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I Hate My Master (14)

I had quite a bit of housework to do. There were beer bottles in the living room from when the men visited. I needed to do Chris’s laundry, change the sheets, and clean the bathrooms. I had to vacuum the rugs, and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. Weekends were when I did the windows as well. When the laundry was dry, I had ironing to do. I just ironed my shirts and pants, but for Chris I had to iron everything, including his underwear and socks.

I had found it bad enough when Chris was around, amused at my powerless servitude to him, but now I was doing it in a house empty except for me. I had to do it and I couldn’t even do a bad job. Chris’s programming prohibited me from slacking off, so I had to do it my best. It’s amazing how long it takes to iron clothes and make them look professional. I had to make sharp creases. For the underwear, I ironed all around so they were smooth. I felt so stupid. Stupider than normal without Chris around. I wondered what was worse, doing it alone where no one could see me, or doing it in front of an audience.

I hated ironing. So much of Chris’s wardrobe didn’t even really require ironing, and he made me do it just because he could. I hung up a lot of his clothes, the ones that went into drawers required me to arrange them in neat stacks. Not that he left them that way. If he pulled something from part of the way down a stack, he just knocked them over. I had to put them back.

At least he had a dishwasher and I could use it, so I didn’t have to hand-wash everything. I did have to go out and clean up the porch as well, as Chris and Rob had left some litter around. I had to do a number of tasks, and it just made me mad that I was working so hard doing fucking housework.

I had to scrub the tub, admittedly it was easier to do that naked, but I still couldn’t believe I had to do all of this. I sighed. I put up my cleaning supplies and felt relatively glad that I was still alone. I had to get down on my knees and wait in display position, but I was finally finished and had no current duties, so I was stopped in the hall by the closet where I had put up the last few things. Waiting. Just waiting for my next order. I thought about all the shit I had been through, and how it wasn’t going to end any time soon. I tried to think of a way to escape, but nothing came of that. I was stuck, and couldn’t get out of it. Now it was even worse, I was a text away from having to drop everything and go and service one of the dudes Chris had given my number to.

It was pretty late when Chris finally came home. I heard the door open, then a couple of voices. Shit, he had someone with him. Yet another person to see me naked and enslaved. Whoever it was sounded young. I saw them come around the corner. Chris had some younger, smallish, skinny guy with him. Thanks to all the gay porn I’d been forced to watch I knew this was a ‘twink’.

“Holy Fuck!” The twink stopped and grabbed onto Chris. “What the fuck is that?”

“My slave. Don’t worry babe, it’s just going to be me and you tonight.” Chris gave him a reassuring hug and began to guide him to the bedroom.

“That’s so fucking sexy. Maybe we can play with him later?” The twink looked up at Chris and rubbed his hands on Chris’s body a bit.

“If you want to, babe. Slave, you can sleep in the kitchen. Don’t disturb us for any reason. We’ll have a nice hot breakfast in the morning.”

“Yes, Master.” I started to crawl to the kitchen while they made it to the bedroom. I can’t believe I was glad to be out of my display position. I made it to the kitchen and decided to sleep on one of the mats. Before I slipped away, I could hear the twink yelling out “Fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me with that big cock!” Well, he was enjoying himself. I was not looking forward to what was going to happen to me in the morning. Good thing it was a holiday, since I’m sure I’d be late for work otherwise. Chris wouldn’t care that I needed to be at my office if he wanted me to do something.

When morning came, I just lay there. It felt nice not to have to do anything. Eventually I heard Chris and his guest get up. They didn’t come out for breakfast, they started fucking again. It sounded a bit rough. I could hear some slaps, so I guessed the twink was getting spanked some. He wasn’t objecting, but calling for more. Why would anyone voluntarily want to be spanked and fucked? I decided I had better get started making them breakfast, I was sure Chris would love to punish me in front of his trick, so I wanted to take away his excuse. Not that I thought he wouldn’t punish me if he wanted to just for fun.

