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All in a Day’s work

A report written by slave 437353.

For a long time i managed to hide the fact from my co-workers that my MASTER is, in fact, my MASTER.  They all thought that i was just another gay man with a long term partner, and everyone was always very friendly with HIM.

But then, Jeff, who is one of my co-workers, a straight Man who always says he has “lots of gay friends”, met my MASTER on the street one day.  They started talking, and Jeff suggested that They go get a beer together, which They did.

i do not know what happened in that evening, but when HE got home, my MASTER was pleased with the events of the day.  HE said to me, “I have a suspicion that tomorrow things are going to change for you at work.”  i did not know what HE meant.

The next day, when i got to my office, my desk had been moved.  Formerly, i had had a private corner of the office, but now my desk was moved back into a store room, next to the office used by my Boss.  The room has no window and a solid door, and when the door is closed and the lights are off, the room is pitch black.  my Boss told me that, to save space, They had moved me back there, and that Jeff would “explain things to me.”

Jeff took me into the store room, and showed me that my desk and computer had been moved.  While i was looking at the desk, Jeff closed the door, then locked it (the door has a deadbolt that can be locked, with a key, from both outside and inside).  i noticed that my desk chair had not been moved, and i started to ask Him about it, but Jeff said, “Just shut up and listen, faggot.”

Jeff walked over to my desk and sat on the edge of it, then told me to get on my knees in front of Him.  The way He said it made me realize that He knew that i was a slave, and so i walked over and dropped to my knees.  i looked up at Him and watched a smile break out across His face.

“Okay, faggot, here is how things are going to be. You have a new job in this organization.  You are not only going to do the work you have always done, but you’re also going to be the office slave.  You’ll work in this room, and you will not be allowed to leave this room without permission.  And, you will work naked.  Strip.”

i looked at Jeff in shock, and He raised His voice:  “I said STRIP, faggot.  NOW!”  i jumped to my feet and without thinking said, “yes SIR!”, as i would for my MASTER.  Jeff smiled as i quickly peeled off my clothes, until i was standing before Him naked.  He looked me up and down, particularly looking at my cock cage, brand and slave register tattoo.  Then He pointed again at the floor, and i knelt in front of Him.

Illustration by Theo Blaze

“Your MASTER has explained what you are to me, and from now on, you are going to be treated exactly like what you are.  Over time, more and more of the men here will learn what you are, and if they are interested, they will be given a key to your door.  But for now, there are only a few of us who know what you are, and you will be of use to us.”

Jeff stood up and opened His pants, pulling out His Cock.  it was relatively large, uncut like my MASTER, and somewhat hard.  He pulled back the foreskin and said, “Open your mouth, slave”  i opened my mouth, expecting Him to shove His Cock in, but instead He started Pissing into my mouth.  though surprised, i gulped down the first stream and kept swallowing, making sure to get every drop.

Jeff finished Pissing, then slapped my face with His Cock a few times.  As He did so, His Cock got harder, and soon He shoved it in my mouth, and told me to suck Him off.  i started licking the head while He fucked in and out of my mouth, tasting that His Cock was not particularly clean but cleaning it for Him with my tongue.  Jeff loved the attention, and it did not take long before His Cock was rock hard, and He was pounding my throat.

Suddenly, He pulled out of my mouth and, breathing heavily, said, “Bend over the desk.”  i did as He ordered, and He shoved His Cock in my ass  i gasped as He sunk it all the way in with one long stroke, but i felt His Cock respond and heard Him moan in pleasure.  Soon, Jeff was fucking me hard, and i could tell He was getting close.  A few more strokes, and He shot His load in me, telling me “take that cum, you fucking slave!”

Once He had Cum, Jeff pulled His Cock out of my office and told me to “clean it”, so i dropped to my knees, took His Cock in my mouth, and gently licked it clean.  Jeff let me lick His Cock for a bit, then shoved me away and stuffed His Cock back in His pants.

“So here’s the deal, faggot. You are going to do your work the same as ever – we will email you whatever needs to be done, and you’ll take care of it.  Since you’re a slave, you will not be allowed to use valuable office furniture, but will kneel at your desk at all times. And any time that door opens, you will do whatever the Man who walks in wants.  You don’t get breaks, you don’t get to go to lunch.  You are here to be our slave.”

i looked up at Jeff and said the only thing i could say:  “yes SIR.  thank YOU SIR.”  Jeff smiled again, turned and walked out of the office.  I heard the deadbolt lock once He left.

i got to work but had a hard time focusing, instead thinking about what i had been told.  i tried to figure out who were the other Men in the office who would use me.  i knew Jeff was close buddies with a guy named Dale, so figured He would be in on this – but who else?

it was not long until i heard a key in the deadbolt, and i turned toward the door, dropping my eyes to the floor as my MASTER had taught me.  The door swung closed, and the deadbolt was locked from the inside with a key.  A pair of dress shoes appeared in my field of vision.  Suddenly, i heard a voice:  “So it’s true, you really are a fucking slave whore!”  i gasped, realizing that the voice was that of my Boss!  but i quickly recovered and said, “yes SIR.”  i heard His zipper as He unzipped His pants, and then He stepped closer.  “Suck my cock, slave.” He said,

i looked up at His hard, cut Cock, jutting out from His business suit pants.  He had thrown His tie up over His shoulder, and His jacket was open.  i opened my mouth and leaned forward, and felt His Cock slide into my throat.  my Boss held His Cock in there, and i felt it thicken even more as i sucked and licked it.  Then He started fucking my face, first gently, then more violently as He got more into it.

