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Hello Frank Fellows. You are providing the fetish community with real kinky illustrations. Mostly, we can see young fetish guys confronted with authority. They are used for the pleasure of the older guy. It seems that fetish and SM is important part of your life and fantasy. What means SM for you and what are the emotions you like to provide in your illustrations?

My work is actually not about sex, or even sex between males.  It’s about the complete loss of control.   The age dynamic just plays into this illusion that much more – it’s not about attraction or secret longings.  The fantasy is about the bondage, the vulnerability and the helplessness – period.  I actually don’t see much other work about these themes, at least not with boys.  You certainly see a lot of it with girls, though.  If I did see similar work, I probably wouldn’t have drawn so much.

Also, the age dynamic says youth and exuberance will lose against experience and treachery any day, and I find that pretty hot.

Interestingly, I’ve chatted with a few other artists and to be honest, they mostly don’t practice a BDSM lifestyle.  I don’t either.  I just have regular relationships.  I guess if our reality life was as active as our fantasy, we probably wouldn’t produce as much work.

Would you say that your drawings are like a compensation for fantasies you’re not living? I know that it is important for you, that you’re not showing victims in your illustrations. Can you explain us, what kind of feelings the boys in your artwork have if you’re looking at it? 

Sure, I’d say there is a certain amount of compensation.  But at the same time, I also know I don’t want to live them out.  I’ve had opportunity and tried, but never really liked the scene as much as I liked a normal relationship.

Maybe my imagination is just too active.  Maybe I just like to draw a kinky scene.

I do have to admit, I have a certain amount of guilt associated with my involvements.  I’ve been lucky – for the most part, I’ve done the choosing in my relationships; I’m the one with the power dynamic.  And I didn’t always call the other person back.

I’m sure that’ll change as I get older, but for now it just seems to have been working out that way.   I was a complete asshole in school.  But I also have to admit, technology and social media tools allow people (especially younger guys) to be jerks.  So I can identify with some of the more opportunistic boys in my writing and drawings.

Truth be told, I have virtually nothing in common or associative with the bad-guy characters – I don’t even have empathy or sympathy.  They’re just there, much like how my younger characters probably feel about them – hence why they’re in their situations.

I think that’s why my work seems to have found the appeal it has, from both genders and a wide range of orientations – at least from those who watch me on my Tumblr page.   People have various feelings of guilt with the bad actions of their relationships. But they also have pride in those actions too.  And I guess I’ve illustrated a few of those feelings.

Fantasy and wanking have something in common. You can just think about what you like, and you haven’t to take care about others. In real life, you have to consider the feelings of the guy you’re playing with. That makes it of course more complicated, and you have to differ from the plan you’ve had in your fantasies. Where do you get your inspiration for your art work? 

LOL. I’m not sure if you just confirmed that I am really an asshole or not. But hey, if you’re saying at the end of the day these are just fantasy drawings and stories, then you’ve got a point – there’s no need to read too deeply into anything.

I get inspiration from all the hot shit with girls, there’s a ton of it.  But with guys it’s kinda’ limited.  There are lots of guys in leather pants, nipple piercings and black hats all over the internet. But since I can draw and write, I can create a different image, I guess.   I’m not bag’n what other people are doing.  If that’s what they’re into, then cool.  People are allowed to like what they want to like.

But a lot of kinky images seem redundant to me.  Guys stuff with BDSM seems like one, big leather bar.  So since I don’t see the stuff I draw and write about, I make it myself.

And there are a ton of really great BDSM artists and writers out there.  If I saw professional artists like Roberts, Slasher or Ted Owen (my favorite Fansadox artists) do drawing with boys, I probably wouldn’t draw that much.  Or if older artists like Bishop or Ashley had a secret stash with hot twinks, I’d probably never pick-up a pen again.  Even this writer FE Campbell – I discovered him a few years back.  If he wrote with boys instead of girls back in his day, I’d be done.  I’d never want to write again.

You can believe me, if I would think that you’re an asshole, I would say it clearly. I can just say that I am happy that the others haven’t done what you’re doing so that you haven’t any motivation to stop with what YOU are doing. Your drawings often include a malicious surprise at the moment you show the entire image. What is the reason that you try to fool the beholder at the beginning?

I wouldn’t say I have a malicious surprise, I just like different aspects of my drawings, and so I present them that way.

First and foremost, I actually just like the images I create.  The fact that a few people have enjoyed seeing them is just a bonus.  It’s cool that some people do, and I couldn’t be happier.  But I have to like what I’m seeing first to draw what I draw.  And when I post online, I usually like to highlight the areas that I like most and build until I reveal the entire piece.  It’s just fun for me that way.  It’s not a story-telling device, although maybe it should be.

Probably it is also me as beholder of your art who has this malignity. Even if it wasn’t an aim of you, I love it! And it is nice for us to know, that we are a bonus for you. 🙂  Do you have some special images in your mind you haven’t still drawn? What is it?  

It’s funny that you ask because I’ve made a few hundred drawings and posted most of them, and I’ve had nearly 900k views on my Tumblr page, and now I’m kinda slowing down.  For a while, I was drawing pretty quickly, so much so that I didn’t really stop to appreciate what I had just finished.  I just moved on to the next piece I had in my head.  But I’m happy to be taking some time for myself.

Of course, I have ideas.  I guess I’ll always have ideas.  But I’ve got time to get to them.  And maybe not getting to all of them won’t be all that tragic.

Part of the reason why I drew so much for a while was because I never studied art or writing, nothing anywhere near it, actually.  So I never got to explore my creative side.  I’m mostly just a self-taught guy who found some technology that made drawing easier for him.  And I just needed to get it all out of myself.  But it seems like I’ve managed to do that, and now I can just chill.

As for future ideas, I actually prefer to just show them when they’re done.  The visual would be far more interesting than anything I’d have to say about it, at least I hope so.

Hopefully there will be a few people who’ll want to keep checking out what I do. I certainly appreciate the audience.  I also like the quick note or encouragement or even chat session – artists rarely get feedback directly about their work.  It’s something I hear about from fellow artists.  And as long as everyone stays cool, it’s actually nice to hear that people dig your work.

You can be sure, there are a lot of guys enjoying your work. You’re drawing kinky situations which are inspiring kinky fantasies of a lot of guys all over. I don’t want to know how much sperm has been wasted cause of your drawings. 🙂 It was a great pleasure to talk to you, and we are happy, that you agree to show your work on KINKFINITY too. I wish you all the best for your future and if you find calm moments in which you don’t know what to do, take a pencil and make us happy. 🙂 The closing words are yours now.

Geez, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what closing remark to make.  But thank you for reaching out for this interview.  It’s very flattering to be asked, and I appreciated it.

Frank Fellows

United Kingdom

Hey, if you're cruising on KINKFINITY, you probably know I'm the master of this fetish blog. BDSM isn't just sex for me; it's a lifestyle I've embraced for over 25 years. Along the way, I've met some fantastic kinksters—some dropping by my massive 200m2 dungeon for parties, others for days or weeks, and a few as 24/7 long-term slaves. Swing by my Bluesky account for more:


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