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Covid vaccination will turn Iran as gay as the Vatican

This week the Islamic Republic of Iran starts their Covid vaccination program. This seems to make the country, in which even cuddling with another man leads to a punishment of 99 whip beatings, have more gays… Now what does that bullshit mean?

The Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian, an iranic preacher, warned his 210’000 follower large telegram group in a post to “Don’t go near those who have had the Covid vaccine. They have become homosexuals.”

Safavid painting (around 1720)

Even though sex between men, as one can see them on Persian miniatures of 1720, is quite common, it is unlikely the Iran will become one of the hit travel destinations for gays in the near future. Since the Islamic revolution over 4000 homosexuals have been executed. So even for the impact play lovers, travel there for fun is not advised.

It is more than sad that religious hate-preacher’s, no matter which religious community they belong to, pair their homophobic views with pseudoscientific fake news.

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