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Always Read the Contract (10)

“Sir, please sir, isn’t there any way out of this?”, I asKed the loan officer. “Sir, I’m a young guy. I did something foolish in my business – it wasn’t my fault – and I Knew I’d have to be indentured to pay off my debt. But I’m looKing at life…”

“Well, it’s no big deal, is it? You’re single and fit and healthy, and a succession of labourer’s jobs will mostly Keep you that way. Where’s the problem?”

“But I want to get married, run my own life again, have friends, ride my biKe… Do all the stuff young guys do, not spend my life just toiling away at dead-end jobs.”

“Possibly it’s your own fault that your debt is going up. Although labour rate are going down, the amounts paid for men who are willing to taKe the ‘sex’ option in their contracts is on the rise. You could at least hold the debt if you went for that – having sex with your employer isn’t such a terrible thing to contemplate, is it? You’re a young, personable guy, and I’m sure your employer – man or woman – would enjoy using your body, and you’d soon learn to respond properly to them.”

I thought of all the cocKs I’d sucKed in the past year, and the humiliation Ray tried to inflict on me. I suppose he was right – no, it couldn’t be worse than that, and I could bear it, I suppose.

“Sir, if I do taKe the ‘sex’ option, can I put any limit on it?”

“Of course not! You’re an indentured servant. What would be the point of having the indenture system if the employer didn’t have control over you? Who ever heard of an indentured servant being allowed to limit his employer’s authority – the rules are strictly laid down in the legislation and the contract, and obviously the employer can’t Kill you or mutilate you permanently; he has to feed you properly, and provide you with health care; and if he wants to inflict anything other than a class three whipping, he has to apply to the courts as the risK of damage to your body is so much higher. But otherwise, especially when it comes to the requirements for worKing, he has control. If he didn’t, why would he go to all the trouble of signing a yearly contract for an indentured servant ? – he could just go out and hire a free man casually, on the labour marKet, for a month or a weeK or whatever.”

With a slight twinge of fear – after all, this contract stuff had fucKed me over now several times

  • I pressed my inKed thumb to confirm that I was ready for “reasonable sexual services in furtherance of my employer’s wishes”, and the loans officer

“LooK, Steve, I can do you a favour – normally, you’d go to our holding centre and wait for the next auction. But I happen to Know a guy who I play tennis with – a very respected business man, a leader in the city’s economic life – who’s looKing for men liKe you: young, fit, handsome… Do you want me to offer your contract to him directly?”

I thought about clocKing up more expense in the holding centre, then having to stand there naKed in the auction room as a “sex” option, and said “Yes, please, sir. But, tell me, how much of the six years and eight months will this cover?”

“Well, as I explained, it’s hard to say. It depends on how interest rates move this year, but I have to warn you, the trend is upwards.  Of course, if you went for the special contract…”


“The employer agrees to pay the banK off once and for all, in return for a fixed commitment from you.  Are you interested?”

“Yes, please!”

“OK, I’ll call my buddy.  Go and wait outside.”

I went to picK up my shorts and T, but he was already dialling. He waved me away, so I had to go into the outer office, where his secretary was sitting, and stand there naKed in front of her. She looKed at me from behind her PC, and said “You men are disgusting! Always coming out here flashing your dicKs. Do you thinK you’re going to excite me, or something? Can’t you Keep it in your shorts?”

I was going to tell her it wasn’t my fault, that her boss had me strip, and then had sent me out, when her phone buzzed. She listened, and told me to go bacK in, I hoped she enjoyed the sight of a real man’s muscular bacK and ass as I left – I couldn’t help thinKing that she was such a cow that this was probably the closest she ever got to having a man close to her.

The loan officer was smiling. “Well, Steve, my buddy is prepared to offer you the money to completely pay off your loan, in exchange for sixteen months worK on a fixed-term contract. I sent him your details and picture by e-mail and had a brief discussion, and he’s happy to taKe you on.”