As I had things about ready I heard the shower start up. I had made the right decision. I set the kitchen table and was working at the counter when the twink came bouncing into the kitchen. Literally bouncing, and bare-ass naked. “Whatcha doin’ big guy?” He came up behind me and used both hands to grope my ass. He hopped to try to see over my shoulder, useless since I had enough height on him to prevent it. I could tell his dick was flopping against me. Double damn.

“I am making your breakfast, Sir.” Damn, my orders to be compliant around other men were still in force. I sounded like it was perfectly normal.

“It’s very useful to have a slave around.” Chris strode into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Slave, you’ll stand to attend us.”

“Yes, Master.” Good, no foot sucking. “If Master and his guest are ready, I will serve you.”

“Go right ahead.” Chris lead the twink to the table and they both sat. I poured coffee, served sausage, eggs, fruit, and toast, then poured them juice. I stood back at attention. Silent. I wasn’t allowed to make faces or talk back.

Both men ate their meal, and I saw the twink move his foot to play with Chris’s leg. The younger man picked up a link sausage and began to move it in and out of his mouth.

“Timmy, you rascal.” Chris said, ruffling his hair.

“I want to suck you again. I love your cock.” Timmy put the whole thing in his mouth, then returned it to his plate.

“You will. You have some good lips on you, boy.” Chris complimented him.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Timmy blew Chris a kiss. I cringed inside. This was so stupid. Timmy looked over at me. “I want more juice.” His glass was full, but he picked it and drained it, putting it back on the table.

“At once, Sir.” I refilled his glass.

“That’s so much fun! Can I make him do something else?” Timmy was getting into this too quickly for my comfort.

“Of course, he’ll happily do anything you tell him to. Won’t you slave?” Chris looked at me with a stern expression.

“Yes, Master. I will be happy to obey Sir Timmy.” I couldn’t stop the words from coming out of my mouth.

“Jack your dick.” Timmy looked at me.

“Of course, Sir.” I began to masturbate myself.

They watched me for a bit while they ate. “I want to fuck him. Can I fuck him? Pretty please?” Timmy tilted his head over to one side as he looked at Chris.

“Sure, finish your breakfast first.”

“OK Daddy!” Timmy wolfed down some fruit and eggs so fast he started to cough. Chris laughed.

When they finished, Chris lead us to the living room, I crawled, since that was my usual mode of transportation in the house.

“Wicked!” Timmy exclaimed when he saw me crawling.

Chris pulled Timmy down to sit next to him on the couch. “Let the slave suck you a bit, then you can get to fucking him.”

“Yeah! Do it!” Timmy splayed his legs open and I crawled between them, taking his cock in my mouth. He was decently hung. So even though twinks often are smaller, that rule didn’t apply here. He was sparse in the pubes department, so I wouldn’t be nose-in to a thick bush like I was with Chris. Timmy boned in no time, excited to be serviced by me. I wondered if Chris sucked him? This was obviously a gay date, not Chris exerting control over me or someone else. So did he give back? Part of me wanted to see that, if only to see Chris doing what he had been forcing me to do for weeks.

Chris opened up the towel and guided Timmy’s mouth to his dick. Timmy took to it with relish, slobbering all over it. Chris leaned back and got to enjoy his blow-job and the fact I was still enslaved to him.

We had only been doing this for a few minutes when I heard Timmy say “I need to fuck him, otherwise I’m going to blow in his mouth.”

“Go for it.” Chris said.

Timmy bounced up, my mouth losing contact as he got behind me and pulled me up so my ass was in place for him. I put my hands on the sofa. “Just go on in. He’s a slave, so you don’t have to worry about him enjoying it at all.” Chris instructed. Bastard. He knew I wouldn’t enjoy it no matter what.

Timmy pushed in, letting out a big sigh when his cock went in. He put his hands on my hips and started to thrust, pulling me back and pushing forward in time with his cock.

Chris watched for a few minutes then got up, leaving his towel on the sofa. I could tell he got behind Timmy, and it took me a bit to realize he was sticking his dick in Timmy’s ass. I figured it out as the rhythm stopped and things got erratic.

