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Dirty Boys: When I was 12 years old, a bully forced me to mess my pants

Today, I’ve a very special diapers lover. He doesn’t just love them, he needs them. Because of incidents in his early teenager years, he has become incontinent.

Hi Corey. When was the last time that you haven’t been wearing a diaper in public?

The last time I did not wear a diaper when I was in public was about 2 years ago, when I tried repotty training for the 5th time… it resulted in me having very wet pants when I was at the mall… after that incident I just decided it would be best to stick to diapers again…



Maine (U.S.)

How was it to not wear a diaper, how have you felt?

I mean, when I was dry it felt no different than wearing a diaper really, but when I wet my pants it was very embarrassing and humiliating, it brought me back to the feeling of my early teen years.

Before we talk about your teenager years, let us talk about the embarrassing and humiliating feeling. Is that something you like?

I enjoy that feeling now, but I didn’t when this first started.

To wear diapers is humiliating, but I enjoy it

Oh, you’re enjoying it now? What is the attraction of humiliation? Why does it feel good to you nowadays?

Idk why I enjoy it now or what the attraction is to it, I’m sure there’s a psychiatrist who could tell me what flipped the switch in my brain to go from absolutely hating humiliation, to now craving being exposed and humiliated… but that’s an answer I don’t know.

Do you wear your diapers the way that strangers can see that you’re a diaper boy?

When I’m really craving humiliation and exposure I will generally either wear thick diapers and tight clothes so that it is very obvious that I’m wearing, or I will sag my pants and tuck in my shirt so that the back of my diaper is clearly exposed. Most of the time the reaction i get is somewhat positive, like women commenting how cute it is… a lot of the time the men don’t say anything, just stare… it makes me so embarrassed to be seen like that, but I love it.

And how was the feeling as you have peed into your pants in the mall, as you haven’t been wearing diapers?

Well I would have to say it made me feel very vulnerable and exposed , being seen like that… it’s one thing to have your diaper leak or to accidentally mess in public while diapered… but for a grown man to pee himself like a little boy is humiliating.

I can imagine. You’re incontinent. Just in front or also on your back side? And is it reversible?

Both Sir, I have (pretty much) no control over my bladder or bowels… the doctors can’t find anything physically wrong with me that would point to the reason, so most think it is psychological… I’ve tried 5 times now to repotty train, but have failed every time.

But you need to wear diapers has become a fetish with the time. Would you really like to go back to a normal life in which you don’t have to wear diapers?

I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s become a fetish, because it doesn’t provide me any sexual gratification… to answer the question about weather or not I would like to have control over my bladder and bowels again, of course I would.

It started when I was 12 years old

We’ve to look back now to understand why you have to wear diapers. What happened in your teenager years?

When I was 12 years old, there was this bully named Bailey, he would very often force me to wet and mess my pants… after he did that I would go to the school nurse who would call and tell my parents that I was having accidents… my parents didn’t believe my side of the story, and got tired of the calls from the school nurse , so they decided to put me back in diapers.

OK, you have really to explain to us how he has forced you to mess your pants and how have you felt then?

Well one time he followed me into the bathroom when I was going to go poop, and he had his friends hold my hands behind my back while he punched me in the gut until I went. And as far as how it made me feel , I felt very dirty, it was the first time I could remember having a messy accident.

I suppose it was a multiple humiliation. First getting forced shitting in your pants, second to show yourself to the school nurse, third to tell it to your parents and i think the fourth humiliation was the biggest one: I’m quite sure that after a millisecond the whole school did know about your “accident”. I suppose some hard times have started with this “accident”. Can you tell us a little more about this time?

Oh yeah, there was numerous levels of humiliation with each act. You broke it down very well Sir, so I will go into each level of humiliation… the first being forced to shit my pants… that alone was enough to make me cry, which only made them tease me even harder. The second being forced to show the school nurse. This was probably the fourth time I’d show up to her after having an accident, but the first time messy… she gave me a pack of wipes and some underwear and pants from the lost and found bin and had me clean up while she called my parents.

The third being explaining to my parents what happened (or trying to) they didn’t believe me of course and told me not to let it happen again.

And the fourth being that yes, it was already a well known fact that I was “wetting my pants” but now everyone knew I messed too, that only added to the teasing and embarrassment.

My parents have forbidden me to use the toilet

It seems it was a hard time for you. Can you tell us how your life changed then?

Well after that time, it didn’t change much, but after a few more times, my parents decided that I would be better off being diapered all the time… so they bought some diapers for at home, and some diapers for while I was at school, which they brought to the nurses office, so that she could change me when I was wet or messy.

So your parents made you a diaper boy? And how was it in school to wear diapers? How have your classmates reacted?

Yes my parents introduced me into diapers… as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the word to get around that I was wearing diapers. Which made the bullying even worse… at least I didn’t have to change pants, so it was a little less embarrassing.

How was the feeling the moment you shit for the first time into your diaper?

The first time I shit it? I was at home, I should start by saying that my parents made it clear that once I was in diapers I was not allowed to use the toilet… when I realized I had to go poop, I asked my mom if I could use the toilet and she said no… so I went away and a little while longer I just exploded in my diaper… it was such a humbling and humiliating experience … especially when my mom came in a little while later to check my diaper.

Why did they forbid you to use the toilet? Seems they wanted to humiliate you or has it had another reason?

It was a punishment because they thought I was wetting and messing my pants on purpose. They didn’t specify how long I would be forbidden, but it just became forever I guess lol.

To shit in my diapers is just part of my life now

Is it still a bad feeling to shit in your diapers or does that feeling have changed?

No, now it’s just a part of life, because I don’t get any kind of feeling from it unless I’m in a really public place or people have noticed.

Do you remember when you have started to like humiliation?

Hmm I think it just sort of happened naturally… I mean , probably when puberty started around age 16 and I started getting erections and cumming… i would notice that sometimes in really embarrassing situations I would either get hard, or sometimes I would cum without any stimulation at all.

Oh, give us an example, boy!

Well one time, I was in the grocery store with my mom when I had a really bad blowout of a diaper… I got a lot of looks from strangers … then I started getting a tingling feeling in my peepee and al of a sudden I felt a few bits come cum shoot out of my peepee.

Is only the humiliation arousing you, or do you like also the dirty play nowadays?

Just humiliation Sir.

So piss and scat has never become part of your sexuality you live with others?

That correct Sir it’s not part of my sexuality, it’s just part of my life now.

It was the door-opener to the ABDL world

Do you think that the fact that you’re wearing diapers has been the door-opener to the abdl fetish? What is the attraction of being a little?

Oh absolutely Sir, but I’m like I said, I would not classify this as a fetish for me, because I get no sexual satisfaction or gratification from it… I just really enjoy being treated like a little boy and everything that goes along with it.

Well , my ideal life would be to wake up every morning in a crib, with a very full diaper (I already do that part)… then I would be changed on a changing table by a daddy, after that he would feed me breakfast and I would go play with my toys… then my baby sitter would come Over so daddy could go to work. I would play with my baby sitter all day , get fed lunch, get changed when needed and then daddy would come home, he would feed me supper and give me a bath, then we would cuddle for a bit before he put me back in my crib for bed.

Sounds like a real asexual life. Do you don’t like to include sexual activities into your abdl life?

In my idea world, no Sir… I’m not really sexual unless I am forced to do so.

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