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Does Dick Size Matter? The Man & His Dick.

As a man, the dick seems to have a special place in our life. Latest in your teenager years, you will get confronted with questions about dick sizes and how it looks. There are people who are totally proud about, OK, most of us, others who feel ashamed about it, others who love to hide it in chastity and others who really want to have it removed. So let us talk with some people to get a picture, why these 20 centimetres – is not every dick so long ? – get such an importance.

First I want to talk with Eric (dick size: 7.5 in / 19 cm), he really seems to love his dick. His Tumblr is more or less just showing his dick on many pictures and videos. Hey Eric, why do you think that your dick deserves an own Tumblr blog?

Eric: I don’t think it deserves it…after posting my first pics and vids, I got a lot of positive feedback and encouragement to show more. So I guess Tumblr enjoys my cock and what I make.

I thought my dick was ugly.


Why do you think that people are enjoying pictures of your dick?

I have a very veiny dick. This is not so common. My semen is also very thick, and I think that is what people enjoy to watch. Before I started posting, I thought my dick was ugly. I hated all those veins on it. Missed some foreskin too. But all the positive reactions I got after my first posts made me feel more confident. Now I really enjoy showing it off. I love to wear cock rings to pronounce all those veins. The idea others get excited looking at my dick motivates me to make more and more content. I often hear that people are fantasizing what it must feel like sucking my dick or getting fucked by it. That makes me feel special.

So what is in YOUR eyes a nice and good-looking dick?

I love big and strong looking dicks. With great full and low hanging big balls. The hottest thing on a good cock is a perfect foreskin: tight but very flexible, easily sliding over and back to the glans. A slightly upwards curving is a plus, but not necessary. Some veins give a dick extra character.

That was a good description, but I think the real experts about dicks are good power bottoms. Let’s ask Levy Foxx (dick size: 5 in / 12.7 cm) how a dick has to be. What it is a good and nice one?

Levy Foxx

Levy Foxx: A good dick is handful, mouthful, and fills my hole. The dick hasn’t to be big to be a good-looking one. I will call it beautiful dick when I put my hands on it and I feel the hardness and when I suck it I taste a leak of pre-cum that keeps me hornier.

So for me, the most important thing is that the guy can keep his dick hard. That’s something guys with huge dicks have sometimes more problems with. If he can’t keep the dick hard, the fun is getting away.

I’m sure you have sucked innumerable cocks, and you have felt many dicks filling up your boy pussy. And as much as we can see in the video, you really enjoy it. Do different shaped dicks give you different sensations, and can you describe them?

Yes, absolutely, different shaped dicks give different sensations. Straight shaped dicks, for me, one of the best. It gives me a nice pounding of every inch inside me. Curved dicks are also good, I just need to adjust my position sometimes to avoid getting hurt when it hits different spots. Angled down dicks are my favourite to deep throat, cos its angle is perfect to fuck my throat without getting hurt.

I was asking you not just because you’re a power bottom, but also because you’re an Asian who is living in the USA. Do you think that Asians get discriminated because of their dick size?

In my opinion, it’s not discrimination about Asian dick size. It’s about everyone’s pleasure. I have a white friend who loves Asian dicks. Whether it’s small or big.

Different shaped dicks give different sensations.

That’s true, but of course we have to continue a little with the stereotypes. We have to talk with two black porn models. Hey Osiris (dick size: 10.5 in / 26.7 cm), your dick is more than the double of Levy’s dick. How important is the dick size?

Osiris Blade

Osiris Blade: Honestly, I don’t care about dick size. It’s not what matters. Functionality is more important to me. I like seeing a hard dick and I love seeing cum shoot out. I had a scene with Levy and I very much enjoyed it. Can’t wait to do another one with him.

What are your experiences with such a huge dick? I am sure a lot of guys are really happy when they see it, but I’can imagine that some bottoms become scared.

I had many different experiences. Some guys were scared of it. Others were very eager. I’ve had some very bad experiences as well, painful ones. These experiences were with guys who never had sex with a huge dick and didn’t know how to take it.

How can a big dick be painful for a top? And as I know that you are versatile, I’ve also to ask you what kind of dicks you prefer to fuck you?

Only when it bends in half. That hurts a lot. Which is how I broke my dick (Yes, that happened). But if it comes to sex with me as bottom, I prefer uncut dicks. Don’t ask me why, it somehow just feels better for me. I’m not really concerned with size. 7-8″ is a happy medium for me. That’s the perfect length to hit my spot, and that’s all you need.

A dick’s Functionality is more important than it’s size.

And you Max Konnor (dick size: 10 in / 25.4 cm) What are your experiences with your tool? Does everyone enjoy it?

