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As a social bunny pup, kink events are important to me. And Corona sucks!

Today I’ve a cute and very social Polish pup with me. The first I’ve to ask a guy who has a tail tattoo above his cute ass is: What makes a pup like you really wag your tail?

As you may notice, that’s a bunny tail! Don’t ask why it’s always lifted, but I think you may know the answer. And about wagging my tail – it’s because of excitement. I think some pups are excited all the time, heheh.

The source of excitement is quite similar as animals have I believe – so it may happen when you meet new people or just know that something really interesting is ahead. It’s like a dog who wags his tail while waiting for a treat.

Gusto Bunny



And what excites you?

Almost everything – I’m really curious about all my surroundings, new experiences and all the unexpected. I behave sometimes like a silly dog, but that’s what my friends like in me – they know that I’m brave enough to break the ice, expand my horizons and learn new things. Sometimes I do stupid things, but I think it’s worth it!

Bunnies are known for having a lot of sex. And that your tail is lifted shows me that you’re a little submissive bitch who is always ready for action. 🙂 What are you into?

I’m not as submissive as it may look – submissive people sometimes (not always!) behave like a log in bed and I want to be way more interactive. But it’s true, I’m always ready for some action – I’m a rabbit pup for a reason 🙂 I would say I’m a power bottom. The kind that likes to provoke other players – that makes fun even more interesting. And about the things I’m into – I have many kinks, but most of those are mainstream in the fetish community. My biggest turn-on is puppy play – but it’s not that popular I believe.

Oh pet play is very popular. I know a bunch of puppies. 🙂 Often a very important aspect for them is the social part. And it seems that you too love to be with other kinksters. How do you live your kink life?

The puppy community is really engaging. When I was at bigger events like Darklands and I encountered some pups, there was always some bonding between us. Usually it was manifested with friendly barking and awoooing, yet still you knew that you can always talk to these people and socialize even more! During that event I had so much interaction (especially naughty ones) that I lost count. The great thing is that you don’t have to live from event to event, because puppy parties come in all forms. There are dance parties (like Club Animalz in Manchester) or just smaller events at home or some fetish gay bars.

Seems you’re travelling a lot to kink events. What makes an event a good event?

I know it’s a truism, but to have a good event you need open-minded people who like not only to attend a party, but also to be a big part of it! It’s like a snowball effect, when awesome people attract other awesome people. The events don’t need any organized activities, because like-minded groups like pups will organize themselves. And for me to remember an event is to have kinksters take care of my butt and make me forget about the whole world for a moment, heheh.

I see, the fun and sex is the most important for you. As you’ve mentioned your kinks you didn’t really tell us what kind of sexual action you like. I think this power bottom rabbit dog has to put the cards on the table … 🙂

Sex is really important part of my life, that’s true. In the puppy community I can really express myself in that way – I’m like a dog released from a leash! At the club or some bigger events it’s harder to show all of yourself – I usually wander around from one group to another and get mounted by some pups I like.

The situation changes when I have some more intimate time with someone – I can show what being a power bottom really is for me. It means I usually don’t get topped straight ahead, because I’m the one who controls the whole situation. It’s a little lie, because I still fulfill someone’s desires, even if I’m being frisky, doing a gentle choke by grabbing his collar or biting his neck. On the other hand I run the show, so I choose positions I consider appropriate for a given moment… finally someone finishes in me, but still I’m not just a passive player who does nothing except being there on the bed. However when my bed partners show me true dominance, I just obey like a good pup!

Hehe a service-alpha-pup if needed? 🙂 Ready to please others by dominating them the way they want. But seems at parties you’re just a bitch. 🙂 Are you missing the events now during this Corona crises? And what are you missing most?

Indeed I am a playful pup during events – that’s why it’s a really hard time for me because of this whole pandemic! I especially miss these special occasions when I’m under the influence of poppers (which I enjoy a lot) and lose myself in puppy play. I’m in a sexual trance taking all juicy cocks from other pups I meet on my way. Slings are my favorite, they make things much more convenient and easier – it really turns me on when I see a little queue of pups waiting for their turn and preparing for a quick ride. After that I usually end up on all fours and enjoy pet play with others – sometimes I get mounted by other pups. But it’s not only sex. I love when we just play with some balls or similar toys completely for fun. You know – puppy headspace! I also miss dance parties – after all that humping I just want to relax and recharge for the next rounds!

How is it with private kink parties in poland?

There are some kinksters who have their own whole dungeons – their rooms are full of slings, cages and other typical for such a places stuff. You can also rent your own fetish place (a hotel room equipped with tons of gear), but I’ve never tried it before. Of course I do make my own parties for pups, where we can do puppy play. It’s nothing special – just a foam floor mat with chew toys laying around and all snacks placed in puppy bowls. All doggies have to behave, otherwise they won’t receive a treat, heheh.

Do you prefer more your private parties or the big events?

It depends on my mood. I don’t think I have preference through whole year for a given type of party. I prefer to mix them, just not to get bored. What’s surprising is that during bigger events the kinky part is more mild. On smaller parties I can focus more on my guests, and we can do more engaging fun. I have some chastity belts, ropes, puppy masks, electro and so on – so nobody gets bored!

Hehe. Yes toys and gear can be very important. 🙂 Which are the fetish events you really like and can you say why?

It’s definitely Darklands! I’ve never felt so much freedom. The aura is really friendly and kinky, you can express yourself in any way you want and nobody will judge you. You can find anything there, from pony or pet play through leather and latex. But more than that you have fantastic people who can introduce you to the fetish world and show you all curiosities. That’s how I met dozens of pups and I was really happy to show them my understanding of puppy play and what it really matters to me. I spent plenty of time in the Camp K9 which was a dedicated space for pups like me. Darklands offers you also a really huge darkroom area which has two floors and I must admit it was my favorite place to spend time, heheh.

I also enjoyed DoggyWeekend in Manchester, which is a whole series of events dedicated to puppies and furries. I remember it mostly for dance parties, but for me the best part was the KennelKlub. This time it wasn’t about sex, but just a playful time! All puppies had balls, bowls, ropes and other toys to enjoy. My favorite was tug-of-war, where pups tried to pull others to their side – they used not only front paws, but also muzzles like doggies should do! I’ve played fetch with pups and the good boys/girls who brought the ball back got a treat and a pat on the head. They were all sooo cute 🙂

Do you remember your hottest experience you’ve done at such an event?

Well… I do have a very hot story from my time there at Darklands. I was walking around the Camp K9, when something caught my attention. There was this small metal cage standing in the middle of the of the room. I got curious and feeling very much in my pup-space I hopped on all fours and climbed inside. The pup who was following me around and taking photos of me decided that I would look cool locked in the cage – so he locked me and left me for a while to play around. I was sniffing poppers under my puppy hood all the time and my mind just went away. I was wiggling in the cage to get the attention of someone. Some pup started playing ball with me and I was super happy. We were throwing the ball at each other for some time. My hind-paws were sticking out between the bars at the back of the cage and other pups took notice.

They started sniffing and licking my paws and I was instantly hard. I started growl and murr in delight. Some other pups and handlers came to the front of the cage and were petting me. They even took out their “bones” and wanted to give me a “treat”. I know we shouldn’t have been doing it in that place but my mind was somewhere else. I wanted to play sooo badly. Fortunately some pup had opened the cage, pulled me out and dragged me into the darkrooms. Not that I needed much dragging 😉 The pups took turns in humping me and I myself exploded with cum half a dozen of times later that evening. All from being an obedient locked pup for just a couple of minutes. It was the hottest pup-experience I’ve ever had.

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