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I Hate My Master (21)

I sat in my car outside of work. I had to go in, but I didn’t want to. My hair, fuck my hair. Chris had his buddy Bastion over last night to cut and color it. I looked stupid, faggy. Everybody would comment, everybody. Chris had been clear that I would be going to work, but hadn’t given me specific instructions on what to say about my hair.

When Bastion left, I laid into Chris. “Goddam motherfucking fucker! Look at what you did to me. This is fucking stupid.”

Chris smiled at me. “Stroke your cock.”

I started stroking, looking up at him. “How am I supposed to go to work like this? Everyone will laugh at me. How am I supposed to face them?”

“I don’t fucking care. But you will go to work. You deal with the comments.”

“I don’t want to fucking deal with the comments. Mike’s been making me suck him off at the office and in my fucking lessons. I cringe every time I see him.”

Chris guffawed and turned away, walking back to the living room. I followed on my knees still stroking my hard cock. “Travis make me suck him in the parking lot. At work! What if someone saw us?”

“Still don’t care.” Chris shot back at me.

“You’re ruining my life. You’ve got me here and going out servicing anyone you want. Now you’re screwing with my job. My fucking job! What if I get fired? What if someone I know finds out about all this shit?”

At this point I was near Chris, who was looking at his phone. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the spot I was in, so I had to stay there. I continued to stroke my cock. “Look at this, I’m on my fucking knees stroking my dick because you told me to. You’ve got that mind control shit going on me. You’re fuckin up my life. You’re literaly fucking me all the fucking time.” I went on for some time, ignored by Chris.

I kept the complaints up, finally Chris said “Shut up.” I did. He flipped his phone around and hit play on a video. “Just took this. Watch it.” Still stroking and unable to speak, I did. It was me. Chris had been filming me as I laid into him. Only it wasn’t speech. I was making noises like a variety of barnyard animals. Mooing, barking, oinking, quacking. The whole time I was stroking my cock on the video and as I watch it. I had no idea how Chris made me do that, or why I had no memory of changing from yelling at him to making dumb noises.

I looked at Chris questioning. He laughed. “I blacked you out, ordered you to do that and forget I had given you the order. Better than listening to your shit. Much funnier. Now go make my dinner.” Chris non-chantly waved his hand at me. I crawled to the kitchen.

I remember all that as I stare at my steering wheel. I have to get into work. I need my job, and Chris ordered it, so I have to. I dragged myself out of the car, my face burning red. My feet felt like weights dragging me down.

I caught the looks as soon as I got in, widened eyes, double takes. I did my best to ignore them. “Lose a bet?” One of the guys asked.

“Fuck off.” I was angry at them for bringing it up. I groused at everyone who said anything and at least the comments to me fell off. Mike stifled a laugh when he saw me.

When Mike delivered the mail he whispered to me “You look like a faggot.” I didn’t say anything.

We had a meeting at work, and it seemed to me it was called so everyone could look at me. I sat in a corner and glowered at everyone. Lunch was a mess too. I got up to go grab something and felt like everyone was looking at my hair. I was already out of my chair, so I felt I had to keep going, somewhere. I headed to the breakroom, and reached into the fridge  to get the lunch I had packed. Chris only gave me a limited amount of money I could use for things like lunch, or anything really, so I had to really want it. I had to account for everything I spent with receipts and reasons. “Looks so sweet, honey.” A large woman said as she saw me. Giving me a smile like I should hump her right there. Not likely, even as desperite as I was to fuck an actual woman.

I ate my sandwich getting looks from people who came in. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I spent the day sure everyone in the office was talking about my hair, all workplace gossip. I hated being the target of it all. I felt the looks even behind me. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I fidgeted all day, imagining everyone laughing at me. Damn Chris, he had every minute of my life fucked over.

Mike didn’t get a chance to use me at work that day, which was a relief. At Mike’s apartment he and Jim called me fag a lot. As I was helicoptering my dick Jim walked around me like a drill sargent “Looking pretty faggy boy, you a fag? You gonna learn to suck a man’s dick like he deserves fagboy?”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll suck you like you deserve.”

“Then get on it.”

“Yes, sir.” I fell to my knees and took his dick in my mouth. I started sucking using all the technique they had taught me. It had been more than just face fucking, I had been trained and like every time I was made to suck a dick. I had no choice, Chris programmed me to do my best. Jim put his feet on my ass as I worked, him leaning back and laughing at me.

The sucking went on until MIke decided to face fuck me, tossing me aside for Tim to fuck and send me away.

There were cars I didn’t recognize at Chris’s house. Damn, I was going to be on display again, I knew it. I could only get a few breaths in before I had to go into the house. I heard voices talking in the living room. I stripped, put on my collar with it’s stupid shocker. I got on my hands and knees and crawled into the voices. Chris was there with a number of what assumed were his friends. As I entered, the conversation halted, all eyes turning to me. I flushed crimson.