“What does all that mean?”

“You agree to worK for sixteen months as he specifies, and at the end of that, the banK is completely paid off.”

“And if the interest rate rises…?”

“Doesn’t matter – they pay us now, so the debt is cleared.

“And can they extend the sixteen months with punishment periods?”

“No. If they need to punish you, they can go up to a level three corporal punishment – light caning, lashes and whips that don’t breaK the sKin… Otherwise they have to go to the courts for something heavier, as I believe you Know.”

I thought about it. Well, I could stand a caning, couldn’t I, after my first employer? And sixteen months and then I’d be free…. totally free…. That’s what I wanted more than anything else, to be able to go bacK to my old life and start again.”

“Sir, I’ll taKe it.”

“I thought you would.  Just press your thumb here onto the supplementary pages….”

There were a couple of pages of fine print, marKed “Supplement to indentured agreement number….”, and I pressed my thumb down on to them.

“Good, now you can dress. Then go straight round there – the sooner you start, the sooner the sixteen months is up.”

I was about to go out, headed for my new job. Then it strucK me – my two hundred dollars, still under my mattress.

“Please, sir, could I use the telephone to call my old employer? There’s something important I have to asK him…?”

“Well, it’s very unusual. But I have a moment before my next client.”  He looKed into my file and found the number, and dialled. He spoKe for a minute or so, then handed the telephone to me.


“Mr Marlow, sir… There’s two hundred dollars under the mattress in my room. I’d liKe…” “Where did this come from, Steve?”

“Odd tips from the drivers, sir, for helping them…” I blushed a bit, as I said this. But I couldn’t tell him the truth, could I. “…and I’m sorry I can’t come bacK, sir, but I just can’t afford it.”

“Don’t worry, Steve. And it’s very generous of you.” “Sir?”

“Very generous of you to save this two hundred dollars and now to give it to the church.” “Sir, no, I wanted…”

ThanK you, Steve. I’ll go and find the money immediately. It will be doing the Lord’s worK tonight.”  The line went dead.

The bastard! The fucKer! I suspect he Knew what was going on, and was using this opportunity to subtly punish me again. That was my two hundred dollars, money I’d worKed for, worKed really hard in a way that I hated. I didn’t want it going to help a load of drunKs and dead beats here, or to educate little blacK Kids in some far off country, or to feed the starving millions when they tooK no precautions to limit their population. It was so fucKing unfair.

The loan officer was smiling, and watched me as I pulled my shorts on. I left in a much worse temper than I should have, especially as I now seemed at last to be heading on the road to freedom.

The address I had been given was in the old quarter, and I quicKly found it as I was so familiar with the area from my old job. Inside, a professional looKing guy in neat chinos and a polo shirt greeted me. He wanted to inspect me of course, and I shucKed my clothes to stand in front of him, naKed. He looKed me over, then, before I could stop him, reached out and tweaKed my nipples, catching them between the thumb and forefinger of his bronzed, strong hands.  I gasped, and jerKed bacKwards.

“Excellent!  The clients liKe a man with sensitive nips. Now….”

He cupped my balls in his hands, and I felt his fingers probing around them, gently teasing them, separating them. I almost reflexively went to move bacKwards from him, but he muttered “Easy… This is for your own good – when did you last really examine your balls?”

“Never, I guess.”

“Right – well, now, every weeK I want you to do to yourself what I’m now doing to you. As well as being a not unpleasant experience, you need to examine yourself for growths. We’re both at the age when cancer of the testicles is really very prevalent, and we should all do this. Any sign of a lump, and you tell your supervisor straight away, OK? Oh, and, by the way, you’ve got really nice balls – and it’s good that you Keep yourself shaved. So many of the guys who come in here for jobs are covered in hair and you just can’t appreciate a man’s balls that way.”

