A kinky story written by Alex | Chapter 3

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Over the next day, Teddy and I exchanged messages over snapchat and, I’ll tell you the truth, we sent a few pics and videos back and forth a couple of times. I was a little more aloof than I probably should have been though, sometimes leaving hours between messages. I wasn’t trying to be a dick but I wanted to take this slow. After all, this was something that was entirely new to me, although I didn’t know how much experience Teddy had had with another guys before me. I needed to try and get my head around all of it, especially because it didn’t exactly seem that we were engaging in just another normal relationship. There was something else here, something born of that protective feeling that I had towards him and from how eager he seemed to be to please and look after me. I felt as if I needed to try to understand that before anything more happened between us and I knew that Teddy would reply almost instantly after I sent any message so I had to be the one to limit it a little.

After what had happened between us, I did feel the need to confirm something. It was silly, really, but I needed to just check something for myself and so I spent about 30 minutes when I first got home just browsing a few different porn sites. It wasn’t unusual behaviour for me but, this time, I was looking for gay porn. I kind of wanted to understand more about my attraction to Teddy and whether or not this was just another part of my sexuality that I’d not thought about before but, as I’d suspected, not a single lad that I looked at during those thirty minutes did anything for me. I mean, I could appreciate the hotness of getting your dick sucked or even the fucking but they didn’t turn me on. Not at all really and certainly not in the way that Teddy did. Every single time that the image of Teddy came into my head, I’d get hard. Whether that was the picture of him sniffing my sweaty socks, the memory of him giving me a foot rub or the thought of how amazing his throat had felt when I buried my cock to the hilt inside of him, the effect was the same: instant rock-hard cock.

It was late in the day, as the evening was wearing on, when the idea of seeing each other again worked its way into our conversation over snapchat. It wasn’t me who brought it up, given that I was actively trying to avoid committing to anything concrete until I got my head around this all a little bit more. Teddy sent a message asking whether I’d be able to see him again soon. When I didn’t reply straight away, he followed it up with a picture of his face. In it, he was smiling almost looking hopefully but I could see the worry in his eyes. It was almost as if he was scared that, now that I was away from him, maybe I’d change my mind and not want to see him again. Of course, I felt him pulling at me and, before I even realised what I was saying, I told him that I’d pick him up the next day and we’d spend a bit of time together at my place. Damn, this boy had a power over me that I don’t think he even realised he had. I just wanted to take him and keep him safe from everything… to… make him mine I guess.

Then, he did something unexpected and something that actually threw me quite a bit. Up until now, the pictures and videos that he’d sent to me hadn’t actually shown much of him, although they had been a little kinky. They were things like him sniffing my socks, winking at the camera as he whispered how much he wanted to suck me again. They’d turned me on but I’d also found them quite cute so, when the next snap came in, I was expecting much of the same. To be fair to him, it started the same with the beginning of the video showing Teddy sniffing my sweaty socks again, his eyes rolling back in his head, and I found myself smiling whilst also starting to play with my big cock which was rock-hard in my boxers. However, he soon panned the camera down his body and revealed the fact that he was laid on the bed, completely naked. There’s nothing wrong with that, I hear you cry and you’re right. In fact, I feel that Teddy should be naked when he sends me messages like this. That’s not what I had the problem with. No, what I didn’t like about the video, and what immediately turned me completely off, was the fact that the boy was playing with his own cock. It was hard and leaking and he was wanking it as quickly as he possibly could. All of my horniness left me pretty much straight away but it was definitely all gone when I saw the end of the video: Teddy cumming all over himself.

For a moment, I didn’t really know what to feel. A part of me questioned whether I was right to feel anything about it, I mean Teddy was just trying to have some fun but seeing him play with his… dick… like that was such a shock and, like I said, a complete turn off for me. I actually started to feel pretty… angry about it. I mean, he knew that I stopped him touching himself when he was with me so surely he should realise that I didn’t want him to do that, right? Why would he think that it was ok and, what’s more, why would he think that I’d want to see him doing that?

My head was so confused. On the one hand, a very logical part of me was saying that I had been starting to wank my own cock so why shouldn’t Teddy be doing that too? No matter how much that made sense, it was just… wrong. Something about it just felt so very, very wrong. He shouldn’t have shown me anything like that. I mean, he shouldn’t have even done anything like that and, if he’d needed to, he should have… I don’t know… asked me first.