Chris tossed a pillow to the middle of the floor and said “Hump that.”

“Yes, Master.” I replied, crawling to the pillow and starting to hump. Everyone laughed. I turned redder. The conversation picked up and they talked like I wasn’t there. I kept humping. General topics flew over my head. I was like one of the stupid little toys on a desk that bobs up and down. I felt ignored and on display at the same time. It was horrific.I could see the men around me and I was the background entertainment.

Can you imagine how degrading it was? Humping a pillow like a damn fool because I was told to. Like I had no pride at all. Maybe I didn’t. I had done so many demeaning things, so much where I humiliated myself, and this was one more. Chris used me without a care for how I felt. Well, that’s not true. Chris did care that I felt the overwhelming shame of all the things he made me do. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made me be fully aware of all the shit he did to me.

I was still humping as time went on and I felt lower and lower. I was below an object, if I was just kneeling there (how did me kneeling there get to be an option in my head?) they would forget me, but my movement kept bringing their eyes to me.

“Damn stupid fucker is going at it.” One of the men said like he was commenting on a new song playing.

“Well trained slaves obey.” Chris remarked. I wasn’t well-trained, I was a mind controlled puppet. I didn’t have any choice in the matter, and Chris knew it. I kept humping, “But he’s got to go, he has some work to do.” That was news to me. “I’ve texted you an address, you need to put on what I’ve left for you in the guest room and make the man who is there very happy by doing everything he wants. He’ll have something for you to bring to me. Get going slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I began to crawl to the guest room. This was planned, since there were clothes ready for me. I could stand to put them on. A tight colored tee, cut off jeans. No underwear, not boxers, not briefs, not even a damn jock. Sandals. I looked at myself in the mirror, and a pure slut stared back at me. I had no idea what I was in for, and I knew I had no choice.

I took a deep breath, got down and started to crawl to the door. It almost felt weird to be in clothes in the house, but I was under orders. I got laughs as I passed the men and had to take it. I made it to the door, got my keys, phone, and wallet and started to my car. In my car, I looked at the address and hit the GPS function. I started the car and followed the instructions to where it lead. A house in the suburbs. Taking a deep breath, I headed up to the front door and rang the bell. It was shortly opened by a decent looking but slightly plump man. “You’re here, wonderful, come on in.” He moved aside and I came in. His hand ran down my side as I passed him. Well, I was not surprised my body was to be used again.

Once he closed the door, he turned to me and said “Come to Sean and give me a big kiss.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Came out of my mouth, since I was under orders to do everything he wanted and to make him happy. I hugged him and kissed him like I did the girls I should be dating right now.

Sean’s tongue moved around in my mouth and his hands reached down and felt up my ass. His hand made it to the leg of my shorts, and up to the bare skin of my ass. Sean bent me backwards a bit as he exerted his dominance over me. I couldn’t resist, and he was going to be able to do whatever he wanted to me.

Sean broke the kiss and let me straighten up. “Before I forget, this is for you to take to Chris.” Sean handed me some bills. I looked at them. It was a couple hundred dollars. Realization dawned on me. Chris was whoring me out to this guy. I was a whore. Chris was renting me out. I smiled and stuck the bills in the pocket of my very short shorts.

“That’s done, now let’s get these clothes off you.” Sean pulled my shirt off. I offered no resistance, and once I was free of it, I pulled down my shorts, kicking my sandals off and running my hands over my cock and balls.

“Like what you see?” I pulled my hands up my torso until they were behind my neck, twisting my body around some.

“I sure do.” Sean put his hands up and pinched my nipples, hard, twisting them. He twisted harder, causing my knees to buckle a bit.

Sean grinned. “Such nice tits. They should be bigger.” Sean bend over a bit and took one in his mouth, chewing on it. Not just a little teeth, but some serious biting. It hurt. His fingernails dug into my other tit.

“Yessss.” I said, having to make him happy. Sean switched tits, using my body for his carnal pleasure. His spare hand found my cock and stroked it.

“Nice and big.” Sean commented as he looked down and pulled himself off my chest. He squeezed tight, making me groan. His other hand came down and applied pressure to my balls, making me cringe. “And I can do anything I want.”

“You can.” I struggled to say. “I like what you’re doing to me.”

“I got your dong in hand. This way.” Sean released my balls and guided me by the cock to his bedroom. Sean pushed me onto the bed and I lay there splayed out. Sean took his clothes off, grinning. What had been my hope that he wasn’t hung was dashed when his pants came off, where he wasn’t as big as some of the guys who fucked me, but I sure wasn’t looking forward to having it shoved up my ass.

Sean crawled on top so he was laying on top of me and kissed me again, humping his harding dick against my abs. His hands came up and held my face and his tongue probed into my mouth. I reached to half-hug him, as forced by my programming as I ground my hips into him slowly.

