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I Enjoy Being Spanked – It Is A ‘Safe Pain’

MasterMarc: Hi Blunderfistogre. Nice to have you back with us. You’re a young boy and as we can see on many of your pictures, your ass knows how many different tools feels on it. Can you tell us when have you got your last spanking and can why?

Blunderfistogre: The last spanking I had was a light spanking from Sir CastroKinky when I visited him yesterday for a session before going out to a meeting and a play party later that day. I was spanked mostly for Sir’s pleasure as he like to redden an ass before breeding it to release some of his pent up horniness, especially since he knows I really enjoy being spanked. Then he further spanked me for struggling a bit. I maybe have taunted it out of him by lying in bed with my butt out 🙂  I like to bait out a spanking from Sir because it usually gets me excited and submissive and makes the fucking more rough.

MasterMarc: Hehe. Sounds as you really need to be spanked. Can you tell us, why spanking is exciting you? I know it is difficult to describe feelings and sensations, but please try to explain us, what the attraction of spanking is and what do you feel if you get spanked.

Blunderfistogre: Spanking excites me both mentally and physically. Mentally, there is a power exchange that I love: being pinned down or bound and forced to take the pain, being at the mercy of someone else, potentially humiliating. It really gets me into subspace when I am forced to take the pain, or that I am being punished, that the pain will not stop until the spanker decides I’ve had enough. It plays into punishment and hazing fantasies which also revolve around power dynamics of me being lower in a power hierarchy. Physically, the sting gives me a rush, adrenaline or endorphins. It gets my blood pumping and it turns me on. Furthermore, the pain helps me focus on what is currently going on and allows me to let go of the stresses of life. This generally applies to other pain implements, but I like spanking because it is something I’ve seen even when I was younger and I feel like it is a safe pain.

MasterMarc: You’re talking about safe pain. That is fascinating. What is “safe pain”? How would you define it?

Blunderfistogre: For me, safe pain refers to the pain implements that I am comfortable with, that feel safe with and won’t leave damage. Spanking for me feels very safe as butts are naturally cushioned and I have had a lot of experience with it I guess. For the most part, pains that aren’t sharp or piercing are safe, but I am slowly exploring and getting accustomed sharper pains like whips. I think this is derived from fear. I have a fear for sharp objects like knives and needles and other tools of sharply breaking skin. It could be me being overly cautious, but also possibly because of fear mongering that is common with media nowadays. I think sharp pains remind me of sudden and unwanted pains from accidents. I am also afraid of leaving marks as I do have self esteem concerns about body image and for some reason, spanking feels like temporary marks for me although I’m pretty sure my butt is now permanently slightly darker.


MasterMarc: It is a part of your body you’re hiding in daily life. And some marks, for example a darker ass or even more, are sexy. 🙂 Of course also marks which aren’t permanent visible are a turn on. I love to fuck a really hard, spanked ass with marks. Such an ass is much more attractive for me than a virgin ass without marks. 🙂 Can you understand that it attracts a top?

Blunderfistogre: I understand that other tops also find it hot. It could be for a number of reasons. But for me, it’s mostly power exchange and really feeling it. Getting fucked after being thoroughly spanked gives each thrust a sting and flinch, making the sex more aggressive and forceful. It really plays into suffering and rape fantasies. I much enjoy sex with sore cheeks as it serves as a reminder, putting me in place. I like wearing the marks for others to see that I have been spanked and it serves as an indicator that I was disciplined by someone else, that I am submissive and should be spanked for any reason. I also like carrying the soreness even after the session, where I would be reminded whenever I sat down for the next few hours or days, but alas, my butt recovers too quickly 🙁

MasterMarc: Oh, that’s a real problem. 🙂 I know many of our readers are now curious to know, how much you can take and how you would describe the impact of different spanking tools?

