he approved. After work I met with MIke and he drove after me to a hotel. When I parked, I sent a quick text to Chris as he had ordered. I had to borrow my credit card and driver’s license to get the room. I got a text that caused my heart to sink. Following the orders in the text, when we got to the room, I looked at Mike. This was going to be so fucking hard. I pulled out my phone, and told him “My Master wants to talk to you.” I hit the call button. Mike looked at me in shock.

Chris answered “Put me on speaker, slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“Yo, Mike, is it?” Chris asked.

“Yeah. What the fuck is going on.” Mike answered.

Chris chuckled. “I made Marky here into a slave. He’s obedient, but can’t suck worth shit. He needs practice. You willing to let him take a swing on your dick?”

“Sure. He’s always been an asshole. Will serve him right.”

“Slave, you do whatever Mike says. He can fuck you if he wants. And strip as soon as you hang up. Mike, call me after. Slave will give you my number.”

Mike laughed as I answered “Yes, Master.”

“Have fun Mike. He’ll do anything. Make him pay for being such an asshole.”

Mike was gaining confidence. “You better fucking believe it.” He took the phone from me. “Later man.” He hung up the phone. “Get naked bitch.”

“Yes, sir.” I said as I started to strip. I couldn’t believe I was having to do this in front of a guy from the mailroom. I was naked quick. I was crushed having to service this guy.

Mike flopped down on the bed, grinning. “Get hard.”

Shit, I started to pull on my dick. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get hard, as not only was I not into this at all, but I had only been able to get hard when Chris wanted me to, so I was a bit surprised when I started to stiffen up. “Take you hand off. Hands behind you head.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now helicopter your dick.”

“Yes, sir.” I started to swing my dick around in the frat-boy helicopter move. Damn this was embarrassing. Since Mike knew I was a slave, he was going to enjoy it.

As I was performing, he opened up his pants. “Get to work bitch, you’re here to polish my knob, so get going.”

“Yes, sir.” Mike was hung, not that I wanted to blow a dick of any size, but I crawled up and get started, it’s not like I had any choice. I was about to suck my second cock ever. I was hating Chris more and more.

My mouth went to work, with me mentally recoiling. I had only been at it a few minutes when Mike went “Damn, you are shit at this. Get going faster. If you’re going to be so bad at it, at least do it fast.”

I got going faster, pushing my head up and down as quick as I could. I wanted this over as soon as possible. Damn, all I had wanted is a new place to live, now I was some sort of whore.

Mike grabbed my head and started controlling my movements, making me gag on his tool. I felt like shit being used by a gay guy from work just to get his rocks off. And a guy who should have been calling me sir and doing things for me.

Mike pushed my head off his dick, shoving my body around “Enough of that I’m just going to fuck you.”

“Yes, sir.” Damn, another fucking. My ass was still sore, but I was horrified to notice how easily he slipped in. Mike seemed to want to get it done, he started hard and went fast. He rammed into me and I felt him in my guts.

He must have enjoyed using me, since it didn’t take him too long to shoot his cum up my ass. But he had one of his superiors at work taking his dick, so why wouldn’t he. “Get dressed and get out quick.” Mike ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Why couldn’t I talk back to him? I was just complying. How screwed up had Chris made me? I dressed fast, and caught him looking at me with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Worst of all, before I could leave he held his phone out. I put in Chris number and saw him hit dial. I closed the door to hear “Yo, Chris, just finished with him. You’re right, he doesn’t suck worth shit.”

I drove home wallowing in embarrassment. When I arrived, it was me naked again and crawling. Chris was waiting. “Mike wasn’t impressed with your mouth. Something has to be done. He’s agreed to tutor you in cocksucking. You’ll pay him $50 an hour and suck his cock the way he instructs until you get it right.”

“Yes, Master.”


To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.


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