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TUTORIAL: Gold Metal Bodypainting

Have you ever seen that famous Bond movie scene with the golden girl and thought: “Oh, that’s actually quite cool and hot, I’d love to try that.” ? Well, it’s not that difficult. Tigerdude knows how, and he’s going to teach you how to become a Bond Bitch.

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Lets have a look at what you need. It’s not that much:

  • Bowl
  • (weighing scale)
  • Newspaper for under Bowl
  • Tarp for Play Area
  • Paper towels for cleaning yourself up
  • Coconut oil
  • Gold/Metallic pigment

Where to get your materials:

Let’s discuss the pigment first. You’ll need metallic pigment powder. The most available brand is Mehron Metallic Powder. It is specifically made for makeup and special effects but is rather costly. You can buy cheaper alternatives from arts and crafts wholesale retailers. Artists typically mix it with resin for resin casting and coatings. Just search for “metallic pigment powder” online. In this tutorial, Tigerdude is using powder from Barnes, a local Australian brand. Other options include Easy Leaf Products in the US and Kama Pigments in Canada.

Do not go and buy your normal house or wall paint for experimentation or budget. They are not made to be applied on skin, and contain harmful materials. You can seriously injure yourself depending on the paint. So please, follow these instructions.

Coconut oil is readily available in most convenience stores. If you can’t find any, try Asian grocery stores if you’re in Europe/America or order some online. It’s usually solid at room temperature and will melt when heated up. Be careful not to accidentally buy coconut milk, that’s not the same 😉

Painters tarp plastic sheets you get at any local hardware store, in the paint section.

The rest you most likely have at home.

Paint Facts

Before we begin here’s some facts you should know about this paint.

  1. This is oily paint. It’s not going to dry on your skin. If you touch anything, it’ll get on there as well. For a drying, skin-adhering paint, scroll down to version 2.
  2. This paint is skin-safe, and won’t hurt your eyes (…if you use the right powder! We won’t take guarantees for that).
  3. It’s non-toxic. But for safety’s sake, we won’t say it’s ingestable. Most likely though you won’t hurt your intestines if you accidentally swallow some or get it in somewhere else.
  4. It is not a good lube. If you need some, please prepare some other lube beforehand in your play area.

Before we begin, here’s some facts you should know about this

  1. This is an oil paint. It’s not going to dry on your skin. If you touch anything, it’ll wipe off on it as well. For a drying, skin-adhering paint, scroll down to version 2.
  2. This paint is skin-safe, and if you’re using coconut oil, it won’t hurt your eyes. Vegetable/baby oil can sting your eyes (be sure to use the right powder as well. We won’t make guarantees for that)
  3. It’s non-toxic but for safety’s sake, we won’t say it’s ingestible. It’s likely harmless in small quantities like if you accidentally swallowed some or get it in somewhere else.
  4. It is not a good lube. If you need some, please prepare some other lube beforehand in your play area.

Preparing the Play Area

We’re going to mention this just because some may go in over their head. Before making the paint, please prepare your play area! Cover the immediate surfaces there, including the floor, walls, furniture etc. Depending on how wet you make your paint, it’s also good to tarp a small path to your shower.

Making the Paint

First, you’ll want to prepare the oil. Spoon it into a pan and heat it up. Once it’s melted, let it cool down and pour it back into the container.

Now onto the paint. Put down a few layers of newspaper on your work area beforehand, to make sure that you won’t have gold glitter embedded somewhere after. Get your bowl, and maybe a scale, so you can remember your ratios for next time (ratios vary between brands as different powders have different weights)

Pour your metallic powder into the bowl. Tigerdude here used around 50g. Depending on how much paint you’d like to make, adjust the amount of powder used accordingly. Remember, you can still add more powder later. Be careful when pouring/spooning the powder into the bowl. Some powders (like aluminium for silver colours) can be very fine. Do not breathe in the powder.

Now pour in your oil. Again, don’t just add everything. Add it gradually while mixing until you find a good consistency. Check the consistency by dipping your fingers in and looking at the coverage on your hands. Once you’re happy with both, it’s time for the fun.

Go to your play area, and pour it over yourself. Make sure to go over front and back, and then smear it all over your body with your hands. Don’t forget your hair too, unless you don’t want that.

That’s it, now you’re a golden boy!

Once you’ve had your fun being all shiny, you can clean yourself by wiping the large part of the paint off with paper towels, then head into the shower to get rid of the rest, best with some strong soap like dishwashing soap.

Be careful when you clean up the tarp. The oil can move around. Fold it up neatly, keeping it in the center to avoid dripping.

Skin-adhering Paint

If you don’t like the oil-based version of this paint and would like something that adheres to your skin, there is an alternative. Instead of using oil, use Mehron’s Mixing Liquid. The final look will have a matte finish.

Follow Mehron’s instructions and warnings when using their mixing liquid. Be careful when applying this as the mixer does contain ammonia. Beware of the fumes it gives off. This product is not ingestible and also not safe for the eyes.

To clean off this paint, use some strong soap with a wet towel or brush under the shower.

That’s it for this tutorial. Thanks again to Tigerdude for providing the method and material for us, and we wish you a lot of fun trying it out!

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