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Electro is so varied, you can do almost whatever with it

MasterMarc: Hi CamoSkin. You are a kinky guy from Finnland with a lot of experience in the fetish world. I’m happy to talk to you about one of your turn-ons: ELECTRO. For how long are you into electro and how have you discovered your interest for this electric instrument of lust and pain?

CamoSkin: I’ve been interested in bondage for as long as I can remember being “out” to myself, and my interest very soon expanded into various forms of SM as well.  Soon I found my sexual myself: a bondage and pain pig.  However, electro was not my primary interest in SM, and I think very few guys think first of electro when talking of BDSM, and it was the case with me as well.  Actually I wasn’t even at all interested in electro until I was placed into a situation where I had no other choice.  As a bondage and SM maniac, I’ve always wanted to explore bondage and SM from many sides, and as part of that exploration some 10 years ago I was caught and taken as prisoner on a prison camp: all clad in orange, chained and tortured in interrogations, locked up in small prison cells with other inmates. The warden knew I was alot into CBT, just like himself, and one afternoon I was hooded and taken out of my cell and securely chained on a wall made of steel bars.  I felt my pants being taken down and someone grabbing my genitals.  I didn’t know what was going on, except that I felt something being attached into my balls and cock.  I understood that another interrogation session with some new torture was beginning.  It started slowly and as it was my first encounter with electro I didn’t have any clue of what was going on.  The warden torturing me was very experienced with electro and he knew exactly what he was doing: I learned later on that he was operating with two electro power boxes making very good combination of pleasure on my cock and pain on my balls.  The electrodes were delivering slowly increasing amount of power into my cock causing pleasurable sensations, but at the same time the power on the electrodes on my balls was increasing much faster, causing more and more intense shocks on my balls, increasing the pain until I was squirming of agony and and also of pleasure, but as tied firmly on the bars there was no escape.  Only screaming from pain, but at the same time I don’t know who it was screaming by my mouth: “more, more, more”!  It all resulted into a giant orgasm, but the shocks on my balls still continued for a while after cuming making sure I didn’t have any drop of sperm left and my balls still hurting now even more, like hell of every still stronger shock.  Eventually it stopped, I was taken down and thrown back into my cell, totally exhausted but very happy!  I had found new extension into BDSM!  After the prison camp it didn’t take long before I got my first electro power box.

MasterMarc: What are the sensations which make electro so interesting and intensive?

CamoSkin: Electro is so varied, you can do almost whatever with it!  It can be used as pleasure or pain, as ultimate pleasure or heavy torture. It is also very much dependant on mood, positioning of electrodes and many other factors, so you can never be sure if the result is as intended.  Of course it is much easier when used as torture device, but when the intention is to use it for pleasure or to cause orgasm, it becomes interesting, as you never can be 100% sure how it feels, and it can vary alot. Power boxes used for BDSM purposes usually have several programs for different purposes and are actually quite sophisticated devices.  Electro box never wears out, it can continue working as long as you want, giving the sub no time to rest keeping him 100% in the game all the time, and there is no way the sub can prevent for instance cuming if the program, electrode positions and all other factors are in place, there just are no ways to resist it, even however hard you tried. In it electro is even more efficient than milking machines, for instance.  Electro also gives you possibilities to extend the play outside your playroom, as there are small battery powered boxes that have wireless remote controls, enabling you to control the box remotely giving shocks, either pleasurable or painfull, to your partner for instance when out in the city and having fun looking how he can manage with it.

MasterMarc: Before we talk a little more about, how to use electro devices we have to talk about dangers. I am sure, people without experiences could be scared about playing with electro. I’m sure they would ask you, if it isn’t dangerous?

CamoSkin: If you know what you are doing, it is not dangerous.  But it is essential that before playing with electro, learn to know the devices you are using, and try them first on yourself before using on others.  I have some guidelines I always follow when I play, like I never use a device that is connected to higher voltage power source, like socket on the wall, but use only battery operated devices.  As heart basically works with electrical signals, I always also keep my electro play below waist, though I know that some guys like electro play for instance on nipples, but I don’t do it.  Keeping only to battery powered devices and play below waist, there is not so much permanent damage you can cause even if things go wrong, which they won’t as long as you know what you are doing.

MasterMarc: Could you explain us the differences between the use of the electro device for pleasure and for pain? 

CamoSkin: Actually pleasure and pain are very close to each other.  Just some small adjustment with the electrodes can turn pain into pleasure and vice versa.  Of course more advanced electro power boxes have several programs, some for causing pleasure, some for orgasms, and some for torturing pain.  The desired effect is dependent on the type of electrodes used, positioning of the electrodes, device, power and program used, and of course the mood of both the sub and top.  To my experience electro is very varied and interesting tool for play, as it can provide so different sensations with basically almost same settings.  I think it is easier to make sure inflicting pain than pleasure, as pain can be done with selecting right program and using enough of power, whereas for pleasure more details need to be in place.

