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Another Video Shot

Last weekend, Master took me to seriousmalebondage studio for another video shot with Sir Ray and others.

After we arrived, Master locked an interesting steel bottomless bucket on my head while waiting for other people to show up. It was inspired by the cone that dogs wear to prevent biting themselves. i was kneeling alone in the middle of the living room when people started showing up, and they seemed to enjoy the look. People greeted and chatted around me, and at one moment someone proposed to use my bucket as a trash can. It was humiliating but funny.

Five people showed up including Sir Ray, a well-known kinky porn star, and several Doms and subs who were interested. i didn’t expected that many people to be there, but it was a welcomed surprise. i guess an exhibitionist would enjoy that much more than me, but people watching me get stripped, used and videotaped sounds erotic by itself already.

In the first scene, i put on my made-to-measure leather suit and got locked down on a special chair. It was barely a “chair” per se as it only got 2 pillars supporting my butt. my butt and legs were shaking when trying hard to hold my position when my wrists and ankles were securely locked. Before putting on the suit, Sir Ray inserted an interesting device in my butt hole, a tube butt plug that allows piss to go through. Then another end of the device went in my mouth, and the third end got secured on Sir Ray’s cock. The idea was that once Sir Ray started to pee into the device, his piss was directed to both my mouth and my ass. i sucked enthusiastically when Sir Ray’s piss started to flow, and didn’t waste a bit of it.

The second scene was Master’s favorite on that day, with a special suitcase that could lock almost two slaves in it. i wore a gas mask that was hooked up with external pipes, and was locked in total darkness when people got on the suitcase and had fun making noise. It must be so much fun if i could be locked there longer with another slave.

Then Master got an idea to use the steel bucket again on me. my head was locked in it when it was supported by a hoist overhead, and then Sir Ray threw a bunch of steel chains in it, burying me alive in it. The chains were so heavy that it hurt on top of my head, but it looked very cool on the pictures.

We then tried a medical brace that the studio just got, and i could imagine how effective it could be – you would not be able to shake your head in pain or even look down to see what’s going on when some CBT is being done. Our porn star guest jumped in this scene and got in charge of tie me down with more leather belts. It was a great experience to be worked on by an expert.

Lastly, we did a scene with inflatable rubber suit. For guys with a rubber fetish, this must be a heavenly experience – thick orange suit from neck to ankle, which got inflated like a ballon with you inside it enjoying every inch of your body pressured in rubber. i did enjoy when Sir Ray started to use the magic wand on me. With the vibration conducted by the “ballon”, my whole crouch was vibrating with it.

i did develop a lot more respect to porn stars in this video shot, as apparently it’s not such an easy job as what you watch.


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