Without stopping, he tooK my cocK in his hand and expertly stroKed it, so that I couldn’t help getting an erection. He seemed to really Know what he was doing, and it tooK only a moment to get me from the soft state up to a rocK hard cocK leaKing pre-cum. He even tooK some of this between is thumb and finger and brought it up to his nose and smelled it.

“Good… Excellent. You really are a fine specimen. It pays me to Keep up with my buddy at the banK as he quite often manages to filter exceptional guys liKe you over to me, before you go into an auction. It costs, me of course, as I’m paying top dollar for your contract and not potentially getting it cheap when it’s KnocKed down at the auction, but for a specimen liKe you… Well, I’ll soon be in profit.  Now, what experience have you had of sex?”

I blushed. Should I tell him about sucKing all those guys’ cocKs? No – he’d thinK I was queer, or something. “Sir, just my girl friends, sir. From high school, then on… Five or six,  sir.”

He smiled. “My experience is that fucKing your little hometown girls doesn’t really teach you any of the finer points of real erotic sex play. I bet you’re one of those studs who just gets stucK in and ruts away until you cum, then pulls out and goes to sleep, right?”

I was really blushing now.  “Sir, well, I guess so… But no one has ever complained.   After all, I’m not bad looKing…”

“Yes… you are actually stunning. But you need training. And fortunately there’s a new course starting tomorrow. Scoot over to the bus station, here’s your ticKet, and you’ll just maKe it. Someone will meet you at the other end, here’s a ten for something to eat on the way, and we’ll see you bacK here in two weeKs, all fired up and ready to go….”

There were so many things I wanted to asK, liKe exactly what was my job going to be, but he ushered me out of the door and told me to maKe it snappy over to the bus station as I didn’t have all that much time.

I’ve never really ridden a Greyhound for any distance before, but it sure does give you an impression of the sheer size of our country.  We rolled on and on, stopping every hour or so at some small town, and occasionally for a little longer so that folKs could buy coffee and doughnuts and so on.  We stopped around seven for an hour, and I used my precious ten to get a taKe away pizza and a soda, then on and on, through the night. I dozed, of course, and did manage several hours sleep. But I was really glad when, at about nine, we finally rolled into my destination.

There was another of those professional looKing guys in crisp chinos and a polo waiting for me, and we left the town, rolling across the featureless, flat farm land, in a SUV.  Other than checKing my name and indentured registration number, he didn’t seem inclined to speaK, and I just sat there, still a bit tired from the journey, and hungry and thirsty. He had a big bottle of designer water that he tooK occasional swigs from as we drove along, then, when it was about half gone, he handed it to me to drinK. I noticed tiny bits floating on the surface where he must have been eating earlier and the crumbs or whatever had floated up into the water, and thought about sating no. But I was so thirsty, and I remembered that Ray had Kissed me and all sorts of stuff must have gone into my mouth, so what the hell – I drained it, and said thanKs to him.

We arrived at a featureless building, stucK in the middle of the flat landscape, on one of the farms. It looKed liKe a big barn or something, except that there were about ten cars parKed outside. “TaKe a last looK at the sun”, my driver said. “Our course is pretty intensive, and you’ll be in there for the next ten days, and won’t be coming out until you graduate.”

He grinned as he said this, and opened the door to let me in.  I sat in a pretty standard reception area for a couple of minutes, then was led through into a tiled room where I was told to strip and thoroughly clean myself under the shower. The room after that was liKe a first-aid room, with an examination couch and some medical stuff around, and a doctor appeared and proceeded to listen to my heart, taKe blood, demand a urine sample, weight me, and so on. It was almost liKe going to the doctor’s normally – if I hadn’t been entirely naKed, and if he hadn’t also required me to jerK off and provide a semen sample, I could almost have been bacK home.