The kid took to it, and soon was pumping into me again. Chris was on a different time table and would do a thrust every so often, breaking the stride. I could feel Timmy get pushed into me, sometimes when he was withdrawing. It was a weird sensation.

Timmy would fuck fast for a bit, then slow down and draw his dick in and out of me slowly. At least until Chris shoved in. Then Chris would push Timmy who pushed into me. The sensations were weird, as the fucking rhythm was off. For a while it would be all Timmy, then Chris would do something and Timmy would wiggle his ass or pull out of me or something.

Damn, I was getting used to being fucked so many different ways. I realized I was the bottom for a bottom. It really wasn’t worse than the other stuff I had been through, so it didn’t phase me as much as it would have in the past. It was still embarrassing. I hoped Chris didn’t decide I needed to entertain them later in some humiliating way, like with Mr. Pee-pee.

It seemed Timmy had decided to fuck me in earnest. He was shoving in and out at a real steady rate. Chris was still knocking him off beat some, but he was going for it. He must have decided it was time to shoot in me. Timmy was really gripping my hips, I could feel his nails on my skin.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum…” Timmy repeated until he did, still thrusting. Chris sped up and as Timmy used my body to support himself, Chris plowed into him. Once Chris came, they both landed on the couch again.

“My guest first. I’m a good host.” Chris said to me.

“Yes, Master.” I began to clean Timmy’s cock off.

“This is so fucking great!” Timmy crowed. He reached over and kissed Chris. “Really fucking great.”

“Glad you like it babe.” Chris said to him. I finished cleaning Timmy’s cock and moved to Chris. The taste was different, the first time I’d had to clean up from an ass that wasn’t mine. I hated knowing what my ass tasted like. Timmy giggled a bit, obviously finding this very amusing.

Timmy looked down at me. I was kneeling with my hands behind my head, my “display position” that I had to get into whenever I didn’t have another order. He lifted a foot and ran his big toe across my lips. I knew what was coming next. Sure enough, the toe pushed into my mouth.

“Suck it, dude, suck it.” Timmy said, and I had to obey. He watched me, amused for a moment, then started to move his foot. “Keep it in your mouth, bitch.” Again, I had to obey, moving first just my head, then my entire body to keep his toe in place. I managed to succeed for a bit, before he moved too fast for me to keep up. “Oops, you let it go. Bad boy.” He stuck it back in and moved his foot slowly in circles. He looked at Chris. “Do I get to punish him for failing?”

“Sure. He’s supposed to be obedient.” Chris rubbed Timmy’s shoulder.

“Nice! How about a spanking? Can I give him a spanking? Can I? Huh?” Timmy was getting excited.

“Yeah, 5 swats every time he lets it out of his mouth sound good?” Chris was so nonchalant about letting someone spank me.

“Yeah!” Timmy pulled his foot back and it popped out of my mouth again. “Oooh, 5 more!”

I got back on the toe. The game continued until I was due 30 smacks. Then Timmy called it off and hugged Chris. “You are such a man. Can I spank him now?”

“Go right ahead. Slave get over his lap.” Chris shifted back a bit.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled over Timmy’s lap. He played with my ass for a bit, rubbing it and fingering me. I almost hoped he had forgotten why I was there. Then a sharp slap hit my cheek. Timmy laughed. 5 more followed in quick succession before Timmy stopped and rubbed the targeted area a bit.

“Look at it getting all red.” He hit the same place about half a dozen more times before switching cheeks. I don’t know how many smacks I got, but I’m sure it was over 30. Not that I could complain or anything.

“Let’s head back to bed. I think I want you to suck my balls a while.” Chris pulled on Timmy a bit.

“OK, we going to play with him a bit more?” Timmy got up with Chris and headed towards the bedroom.

“Later, I want time with you. Slave has work to do.” Chris grabbed Timmy’s ass as they walked away.

