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Defeated Jock (5)

Kam left Taylor out tied to the tree. He got a cup of coffee and sat watching the defeated jock. Taylor finally stirred and looked morose, barely lifting his head except a few longing glances to the cabin. Taylor’s shoulders were slumped. Kam watched from a vantage point that prevented Taylor from seeing Kam’s observation. Kam kept an eye out through a long cup of coffee. Taylor had been out there for a while, and was no longer fighting, just taking it. Time for the next thing.

Kam made a new cup, put it on the counter and went out to Taylor. Kam took Taylor’s chin in his hand, squeezed, and forced Taylor to look his Master in the eye. “Are you ready to do as you are told?”

Tayor’s eyes were dead. “Yes, Master.” The vanquished boy said flatly.

“Remember that slave.” Kam efficiently removed Taylor’s bounds, grabbed his slave’s leash and lead him back into the cabin. Getting his coffee cup as they passed it, Kam went to sit in a chair by the fireplace. “Kneel.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor fell to his knees like a sack of potatoes.

“Hold this.” Kam handed the cup to Taylor and picked up a book, beginning to read. Leaving Taylor to wait, Kam enjoyed reading. Every so often Kam would take the cup for a sip of coffee. When the cup was empty, Kam snapped his fingers at Taylor who went to get his Master a new cup, returning to kneel in place.

Kam looked at Taylor from the corner of his eye. Taylor was very well built. Rounded shoulders, flat but stacked pecs, good abs. Not a solid V, but a little more solid, leading to what was a perky butt. The Asian heritage showed in the face and mass of black hair, now ratty from what he had been through. Taylor was naturally mostly hairless, a sparse treasure trail leading to thickish pubes. And Kam owned it all.

Kam finished his coffee and ordered Taylor to straighten the place up and pack everything. Once the slave had Kam ordered him to the car. “I’m being nice and not putting the vibrator in your ass. You had better not make me regret it, or I’ll tie you naked to a flagpole.”

“Yes Master, I’ll be good.” Taylor said. They drove back in silence. Arriving close to civilization

Kam let Taylor put shorts on. At Taylor’s dorm Kam went up to the room with his slave.

Once in the room Kam ordered “Strip, and log in so I can see your grades.”

Taylor shot a quick look at Kam before replying “Yes, Master.” Once on the grade website, Kam moved Taylor aside and went over what was reported there.

“You should be getting better grades. I’m going to arrange a tutor for you.” Kam got up and left, leaving Taylor naked and defeated in his own room.

Later that day, Taylor got a text ordering him to a certain dorm room at 4 PM for tutoring. Taylor had shaken himself out of a lot of his surrender, and hit his fist against a wall. Realizing after impact how stupid and painful that was.

Taylor spent the next several hours moping in his room. When the time came, he headed out to his tutoring session. On his way, Kam sent a text [Do everything he tells you. Everything]. Taylor knew this was going to be bad. He gripped his stomach in horrid anticipation. Taylor couldn’t tell the difference between the dread and a stomach ache.

Taylor knocked on the door, which was opened by a geeky looking man. “You must be Taylor, come in. Got your books?”

“Yeah, right here.” Taylor showed the books he had carried under his arms.

“I’m Greg.” Greg closed the door. “Get your clothes off.”

Taylor froze. He looked down at the floor and then up towards the top of the window. Conflicting thoughts running through his head. Greg had to have Kam’s permission to be ordering him to strip, but this was some stranger, a geek. Even the thought was embarrassing. It was so hard submitting to Kam, and that got worse when Taylor found out Kam was fucking Pam. He couldn’t do it. Taylor couldn’t strip and do fuck knows what else.

“No. I can’t do this. I’m leaving.” Taylor headed out the door and started down the hall. Taylor got a text with Kam’s notification ping [You’re going to be punished. It will be much worse if you don’t get back there, get naked, on your knees and beg his forgiveness]. Taylor froze, staring at his phone. Greg must have texted Kam. Punishment. What Kam did to him was rough enough, what would punishment look like? Ice formed in Taylor’s gut. He had to go back and humble himself.

