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Body Painting – A colorful fetish

Hi Siloo. It’s 10 days after Easter, a time people love to paint eggs, but you are a guy who loves to get painted all over. You say that body painting is your main fetish, and that is the topic we want to talk about today. Can you tell us, when have you had your first body painting experience, and how was this “first time”?

I can’t really remember a first real time. I always kind of liked to paint myself. Even as a little kid. Sometime at the age of 14 or 15 I saw an excerpt from a body painting festival and was immediately fascinated. Thereupon I searched the internet for it and found that it excites me too.

So you were one of those kids who terrorized his parents with finger paint and made a mess of the whole apartment? 🙂 Can you tell us what you find so fascinating about it? What is the attraction of body painting?

No, my parents didn’t really notice or think anything of it. She still shouldn’t know about it. Only a few friends of mine know about it.

Somehow I can’t put it into words. Just the idea of painting my arm or foot excites me. But when I start, my whole body has to be painted without any gaps, so that no normal skin is visible.

I guess you have that secrecy in common with a lot of fetish people. This is usually associated with a latent shame. What is the shame of body painting?

This has something to do with my nature and my being. My instinct is to avoid anyone thinking badly of me. There’s not one single reason for it. That’s why it’s insistent. I generally always assume the bad and I don’t want to receive any rejection or something similar.

You said you found that it excites you. We’d like to know more about that, of course. I assume that, like most Kinkster, you played with yourself at first. What turned you on about this self-painting? Can you describe your feelings a little?

Yes, at the beginning I had no other choice, if you take my being into account. I liked on the one hand, that the normal skin color disappears completely. Therefore I always painted myself with very dark colors, especially black. On the other hand I like the feeling of the dried color, which forms a second skin. It feels as if you are touched all over your body the whole time.

Sounds like an intense self-cuddling. 🙂 Are there differences in intensity depending on the body part, and of course I have to ask you how it feels on cock and balls?

I may also have a very small foot fetish, they always have to be completely painted and I get very excited when I see painted women’s feet. But there are more important parts that have to be painted. My black and my eggs have to be completely painted. Preferably really thick. Otherwise it’s the same feeling, just very intense there.

At the moment I unfortunately have no experience with body painting, which I have to catch up on very quickly, but I assume that the quality of the paint also has an influence on the feeling. Can you explain a little bit about this and also give us recommendations?

Yes, some people use coloured substances, but for me it must be the right colour. I also find the smell of paint very pleasant, even if it smells industrial. So health is generally the highest priority, so I would never use colours that are extremely harmful to skin and health. Some also say that they never use acrylic paint, because it is not supposed to be so skin-friendly. But I have not had any problems there yet. As I said, the better the paint holds and stretches, the more beautiful it is for me. For inexperienced people I would recommend finger paints or gouache. It can be washed off easily afterwards.

I think everyone should make the experience for themselves. What you like best. At the beginning many colours, apart from spray colours, behave very similar. Only when they start to dry out there are differences. Cheap watercolours, which dry up rigidly, crumble quite easily and the crumbs are everywhere. A nicer feeling is given by paint that is firm and elastic when it is dry. The disadvantage is that they are difficult to wash off.

I think the texture of the colour is also important so that you don’t colour the whole room as well as the body. What other tips do you have to prevent this from happening?

No, not necessarily. You just have to protect the surroundings well against the paint by spreading foil or sheets. Acrylic and spray paint are very difficult to get off the walls.

At some point, you took the step of not just living out this fetish on your own. Where did you find a suitable counterpart, and what was it like to be painted by someone else for the first time, so that not only the paint touched you?

Unfortunately I have not yet found a really suitable counterpart. That would be my more or less biggest dream. But I have found someone on the various forums, who painted me completely with good holding paint. The situation was a little bit strange for me, because painting excites me naturally, but the person, a man, just not at all or, I was a little uncomfortable.

Does that bring up shame again. The shame of being aroused by someone who wouldn’t do this in everyday life otherwise? And how do you deal with this shame?

By someone is probably not quite right here, but rather in front of someone. In my everyday life something like this usually does not happen to me, or if I did not know in which other situation something like this would happen to me.

What is the difference in the perception of body painting between painting yourself and being painted?

The differences are that, on the one hand, one is virtually at the mercy of the other person. On the other hand, only if it is a woman who paints me, does it excite me even more, or is it even more beautiful.

Can you tell us about your body paint projects so far? What are some of the best memories you have?

Unfortunately I have done less sessions than I would like to, but the best ones I have done with Neil Cutis. It’s very important to me that we paint absolutely everything, and I try a different colour every time. The better it holds and stretches, the better. With Neil Curtis I am exposed to his ideas, but the end result is that I am completely painted in several layers of paint.

That sounds awesome. What are some future body painting projects you’re interested in?

I would like to spray myself with spray paint again, as you can see on my pictures here. The paint dries very fast and is also very durable. All in all it is also a great feeling. I would also like to paint myself with a mixture of acrylic paint and contact cement. It should be similar to liquid latex but it holds even better.



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  1. Thank you for this great article. One reads far too little about bodypaint fetishes. Siloo speaks from my heart in many things. I also have a strong body paint fetish and can only understand it well when it comes to the fascination of a painted body.

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