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DIY Fetish Furniture: The Floor Cross

Floor Cross

Presented & produced by: TapedandTortured


Hello everyone,

we’re back again, and we got another tutorial. This time the awesome tapedandtortured shows us how to do a cross. The Horizontal Cross… aka The Floor Cross.  This is the simplest thing you can build!  And one of the most versatile things as well.

Shown here on top of a steel bed frame, there’s no reason why this cannot be used on the floor instead.  In fact, that should be the default placement.

The arms of the cross are movable and detachable – just by lifting them out from underneath the cross’ spine.  This means the spine can also be used alone, as a plank or bench for bondage… either horizontally, or on a slant, or even suspended from the ceiling as a horizontal bondage plank.

Required Materials

Ok this build requires some tools. Which ones exactly… well thats not really specified.

For the wood you’ll probably need a saw, if you can’t let the shop you buy them from cut them into the right length beforehand, which I recommend to ask. They can do much cleaner and exacter cuts with their machines. Get some sandpaper too.

Also, you’re gonna need a screwdriver machine and screws (just get a box, look that they’re long enoug

… and wood. Obviously.

What you need:


Step 1: Go to the store. Buy woods and screws.

Step 1.1. : If you didn’t ask and let the shop assistant do it, saw the wood in the measured lenghts.

Step 1.2. : Sand down the rough parts of the wood.

Step 2: Screw everything to the right place to each other like on the plan and you’re done.

DIY Finished.

T&T Note:  I recently added rubber floor tiles (from Lowes Home Improvement) to the cross to cushion with wood somewhat.  This extended comfortable playtime considerably – from 2 hours to 3 or more.

With care, the floor tiles can be slices nicely using a table saw. But with a hand-held box cutter? Not so much: expect jagged cuts.

Use Examples

Taping or tying someone up like this only takes 15 minutes.  Not a lot of time considering it leads to hours of mindless entertainment.

I’ll do anything to relieve the boredom of using furniture in just one way.

And there’s no reason why the spine/plank of the cross has to be used on the floor.  You can tie it to hooks in the ceiling… or suspend it between the seats of two dining room chairs.  Planking! 

The center spine of the horizontal cross works just as well without the cross piece for the arms… as a plank or bench for immobilization play.  

There’s no reason why bondage has to be restricted to the upper side of the plank/spine.  The underside works just as well as the top.

We hope you enjoyed our short presentation. If you have any additional information or corrections, please write us under

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