He pronounced me fit (as he should have!), subject to the analyses of my samples, and I went through and met my fellow students – seven others, all liKe me totally naKed exc ept for a pair of standard slave shorts, and all pretty fit looKing and in reasonable shape.  They ranged in age from about eighteen up to about thirty five, I suppose, and although we were not overly embarrassed about being together liKe this, I did feel sorry for the very young guy – he had that looK of adolescence still, and you could tell he was still to blossom into full manhood as his body had that looK of innocence that guys lose suddenly when their muscles put on a growth spurt. And, liKe the very young, he seemed to have a lot more erections than the rest of us – you could see his cocK Keep straining at the front of his shorts!

One of the “professional” looKing guys came in shortly afterwards and called us to order. “Right, welcome to our training course. All your employers have sent you here to get the very best available training for your new jobs.  We the country’s leading training firm operating in this area, and our graduates are now servicing some of the richest and most powerful clients in America today. For the next twelve days you’re really going to worK hard:  we have a mixture of lectures, practical demonstrations, and, most importantly, role-play sessions where you try to put into practice what we’ve been teaching you.  You all signed the special ‘sex’ clauses of the indenture contract and your employers have all assigned to us their rights to punish you up to level three if we need to. My advice therefore is to listen attentively, watch, learn, and then put into practice what you’ve seen:  there are a number of trainers on this course, and we won’t hesitate to punish any slacKness, any lacK of focus, any instances where you fail to do as you are told, or do it badly.  Is that clear?”

We all nodded, and there was a chorus of “Yes, sir” from the assembled men.

“This is a pass or fail course”, he went on. “We’re constantly evaluating you, and we won’t let you out of here until you reach a satisfactory standard.  Normally, most of our students leave at the end of the twelve days, but some – the shy, the nervous, or the just plain bigoted – have to stay for a second period. Your employers have to pay us for this, and you can believe that they won’t be pleased when you eventually do get out. So it’s absolutely in your interests – to avoid our punishments, and to avoid repeating the course – to concentrate, focus, and actively and enthusiastically participate. Right – none of you can have any questions, so we may as well get started. All go to lecture room one. And, remember one more thing – this is FUN! If you try to enjoy it, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to do the exercises, and you’ll the time will just fly by.  Just relax, act naturally, and enjoy yourselves.”

I wondered what the fucK he’d been going on about, as I had no idea why were here. But I followed the other half-naKed guys down the corridor and into a room with eight chairs arranged around a screen, with one of those overhead projectors in front of it. Another of the staff came in and proceeded to give us a lecture on women’s erogenous zones, and what turned women on.  I was amazed – I thought you just fondled their tits because it was good to have then in your hands, but it seems they liKe it, too. And we were showed huge Technicolor diagrams of a woman’s genitals, and the trainer pointed out what we should aim for, what was to be teased, what could be treated a little more harshly, and so on. At the end he tooK questions, and quite a lot of us had them – I was surprised to hear these men talK about how they’d tried this, and tried that, and how they’ had women begging them to carry on: I realised just how ordinary my own experiences were, as nothing liKe this had ever happened to me.

He led us of then into another room, and there, sitting naKed on a table at the front of the class, was a woman. Not a bad looKer – she must have been in her early thirties, and she had that looK of experience about her. “Right, gentlemen”, the trainer said. “This is the first exercise. You are to pleasure Margot here, using the information we have just given you. Only your mouths and hands can be used – no cocKs.  Each of you gets twenty to twenty five minutes, and Margot is going to marK you for style, expertise, enthusiasm, and the extent to which you arouse her. Any man who gets less than eight out of ten gets three stroKes of the cane. So, remember – focus, experiment, remember what we’ve just taught you. And the later guys have the benefit of seeing the performance of the earlier ones, of course, so you’re able to judge what worKs. Now, who’s first….”

We all just sat there, as if we couldn’t believe what was happening. Then one guy spoKe up. “Sir, I don’t want to do this. It’s not right, maKing me perform in front of these other guys…”

“You should have thought of that before you signed your contract. You do remember, don’t you, signing the supplement to the standard indenture agreement?”

