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About Skater Boys, Sneax, Sox & Feet

MasterMarc: Hi Alex. Do I have to do a formal curtsy if I talk to the “first lady” of the well known german porn label Sk8erboy? I think I haven’t. But it is nice to have you here with us and to talk about the fetish scene I have grown up: Skater boys. Are you a real skater or just a fetish skater? And what is the attraction of skater boys?

Alex:ย Hi Mastermarc, thanks for the invitation to have an interview with you. And for the first meeting a kiss on the hand is enough. ๐Ÿ™‚ย I’ve grown up in a small town in Germany and I wasn’t really one of the soccer players and definitely not one of the sporty guys. But I have always loved to watch the guys in the half pipe skating. Cool guys on boards wearing hot baggy pants. Myself I never got to be an active skater but their style has become mine.


Sk8erboy’s First Lady


i sneaked off to the locker room to secretly try and wear the baggy pants and the sneakers of my favorite skater boy!

MasterMarc: I totally understand you, Skater and Snowboarder look sexy, that is the world I’m coming from too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you tell me, what the sexual attraction of such boys are for you?

Alex: For me, such guys always stand for a completely different lifestyle. Almost a kind of break-out from the “normal” world in which I grew up. It was a fascinating world I wasn’t part of. It has become my desired world as they also have had a very active community. They met for skating but of course also for other social activities. It was the time they have smoked for the first time and also drank their first beers. It was my wish to become part of this world. And then to see the boys to take off their Osiris or Air Max sneax after a long day on board made me really horny.

My desire has become so dominanting that during a sport lessons I sneaked of to the locker room to secretly wear the baggy pants and the sneakers of my favourite skater boy. That made me feel as part of the community.

MasterMarc: Now you have really to tell us what the next steps have been? How you have started to live your kink not only secretly?

Alex: The next years I’ve spent a lot of time online. I chatted with boys who had the same fetish and desires as I have had. The internet has made it so much easier to find guys who like the same. And then I’ve had my first date with a real skater boy. Wow, he was so gorgeous wearing shiny baggy pants, fat osiris sneax, a cap, a XXXXXXL t-shirt and shiny boxer shorts. We met at a cocktail bar near to my home town. We drank some cocktails and our sneax cuddled under the table. than he has taken of of his snakers off and has put his warm and sweaty foot in this nice smelling socks into my move. I was really excited and so I started to massage his foot.

MasterMarc: Seems that you are a good submissive boy. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i hope the experiences have become even kinkier after that first experience.

Alex: It was really the start of a kinkier life, you’re right. I met more and more boys. Some of them have been skaters, others have been soccer boys or guys in boxing gear. I’ve noticed that I’m more into that than i thought. But to be honest, I was still too shy to visit fetish parties. For me it was a game between me and one, probably two other guys, but nothing i want to share in public.

MasterMarc: I know that has changed totally and you are also organising skater events with your boyfriend. What would you say are the typical sexual actions of skater boys? 

Alex: I would say it is a typical fetish in which the clothes are important. So at skater parties most of people are in skater gear and you rarely see someone naked. Of course if have a perfect sex (รคhem sorry, six) pack or other great attributes you can show them. ๐Ÿ˜›

Most of the boys like also the action in gear, sometimes calm and tender, sometimes wild and rough. Of course the sneakers and also the white sox are important. But please don’t wear fresh socks. They have to smell a little. And shiny boxershorts are great. Often fucking is less important that the right gear and of course the right brands. I know, we are a little different, but it is amazing and horny.

Believe me, every boy has his own smell of sneax and sox and to exchange the smells, but also the clothes, so that your nose realise that there is another hot guy around. As you know, the olfaction is really important in every sexual life!

MasterMarc: That is also the important action in the movies of It was really for a long time the best known skater boy fetish porn label. But it seems that you aren’t doing a lot of movies anymore. Can you tell us why?

Alex: You’re right MasterMarc, it got really silent around Sk8erboy. It isn’t easy to find good, reliable and authentic boys who want to act in skater porn. That was easier as the skater fetish was extremely popular some years ago. But we are now working on two big movie projects. As German porn label we have the goal to produce movies in a perfect quality and we will tell a story. We don’t really like the fuck only scenes, it has to be more than just asses and dicks. But it is a lot of work and if you plan a production weekend with 10 guys it is hard if most of it change their mind at the last minute.

But Sk8erboys is doing more than just porn. We are a community and that is really important for us. You can join us every year for a Sk8erboy camp in the mountains or visit one of our hot parties. We are so proud that it has become a party with many international guests. It is the place to meet, socialise but also to smell other guys while you’re having a drink, dancing around and of course we provide also places for action. At the last party during cologne pride we have guests from all over, from mexico, paris, manchester, milan, istrael, etc. …. and of course with a lot of horny German Sk8erboys. ๐Ÿ™‚

MasterMarc: Would you say the skater boy fetish is still popular? In my eyes it is but it becomes more and more connected to the pet play fetish. How do you see that?

Alex: It has its own evolution. Of course as I was young I was totally into skater boys as you know, but also my desires have changed. I have become also interested in other fetishes. But you still see a lot of skater boys on the streets, of course baggies aren’t so popular anymore, but they are still skater boys, they live their life style and that is good. Of course the skater fetish is one, you can combine with a lot, you can wear baggy pants but than a rubber top, you can be a skater dog, you become a bounded skater victim or even a slave. We are open and that is something which is important. But of course, a boy in baggy pants and Osiris sneax will always make me horny. ๐Ÿ™‚

MasterMarc: After having told all the soft experiences you have had in the beginning we would like to know what have your kinkiest, hardest and horniest experiences been?

Alex: Hey, you know that I’m a little bit shy …. ok, ok …. Of course in all the years I’ve had a lot of real horny encounters. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course I’ll tell you about one of my best experiences: After 28 days in chastity i was visiting one of my best friends. He knows what I like and so he has bound me on a chair and also my arms has been fixed. Of course i have been gagged and blindfolded all the time. Than he started to play for many hours with my nipples, i was forced to breath his smelly sneakers and sox and much more has been done. … I don’t have to tell you everything ๐Ÿ™‚ … After twelve very hot and demanding hours during which I have been tortured and used he started to milk me, first slowly than faster … You can imagine what happened … , I’ve never seen me cum so much. I just wanted to cry and to moan in this moment but I wasn’t able, as his dirty sox have been still in my mouth.

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