As I had suspected, Dale stopped by later that morning.  i could not believe it that these three straight Men (the Boss and Dale were married, and Jeff had a long-term girlfriend) were getting off on using a faggot slave like me.  But i loved it, and i knew my MASTER would be pleased.

At lunch time, the three of Them brought Their lunches into the store room and locked the door.  They pulled up folding chairs i had failed to notice, and sat down to eat, each with His pants open.  as They ate Their lunches and talked, i went from Man to Man, sucking Their Cocks, licking Their Balls.  my lunch that day consisted of three loads of Straight Male Cum, and Their Piss to wash it down with, along with the crusts of Their sandwiches.

At the end of the day, i was not released, and waited, still working, until everyone else had left the office.  Then Jeff came to where i was and told me to follow Him.  i got up and followed Him out of the store room, feeling funny about walking around the office naked.  But i knew the other employees must have been gone by then, and that it would be safe.

Jeff lead me into the Men’s room, and pointed at the floor between the urinals. There was a large pool of Piss on the floor. “Someone obviously had bad aim, slave.  Clean up that mess NOW!”  i got on my knees and started lapping up the Piss, as Jeff pulled out His iPhone and took pictures.  Then He had me clean the urinal with my tongue.

Suddenly, the door opened, and one of the janitors stood in the doorway.  The janitor looked as surprised as Jeff did, but Jeff told him to come in.  He stood there looking at me, kneeling between the urinals, naked.

“This is our office slave.  it is going to keep the bathroom clean, so you guys don’t have to clean it any more.  In fact, with the time you save, maybe you can also use the slave for other things.”

The janitor looked at Jeff and said, “Like what?”

Jeff smiled, “This fucking slave whore loves to suck cock.  Why don’t you let it suck you off?”  The janitor looked at me, then at Jeff, then at me.  Although he was hesitating, i noticed his cock was growing hard in his overalls.  i stayed where i was as the two of Them discussed the situation, and suddenly the Janitor walked over and shoved His hard Cock in my mouth.  i started sucking Him, and He also moaned with pleasure.  it did not take Him long to get rock hard, to fuck my face, and to add His Cum to the other loads already inside me.

When He was done, Jeff said, “This slave whore is yours to use, and any of the other Janitors can use it too.  Think of it as a job perk.”  They both laughed.

That was about a year ago.  Since that time, there have been a lot of changes in my office.  The three women who worked there all left, and have been replaced with guys.  Everyone there knows what i am and why i am there, and They all use me.  Some want head, some want to use me only as a urinal, and some fuck me  Between the 8 Men in the office, the three Men on the janitorial staff, and the occasional client, i am kept busy.  the storeroom door is no longer locked – in fact, it is often left open, so the Men in the office can stand in the doorway and see who is using me.

And it is not only sex and abuse. The Men in my office like to go out for lunch, and when They do, They take my credit card, and i pay for Their lunches.  i do not get to go with Them, of course, but They often bring me back doggie bags of table scraps, which They feed me, followed by Their Piss and Cum if i am lucky.

Recently, my Boss had a client in His office, and He brought Him into the store room to see the office slave.  The Man was incredibly turned on, and said, “Fuck, I NEVER get blow jobs, my wife won’t do it.”  My Boss gestured at me and said, “Be my guest”, and i gave the Man a long blowjob, taking two loads down my throat.  Afterwards, as He leaned against my desk, breathing heavily, my Boss said, “I guess that means we got the contract!”  The Man laughed and said, “Yeah, and it also means I’ll have to stop by often to monitor progress on this project!”  They both laughed, and my Boss told Him to “stop by anytime, we have nothing to hide.”

my MASTER sometimes stops by, and likes to watch the goings-on in my new office. The Men i work with are all very complimentary to HIM, telling HIM how well trained HE has me, and that They appreciate that They get to use HIS property.  Sometimes, my MASTER will even take off HIS belt and beat me, then watch some of the Men use my mouth and ass.

my work used to be the one place where i did not feel like a slave, where i could be like the other Men int he world – but i always knew that that was wrong.  and now, i live as a true slave, even at work.  it is degrading and humiliating, and i am treated as a whore, a sub-human worthy of no consideration whatsoever.  i frequently end up staying late, after everyone leaves, to finish the work i did not have time to do during the day, or to do the work my co-workers are too lazy to do Themselves and have ordered me to do.  The janitorial staff often stops by during those evenings to use me as well, and of course i comply.

my Boss recently told me that this is no longer a job, in that i do not have the right to vacation time, to any leave, and to look for other employment.  “This is just an extension of your slavery, cunt” He told me.  i asked my MASTER about it that night, and my MASTER said that HE and my Boss had “come to an understanding.”  i knew that meant that HE was getting paid for how i was being used.

i sometimes find it difficult to believe that, in 2015, i am living the life of a true slave.  i am one lucky slave.

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