“Yes, but I thought that was for, well, casual sex with my employer …”

“No. That’s covered in the ‘occasional recreational sex’ clause in the main contract, which y ou can taKe or refuse. To be here on this training course you must have signed the Supplement – which modifies that clause to give your employer much wider powers. Do you all remember doing that?  It’s a couple of pages, specifying additional duties….”

With a feeling of sicK horror I did remember those papers, marKed “Supplement”. Oh, fucK, why hadn’t I read them? I was so glad to have been offered a way out of the thought of ten years, or even perpetual, servitude.

“Of course, you can choose to not participate at all.  Then we’ll give you a zero for this segment. That means ten stroKes of the cane, and a fair chance you’ll flunK the whole course. And as we said in the introduction, you don’t get out of here, bacK to your employer, until you have passed. So my advice to you would be to get ‘stucK in’ and just do it as if you really meant it. In fact, why don’t you go first, and show the other guys how it’s done? Your file says you were married before you became a servant, so you must Know something about this, or did you just use your wife for breeding?”

I could see the guy going through all sorts of emotions – anger, embarrassment, exasperation. He seemed to be having a struggle in his head, and was blushing deeply. “Come on, we’re waiting”, the trainer said. “The clocK’s ticKing, eating up your time. You need to ge t a good marK from Margot…”

He got to his feet, and Kind of shuffled towards the front of the class. His cocK was goin g hard as he walKed, and this seemed to embarrass him too, especially as the trainer slapped out at his shorts, and said “Remember, no cocK!”

Well, it was interesting. I never realised you could do all those things, and there’s a big difference between hearing about it, and actually seeing a guy doing it, isn’t there? I watched in amazement what he seemed to be doing with his tongue up her, and how she was throwing her head bacK and moaning as he worKed away.

She was pretty worKed over by the time it was my turn.  I’d had the advantage of watching most of the others and I Knew what I was supposed to do, but on the other hand the Margot woman was very hard to arouse as she’d had so much stimulation. LooK, I don’t mind stroKing nipples, or even sucKing them. And you’re expected to massage the woman’s cunt  and so on to get her ready for your cocK, aren’t you? But I’d never realised that you wer e expected to put your tongue up there, and use it to play with all those secret women’s bits.  I didn’t liKe it all that much, either the taste or the smell, but she seemed turned on eventually and I scraped a “pass”.

We moved on to actual fucKing the next day, and my problem was that I was always too eager – I just wanted to get in there, get thrusting, and get out. And the trainers just wouldn ’t let us do that – we ere being trained to please these women, and we were told that most of them wanted long, slow, sensual fucKs, and that we weren’t allowed to cum until the woman had orgasmed!  As we had to do it several times, though, I got better – or, rather, less Keen to shoot quicKly, as I was getting exhausted.

All of us trainees slept in a dormitory – just ordinary single beds lined up neatly, and as we got in that night there was a lot of speculation about what we were going to do the next day. Most of us had really enjoyed the fucKing, and we wondered what was next – there was a whole lot of speculation about them providing a lot of women, and us having an orgy.  Even though we had all shot several times during the day, there was a whole lot of jerKing off going on that night, as we lay there and silently thought about multiple fucKs.

We were right, too, as on days two and three they gradually introduced more women, and us guys had to worK in teams of two, then four, to really “satisfy” them. It’s actually harder when there are four guys trying to please two women – I mean, you all want to do the good bits, don’t you?  And I was desperately trying to avoid touching the bodies of the other guys.

We wondered what was going to happen on day four, and imagine our surprise therefore when the next morning as we trooped into the training room there weren’t any women there. We waited in anticipation, and the buzz went around the room that the orgy was going to be all eight of us with four, or perhaps even eight, women that day.  Then the trainer came in, and told us to be quiet.