Again stopping the kiss, Sean scooted up and put his now fully hard dick in my mouth. I moved to get a better angle so I could get as much of it in as I could, but it remained awkward. His hand on my head forcing me down further caused me to choke. I had to do the best I could so my lips and tongue were all action. And for money. I was a hooker, like he had picked up off the street. Like everyone else who used me, he was going to get his rocks off and send me on my way. Chris must have wanted me to feel cheap, and I did. Very cheap.

Sean found my tits again. One at first, and decided it was fun to torture them, so he shifted around so he could lean over and twist both of them. This also meant that he could fuck down my throat with convenience. So now I had his cock in me and he was tearing up my nipples. And there it was, he had figured out he was in the perfect position to facefuck me. So he did, giving a shout of ecstasy. I could do nothing to protect my increasingly tender nipples.

If Sean saw anything, since I couldn’t say much with his cock down my throat, it was my hard dick. So to him I was all for this brutal use of my body. I was his whore, so he could use my body to get off. Was this worse or better than all the men Chris had given my body to? I couldn’t tell. Ouch. Sean had found new ways of hurting my tits. His fingernails. I wondered if he was drawing blood. The pain was intense.

After an interminable time, Sean pushed up, letting go of my pecs and pulling his cock out. “Now I want that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Put your dick in me deep!” I encouraged him. Sean awkwardly climbed over me and tried to put my legs up as he got between them. I could only help by raising my ass for fucking he was about to deliver to it.

“Shit.” Sean struggled out from under my legs and reached to the bedside table to get some lube. “This will make it better.” Sean lubed up his dick and looked at his slick fingers, my hole, then my face.

A wicked grin spread with this lips and he shoved his fingers in, wiggling them around and that hurt as well. He was lubing me up, and that was good, but good for later. Right now, the finger was poking hard in the tender parts of my insides. I shouted a bit and Sean grinned and poked more, my hole was hurting by his exploration. I wiggled my body, the best I could do as it wasn’t moving away from what he wanted to do.

It was a different pain than I’d been in before, sharp and stretching, why did everyone like to hurt me so much? I couldn’t defend myself, I had to take it. I got rough with the girls I fucked (so long ago it seemed like a different life), but everyone who used me did more than fuck, they hurt me.

“I gotta get my dick in you.” Sean did just that, shoving in fairly roughly, even if the lube made it easier. “Oohhhhh fuck! That feels good.”

“Yeah, fuck me Daddy.” Damn, I had to say such humiliating things to make these guys happy. Sean did fuck me. I was being fucked and I was a whore. Sold to this guy to get his rocks off. Sold, the idea made my blood run cold. Chris could sell me to anyone and order me to be as obedient. I couldn’t decide if it would get even worse for me. Chris tortured me, but what would someone else do? Chris had only whored me out this once, so far. Someone else could have me walking the streets day in and out.

Sean was pumping into me like it was the best thing he had ever done. I got railed by him and he was grunting loudly. I was a hole he got to use. My body was an object used by anyone and everyone. And there was a dick in my ass again. Another dick. So many dicks had been in me and I hated every minute. Sean kept fucking my body and Chris was fucking my mind by making me do it. It was a mess. My life was a mess.

Sean gave a shout as he came in my ass, there had been so much cum in my ass. Mike and Jim came in me every day. Chris a lot. All of Chris’s friends dumped cum in my ass. I was a cum dump. Sean fell on me, then over beside me on the bed. My programming kicked in and I reached down to take his dick in my mouth and clean him off. I hated doing this. Chris loved it, and I cringed inside. “Thank you for using me.”

“Fine, get out.” Sean waved his hand at me and rolled over, so his back was to me.

“Yes, sir.” I grabbed what few clothes I had and got them on and headed back to Chris’s house. I was devastated, tears welling up in my eyes as I drove. I had been rented out as a whore. Not like a whore, but an actual whore. Inside, I stripped, put on my shock collar, got out the money and crawled to Chris.

“You made me a fucking whore!” I shouted at him. I might be on my hands and knees, but my voice was mine again, since Chris was alone. “You sent me out to get fucked for money. Do you even know that guy? What do you need the money for?”

“I can do anything I want to you. I want you to be a whore, you’re a whore.” Chris replied flippantly.

“How can you do this to me? You screwing me over.”

“I’m tired of your lip.”

“I’m tired of you making me do all this shit.” While I was responding, Chris opened one of the drawers and attached a big dildo to the wall by suction cup.

“I don’t care. Suck on that, and keep quiet.”

Since I had been ordered to be quiet, I couldn’t speak, and I started blowing the dildo.

“By the way, tomorrow, Timmy’s taking you shopping.” Chris said, leaving me alone in the living room to fellatio the dildo and worry about what would happen with Timmy tomorrow.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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