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It Helps Me Relax And Can Often Lead To Friendships!


1999 | 189 cm | 90 kg

raunchyhusky on Twitter.

The furry fandom is a community with many individuals with different personalities and lives.

The following interview only represents the views, perceptions, feelings and doings of the interviewee, not of the fandom. He does also not claim them to be that way.

Hello Raunchyhusky, glad to talk to you. You’ve got quite interesting hobbies which some may would call unusual 🙂 They’re called furry and murrsuiting, right? Now,we already talked to some who do it, but what is it for you and how do you live it?

My murrsuiting life is very “private” in the sense I have only told close friends and people I trust about it. Other times it’s open for public view mainly because it’s helped my self esteem. I found it as a sort of outlet and, funny thing is, I actually found my current boyfriend through the scene. I joined back when murrsuiting was really frowned upon and I was scared to be out about it so I kept it to myself until about 5-6 months into owning my suit I began posting pictures, and making videos. I like to view it as a sort of positive, mainly because It helps me relax and can often lead to friendships!

Hehe we see that a lot in the fetish community. You have a same base of interests, and sex is never a boring topic xD but why exactly was it so frowned upon?

Murrsuiting was frowned upon specifically because it was sexual, maybe It was because I was a kid and it just wasn’t the norm. No one soft suited (which means, that they’re suggestive, or wear underwear over their suit to be “sexual”) or murrsuited publicly due to fear of backlash. It was like a witch-hunt. Now it’s almost like everyone is one. Now when I say that I don’t mean everyone, but even the cute suits I see on Twitter, post suggestive stuff, or have separate accounts dedicated to it. This all being said, it just seems like people are looking to kinda embrace the sexual aspect of it, even when it can come with some backlash.

Can you tell me a little how it is an outlet for you? What does it do?

When I say it’s an outlet, i mean that it’s kinda a fun way to have sex. It just has lead to many friendships and kind of a relaxing feel. I’ve yet to have a really “bad experience” when it comes to murrsuiting. I would compare it to people who hook up all the time, they do it so that they can get their rocks off. I do it for the same reason. 1) because it’s fun, and 2) so I can get someone off.

Haha that last sentence probably gives it a little bit away, but you’re a subby husky, right?

Of course haha! I’d be more of a verse, but I struggle with the inability to really stay hard.

Same here ^^. Does the murrsuiting help you for getting in the headspace when subbing? Do you feel a difference than when playing without?

If I’m doing it without, it’s a little different, im a little reserved x) when I wear my suit I kinda just, put on a new persona, that’s why we refer to them as fursonas. It’s just how we wish we could act and look. Hunter is a bit more expressive and outgoing than I am, so when I wear him, it kinda gives me a bit of a social edge. Both in bed and out in cons and stuff.

I see, so kind of an psychological enhancer for you 🙂 How does the subbyness and kinkyness come in for you 😉 ? Did you discover that over the community as well?

Uh, it was just due to my personality in general. I’ve always been kinda the shy kid, it just ended out coming out and about in bed as well.

Ah okay 🙂 What have you already had the chance to try out? And how was it?

I’ve only tried out like, 2-3 threesomes, and just stuff that kinda is involved in sex, rimming….uh, I have done leash and collar stuff as well as toying. I’ve done light bondage with others teasing and stuff but I can’t think of anything else really. And I’m not sure what I could try now too. I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to try. But I’ve been keeping my eyes open to see what else is out there that might be interesting.

Does a murrsuit itself also have a aesthetic/physical appeal for you?

I’m actually more of a fan of skin to skin contact, sexually, but it does feel good. As far as it being a turn on, it kinda depends. I have other turn ons that might be implemented somehow.

Ah alright 🙂 like the ones you described above?

Mhmm!! 😀

Haha ok, thanks for taking some time for us Hunter, it was a pleasure to talk with you and I wish you lots of fun implementing and experimenting 🙂

Thx 😀

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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  1. Can we have some more articles on furries?

    I came here wanting to learn a bit more about this kink, but I’m five pages into the ‘petplay|furries’ category and this is the first article on furries – and it immediately starts by saying the interviewee may not represent their fandom.

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