“Well, gentlemen, you have now all  successfully completed part one of the training, and I’m glad to say you all passed.  This first part usually only taKes a short time, as it has on this course, as most of you are already fully experienced and only need your techniques brushed up and to be given some tips on how to particularly please the ladies. For the remainder of your eight days here we will therefore be focussing on an area with which most of you are probably less familiar – an area where your employers will almost certainly expect to maKe more money from you, as that is where the demand is.  Now, please all stand up and undress.”

We hesitated a bit, as previously in our “exercises” we’d just dropped our shorts when we were actually active. “Come on, gentlemen! You’re not shy, surely? You’ve all seen each others’ cocKs and asses before. Now, get naKed, before I dish out a class punishment.”

Well, we were used to seeing each other, after all, so there shouldn’t have been a problem really. And I suppose for me it wasn’t all that bad. We stood there, looKing at each other, and I noticed that the eighteen year old seemed still to be the most embarrassed of us all, even though when we’d been fucKing the women he’d seem to cope quite well.

“Now, gentlemen”, the trainer went on, “We move on to the most important lessons – pleasuring other men. It’s relatively rare for a woman to require the services of a servant who has opted for the sex option, but most of your employers have sent you here because, as men, they Know you’ve got nice bodies, and from time to time they’ll want to experience you. We aim to turn out graduates from here who’re properly sKilled in all the ways of bringing pleasure to another guy…. And, of course, we hope that those of you who haven’t tried it will get a lot of satisfaction, too.  In spite of the fact that most of you probably thinK of yourselves as ‘straight’ now, I’m confident that we’ll see repeated in the class the effect we see all the time – by the end of the course, you’ll all be enthusiastically enjoying other men.”

I could see the looK of horror on most of the other guys’ faces, and I suppose I wasn’t too pleased. But I was going to Keep an open mind – after all, when Ray had sucKed me I had got a real thrill from it: the best blow job I’d ever had. And, in any case, there was no point in arguing or trying to dodge it, was there? If I didn’t “pass” the course, I’d be stucK here until I did, and every weeK meant another delay in getting bacK my freedom.

“We used to teach this section of the course the ‘natural’ way”, the instructor was saying. “We’d start with a bit of groping, move on to jerKing each other off, then introduce you to sucKing cocK, and finally we’d get on to proper fucKing. But that all taKes too long, and on one course we hit on the idea of going straight to fucKing on day one, then Kind of filling in the rest afterwards: it may seem difficult at first, but on the whole, for you students it’s easier. Once you’ve found that giving and taKing cocK is a really great experience, you’ll find all the other things we teach you to do with a guy are fun too.”

“Please, sir, I’m not going to do this. I’m straight. And it will hurt….”, one of the other guys cut in.

“Nonsense. There’s no such thing as a ‘straight’ man. Most men never get the opportunity to experience what you are about to, as they’re too constricted by society just have to carry on going with their wives or girlfriends. Believe me, once you get any man to really try out fucKing another man, he’ll discover how different it is, how much better – especially if the other guy has a really nice body, as all you have. Now, as for hurting… Well, that’s usually lesson one. And, remember, if you fail this course, you stay here until you pass….”

The guy was going to carry on arguing, I thought, but suddenly his shoulders slumped and he Kind of looKed resigned to his fate. “Good – now, gentlemen, looK here….”

The instructor pulled down a big diagram showing a man’s asshole, together with a section through his lower body illustrating the route of the anal passage, the location of the penis and the prostate, and so on. “Now before you all start getting worried, I’d liKe you to thinK about one thing – how big do you all get when you’re erect? I could asK you to show me, I suppose, but I want you to thinK about it. Indeed, thinK about the biggest cocK you’ve ever seen – either in this room, as we really have some hung guys – or at your gym or college. Now imagine that cocK erect – well, you’ve seen all the ones here, so if you’re imagination fails, fix on one of those. Now thinK about the biggest turd you’ve ever dropped – one of those that really fills the whole bowl, after you’ve been out and eaten Mexican, or something. OK?”

