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It’s Normal To Buy A Work Overall, But I Kept Thinking That The Seller Thinks I’ll have Sex In It


1993 | 192 cm | 105 kg

Balkbrug-Noord (NL)

CusNL’s Twitter

Hey readers, I’m here with CusNL. Say Cus, it may be quite obvious if we look at your pics, but still, can you tell us what you are all into?

I’m a really versatile gearhead. It all started with just an overall at school and grown to a heavy gear fetish. After a while, I got more and more interested in protective gear and heavy fabrics, so I contacted some advertisers on Marktplaats ( dutch version of eBay) to buy a firefighter uniform with an air supply mask and helmet! And that was the beginning of me collecting lots of gear.

Now I have multiple Firefighter suits, Overalls, Motorcross, Heavy rainwear, Wet and Drysuits, Hazmat, Rubber, Army and so on! It’s not always the fabric it’s for me though, it’s also the change of mindset. When I’m in full MX gear I feel myself as a horney sleazy MXbiker. Also the hazmat suits I have collected over the years give me a mindset of relaxing and a hero like feeling. And I hope you can see all the gear pics I share around the world 🙂

You still remember what your first piece of gear was?

Haha oh yes that was at secondary school in botany class, I was supposedly in a green school and we did a lot with animals, greenery and technology. That was back in 2009, the teacher told us to grab a sawing overall for protection because we were going to cut some trees. This was combined with a helmet and heavy rubber protection boots! That feeling… I felt like a young but heavy geared worker, and was so horny that I had to step out to the toilet in the middle of class to have a wank!

That was the start of a wonderful gear life! When I came back home, it was time to buy something for myself. It’s going to be a basic overall so I stepped on the bike to a shop and my heart rate was going BOOM. For everyone else there, it’s a normal thing to buy an overall for work, but I kept thinking that the seller will think that I have sex in overalls haha. When I got home in my room I had more than hours fun in my overall 😉

Hehe you said already. You feel like an MXBiker, firefighter and Postapocalyptic hero. How far does this go? Do you feel yourself / your behaviour changing as well when you put on a special outfit?

It can go quite far but I also see always fun in it! We have are living on the countryside, so we have the option to walk around in a hazmat suit. After a stressful day of work, it is nice to be another person. The moment you put the mask on, in my mind the switch turns, and I’m in a kind of headspace (like dreaming but then awake). Walking around and be that slave of the one who is the team leader that gives you orders to look at a hazardous scene.

That you need to wear your protection, and are not allowed to take it off for hours. And yes that changes also your behavior, and it really depends on what gear I’m wearing. And when you are looking at just for fun: The idea of wearing a firefighter suit while barbecuing, wearing a drysuit when you are swimming…it’s really cool.

You said it’s not always the fabric that turns you on. But not always isn’t never. Are there some that do?

Oh yes! Rubber is number one, it’s the feeling that rubber becomes your skin. The moment you open the rubber closet, and breathe in through you nose. The start of lubing yourself up to put on the rubber brings me already in my gear space, sliding yourself in your full body catsuit is a lovely feeling! For example, a dream of mine is to be captured and then forcibly tied up and immersed in a liquid rubber bath. Where I am transformed into a rubber object.

Every time I just think about that feeling it gives me chicken pocks. If somebody asks me how it feels I say….’ Just do it yourself if you get the chance!’ Rubber is also in more different products like rubber drysuits and trellchem hazmat suits. They all have their own particular smell and bring me in different spaces.

You mentioned going out in your suits. Did you also have some interactions with passersby? How did they react?

Oh, I have a fun story about that in the early days, I took a lot of photos at night in industrial areas around my hometown. Sometimes the police make a round through the industrial area and have encountered me in a fire suit with a full face mask. Then they are really curious about what you are doing, so I was honest and showed them on my phone my gear fetish profile. Some officers were really easy and after a while, they didn’t stop me anymore.

These days I’m also wearing gear in the open when it’s socially acceptable, like full rubber outfit with all coverage or in heavy raingear like my American friend as know as ‘Imheavyrubber’. Also when doing photoshoots at public locations, just be yourself and do what you want. As long as it is legal, of course.

XD Maybe you should’ve asked them whether they want to get in on a photo with you. You’ve collected quite a range of gear now. Are there still some outfits on your wish list to get some day? Or do you have them all?

I discover new protective gear everyday, so my shopping list is quite large. I really want to have an extreme rubber suit from MD latex. In my photo studio, I had a gearhead recently that had a 4mm thick suit! Slide in a rubber prison who doesn’t want that. But I still like to collect more variations of rubber drysuits and hazmat suits.

The Auer vautex elite is a suit that is hard to get. But the rubber closet is never filled enough so you’re always buying new gear for weekly use. Always try to evolve yourself and your gear you might find a new way to enjoy your fetish!

That’s a great quote to end on 🙂 Thanks for your time, CusNL, it’s a real pleasure to talk to you.

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