I crawled to the kitchen and cleaned up from breakfast. I got on with a few minor tasks, when my collar shocked me. I cried out and almost fell over, only throwing out my arm to prevent hitting the floor at the last second. I crawled to my phone and it was from Josh. Just two words “Blow Job”.

“Totally going down on your meat!!” I texted back. Why was my texting like a horny teenager? I crawled to get some clothes that I put on by the door before driving to Josh’s apartment.

There I knocked and was told to come in. Josh was on his couch, porn playing on his widescreen. Gay porn, of course. He just snapped his fingers and pointed to his crotch.

“I fucking need to get that in my throat.” I said, kneeling down and pulling his shorts off.

“Shut the fuck up. Get me off and get out of here.” Josh sounded almost angry.

With my mouth full of dick, I couldn’t have answered, but I had been ordered not to anyway. Josh had a long cock, a bit on the thinner side than the other guys I’d been servicing, but lacking girth didn’t make it any less of a challenge for me to deep throat. I licked up the shaft, seeing the veins pulsing with blood. He had been hard when I got there, so I was just there to make him blow. When my tongue made it to the top, I started bobbing up and down getting more and more of his length in me. I was under orders to do my best, and I was.

I hated that not only was I sucking a dick, but was having to really shove it down my throat. The only good part was that I wasn’t having to really stretch my lips to get around it. This was humiliating, I could hear the porn playing, and I was just a fleshlight for him. A living, breathing, fleshlight. And a tool for him to use to get off. I knew I’d be making sounds if I hadn’t been ordered to be quiet.

Josh was ignoring me, except for the pleasure he was getting on his cock. He wasn’t even bothering to look at me. A bitch, I was acting like a bitch. I’d done this to chicks, getting them to suck me off while I basically ignored them. I felt like crap being the ignored one. I got to licking his balls, then went back to his cock. I ramped up my speed, he wanted to get off and I wanted to get out. I actually saw his balls rise up and I knew he was close. I was right, he came in my mouth. I swallowed, another of my standing orders. He wanted me to blow him and leave, so I did.

Since I was out, I took care of some errands, then headed back to the house. I carried my purchases in and noticed that Timmy was on the couch in the living room, playing Chris’s video game console. He noticed me and yelled “Once you get that shit put up, get over here.”

“Yes, Sir.” I replied. Putting stuff away didn’t take long, and once I was done my body got down on my knees and crawled to him. “You wanted me, Sir?” I asked.

Timmy was wearing just his underwear. Without taking his eyes off his game he said “Lick my feet.”

“Yes, Sir.” I got further down and started licking his feet. He wiggled his toes. He certainly was taking to ordering me around like a duck to water. I wondered where Chris was. His car was in the garage, but Timmy was entertaining himself with the game and me. My tongue got between his big toe and the next one. I was servicing a man and being ignored again. I felt like an object.

Timmy made comments to the screen, objecting to losses he suffered, and cheering victory when he got a hit. Guys can play these games for a long time, and Timmy certainly did. My tongue was getting tired, but I was compelled to keep up my work. He must be be feeling like a king, with me at his feet. I was older, better built, and forced to obey him. Plus he was goofing off on a console game. Timmy would move around when it was convenient for him, and I had to follow his feet, just more work for me.

I don’t know how long this went on before Chris came in. “How about you get dressed, I’m going to head out and meet some buds, you can join me.”

“Sure.” Timmy quit the game and headed to the bedroom. That relieved me of having to lick his feet. I scraped my tongue over my teeth hoping to get rid of the taste.

Chris sat down. “Put your right pointer finger on your nose.”

I did. “Yes, Master.”

“You don’t need to stay in display when you aren’t following orders until I get back. See, I’m a nice guy. Now thank me.”

“Thank you, Master.” I still had my finger on my nose.

Chris gave a laugh and began to flip through a magazine. I stayed in place. I felt stupid. Chris waited for his date, and I was looking like a fool. Timmy came back after getting dressed. Chris got up, kissed Timmy and they headed for the door. “You can let your finger down.”

“Yes, Master.” I let my finger down. Timmy was laughing as the door closed.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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