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I was born a piss boy!

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A Talk About Flows & Streams of Piss

MasterMarc: Hi Goldenboy. You’re a very kinky guy living in the UK and you are a real lover of piss games. Can you tell us how you do you have discovered your love for golden showers?

Goldenboy: Hi MasterMarc, Well ever since I can remember I have had a fascination with piss. Growing up I would have fun peeing outside and love the warm wet feeling of peeing myself, then as a teenager as I started to become sexually aware it just naturally developed into something sexual an incredibly erotic for me. so I guess you could say I was born a piss boy!

MasterMarc: I understand what you mean. It is kind of natural to play with piss for boys. I think most of us have such experiences but why do you think do still a lot of people have a disgust if they become confronted with the idea of piss games?

Goldenboy: Growing up it’s often imposed upon us that bodily functions are something dirty and private, and a taboo subject. Sadly a lot of people still have this stigma attached as they grow up. However it’s really just a natural part of our bodies function, I’m sure everyone has experienced the pleasure of finally letting a nice stream of piss flow when they have been bursting for the toilet. We are designed to find pissing a pleasurable experience and piss is actually sterile when it leaves the body why shouldn’t it be something we can respect, have fun with and get enjoyment from?

MasterMarc: You’re totally right. Probably we have also readers who can not imagine, how to integrate piss in their sexuality. What have your first piss games been like and can you tell us a little how they have developed?

Goldenboy: Yes of course. As with most fetishes we tend to start off tame and expand our experiences. For me it started by a little solo play, pissing over myself when I was in the bath or shower, then I thought it would be fun to piss while wearing my underwear or swimming trunks. It was a real turn on for me just to let go and piss myself, the feel of the wet warmth soaking the fabric next to my skin before dripping down over my hole felt amazing. Knowing that I was doing something a little bit naughty made it all the more exciting and erotic. Then I got curious of how piss tasted, so of course has to satisfy that curiosity too!

MasterMarc: Can you give us an insight into your hottest experiences you’ve had?

Goldenboy: My first experience with another guy was in fact with two other older guys. As soon as I arrived at their house they stripped me off naked, led me out into the garden sat me in a chair and both drenched me from head to toe in their hot piss, after that they took me into the bedroom where I spent the rest of the evening on the bed being pissed over and fucked alternately by each of them, pausing briefly to refill our drinks to produce even more piss!

Another time I met up with a lovely young guy one beautiful summer evening, took him outside to a local barn where we had sex on the hay, drenching each other in our golden nectar, before having my first pissfucking experience as I pissed inside his hot hole. It felt amazing to fuck his hole with my piss squirting back out over my raging hardon and smooth tight balls. It was a beautiful and amazing experience, one I’ll never forget!

MasterMarc: That sounds like hot experiences. 🙂 I hope you have had even more of them. 🙂 Btw. do you drink also piss of other guys? 

Goldenboy: Haha yes a few nice experiences! Somehow sex without piss for me is a bit like sex without an orgasm, incomplete! Yes I love to also drink, preferably straight from the tap. there is something so intimate and intense about swallowing another guys piss.

MasterMarc: Do you think that to receive piss is an expression of submissiveness and that it can also be humiliating?

Goldenboy: For me it’s the intimacy of it and yes perhaps a little submissiveness too. I don’t personally find it humiliating as being more of a bottom piss boy I enjoy it so much! But I can see also that a piss top could find it a great way of humiliating his boy.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little bit more about the feelings and the excitement you get if somebody does piss on you or if he forces you to swallow his piss? Are there also different ways to do it which have different effects?

Goldenboy: That’s an interesting question, there is a certainty an eager anticipation as I wait for his piss flow to start, the excitement of wondering how those first few drops will taste, how strong it will be and then to feel the warmth of it trickling over my smooth body is amazing. Some guys it’s an intimacy thing, sharing each other’s warm fluids is very erotic and sensual. If it’s more submissive and being made to drink, then I feel I’m doing my duty as a good bottom piss boy to gulp it down to every last drop to please the giver.

MasterMarc: How is good piss tasting? Have ever been a bounded during a party? 

Goldenboy: The taste of piss can vary quite a bit of course depending on what the giver drinks. From almost like water for clear piss to quite strong and salty for very amber. I like it somewhere in between with a little flavour to it, but suggest for guys starting out tasting their own or another guy’s, drinking plenty of water or beer/larger is good. