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Fearslave in Prison

A couple weeks ago, Master and i went with Sir Ray and seriousmalebondage to a private prison to do a video shoot. i’ve heard of this prison several times and was really looking forward to seeing it. After several hours of driving, we arrived at a secluded place in the hills surrounded by beautiful woods.

The jail building and jail itself were more solid and real than i expected. It was built with bricks and looked heavy, inside it was spacious and cold. After entering the main gate, there was a big intake space with steel cages, electrical suspension hoist, and multiple built-in hooks on the walls and corners. Behind another layer of wall there were 3 jail cells, with solid steel bars or thick wood. The inner most cell had bed and toilet just like those in movies, and the middle one was an isolation cell with total darkness in it. The 3rd was a huge cage which was my favourite.

Master and Sir Ray soon started to prepare me for the video shoot by locking shackles and put chains on me. A plot was quickly brewed that i was kidnapped by two torturers. It started with me being put in the trunk of a car, which was a long time fantasy of mine. Master drove the car and entered the scene and i was pulled out of the car by my two wonderful abusers.  i resisted and fought back, was thrown onto the dirt, picked up and dragged inside the jail. where i was pushed against the wall. it really excited me and the scene cut ended it to soon.

Outside, in front of the jail building, i got chained down spread-eagle to stakes in the ground under the full sun. The position is one of my favorite and it got even better when my chastised slave genitals were chained down too.

To cool down after, i was further stripped and hosed down like a filthy object. It seems my heavy workout finally paid off in such a view with water and sun.

After the video was done, Master had some fun of His own that was not captured in the video. i was led to an artistic dead tree which i leaned on to get whipped by Master. Sir Ray also used me as His practice whipping pole for a while. my upper back was still sensitive after the extreme whipping of four months ago, but i was glad i could take some now.


United States

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