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About Kidnapping Fantasies

A talk with Michael (28) about KIDNAPPING FANTASIES. Illustrations made by the fantastic kinky illustrator Frank Fellows, who has done also several of the comic strips we present on sadOsam. You can find his work and also an interview with him here.

MasterMarc: Hi Michael. Great to have you here with us. Before we start talking about kidnapping fantasies I would like that our readers know a little more about you. You’re a 28 years old Pup from the south east of England. When have you felt that vanilla sex isn’t enough for you and that your needs are much kinkier?

michaelspence-1611Michael: Thank you for having me. I’ll get the same old stats over first. Like you said I’m 28, am 6ft4/6ft5, 80kg and size 14uk feet (about 48 Euro). I live in Seaford which is about 12 miles east of Brighton. Kinks are pup play, rubber, leather to name a few of many.

Vanilla sex for me, which can be very good, has not ever made me “scream the house down” per say. Like some I started discovering my kinks/fetishes around 16 years old which I think started with the Winter Olympics and some of the gear they wear and cyclists then on to skin tight gear.

At about 20 years old I brought my first piece of gear which was a rubber surf suit. Was working weekends and going to collage at the time so like most I believe I lived with my family.

I discovered websites like recon and rubbermen (now rubberzone) and some time later I had my first gear meet with a guy called Neil in Hastings area who is no longer with us. He had gas masks, pieces of rubber gear etc and that’s when it all started.

So whilst I do enjoy vanilla play sometimes still, on the whole I would prefer kinkier if I could choose.

MasterMarc: I think that most of our readers understand totally why you would choose the kinky action. Today we want to talk a little about kidnap fantasies. I think it is a fantasie a lot of people have. Could you tell us a little about your fantasies? How do they look like?

Michael: The short answer is i get interrupted from the same old rut. My standard one is I am doing the same old chores and whilst I’m outside someone with gloved hands covers my face so I can smell the leather or rubber whilst they lead me off somewhere secluded. That is my standard one.

My dream fantasy involves me out and about again with a vehicle big enough to put me in the boot ideally driven by men in rubber or leather (think the biker robots from doctor who episode smith and Jones). I’d get tided up and hooded in a gas mask whilst being ‘sexually assaulted’


MasterMarc: Why do you think that kidnap fantasies have such an attraction for bottoms?

Michael: Several reasons spring to mind.

The power exchange by which after some initial struggle perhaps a person is degraded to the same level as a object. No opinion, hardly any free will and there purely because of the needs, wants, desires of someone more powerful than themselves similar to that of a slave.

There is also the idea of having a total stranger do what they want to you. No inhibitions as they would do what ever they want. I imagine it would provide such a rush and way to try a few new things like if they have never been fucked barebacked or done by multiple people. I know we are talking about fantasies only here.

Finally there’s the anywhere but here train of thought or wanting a break from boardom. I can recall whilst working wanting a swat team in full gear to come and pin me down so things would have a change of pace plus men in full swat gear mmmm. I’m sure there are loads of other reasons which I imagine differ depending on the person.

MasterMarc: So it seems to be a situation in which the power exchange is totally: It is a stranger, it comes without announcement, it isn’t consensual, it is an abuse, danger and violation are part of it, … , does that really sound like a desirable experience?

Michael: In real life, of course not. We are just talking about fantasies and maybe some role play, the later I myself wouldn’t necessarily do on a first meet. However linking into anonymity aspect I can see the attraction of delving into more adrenaline fuelled meets without the meeting someone new a the nervousness that some experience.

Assuming we are using the same hypothetical bottom from previous questions then yes, very desirable. Tied up, forced to suck one or two or more penises, maybe pissed on is a situation to know some would love to be in, even me.

As said earlier, at the time there may be a rush for both top and bottom. For the top seeing something/someone you want to do and taking it, for that moment making it yours to do with as you will. For the bottom which we did cover in previous its surrendering their will and accepting the inevitable.

Whilst some out there having thoughts like these may feel naughty or guilty for no reason they don’t have to.

It’s thoughts and fantasies like this as well as my enjoyment in gear play that me and my other half enjoy a open relationship. Also it is a bit of a turn on for us.


MasterMarc: Have you ever had an experience which has satisfied more or less these needs and desires we have described? 

Michael: Whilst I have been tied up, pissed on, throat fucked, suddenly started playing with no warning and more I would have to say no.

We are talking about fantasies like when I was a teen watching kidracerX clips I believe no fantasy can ever be truly fulfilled.

With some variables involved it would be hard to act out like how you want. Whilst I’m sure it can still be a great scene for those that it happens to rather that be daydreaming a s.w.a.t team interrupts you work routine to frisk you or getting tied up in woods. Replicating those same thoughts and feelings together is very unlikely in these circumstances.

Also the reality of something like that  happening to me in real life is quite low here in Seaford which is a small town.

Mind you if I was asked to act it out in a porn film say then I reckon I’d give it a go.

MasterMarc: Do you think it is possible to make this fantasy comming true during a date? Or let me ask this way: Does somebody who is meeting up to get raped really get raped …. as it is consensual?

Michael: As you have asked two questions I shall do my best to answer both.

For the first I would say yes it is possible. As with any situation involving role play and escapism its partly a mind game. As a example you can be walking in the countryside or woods then suddenly be kidnapped. Maybe not on a first meet but should those involved talk about fantasies (which people should do more often in my opinion so long as it’s not illegal) and know it’s a option then if executed right I reckon is possible.

Sudden and unexpected whilst maybe ensuring the victim knows what’s going to happen to them. Grab them by the crotch and fondle whilst doing it maybe. There are so many ways to go about this and everyone has their own tastes.

So basically yes, I think it is possible. As for the rape question is reckon it’s not possible with constant as to me that’s comes under meeting to get used and abused.


MasterMarc: What do you think about involving a 3rd party to make a kidnapping scenario possible, for example a close friend of the “victim”. As he knows the life of the guy who wants to get kidnapped he can organize it much better. So the kidnapper could be a stranger to the “victim” but he is under controle and guided by the friend of the “victim”.

Michael: I’m all for those. Of course it varies from individual and you mentioned two different scenarios.

Me I would be up for both but if there are people unknown to the ‘victim’ then they would need assurance before they get too distressed perhaps. With a good top in charge the I’m sure it can be a great experience for all involved.

Of course there are several relationship questions that spring to my mind like are they in a open relationship or what would the third party be willing to do? So whilst I would be up for the idea of a third party involved it would probably need planning a fair bit before it happens.

Plus with my height I may need two anyway.

MasterMarc: Hehe. Also tall guys have to suffer! 🙂 Fetish & SM are really spicing up our sexuality and many things are possible. Important is, that it is well planned and that it is consensual. Do what you want but take care of you and as top even more of your subs. It was great to talk to you and I’m sure we will continue soon.

You can find Michael on Twitter and Recon.

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