I closed the app on my phone. With how I was feeling, I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t even make sense of it in my own head and I wasn’t about to start having a go at Teddy without first understanding why I was feeling so shocked and angry about what he’d done. The feelings stayed with me for quite a while: I couldn’t sleep because of how everything kept swirling around in my head and I needed to sort it out and work out why I was feeling this way. So, of course, I did the only thing available to me: I turned to the internet.

I spent the next three hours browsing so many different sites – moving from one to another again and again. I fell down so many rabbit holes that I don’t even remember how it began or how exactly I ended up finding the site I ended up on. I think I started just my googling some of the thoughts in my head, typing in some of the words that described how I felt about Teddy. That just brought me to a bunch of advice sites for gay dating, which were no use at all because there was nothing on there that sounded like how me and Teddy were. I browsed around, clicking on various areas in one particular forum until I found a post from a guy who was asking advice about a guy he’d met recently. He was saying that control was starting to form a big part of their relationship and that he was starting to submit to the other guy and do things for him. He’d not felt like that before and it was confusing him. Some of the posters who had responded were talking about sub/dom relationships and that whole area of kink and about how that’s a perfectly normal part of a relationship like that.

That was what gave me my in and my searches on google became so much more useful. I found myself exposed to a new community of people, all of whom were engaged in things that sounded so much closer to what I’d found myself feeling towards Teddy or what he’d seemed to show towards me. There was this one site with an open forum, plenty of posters sharing their experiences and asking for advice, and I felt this pull to sign up. Before long, found myself seeking their help with my current problem.

My initial post was a complete mess. I think I’d just poured out everything that was in my head and my reaction to seeing Teddy do this. I was careful enough not to put in anything identifying but it just felt like I was rambling. I guess most of the people on the site must have thought the same because, although my post got a fair amount of views, there were no responses or suggestions of what I could do. I waited… and waited… refreshing the page so many times until, eventually, there came a small spark of hope.

“I get what you mean,” the reply read, “Boys like yours shouldn’t be playing with their own little cocks. They aren’t for touching and he definitely shouldn’t be doing it without permission. It sounds like he’d benefit from some cage time.”

I sent him a message directly, rather than just responding to the forum thread, asking me what exactly he meant by that. After a few messages between us where I explained that I was actually pretty new to all of this, he decided to really help me out and sent me several links that he said would help me understand exactly what he was talking about. You know, I didn’t even realise that chastity devices were a thing before I found myself staring at a page full of different types and styles.

Something clicked for me then, seeing all of these various different options on the screen. This was actually what I needed: Teddy’s… dick… could be locked away and then he’d learn not to play around with it. With the right kind of device, I wouldn’t really even have to see it. I can’t explain why but something about that just made perfect sense to me and I knew, pretty much straight away, that this was exactly what I needed for Teddy. It was enough to settle my mind and, finally, allow me to put it all to bed and get some sleep. In the morning, I just needed to work out where I could get one from.

It turned out that there was a shop just at the bottom of town that sold a range of stuff – sex toys, bondage gear, etc. – I’d seen a few shops like this before and even been in a couple but they’d always been geared more towards straight couples. This one, however, was definitely more male focused and, from their website, it looked as if they had a great range of cages and devices that would solve this problem once and for all. I drove past the place on my way to picking Teddy up as I’d debated whether or not to grab something before I collected him but, as I passed it, I realised that if the boy was going to actually understand why he had to do this and how important it was, he should probably come with me to get the cage.

I pulled up outside of Teddy’s house only to see him bounding out of the door before I’d even stopped the engine. He’d clearly been waiting for me and watching out the window to see when I pulled up. The little cutie looked full of energy and had a huge smile on his face but, seeing him, I couldn’t help but be reminded about how naughty he had been. He opened the passenger door and climbed in, greeting me with a cheery hello. Just before I pulled the car away, I glanced back at his house and, for a moment, I was pretty sure that I saw his brother, Simon, looking out of the window at the car. I doubt that he could have seen me specifically but he does know what my car looks like so he might have been able to work something out about what was going on. The thought of that actually made me smile a little and I chuckled as I pulled away and headed back into town.

“What’s funny?” Teddy asked, his soft voice so gentle.

“Your brother,” I replied.

“Simon? What about him?” he sounded confused and a little concerned.

“Well, I’m pretty sure he’s just seen you getting into my car.”

Teddy went completely quiet and I could almost feel the cogs working in his mind. Pre-empting anything, I spoke again: “It’s fine. He doesn’t know anything and, even if he did, you don’t need to worry about things like that, got it?”

“But I…” he started.

“No,” I interrupted, “I’ve just told you that you don’t need to worry about anything like that. Understand?”

I was firm in my voice but not aggressive: I wasn’t having a go at him or wanting to scare the poor boy but it was important that he understood that if I said that something was done then it was done. I couldn’t have him all inside his own head today worrying about Simon – there were more important matters that needed dealing with. Fortunately, Teddy seemed to comprehend that and simply replied with a: “Yeah… ok.”

After that, the boy’s demeanor changed back again and he started to tell me all about how his mum and dad had been annoyed at Simon for not telling them that he might stay out and how unfair it was that I’d had to step up and volunteer to stay at the house. To be honest, I was pretty surprised that they spoke so openly in front of Teddy, given that it was him that they were saying couldn’t be trusted to be home by himself. I’d have thought that he’d have found that offensive and I did interject to ask him about it.

“Erm…” he seemed to be thinking for a moment, “the thing is… they are kinda right.”

“In what sense?” I asked.

“Sometimes I don’t think about things. It’s like there’s so much to remember and I just can’t focus enough to do it all. I am a bit scatter-brained.”

It was very interesting to me that Teddy was this self-aware about this aspect of his personality and, pretty much immediately, I found myself wanting to do something here to help him out. He continued to speak: “It happens all the time at college: I just can’t always focus in the lectures and I end up not understanding things and missing deadlines. Even when I try, it just doesn’t seem to go well for me.”

Without even looking at him, I could tell that he was starting to become a little upset – I guess this bothered him more than I’d realised. “Don’t worry,” I said, moving my left hand over onto his knee, “We’ll sort it out.”

“Yeah?” his voice so hopeful.

“Yeah,” I stated, “We’ll find a way to help you concentrate.”

Little did he know, I thought I’d already found something that would help and we were heading to pick it up right there and then.

About ten minutes later, we’d pulled up into the multi-story car park nearest to the shop. Teddy was a bit confused but I just told him to wait and see and that it was something we needed to do before going back to mine. He actually started getting a bit excited, which was very cute to see, almost as if he was expecting some kind of present. I mean, he was going to be getting one but I’m not sure that he’d see it was a gift exactly.

You should have seen his face when we walked into the place and he realised what it was. His mouth dropped open and his cheeks looked as if they were burning brighter than the sun itself.

“Ch… Charlie… it’s… it’s…” I took him by the hand and led him in.

“I know what it is Teddy – that’s where we’re here.”

His eyes lit up: “Really? What… what are we getting?”

“Hmm… well… I’m not really getting anything for me. It’s more something that you need.”

“Like what?”

It was now time to let him know what was going on. I’d thought about how I was going to do this – explain it to him – because it was really important that he understood why he needed it. I had expected that he might be surprised, shocked, maybe even a little annoyed but, if we were going to continue, he needed to know that this was going to be one of my most basic expectations of him.

“The thing is, Teddy, you’ve been a bit naughty recently.”

He blushed deeply – I was talking loudly enough that the other customers in the place could definitely hear what I was saying. That was deliberate on my part.

“Remember when you were sucking on my dick in your kitchen?” His face looked like it was about to explode. “Well, you touched yourself while you were doing it. And that’s… I mean, that’s just not ok Teddy.”

He started to splutter a little, probably searching for the words to explain himself or to get himself out of this situation. I could tell that he was embarassed but, to be honest with you, that was quite an important part of this. Teddy needed to know that what he’d chosen to do wasn’t going to be alright from now on and if a little bit of humiliation helped him along with that then all the better.

“And then there’s last night,” I continued, “Sending me that snapchat of yourself… cumming. I mean, that’s just not on at all. I have to say, Teddy, I was very disappointed in you.”

For a second, I wondered if I had pushed it too far. The little cutie was as red as a tomato and his eyes were beginning to well up. His bottom lip was quivering ever so slightly and that’s when he finally found some words: “I’m… sorry.”

Perfect. “I know, Teddy,” I reached out and ruffled his hair like you might do when petting a puppy, “It’s not your fault – you don’t know any better. But that’s why we are here: I’ve found the perfect solution.”

“Yeah?” he asked, his voice shaking slightly.

“Yeah,” I responded, taking him by the shoulders and walking him over to the counter where a young man, in his late 20s, stood waiting to serve us.

“Hi there,” I greeted him, “This is Teddy and he has a big problem. He’s not been able to keep his hands off himself: quite out of control really.”

I could feel him shaking as I stood there with my hands on his shoulders, presenting him to the shop assistant like someone might do when asking for a particular size of shoes for their child. He was feeling every ounce of his embarrassment at having himself exposed like this. Now, I couldn’t have predicted how the young man in the shop was going to respond to what I was doing but he played his role brilliantly. He moved out from behind the counter and stood in front of Teddy. He wasn’t too far off my height so the pair of us both towered over the smaller boy.

“Oh dear,” he spoke softly as if calmly telling off a child, “that’s such a shame, isn’t it?”

Teddy started a cry a little, nodding his head. A huge part of me desperately wanted to take him up into a tight hug and tell him that it was alright but the part of me that was in control recognised how important this was for him. It wasn’t just about preventing him from touching himself; this would help him learn self-control and a bit of discipline – both of which he definitely needed according to his parents.

“I understand that you have some solutions for boys like this, is that correct?” I asked the salesman, talking over Teddy’s head as if he wasn’t there.

“Of course. Why don’t you take Teddy back to changing rooms and I’ll bring you a selection to choose from,” he turned towards Teddy, “Don’t worry little guy, your Sir and I will sort you out.”

Hmm… ‘Sir’… I kind of liked that and made a note of it for later.

Teddy and I headed through to the changing cubicles that were through the doors at the back corner of the shop. The place sold an array of clothes and fetish wear so I figured that these were so people could try things on before they bought. It was even better than I’d expected: not only was the salesman playing his part brilliantly but now I could actually have Teddy try on what I wanted him to have before we left. Teddy had stopped his crying now and the sniffles had gone as well. “I’m really sorry Charlie,” he said, his voice small and quiet, “I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry.”

I pulled him in towards me, taking him into my arms and pressing him to my chest. “It’s ok. I forgive you and now we’ve found a way for it to never happen again. You’d really like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes!” he said, getting a lot louder, “You know I’d do anything to make you happy, Charlie.”

We separated just before the sales assistant returned with a tray carrying four different items and placed it down on a little surface just next to the cubicles. Teddy tried to have a look, standing on his tip toes to do so, but the assistant and I both stepped in front of him and started discussing the options.

“So this one…” I said, indicating the smallest of the devices which just looked like it had the tiniest little space to contain everything, “how does that one work?”

“Actually, I wouldn’t recommend this one just yet – I’ve brought it just to show you what you can work up to eventually after training his nub a bit but it’s not for a first-timer. These three are all solid choices but each of them does come with pros and cons.”

We spent a few minutes discussing each of the devices: their design, how they locked, their weight, etc. Teddy just stood there behind us quietly listening. Aside from a few gasps as he realised exactly what it was that I was buying for him, he just waited patiently. In the end, I was pretty sure that I wanted to go for the stainless steel ringed cage. It was a good starting size and it was, by far, the heaviest of the lot. Sure, the rings meant that I’d still be able to see that part of Teddy but it would feel heavy on him all the time and ensure that he never forgot that he was wearing it, something which seemed likely with some of the plastic options. It was important that Teddy was always aware of the cage constraining him – it was the constant reminder of the nature of our relationship.

“A great choice! Do you want to install it now?”

“Oh yes definitely,” I replied, looking forward to getting it on Teddy as soon as possible.

The assistant left me and Teddy in the changing rooms and I took him into a cubicle.

“Do… do I have to?” Teddy asked.

“Yes Teddy. Look, you need to be able to focus on what’s important. You love my dick, don’t you? You want to make me feel good, yeah? So, if that’s the case, my cock needs to be the only one you’re thinking about. From now on, that’s all you have to worry about. You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you?”

That question was all it took for Teddy to take his own jeans and boxers down, ready for me to cage him up. He desperately wanted to be a good boy for me and if this was what it took then he was going to make sure that he was doing it.

Looking him away didn’t take long – it was a simple enough design. I had to handle that part of Teddy’s body but I figured that it was important that I was putting it onto him rather than him putting it on himself. When it was done, it looked perfect. Despite my earlier reservations, the thickness of the steel rings actually did obscure most of him from view and I could tell how heavy it was by the way it pulled down on his crotch.

“What do you say?” I asked him, once I had him all locked up and had put the key away safely in my wallet.

“Th… thank you.”

“Good boy.” He smiled when he heard those words. “Although… I think you need to show me just how grateful you are.”

He looked puzzled for a moment but my hand on his head made the message clear. Like he’d done before, he sank to his knees right there in the middle of the changing cubicle. I’d expected a little resistance given that we were in a public place but there was nothing of the sort: he obeyed first time. I knew we needed to be quick so I just unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down, pulling my big cock out through the front of my boxers. I was already as hard as rock – humiliating Teddy like this and caging him up had turned me on so much and I was practically throbbing before he’d even got my cock into his mouth.

“You need to show me just how thankful you are, Teddy.”

I guided his head towards me and the head of my cock slid over his lips, coating them in the precum that I was already leaking. They parted and I pushed my way in and along his tongue. Teddy immediately started sucking on me like a fucking vacuum. He needed my cock and had clearly been craving it the entire time I’d been away from him. I really wished that I could give him the time he needed to worship my meat properly but that sales assistant wasn’t going to give us long alone together back here and I needed to give Teddy my load right fucking now. I needed to take control and get off, so I did.

My hands were on both sides of Teddy’s head, holding him tightly as I pushed him back against the wall of the cubicle. He couldn’t move at all – trapped there with just the head of my cock in his mouth. But it was about to be more… a lot more. Without warning, I pushed forward and forced my cock all the way down inside of his throat. It was tight as fuck and I could feel him pulsing around me, his body’s natural reactions desperately trying to expel me with how much I was stretching out his neck. However, there was no way that I was going to allow that to happen and the fact that I was pinning Teddy between my body and the cubicle wall meant that he had no choice but to take whatever I wanted to force inside of him.

I let go of the side of his head and used my hands to steady myself, taking hold of the top of the cubicle, and I began to thrust my hips. I don’t know what turned me on more: Teddy’s tight throat pulsing around my cock or the wet gagging noises that he made every single time I choked him on every fucking inch of it. I love fucking my Teddy’s throat and hearing him struggle to take me just turns me on so much! I could feel his saliva trickling down my balls as it leaked out of his mouth and, in the end, he just stuck his tongue out as far as it could go and gave in to the face fuck I was giving him.

“Fuck yes Teddy! Take my fucking dick! You love this in your throat, don’t you?” I knew he couldn’t answer me but the question didn’t really need responding to – the fact that he was taking this level of throat abuse make it clear that he loved every moment of it. “Gag for me, you little slut.”

Every single time he choked, his throat gripped me tighter and tighter. It was like he was milking me with it, desperately trying to draw out my cum. He needed it and so did I. Pushing my cock in as deep as it could go, I held it there, letting him gag around it and using his throat muscles to get me closer and closer to giving him what he deserved for being such a good boy for me.

Short, quick thrusts are what came next, using the deepest part of his throat. It felt so hot and tight around me – like being held by velvet all around my cock. Fuck! I was so glad I’d found this sexy little cocksucker and now, with the cage, he was one step closer to being perfect for me. My balls were tightening and I swear I could feel the cum load itself starting to bubble inside of me. Pulling out, I moved back from the wall and started to wank my cock over Teddy’s waiting face. He’d stuck his tongue out and had his mouth open as far as it could go, eagerly waiting for me to give him what he needed.

It didn’t take long at all. A few strokes of my massive uncut cock had to spunking all over his pretty face. Blast after blast fired out of me and flew across his face, coating him in my load, with several of them landing directly into his waiting, hungry mouth.

It was at that point, and with me crying out in pleasure, that the sales assistant decided to return. “Everything alri… oh!” With how hard I’d been thrusting into Teddy, the curtain that closed the cubicle had come open and the assistant could see everything: the cum coating Teddy’s face, my huge cock now resting on his lips, everything.

“I guess you like the cage then,” he laughed, “Although… you could have no cum on my cubicle wall.” He indicated to just above Teddy’s head where my a jet of my spunk was now splattered all over it. Without thinking, I simply said: “Teddy-bear, clean it up.” He turned and without a single moment of hesitation, he ran his tongue over my spunk, cleaning every droplet of it off the cubicle wall.

“All better. Good boy.”

To be continued ….

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