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Chained Masculinity

Hi Neil. It’s great to have you back with us. Today you will present us photos you’ve done on which we can see real men in chains. What is for you the attraction of chained masculinity?

Great to be back with you, MasterMarc. I love to see a strong, confident beefy man with or in chains. It’s the image of strength of masculinity with strength of bondage and domination. The cold steel against skin is always great to light and capture in a photoshoot.

With chains, you restrict the strength and force of this beefy guys. Do you want to make them less powerful as they are?

I love to make them less powerful than they appear, the beefier and stronger they are, the thicker the chains and more of them for definite. The Super-hunk, defeated and enslaved!

Often the angle can change a lot. A guy who has appeared strong even if he is chained in one pic can look weak and vulnerable in the next pic. Can you tell us, how do you work with the angles and if you want to tell a story with changing angles?

It is always good to show the strong model and tough and independent before chaining him up, makes his secured state so much hornier. A lot of this I sue within the superhero photo stories I do for

Chains are in my eyes more a symbol of being trapped. On the other hand, the collar is more a symbol for subordination. Could you tell me, why your collared guys mostly look arrogant like they’re not accepting their submissive role and fighting against the status the collar and chains are giving them?

I always like to have a bit of resistance left in their face or eyes, so they are not completely in submission. A rebellious sub is always hot, so to give them more humiliation to endure until they completely admit defeat and ownership.

Let us talk about the latest shooting you’ve made with Daredevil. Could you tell us a little about the shooting and the goal you’ve had?

I had seen the poster for the series 2 of Netflix Daredevil, the one of him chained up to a chimney stack, very erotic. I just wanted to take it one step further, with him beaten and stripped down to a jock, making him even more vulnerable. This character was expanded on and called “bad-boi” becoming a new superhero character for ‘Eye of the Cyclone’ which will be appearing in December.

It really looks amazing. Btw. Where can people see your work and also contact you for a booking?

My portfolio on my website shows a whole range of my work. The website also holds information for personal and commercial shoots and contact details. Many thanks, NZP.

Hey Neil. It was great to talk to you again, and we are happy that you’re showing your work and also the preview for the project for Eye of the Cyclone. We hope it will be a great success. All the best for your future and your work. We will talk again soon.

Neil Z Page

London (UK)

Hey, if you're cruising on KINKFINITY, you probably know I'm the master of this fetish blog. BDSM isn't just sex for me; it's a lifestyle I've embraced for over 25 years. Along the way, I've met some fantastic kinksters—some dropping by my massive 200m2 dungeon for parties, others for days or weeks, and a few as 24/7 long-term slaves. Swing by my Bluesky account for more:

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