Taylor stood there, his mind conflicted. It would be so much worse if he didn’t go back. Kam was mad now, he’d be furious if Taylor didn’t return to Greg. Kam had been so tough on him, fucking and humiliting him. It would get so much worse. Kam mad, really mad and ready to take it out on him. The only thing he could do is go back and strip for Greg. Hope that returning would take the brunt of the fury off. Taylor’s feet wouldn’t move. He tried, he tried to get them to move, but they wouldn’t. He had to turn around. None of the weights he ever lifted felt as heavy as getting one foot to move. It was excruciating only turning around. He did it, now he had to go to the door. Now he had to return and humble himself for whatever this pervert wanted to do to him. Each step hurt. So much. Not only the heaviness, the knowledge of what he had to do.

Taylor dragged himself to Greg’s door and knocked again, this time it opened at once. Defeated, Taylor walked in past a silent Greg, heard the door close, and put his books on the desk. Taylor gave a deep sigh and pulled his shirt off, dropping it to the floor. He reached for his belt as he kicked his shoes off. Taking another deep breath, he pushed down his shorts and jeans. Damn, he was hard again. How was he hard? He hated this, hated having to strip for this geek, and what he was going to have to do next. The pants made it to the floor. Steeling himself, Taylor turned around to see Greg smirking. Taylor took the couple of steps towards Greg, his dick bouncing with the movement. Slowly, Taylor sank to his knees. With a raspy voice Taylor said “Please forgive me for walking away. I’m sorry. Forgive me please. I’ll do whatever you want. Please forgive me.”

Greg’s eyes were stern, he wasn’t buying it. But there was a glimmer of evil pleasure. “You suck at begging. No wonder your grades are so bad. We’ll start with Algebra. I’m surprised you’re not in remedial math. Sit on the bed and keep your legs open.”

“Yes Sir.” Taylor got on the bed, legs wide, showing off his short but hard cock. Greg pulled out the book and began to question Taylor where his trouble was. Realizing it was more fundamental than the recent lessons, Greg sighed and hit the basics. Taylor was embarrassed and confused, trying to follow. Greg was actually a good tutor, however Taylor’s naked and erect state not only distracted the jock, but Greg was excited to have Taylor so exposed.

“Fine, let’s try this.” Greg said expirated, and grabbed Taylor’s balls. “Get something wrong, and I’ll squeeze them hard. Get it right and I’ll only feel them a bit.” Greg gently rolled the balls in his hand. Then squeezed. Taylor gasped. “That’s not full strength. I won’t be easy on you.”

“Yes Sir.” Taylor replied nervously.

Greg asked questions and viciously squeezed Taylor’s balls every time he got an answer wrong or Greg decided he took too long to answer. Taylor started to realize he needed to concentrate after Greg proved to have some significant hand strength and if he wanted to keep his balls from really hurting, he needed to get the answers out.

“Please don’t, I know this. Please don’t hurt my balls.” Taylor wracked his brain struggling for the answer and spat it out just as Greg’s hand began to tighten.

“Good job.” Greg pulled his hand away and showed it to Taylor. “Keep it up and I won’t have to leave my hand here.” Greg grabbed Taylor’s balls again and started the lesson back up. Taylor did his best, hoping to spare his gonads as much as possible.

The tutoring session lasted almost two hours. Taylor showed marked improvement, and his dick never went down. Greg’s hand came off Taylor’s balls and tussled his hair. “You did good boy. Now I need a blow job.”

“Yes Sir.” Taylor had expected that, but didn’t want to do it. Not that he had a choice. He was already due for punishment, and not sucking Greg would make it worse. Taylor slipped down on the floor. Greg stood up and took his long sleeve shirt off, revealing a better body than Taylor had suspected. He wasn’t jacked, but was in decent shape. Removing his pants revealed a cock that his smaller frame made look bigger than it really was. Taylor shuffled forward, opening his mouth.

