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Bondage makes me feel like my body isn’t my own.

Hello readers I’m here today with Pup Riley, a creative Pup from Chicago. Say Riley, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you all like, and what kinky stuff are you all into? 😉

Hey hey! I’m originally from Baltimore, and I just moved to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I’m fairly new to the scene, only just starting to explore at the end of 2019, but I dove in deep with the support of kind folks and mentors. Rubber and immobilizing bondage are my top interests — they send me into a deep headspace, where I become an object ready for use.

While rubber is probably my favorite, sports gear does a lot for me too. The aesthetic screams testosterone, and I like to imagine being the team’s locked bitch boy/cumdump, who serves them after practice.

In short, I love anything tight. But the most satisfying part is getting out of my own head. My mind is a pretty noisy place, and a submissive headspace lets me exist in my body instead.

Hehe it’s exciting to jump into it once the floodgates have opened, isn’t it? Exist in my body? Can you elaborate that a little bit? What goes on in your mind when you serve someone ( or the whole football team ;P) ?

No doubt! All my fantasies suddenly became possible. I’m a perfectionist and a control freak, so being in my body means sidestepping my overactive mind. It means letting go of ‘why’ or ‘how’ and surrendering to call and response, order and obedience.

When I serve someone I worry less about being right or wrong (though that insecurity never fully goes away), and I respond more to instinct. I focus on their pleasure and find satisfaction in a job well done. Bondage adds to that feeling of freedom from choice, and it makes me feel like my body isn’t my own.

What was it that initially got you into the fetish scene, and what was it that gave you the push to try things out, so to say?

Growing up, I liked looking at guys in gear and bondage, but it always seemed inaccessible. I admired the scene from a distance for a decade, never knowing how to step into it, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was morally wrong.

Obviously a lot has changed since then. My first long-term relationship ended in 2019, and I walked away with much more confidence than when I entered. I knew myself better, carried less shame in my identity, and had a radically changed worldview.

That newfound confidence (and a rush of hormones) pushed me to try new things. I knew roughly what I wanted sexually, but I never guessed it would become so central to my identity, art practice, and social life.

I know that morally- wrong feeling. I believe a lot of people do have that, and it’s what keeps them from trying things out. What would you say to your past self of then if you could talk to him about that?

I would tell him that there’s nothing inherently wrong with sex, sexuality, kink, or the body. People who take issue are usually afraid or insecure about their own bodies and desires.

It’s not your job to carry their shame.

I’d also tell him his sexuality is beautiful — we have to work so hard to accept there’s nothing wrong with us. I’m not sure if this would mean much to a younger me. I like to say that 2017 Riley would be equal parts disgusted and amazed at who I am now, and that’s perfect.

Very true. And what are the things you hope your future self got to experience 😉 ? What would you like to try out once? Or are you happy with the kinks you accumulated now?

There’s a switch buried inside me, but I’m waiting till I have more experience under my belt before I let him loose. Until then I’d like to build up my endurance for longer storage sessions, and my tolerance for piss. When someone asks if I’m into watersports I usually say “not yet,” since I know it’s on the horizon. I would also like to try electo sometime.

Then there are the kinks that are hot in theory but aren’t feasible for me right now, like piss recycling or long-term chastity. They’re fantasies that remain fantasies for a reason, but that’s not to say I won’t ever change. I’m not even two years into exploring my kinks, so I have to pace myself… a little.

Ok last question. You’re doing some very fine art. Tell us a little about them. How do you create your pieces, how did you get started with those, and where do you draw inspiration from? ( for example in your latest one? And feel free to just ramble and tell what you’d like to about them, I can adjust the question and add inbetween ones 🙂 )

The pieces I post on twitter are linocut prints. I took a relief printmaking class in my last year of school, and my very first print was a black tail plug.

I immediately gravitated to kinky subjects and self portraiture because it was a way to stay connected to that side of myself during lockdown. I love the medium because it’s precise, labor-intensive, and for the most part it doesn’t involve screens. The multicolor prints are satisfying because they require multiple lino blocks, perfectly aligned.

Working with paper and ink is beautiful to me because it highlights the materiality of leather, rubber, or whatever turns you on. And what happens to a gimp when it’s put on paper, trapped forever, framed, bought, sold, hung on a wall? I like the idea that my rubber likeness could watch over a dungeon or a dining room, like a framed picture of Jesus on Grandma’s wall.

My most recent piece, Rebreathers, blends intimacy and anonymity. The two figures literally breathe the same air through a connected tube, but they’re indistinguishable on the outside. There’s a haunting beauty in kinky sexuality that I wanted to capture, especially when it involves draining one’s mind and identity.

Initially the piece was going to be two full figures, but I found the bodies distracted from the moment. After doing prints with 3 and 5 tones, I challenged myself to use only one tone, one block — and the simplicity really works.

Pup Riley

Chicago Area (USA)

Twitter | Art Website

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