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Part of it is a turn on, but part of it is just pure enjoyment of showing that part of me off.

Hey readers, today I get to talk to a pup most math lovers surely will like, Hexyc. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you all like and are you into?

Starting off with the difficult questions 😛 I’m into a range of things and still discovering fun areas, so can be hard to come up with a complete list. It keeps on changing and being added to.

I’d say I’m mainly rooted in pup play and rubber. But from that I have had exciting times exploring kinks from sense dep to socks, diapers to dresses, piss to pics. Even within pup play I enjoy the serious sub side and the more silly stuff.

For some of these they are more experimentation, finding my paws in the area and discovering what parts are fun to me. Some are perhaps a bit deeper, with rubber I’ve enjoyed it kinky and casually. I have even started a hobby craft in it.

It is perhaps why I lean on pup play a lot, it almost acts as a canvas to express all these. Even if some are quite a different headspace. Piss pup, gimp pup, rubber pup. A pup of many sides (well, six as I like hexagons).

I assume since you’re leaning on it so much it was the first thing you discovered too? Or how/when did you start finding out about fetish / notice it was something you’re into?

Yes I believe it was the first thing I found, back when I was finding out about normal stuff even! So pup and kink by extension probably has shaped quite a lot of this side of life from quite an early stage. Probably means this is more my normal!

I can remember stumbling across the Mr S Leather store somehow, and seeing the pup hoods on there. They had pictures of people as pups, that idea obviously made an impression. That was the fantasy.

I had to wait a while to actually be able to do anything. But then could start exploring and have continued to do so.

For me normal has kinda lost its definition over the years XD don’t really know what that is anymore. What caught you about pup play and those hoods? Why did that connect with you so well?

Heh, yeah. Not that I don’t enjoy normal stuff now, but given I found this at the beginning of everything I don’t think I had the … Normal normal XD

Most thoughts and fantasies have always been on the kink side of things.

I’m not sure exactly. I was quite young so hard to tell exactly what got triggered. It was probably the thought of submission to someone. At the time, I didn’t know much of what I wanted or who I wanted to be with. But I knew that was an exciting thought, so followed that. It didn’t matter as much who I was submitting to, it was the action of doing it.

What added to that was the pup could do its own thing, to some extent. The relationship wasn’t purely being a submissive. It also had a fun side to it. That perhaps linked up with my personality then and made it easier to enjoy.

From your answers definitely seem to be the experimenting type. What do some of the different facettes of fetish you tried out provide you, and where do you feel differences between them, for example in headspace and such?

Indeed! I wouldn’t say everything is for me, but I find a lot of different things exciting. I’m quite excitable in general so still exploring. It also isn’t limited to subbing!

The different areas I do can provide a wide range of different experiences and feelings. It can be quite mood dependant, though there are a few prominent features usually. Control is probably a key one. Whether it is taken away physically (heavy bondage, sense dep, chastity) or mentally. They each can feel different but all push that button.

I also feel that humiliation has been an interesting part. It can tie in heavily with control, but there’s a bit more. It can be as minor as being referred to as a pup, that gut feeling is triggered. And while that can be great fun, it can also be empowering. To feel different can be scary, but also very powerful.

This empowerment has perhaps also developed into an appreciation of gear and what I wear. Rubber is just fantastic. I like the look of it on me, on others. The feel, the thoughts. Even casually it is enjoyable. But further to that other gear: leather, heels, diapers. Even wearing yellow for watersports. Part of it is a turn on, but part of it is just a pure enjoyment of showing that part of me off.

When hearing you talk like that it quite seems fetish has become a lifestyle for you, or not? I mean you even craft your own latex creations after all? How’d that came to be by the way?

Partly yes, partly no.

It does have quite a large part of my life and influence to it. Friends that I talk to online, going out to events, what I want to buy (I found that sometimes my budgeting was based on how much rubber I could buy instead). As you mention, my evenings are currently being balanced between study and rubber crafting. It does carve out a reasonable section.

But I also engage in activities outside of all this. Sports, holidays, games. Though there are many examples of my kink side seeping through to them too. It is a fuzzy line between kink and other parts of life. I’ve played in a few d&d groups that formed because of kink (and of course worn rubber to them!).

I was at an exhibition event in London, as a pup for the weekend. My latex ripped and someone kindly offered to repair it as they were getting into rubber making. It turned out they lived near to me, so I was able to learn from them and get started myself.

Around that time I was also sorting out a custom suit. I went to quite a few rubber makers (including one that made stuff for Hollywood productions) before eventually being able to get it made. So being able to make my own suit, with my own design, was a good goal.

As I continued I got more into rubber, and that feedback loop pushed it forward. It’s still just a hobby, but it means it’s a bit easier to develop what I want.

I think that fluidity and seeping between different parts of life is something that is good. It keeps things interesting, and for myself it also brought a lot of great and fun memories 🙂

As for the other, whether hobby or not, being able to create what you want is always special and also a pridefilling experience isn’t it? Do you have some examples of things you made yourself or modded to make your own?

Being able to come up with something and create it is a great feeling. Finishing off a project and being able to try it out, if not a relief, is a reward. Plus having your own items to wear is special.

Can you tell us a little about this one for example? How did you get the idea, and how was it making it/ wearing it for the first time?

This is the most recent full suit I made. Most of my projects have been quite colourful and distinct, especially with hexagons. It can be quite noticeable, almost like a brand XD But it doesn’t always lend itself to play.

It can be fun to be a rubber gimp without that identity. So when I was organising some play like that with a friend, we were having trouble finding a suit for me to wear! Even my black and yellow watersports suit has a hexagon recycling logo on it, so you can tell who it is.

I wanted something a bit sleeker, more versatile, more play based. It initially was just going to be a black suit, but I couldn’t resist adding something to it to make it unique. Being a fan of those colours (I have made other suits primarily composed of them), I thought they complimented well. I wanted the black body still, the uninterrupted shine and a simple design that doesn’t distract from it.

The cuts were made to form the top of a hexagon, so there is still some hex in there, but it is somewhat subtle. I’d also made the suit to be a bit tighter, so was hopefully that had worked.

The making process was quite long. I don’t like having outstanding projects, but it can take a while especially when exams come around. But that’s all worth it when putting it on. It feels so good.

Once I felt the tightness (my changes worked), the way the black falls down the body. Well, I don’t think I need to explain too much feeling there ;P

What are some things that you would like to create once, whether that’s a piece of gear or a fantasy, or also both?

I think my fantasy would include the many different areas I’ve enjoyed (and probably even some new ones). So it would be less a single scene, but a longer period of being controlled and led through various kinks that we all enjoyed. I think when others are into it, and want to control me as a sub, that adds a lot.

It wouldn’t be full on all the time, but I’d always know my place and be reminded of it. There would plenty of gear to wear and play with, trying out different scenarios and headspaces. Being pushed from a pup to a gimp, being humiliated by wetting my diaper to someone wetting me.

But I think above all this I’d want to make sure my bf is ok with it! At the end of it all, it’s nice to come back and snuggle. And if he had exciting stories to tell of his own adventure (which perhaps linked in with mine :P) that would be a fun ending.

Because my main fantasy is having an ability to do things more regularly and explore all that. Rather than a single event hehe 😛

That is a very relatable statement. I think we all would like to be able to play more with our friends at the moment. I hope that wish comes true for you soon, and also for everybody else too 😉

And until then, I hope that you can still have lots of fun with your projects.

(Photocredit: Pup Flint (bf), Pup Snap, FoxyPaws )


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