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Foot Worship

i don’t think i have a real foot fetish, but i do love to worship Master’s feet. The reason is not that i could get sexual pleasure as what a fetish provides. i love it because of the symbolic meaning – worshipping Master by getting lower than the lowest body part of Master’s and showing eagerness to take care of one of the “Men’s Scent” places (others being armpits and crouch).

Throughout the years i’ve developed a routine to serve Master’s feet. It’s normally carried out when Master just comes back from outside, either a day of work, a walk in the park, or a trip to somewhere else.

First Master would sit down, and i get down on the floor and hold one of Master’s boots or sneakers with my both hands so it won’t touch the floor (and i make sure it never touches the floor before everything is done), then i start to kiss and lick all over it. If it’s too dirty, i make sure it’s cleaned afterwards. Sometimes i am ordered to clean the sole as well but not always.

Then i gently take the boot/shoe off, and just before it’s off Master’s foot, i bury my nose into it and inhale greedily the first scent coming out of it, the humid, fresh and sweaty scent of Master’s foot. It’s one of the best moments and usually makes me hard like a rock. After the initial scent evaporates, i put the boot away and start to sniff and kiss Master’s sock-covered foot. Master’s scent is not strong due to his personal hygiene, but the mixture of soap and body scent is so erotic.

i’d be massaging Master’s foot with His sock on, and after i’m done with one foot, i repeat the first two steps on the other foot, so that Master won’t get first foot unattended for too long when i take care of the second.

After i go through Master’s foot with sock on all over several times, i gently take His sock off and immediately put my mouth on His bare foot and start licking eagerly. i love to start by sucking His toes one by one and digging deep into the gap between them with my tongue, trying to get as much sweat taste as i can and to stimulate the most sensitive area well. Then i normally do long licks from toe to ankle on the back of Master’s foot, using my tongue to massage it. After that i change to lay on my back to lick His sole and heel while holding it above my face, gently biting the surface to exfoliate dead skins and moisturize with my saliva. i love at the moment Master presses His foot into my face and rub it, and i proudly show my excited slave cock wishing to get some attention of Master’s other foot as a great reward.

After i lick Master’s foot clean (when it doesn’t taste salty any more), i get up to sit on the floor and start to massage Master’s foot with oil. i try different ways to rub, press and pinch to help Master relax and enjoy. It will take as long as Master wants, and once He’s satisfied, i wipe the oil off and rub clean with a towel and the whole foot worship is done.


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