Blunderfistogre: I can take quite a bit and I seem to grow in tolerance each time I get close to the limit. I remember one of my earlier experiences a little over a year ago was going to a spanking party. After getting spanked individually by three separate people. The guys at the party started noticing that I could still take a lot and I was then thrown onto a bed and and pinned down and gang spanked for a couple hours. There was someone pinning my upper body to the bed and someone else holding my legs from flying around. Then 3 or 4 other people alternated in spanking me with various implements, from hands with and without leather gloves, to paddles wooden, silicone, and metal with holes! It was one of my favorite spankings until recently I was beat 3100 times by Sir CastroKinky distributed with hand spankings, paddles, canings, and whippings. This left me a sobbing mess but with a glorious swollen ass. He counted the beatings on my back and wrote the total on my butt with a marker and the writing on my butt stuck for quite a while as it was too sore for me to aggressively rub off. Of these implements, I much prefer the hands and paddles of all materials, but especially the solid ones. The hands have a nice surface level impact that is great for warming up and I could basically sleep to it. The paddles strike a nice balance between sting and thud for me. Whips and canes, however, start going into the territory of sharp and uncomfortable. I do like whips though, because they are really sharp and painful for me and will get me to cry more easily. Flogging is my least favorite but it just feels weird.


MasterMarc: Why does it feel weird?

Blunderfistogre: I am not sure. I probably just haven’t had a good experience with it. It just feels weird to have multiple strands of impact that doesn’t quite feel sharp, nor thuddy. Or maybe it’s both, but it just doesn’t have too good of a sensation for me. I theorize it might be from bad experiences from people thinking I can take a lot of spanking and give a hard flogging strike on my back or one guy I played with that just rubbed me the wrong way when he constantly missed and didn’t apologize. Either way, the impact does not feel satisfactory to me ;/

MasterMarc: To whip and to spank is not as easy as many guys think. As top you have to know what you’re doing and even more important, you have to know your subs. Every boy is different, and every boy reacts different. I always say that a good Master has to be able to read his slave. If he reaches to this point, he even knows better than the slave what the boy needs and how much he can handle. Trust is the base of good SM and that is nothing you can find with your hands in a darkroom. The best part of all is to play with the boy’s limits. Can you tell us, how it feels to be at your own limits? What do you expect in such moments from your top?


Blunderfistogre: Pushing my limits is very exhilarating and I enjoy it. There’s a thrill in being at the edge where caving is very tempting, but you tell yourself “just a little more” and repeat that until Sir relents. And in the moments of trying to push for a little more, I feel a bit of fear as it is scary, but I also feel great for being able to push further and take more. Usually, I’m in a very strange head space, I’m there but not really, because I am very concentrated on enduring what is happening. But when it is over, it all comes crashing down and the truth is, I don’t really know what to expect from the top. There’s a lot of emotions being pushed aside when I am at my limits and that takes all of my attention, so when it ends and all the emotions come flowing back, it is intense and I’m not sure what I should expect from the top, so I don’t. I don’t expect much beside the usual hug. I am still exploring and hoping for bonds that are intimate enough for me to let go when it comes to scenes that intense.

MasterMarc: The moment after such a game with the limits of the boy is very important. As master, you are responsible to catch the boy and safe him from the emotional hole he can fall in after such a hard action. In the majority of the situations, you have to show him, that you’re treating him as hard as you have done because you like him and not out of a bad motivation. In real hard punishment situations, that can change. But we will have to talk about that in another article. You have told us, that you’re proud of your marks. Can you tell us why?

Blunderfistogre: I am proud of my marks because they show that I can take a thorough spanking and that someone had to have given it to me, so it also implies that there is someone responsible for disciplining me.


MasterMarc: That was a real good answer. If we take the picture of the leash, than it shows that the guy having the leash in the hand is controlling the collared guy but it shows also that he is responsible for the other guy and that he should take care about him. But let us talk about your marks. You really love to show them in your Tumblr blog. Can you tell us, what the attraction of being exposed is?

Blunderfistogre: I guess there’s some exhibitionist in me, but making some of the pictures public also plays into humiliation. I also like seeing the comments and interactions with the posts. For the most part, I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t affect my life negatively in a substantial way. I think Sir CastroKinky likes exposing consenting boys and I don’t mind it for me as it gives me an easy way to cache photos of our sessions so I can keep memories and not forget because life can go by quickly. But judging on how I’ve been itching to do kinky and humiliating things in public discretely, I think its my inner exhibitionist craving attention and humiliation.

MasterMarc: You’ve made me curious, but I think we have to discuss the subjects humiliation and exhibitionism in another interview. It was a great pleasure to talk to you, boy, and I’m sure we will continue soon here on KINKFINITY.



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