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Lord Chirenon’s New Designed Archive

Hi Chirenon. Last time we’ve talked at the end of Locktober. It was really a fun to do that with you. Now you’ve published two chapters of “The Resort”, I would say the multi-chapter kinky photo stories which has most fans. Next friday we will post the 39th chapter. How many chapters will this story have at the end?

Yes, it’s exciting. I began creating “The Resort” seven years ago. Twice as I built momentum my blog was deleted (first Blogger then Tumblr), so I’m very pleased that we now have a secure archive on sadOsam. As you say, this is my best known story and it’s by far the longest. So far, there are 199 original frames that are grouped into chapters. As of Friday, 39 have been published. Amazingly, we are now very close to the end of the story. Seven years ago I produced some of the frames for different parts of the stories. I’ve just caught up to the last three of those. I’d say there are probably less than 10 chapters left.

Of course, once we get to the end of the Resort and all the secrets are revealed (when the boys discover their ultimate fates), we will be able to set additional short stories in the Resort universe. And I’ve begun making a shorter vector illustration version of the story.

Yes we have seen some of the vector illustrations also here on sadOsam. They look good even if many are surprised about the change in your style. 🙂 You still have other stories which aren’t finished yet. Will they also continue in the future?

I’m glad you like them; I’m enjoying experimenting with vector artwork. I’ve actually spent the last year assembling and sorting a massive collection of vector elements to be able to do lots more of it more easily. (This is similar to my vast archive of photos that I’ve stored and sorted to be able to make photo collages.)

Besides the Resort, I have a few active stories I will return to, including “Harem Boy,” the last 2 chapters of “Paul’s Houseboy,” and there’s an unpublished story I’ve been working with about encounters with a supposedly primitive tribe. Lots of themes will certainly be revisited: the transformational rejuv drugs, mounding, Phalliminate. And we’ll also revisit familiar settings: Chastity Boy Island, Club Dominion, and hopefully the Shetfield Pony Academy eventually.

Where do you get all the ideas for your stories?

I get ideas from all over from regular entertainment and fiction to erotic fiction and even porn. Generally, I’ll see a kernel of an idea and think, that would have been cool if only the writer had done X, Y, and Z, instead of A, B, and C. Then I go ahead and write a story the way I want it written.

Generally, I like to explore power exchange. But I’m not interested in beating up on the little guy or usually single individuals. Thus I often create thought experiments where individuals and groups with privilege and power find themselves in a circumstance where society around them changes and they lose their privilege and power.

You’ve really produced a lot of stories but they haven’t been easy to find on internet. Today also your new archive is going online on sadOsam. You have a lot of fans and I think that from now on it would be easier for them to find them. Of course we have both still an effort to do to really have all your work you’ve done in your archive but I think we are on a good way. Or what do you think?

One of the realities of having the internet dominated by tech giants who ostensibly provide us with free services (like hosting blogs) is that we have ceded an amazing degree of power to them. Google (the owner of Blogger) and Facebook (the owner of Tumblr) are free to censor us and they’re free to terminate their hosting of our accounts.

As big businesses, unfortunately, they naturally enforce preexisting societal bigotry and discrimination. It’s much more likely for them to censor LGBT content than hetero-normative content. And this is especially true in my work. One tiny example: in North American society it’s normal to refer to adult women as “girls,” but adult men are almost never referred to as “boys.” That’s ingrained structural sexism that assumes males are fully adult, but implies that females aren’t. I often reverse that dynamic in my stories, where males lose the power and are called “boys.” People immediately come out of the works, clamoring about underage males. I posted pictures of a friend in a new chastity device, congratulating him on being such a “good boy.” Some person immediately came on with the typical complaint, to which I replied: “You should be aware that the ‘boy’ pictured here is 45 years old.” This kind of sexism isn’t as problematic when dealing with individual trolls (although they are the ones who complain to the tech giants). It’s more problematic because the tech giants become the censors that perpetuate societal norms that are based on structural power imbalances regarding race, gender, orientation, and expression.

That’s a long answer to say, Blogger and Tumblr destroyed my first two blogs and Twitter could wipe out my 3rd one at any moment. So am I happy my work is finding a home on sadOsam? Absolutely. Thank you for the work you’re doing.

For us it is important that sadOsam is a platform where people can get insights into the various world of fetish. Even if there are groups having similar interestes, they are never the same because I think that our fetishes are as individual as we are. sadOsam should be like a great shop window in which you see a lot of different things, in some you recognize yourself in others you just get an insight into the taste and preferences of others. It should be a mix out of serious information, know-how, insights but also good entertainment and you are one of the guys, who is really providing such content, Chirenon. We want also to thank you for your work and I’m happy to present with you your new designed archive on sadOsam. I hope your fans and our readers will enjoy it.

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  1. sorry, but silicon valley is the exact opposite of a hetero-normative lgbt-suppressing power structure. lgbt by now is a protected (‘almost’ privileged) class in their eyes. postings like ‘jacky’s mounding dream’ triggered the deletion of your blogger and tumblr, not ingrained structural sexism because you called a boomer a boy.

  2. Want to report this mistake.
    In the CHIRENON’S PHOTO STORIES, the Mounded: Lance and Jamey story didn’t have the correct link to the posts. The hyperlink is actually toward the Loran’s story.

    Hope someone fixed it.

    Currently the only way i can access to it is by search “Mounded” on Sadosam.

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