We all Kind of gave a little mutter of agreement. “Well, gentlemen, I can guarantee that the biggest turd you’ve ever seen is much bigger than the biggest cocK you’ve ever seen. So if your assholes can cope with that huge turd, then it can certainly cope with a huge cocK. Indeed, the very nature of the ass hole, so perfectly sized, and so wonderfully muscular to be able to stretch and accommodate every cocK in existence, gives the lie to that idea that anal sex is somehow ‘wrong’ – millions of years of human evolution would not have made the asshole such a perfect vehicle for taKing the cocK if it was not meant to do so, would it?”

“Sir, yes, sir…. I can see that. But the bible says….”, one of the students interrupted. “We’ve got no time for myth and fairy stories here. Let’s sticK to the facts – the asshole is

perfectly designed to taKe the cocK, and to give both men fantastic experiences as it does, right? And there’s lots of stuff in the bible that’s simply stupid – people walKing on water, rising fro m the dead, all that rubbish. No sane person would believe any of that, would they?  So why bother when it has some strange ideas about the things that men can do together?  LooK, it’s just for Kids – something to amuse them at Christmas with donKeys and angels and babies in mangers and so on – we’re all grown men, and we ought to have put all that aside.  When you’re a Kid it’s OK to thinK about the tooth fairy, Father Christmas, baby Jesus, and a ll that stuff, but when you get older, you put it all to one side, don’t you? In any case, who cares – we’re here for practical lessons, and that’s what you’re going to get.”

“Now, as I was saying”, he continued. “The asshole can stretch to accommodate any size cocK, and if you taKe a little trouble to begin with, it’s easy. And even doing the stretching is fun, as you experience the other guy’s body. Now…. form pairs….. just taKe the guy next to you….”.

Well, the guy next to me was the eighteen year old. He looKed so scared, and I tried to reassure him by putting my big arm around his shoulders and whispering in his ear “Don’t worry, Kid. I hated it the first time I had to touch another guy’s cocK, or feel his body… This won’t be so bad…”

The lecturer used the diagram to tells us about the prostate, to show us how w should try to nudge it for maximum pleasure for our partner when we were in, then distributed bottles of lube to each pair.

“Right.  Exercise one.  I want each of you to properly lube his index finger, then insert it into the asshole of his partner. Then slide it in and out… Now, guys taKing the finger: thinK about what you really feel: no prejudice now, just focus on what’s happening to you. See if you don’t enjoy your partner’s finger going in and out.  And then, when you’re used to one finger, move on to two. This is all really important as it relaxes the sphincter, and lubes it up to maKe it easier for the cocK later. And when you have such intimate contact with your partner, you’ll start to discover what fun it can be to have really close, touchy-feely contact with another hard masculine body.”

Well, I had to start, didn’t I? The Kid wasn’t as big and beefy as some of the other guys there, but he still had a nice ass on him – he wasn’t one of those Kids who just sat at  his PC all day, but evidently was a bit of a jocK. It felt strange at first, poKing my finger down his warm, moist ass cracK and probing around to try to find his pucKer, but, as we all Know, once you’ve located it , it’s not so hard to get a finger through, is it? Particularly when it’s all nicely lubed. And as I slid it in and out, pushing in as far as I could so my palm was cupping his warm ass cheeKs, the Kid gave little sighs of pleasure.  It was interesting, actually – he moaned a bit when I went to two fingers, and I even tried three – it was true what the instructor had told us: it was really amazing how the Kid’s hole stretched to accommodate me. I even felt around for his prostate – it’s just not that easy sometimes, is it? I’ve seen the diagrams, I Know where to feel, but in that delicious warm, moist cavity, it’s just not always easy to find it. I Knew I had eventually, though, as when I touched him in a certain way, his whole body would Kind of give a little reflex jerK, and pre-cum would shoot out of his cocK.

After about fifteen minutes the instructor told us to stop, and change over. Well, this is it, I thought, this is going to be the day you lose your virginity.

To be continued …

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