Max Konnor

Max Konnor: Some guys like average to smaller dicks, and some like them large. I think it all depends on the sensation the bottom wants. I always prefer fucking a boy with little experience with big dicks, just because they feel better and tighter.

As top, only to have a hard-on is absolutely important. Do you think that guys with big dicks have more problems with it, just because of the nature?

If the chemistry is there, it shouldn’t be hard to get hard. 🙂

You fulfil the stereotype of a black, muscular guy with a real huge cock. How important is your dick size for your work in the sexual industry and how proud are you about?

I think, for me, it plays a big role cause guys aren’t used to seeing muscular guys like me with a nice dick. And my Eck isn’t big to me, haha. I go by what other people say. I’m pretty proud of it, though.

I’m pretty proud of it!

Not only black guys can have huge dicks. Let’s ask HunnyDewBoy (dick size: 9.5 in / 24.2 cm) what importance his dick has for himself and why he loves to show it on Tumblr?


HunnyDewBoy: I started the Tumblr my first year of college. I was still a virgin and full of sexual frustration, and Tumblr offers an outlet that I could use to get some of that out of my system. I didn’t know at the time what the response would be, lol. And it is a huge one. 

For me, my dick size isn’t important, I even couldn’t care less in my partner’s dick size. But the online and sometimes also in the offline world seems to be a size queen trophy. 

I know you’re versatile. Do you prefer big or small dicks if you get fucked, and why? How do others react when they see your dick? Is it an advantage or disadvantage?

My rule is: I don’t take anyone of my size! lol. I really prefer small dicks because I’m a skinny young boy and big tools just hurt. I can’t take anything overly large. 

Most of my sex partners know what they are getting via sexting. So they are pleased. To have a big dick gives you a lot of attention. That’s an advantage but at the same time a disadvantage too. 

But the online and sometimes also in the offline world seems to be a size queen trophy. 

So people can be really proud of their dick, but there are other guys who love to be in chastity. That means to hide their dick and to put it this way out of order. Let’s ask Pup Matt (Mr. Puppy Europe), why he loves to be in chastity?

Pup Matt

Pup Matt: For me, chastity is a big turn on for several reasons : It puts me in a very submissive headspace, and it is a very strong link with the keyholder. It’s also a way to forget a bit of your dick to focus on other sensations, which can be very strong sensation enhancement, especially with ass play.

How important is your dick for you, and why is it a goal to forget your own dick?

As versatile and switch, my dick is important for me, but there’s a lot of way to play without using it. It’s sometimes interesting to forget it to focus on other feelings who are amplified because of frustration and horniness.

So not having the dick “available” frustrates you? Can you describe this frustration and the attraction of it?

Well, it’s mostly about being able to jerk off or not. But sometimes it’s also about how my playmates makes fun about making me hard, teasing me and finally not letting me cum.

Chastity is a way to forget of your dick to focus on other sensations.

There are also people with the fantasy of getting castrated. They are not looking for the frustration but for the joy of a life without dick. One of them is James Oakleigh (dick size: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm). Let us ask him what kind of fantasy he has, and how does it come?

So ever since I first heard about castration in the kink and body mod scene many years ago, I’ve been curious about it and looked into it more and more.

Reading peoples accounts of their own castration and reading erotic stories about slaves who have been castrated by their masters/owners has led me with this desire and admission that one day I too would like to lose my balls. But only to a master/owner that I know I will spend the rest of my life with.

Do you just want to lose your balls or is this fantasy going further, and what is the attraction of it?

I have also thought about loosing my dick, or maybe have an extra fuck hole, possibly a vagina haha. I do not know, I’ve thought about many things.

The way I see it is, this is the ultimate act of submission to a master/owner. I also enjoy the sensation of getting pleasure from my hole instead of my dick. Although, if I lost my balls, I couldn’t torture them any more.

James Oakleigh

Aren’t you scared to be less man without dick and balls?

I think gender is all in the head, it’s defined by the way you think, not what bits you have on your body.

Like I identify as a fem boy at times, but that doesn’t mean I’m trans, CD or some other female label. I just like to be an effeminate fuck boy sometimes.

I know you are slave and a real power bottom. What kind of dicks do you love, how do have they to be and why?

This is gonna sound like a clichĂ©, but I am a firm believer that it’s not the size that counts, but how they use it.

I’ve had some of the best fucks from guys that are average or even small sized, purely because they’ve known how to pound my prostate and tease my second hole. All with their dick.

And yet I’ve had guys that are hung like horses who I’ve actually had to instruct on how to fuck me. They just pound against a wall, and I was scared they’re gonna rupture my colon.

It’s true what they say, bottoms do make the best tops.

To lose your balls and probably also the dick is the ultimate act of submission to a master/owner.

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