MasterMarc: How can an electro newbie learn how to work with the electro device and how to use it for pain and/or pleasure? Do you can give us some advices or do you know where people can find good instructions?

Camoskin: The only way is to expriment, preferably first on yourself before applying it to anyone else.  Internet is full of pages dealing this issue, also it is very good to read the manuals carefully.  First try with low power settings and different electrodes and different electrode combinations. On the other hand, as electro is very personal experience, it is very difficult to give any precise advice of which is the best way to do it, but just try until you find the good settings for yourself.  Of course it is good to try both ends, pleasure and pain, that way you can find the ones that you like best.

MasterMarc: As we see on the pictures you’re playing with the ET-312 one of Rolls-Royce of the electro devices. But I am sure, that you have experiences with other devices too. Could you tell us what kind of devices you know and what your experiences are?

Camoskin: Yep, I mostly play with ET-312, you can do almost whatever you want with it and it very seldom runs out of power.  Very good device but dirt expensive.  I also have a small E-Stim power box, which has only 5 different programs, but the best part is that it has movement sensor and remote control. It can be used for self-play with movement sensor, and it also can be used in a play to prevented the sub from moving when the power is set to high enough.  Well, of course he can move but the result is strong and painfull electric shock. It is also good for playing with someone with the remote control.  Imagine a situation you are out with your sub having the power box and electrodes attached but hidden under his clothes, you having the remote control, and just by pressing a button he gets shocks, either mild or severe just as you decide.  It is fun watching him squirming trying to stay calm to avoid getting too much attention.  Some people use dog collars with electro on neck or genitals, but I haven’t tried those, yet.

MasterMarc: Hehe, out of my experience the neck collars could be very usefull. 🙂 Btw: There are a lot of different conductors and toys like clamps, electro dildos, plugs and much more. Could you give us an ovierview and tell us, how they work and what kind of feelings you can provoke with it?

Camoskin: I’d prefer my neck collar of heavy solid steel, and the electro conductors some elsewhere 😉 Yep, there are dozens of different electrodes for electro play, for all sexually active body parts and they all make different sensations. Almost whatever toy you can think of you can find also as electro version, from very expensive to very simple and much cheaper.  Actually in most cases the cheaper ones do the same trick and quite often you can modify your normal toys into electro toys yourself, for a fraction of the price.  Can’t comment on nipple toys, as they are out of my line, but butt plugs are great when combined with cock electrodes, they give different and perhaps more profound feeling than just normal cock electrodes.  For cock bands are perhaps the most effective and they are also versatile, and if playing just with cock one in the base around the shaft and another in glans do the trick.  Cock is very interesting as with electro you can have sensation like someone is jerking you off, but in a very deep sensational way that you feel it inside your cock, not just on the skin as with tradional methods. If all settings and electrodes are right, it is possible to cum without even touching the cock, like an electro operated fountain.  One’s dick is, however, quite easy to get numb of electro and if that happens, there is no way to cum after that without touching.  For balls there are crushers, parachutes, humblers, you name it, as electro version as well and then you can combine electro with other ball play, and just as in cock, it feels like electro is affecting deep inside, like someone is handling your balls from inside, either pleasurably or as torment.  And then electro pads that you can attach anywhere on your body, very nice and effective toys.  My personal favourites are cock and ball toys and as being a pain pig, on balls I like those tormenting effects making the current feel deep inside my testicles, and on cock naturally the pleasurably ones making me cum.

MasterMarc: It seems that you really love your electro toys and even more the electro play. What kind of advices can you give to electro play beginners and do you have any special recommendation for devices and toys which are good for beginners? 

Camoskin: Yep, electro is alot of fun, but for me it alone is not so big deal, but combined with other forms of toys and gear it does the trick!  As a piece of advice for beginners, I would say: be adventurous and try it and with different setups, you never know in beforehand if you haven’t tried.  You might either love it or it just doesn’t work for you, and in that case fine, but then you know.  I would also encourage to find someone who already has some experience of it as that way you can probably learn much more in much shorter time and also perhaps get to try different kinds of toys and power boxes.  Learn to know the power box you are using and what can be done with it, and begin easy, not turning the knobs to max to start with.  For devices and toys I recommend getting a proper power box after you know you like electro, for experimenting perhaps a more basic one will do.  the best electrodes to start with are different kinds of bands and conductive rubber tubes, that are cheap and can be used in many situations.

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