Hi Alexander. It is nice to have you here with us. You’re a great illustrator of pictures and comics. And everyone who is watching your art work realize, that gay sex and fetish seems to be your passion. How does it come?

Hi, it’s great to be here, and thank you very much.

Art and comic books have always been a big part of my life since I was young, and as I grew older I found that what I really enjoyed illustrating the most was men. It is something that I learned to do on my own and I was heavily influenced my comic book and cartoon art. As I became more interested in sex in my own life, I found that I wanted to draw this more and more in my art, and thus my love for drawing hot gay sex was born.

When I first began, I would mostly draw vanilla sex scenes of twinks and jocks in oral and anal positions. But I have always had a very vivid and wild imagination, and so very soon I would expand into more creative and fetish related illustrations.

Now these ideas and images come to me very easily, and almost every day I have new ideas in my mind of dirty and depraved sexual situations I would love to draw. There are many examples of this in my recent work, including scenes of gang-bang group sex in prison, daddy and son sex, rubber pup fetish sex, toys, piss play, bondage and much more!

My mind is always full of these kinds of ideas, and illustrating all types of gay sex is truly my passion. I could happily draw twinks/jocks/men having sex every single day for the rest of my life.

What is for you a good motive to draw? What has it to show, and which kind of feelings should it carry to the beholder?

For me, there are two good motives to draw.

The first is an expression of the desires I feel inside me, and I can let them out and visualise them with my artwork. This is more personal, and often quite erotic drawing a fantasy that makes me aroused, and being able to ‘live’ the fantasy in my head as I draw it.

The second motivation for me is the reaction from the beholder. If I know that the person viewing my artwork is getting enjoyment from it, especially sexual enjoyment, then that motivates me to draw even more. Because my artwork is designed to excite and arouse the viewer, I feel motivated to draw even more exciting situations when I know that my work has the desired effect.

So your illustrations are like an insight into your “dirty” mind and desires. What are your kinks, what does attract you, and do you live them?

Yes, that’s correct. While not all of my illustrations are necessarily my desires, a lot of them are. People may be able to learn some of what my desires are by looking at my work, particularly in regard to sexual acts involving oral and anal action. And they will most definitely get an insight into my dirty mind. 

Even in the illustrations that aren’t my particular fetish, I can still sometimes incorporate something that is appealing to me since I am creating it from my own mind. As an artist, I am able to draw a fetish or situation that may not usually appeal to me, and because I almost ‘live’ it in my mind as I draw it, I am able to find things within them that I can appreciate. 

As I mentioned earlier, I do have a very vivid and wild imagination, and an appreciation for many kinks and fetishes. But in contrast, I myself have much more mainstream desires in reality. I do like to indulge in a little kink with my partner from time to time, and I have a particular fondness for sportswear, football (soccer and American) kit and rubber clothing, but mostly I’m just attracted to and turned on by a good-looking naked guy! 

I think most people have fantasies, which makes them really horny, but they never would live it. The majority have them when they are wanking, and you have it while you’re drawing, 🙂 You have a great job! 🙂 Can you show us one of the pictures which is showing such a fantasy, and can you tell us what of this fantasy is attracting you, and what are the aspects why it will not become reality?

Thank you! I certainly do love my job, and that I get to live my fantasies as I draw is a very nice bonus indeed.

There are so many to choose from, but one fantasy in particular that stands out to me is from a comic book I created called “There’s No Place Like D-Wing”. In this story, a young jock gets used and abused by all the inmates of a prison. One by one they take turns to fuck his ass, treat him like dirt, stretch him open, and fill him up. In this picture here, you can see the result of all the action as the prison warden looks on.

I think what attracts me to the fantasy so much is that for the jock, he gets to have all these sexy men just using him purely for sex and their own gratification, and secretly he loves it. And for the men, they get the pleasure of treating him like a dump, and they get to watch each other doing it. So being a versatile person myself, I can enjoy it from both sides.

This would obviously just be a fantasy, of course, as I’m sure sex in prison would never be as glorified or as enjoyable as this. I imagine in reality it’s much more sordid!

In the last years, you’ve drawn a lot of different fetishes in your comics. Is there any fetish which you like most to illustrate, and are there also fetishes which are easier or more difficult to draw?

I have certainly been drawing a lot more fetish related art in the last few years, and a lot of variety too. I think it’s something that fans of gay art really love, especially since with art there are very few boundaries and no limit to what you can create. Really, the only limit is the artist/writer’s imagination.

I can’t say there’s any one particular fetish I have enjoyed drawing the most, as I’ve enjoyed drawing them all in different ways. But very recently I drew some fisting art for two different clients, which was very new to me, and I enjoyed trying to figure out positions and good-looking angles to really showcase that fetish for the clients.

A few years ago I also began drawing rubber fetish artwork for the first time, and for me I think that is the most challenging to draw as the look of rubber is quite difficult to capture in my art style. I’ve tried various different ways to get a good glossy/shiny effect that rubber has, and to this day I still haven’t quite settled on a look/technique for drawing rubber that I’m 100% happy with.

Do you have any movies in your head you haven’t been able to draw, or you still don’t know how to draw them? Could you share these ideas with us?

Most ideas I’ve been asked to create, or ones I have thought of myself, I have been able to create without too much trouble – so far at least! I’m sure it’s possibly that one day in the future someone may commission me for something that I really struggle with and end up tearing all my hair out LOL. 

But as I touched upon earlier, that’s the great thing about art. There really isn’t much an artist can’t create, and the possibilities are endless. Using reference is always a great tool for artists too, if there’s something you’re struggling with then reference material is extremely helpful.

Occasionally, if I’m struggling to get a position just right, I will ask my partner to take photos of myself and then use those as reference. 

Photos of you in sexual positions? … Great!!!! … You should share them with us. 🙂 Let’s talk about upcoming projects: What will be next? With what will you excite your followers and fans soon?

LOL mostly they are just photos of mundane non-sexual positions. Mostly 😉

I have some very exciting projects upcoming over the rest of the year and beyond. Firstly there will be a collaboration with Class Comics, with my illustrations to one of their stories, and I can tell you that this story is full of extremely dirty, depraved, and smoking hot fetish sex. The artwork for that is all finished and the book should be released sometime soon.

I’m also currently working on a brand new comic book of my own entitled “Super Hung” which is a superhero themed story. This will feature some very colourful characters!

Beyond that, I have plans for another comic book series set in space, and this will feature lots of unusual, unique, depraved, dirty, fetish, and just plain hot sex between humans and many different alien species! It should be a fun project and hopefully a very arousing one for the beholder too!

Wow, sounds you’ve a lot of work at the moment. For us, it is great that we can read soon some new of your kinky comics. Btw. Where can our readers see and buy your artwork?

Yes, I’m keeping busy at the moment with lots of projects, but I totally love what I do so in this case I’m very happy to be busy 🙂 Readers can see and buy my artwork at any of these links: