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A pig slave’s life

Hi knotch. You call yourself a pig. I know you’re a pet player but can you tell us, what makes you a pig?

pig has a huge affinity for filth and depravity. it enjoys submitting to dominant folx and getting up to filthy sexual activities for the pleasure of others, such as drinking spit, licking a pair of dirty boots clean, engaging in impact play, etc.

when pig was around 19, it had a friend who liked to beat on pig’s ass with paddles and canes. He was the first person to refer to it as a pig; “pain pig” specifically. Something about the way He talked down to it during our play sessions really turned pig on, and through our playdates, He helped pig to feel less embarrassed about the sexual activities pig enjoys; the title and identification of ‘pig’ stuck in its mind ever since, and its become something pig has grown to embrace and love, as a way to identify within the LGBTQ+ community.

Can you tell us why you’ve felt embarressed about your desires and needs?

Pig grew up in a very sheltered household; it knew nothing about gay culture or history until it left home to go to college. Pigs family was not overtly homophobic, but it grew up in a conservative small town, and the local culture was not kind to those who did not conform to Cis Hetero norms. pig did not feel it had the space to be able to act and live as it wanted, until it was able to move to the city, where it discovered the LGBTQ and kink communities. Pig discovered that it could indeed be what it wanted to be, and that it had no reason to feel any sense of shame or embarrassment over submitting to others in the ways in which pig enjoys.

I think for many kinksters to move away from family is kind of a liberation. They feel able to live not only their own life for the first time but also to be what they feel that they are. In which direction has turned your life as you moved out?

As pig progressed through its schooling, it was diving deep into various aspects of gay & kink life, and pig had come to realize that it really enjoyed subservience. Pig was growing less and less interested in its degree and future career path. The idea that it could be anything it really wanted to be was intoxicating. At this time in pig’s life, it was renting a room in a kink positive household. Pig was playing with its roommate regularly. It was around this time that we began to actually start dating. From there, He became pig’s Master. After earning His collar, pig knew that this was what it wanted to do, and be. We eventually got married to eachother, and pig ultimately left College and its day job behind, replacing it with sex work and a lifestyle centered around submitting to Master and making His life as relaxing as it could.

Leaving college and job is a big step. Can you tell us a little more about the slave life you’ve had? Why was it worth to do that step?

College and its minimum wage job were both causing pig a tremendous amount of stress, and its mental health was suffering. pig came to realize that it didnt want to drive itsself deep into debt to earn a piece of paper that would allow it to get a job somewhere, to hopefully work its way out of that debt. Pig had seen too many of its peers earn degrees without being able to find work in their studied fields. And the customer service industry is its own sort of hell. Pig was working at a Starbucks and found the experience there to be degrading and thankless in ways that pig did not appreciate. By contrast, submitting to its Master in a more serious way relieved stress from pigs mind, and left pig feeling much more content and at peace. pig had discussed this all with its Master and We decided to take our D/s relationship to a deeper level.

Master began to train pig in a more formal manner. We renegotiated our relationship and wrote it all up into a D/s contract which we both signed. pig was expected to present itsself in specific ways; it had expansive instructions on how exactly it was meant to keep His house clean, the sorts of meals pig was to prepare for Him, acting as His chauffeur and driving Him whenever He needed to go somewhere.. There were behavioral protocols that Pig would follow. Whenever we were out in public, pig was to stand to Master’s right hand side, a half step behind Him. Pig was meant to open all doors for Him. At home, pig had a certain spot on the floor near His chair where it would kneel, eyes lowered. Pig would go to this spot and wait in this position whenever Master was home, until/unless He released pig from this position to allow it to move about the house more freely. There were protocols for most facets of its life under Master, and pig truly found happiness living in this way; He took care of the important human stuff and pig was able to live full time in pet headspace.

How deep going was your D/s relationship and how dependant have you become?

Our relationship went very deep, and pig Depended on Master to act as the breadwinner of our household, though pig was making a bit of money through sex work. pig was allowed and encouraged to have its own friends and was given permission fairly regularly to leave the house to visit and play with them. Master was not too fond of going out to the bars or social events but pig was always allowed to engage with the community and participate on its own. so while it considers itsself to have been pretty deep into the D/s lifestyle, pig was allowed to maintain a sense of independence.

Now you’re a free pig, you aren’t anymore your Masters propiety. What are you missing most?

Indeed, last year, pig and Master had come to realize through a series of serious conversations that our needs and preferences had evolved. We are still married, but we decided mutually to end the D/s elements of our relationship. Pig decided it was best to move out of His house, to give us both more space to explore ourselves as individuals. Pig used to get a huge sense of satisfaction out of completing tasks for a Master, more so than doing things just for itsself. What pig is missing most, these days, is taking care of folx it loves, and making them feel happy, relaxed, and satisfied.

Seems you’re a real service pig. Nice. In which direction have your desires and needs developed? What kind of pig slave life would you really love to live?

Pig is a very social creature. As pig has gotten older, it has grown to find socialization with others in the kink community to be very important for its own happiness. Pig really enjoys performing on command for folx and being shown off; its Husband, however, was never as interested in being seen as the Master He was, publicly. He was worried about how our home life might negatively impact Him in His career. pig would love to be in a place where it could submit and live under a sort of code of protocols while also being more publicly visible.

So you would love to go deeper into TPE (total power exchange) and becoming a total slave in life? Can you tell us about the attraction of it?

Indeed. There is something very alluring to pig about submitting itsself completely to another. Pig finds a sense of freedom in the simplicity of the lifestyle. The problems of the world hold less weight when priorities are focused around serving a Master. Worries and concerns are more localized; being under the control of another person allows pig to accept and be at peace with things out of pigs control much more easily. it is a comforting headspace to be able to live in. pig thinks its very similar to puppy play in this way. Pig thinks of it as a sort of meditative experience; one is afforded a lot of time for introspection when working hard on a daily task list, or from playtime as a pup or pig.

Oh yes, we have still to talk about your pig existence. Even if pigs are clean animals they have a dirty image. How dirty are you?

haha yeah. This pig definitely feeds the stereotype of pigs being dirty creatures. When pig was just starting to go through puberty, it came to discover that pig got a huge sexual rush out of engaging in taboo behavior, though it was still too young to understand what it meant. Pig started experimenting by itsself with watersports and scat play in secret in the bathrooms at home and school. Pig knew the behavior was “wrong” but it couldn’t help but to continue experimenting. As pig got older, and learned more about sex and kink, pig came to realize that it was not the only one who did these sorts of things. Once pig had come to realize that it is gay, it began to date and find other dirty things to appreciate, like the intoxicating scents and tastes of sweaty armpits, ass and feet.

What is the attracton of piss- and scatplay and what are your favourit activities in these fields?

It supposes pig likes playing with piss and scat because it knows that most folx are repulsed by it. Pig gets a huge sexual thrill out of doing ‘disgusting’ things in front of other people or on camera. Pig has a humiliation fetish and loves being exposed in depraved ways.

Pig loves being used as a toilet; it loves drinking piss, having Men piss inside of its asshole, being pissed on, being made to piss itsself, especially in public. With Scat play, pig also enjoys being shit on and having it smeared over its body, as well as consuming it; While pig enjoys piss anytime, pig needs to be in more of a specific mood/headspace to enjoy Scat play.

Hehe, a little scat eater. Do you remember the first time you got feeded?

The first time it tasted another’s scat, pig was with a friend who enjoyed ABDL activities. We were hanging out and at a certain point He made it known that He had had an ‘accident’. Pig sheepishly planted its snout up into the seat of His jeans, and it was clear He had shit himself. He knew pig played with its own scat, and so He had pig lie on its back and He sat on pigs face, forcing pig to breathe in the scent, while talking down to pig in a sexual manner; teasing pig for getting enjoyment out of the situation. After a while He decided it was time for Him to get changed into fresh padding, but He “forced” pig to lick up some of His waste before the old diaper would be thrown away. before this experience, pig had only ever played alone, and very few folx knew that pig enjoyed scat play at that time.

That experience gave pig a huge adrenaline rush; pig felt pride, shame, humiliation, and a sense of accomplishment all at the same time. it was a complicated, but positive emotion

Humiliation and dehumanisation seems to be a big turn on for you in general. Can you tell us more about your desire to be a dirty kind of subhuman? What gives you the good feeling by living it?

Dehumanization is a big focus for pig, indeed. Living life through the lens of being less than human, has helped pig to stay a little more grounded in humility. Ironically, living and thinking of itsself as subhuman helps pig to feel like it is a ‘better person’. It also helps pig feel good about itsself, because it feels like it is living more honestly with its own emotions, as a subhuman as opposed to an ‘equal’. The desire to be Dehumanized publicly has fueled many facets of pigs life. it is the inspiration behind all of its tattoos, as well as body mods, like pig’s ear tag.

The ear tag makes you look like a livestock and your tattoos look like a living manual for slaughtered. What was the idea and motivation behind?

Pig had drawn inspiration from a number of different pieces of artwork it had seen. Pig wanted to start getting tattoos that could be interpreted in sexual ways while trying to maintain a sort of originality; pig wanted something unique for its ink; it landed on the idea of having butchers lines and labels as tattoos, as it hadn’t seen or found any imagery of anyone having such tattoos dedicated over the entire body. From pig’s perspective, the tattoos work on a number of levels and fed into its desire to be publicly identifiable as subhuman. Pig gets a huge sense of arousal thinking about being seen as “just a piece of meat” to others. Objectification.

The ear tag came more recently. Similar to the tattoos, the tag was something that seemed to be unique to anything anyone else had actually done in real life. The tag feels like a natural extension/accent to the existing tattoos, and helps to further drive the idea of pig as a subhuman, subservient creature.

It looks real piggy. Btw. I am used that there are boys talking in the third person of themselfs but I know there are people reading this interview asking why you do that. Could you explain it?

For pig, the answer is sort of two-fold. Pig communicates in the third person as another way in which to express itsself as a subhuman object. But it is also a way that pig can express the way it feels about its gender. Pig is Non-binary; it considers itsself to be agender, as opposed to male or female. Using it/itsself or pig as a way of speaking helps pig feel more emotionally honest with itsself. Pig wants to be absolutely clear, though, that being non-binary and using it/itsself as Pig’s pronouns do not and should not imply that other non-binary folx are subhuman or lesser than others. it can be a delicate line to walk for pig sometimes.

knotch the pig

Washington | USA

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