Greg’s dick slid deep into Taylor’s throat with a moaning sigh. Greg slowly pumped in and out getting his dick wet. Sinking all the way in, Greg said “Best tutoring fee I ever earned. You’ll be paying this way a lot.”

Taylor certainly didn’t want to hear that, and wanted to hear it less with a cock in his mouth. But he had no choice. Kam would loan him out and let men use him, and Kam would laugh at him for having to suck off these guys.

“Deeper you stupid jock.” Greg grabbed Taylor’s head and shoved it deeper on the prick that had grown longer than Taylor expected. Taylor choked, eliciting a chuckle from the geek standing over him. “More fucker.” Greg slammed faster into Taylor’s throat, forcing phlegm up and Taylor realized his breathing was threatened. Greg moved his hands to Taylor’s ears and used them as handles to set a brutal pace raping Taylor’s throat. Spit and phlegm flowed out as Taylor struggled for any air he could.

Greg moved his pelvis so the angles changed some, always keeping the speed. Taylor though his ears were going to be ripped off and discovered he had to relax his upper body so that he wasn’t resisting.

“Your throat can’t handle my big dick. You’re not so tough, on your knees getting face slammed by me. Dumb bitch.” Greg’s words shamed Taylor as they were true. He couldn’t handle the dick. It wasn’t as sizable as Kam’s, but the viciousness made it impossible. Taylor wasn’t sucking now, he was just a hole for Greg to use.

Greg pulled Taylor all the way down and moved his hands to the back of Taylor’s head holding it in place. Cum gushed out of Greg’s dick as satisfied moans escaped his lips. The last spurts made, Greg did a couple of quick pulls forward of Tayor’s head like he was milking the last bit out before releasing.

Taylor crumpled, gasping for air as Greg fell on his bed. “Get dressed and get out now jock bitch.”

“Yes Sir.” Taylor reached for his clothes as he heard the snap of a photo. Looking, Greg had taken a picture and was grinning at him, flipping the phone around to show Taylor. Red flushed Taylor’s face. Now Greg had this over him. Taylor knew he looked like he was the one who was fucked, no protests that it was some candid shot would work. No one would ever believe it was anything but Taylor the bitch. Running the back of his hand over his mouth to wipe the crap off it was like a physical blow.

Taylor got his clothes on, grabbed his books and shot out the door. Part of the way down the stairs Taylor sat on a step, staring down. That was a second dick in him. And someone else who knew. First Pam, now Greg.

A couple guys came up the stairs, talking to each other, they flowed around Taylor with glances of coursitity, but said nothing to him. Taylor felt like he was naked before these random strangers, that they could see a replay of what he had done. They had to be able to tell. Taylor shivered as he heard them open and go through the heavy metal door in the floor above. Sure they were breaking out in laughter at his predicament. The echo of the slamming door shot through him like a new wave of shame. His life was over. He’d be on his knees forever for any dude Kam wanted.

He had to get out of here. What if Greg came down and wanted another round? Fear motivated Taylor as he picked up his books and started down, his foot slipping and having to grab the handrail for support. Rushing out of the ground floor door, Taylor nearly knocked over a guy but didn’t look back, and half ran to get out of the building.

Sprinting in the direction of his room, a short honk grabbed his attention.. Kam’s car was there, Kam in it pointing to the passenger side. Taylor’s shoulders slumped as he halted his run and slowly turned, trudging to the car. Taylor slid in, put his books in the footwell and started at them. Without a sound Kam got in gear and drove. Arriving at Kam’s off-campus building, Taylor obeyed a snap of Kam’s fingers to follow his owner. Once in the apartment, Kam pointed to a spot in front of his chair. “Strip, hands and knees.” In a soft but firm voice, then exited to the kitchen.

Taylor quickly stripped, hearing the refrigerator door open and close. He was kneeling in place when Kam returned holding a beer bottle, sat on his chair, and put his feet on his slave’s back.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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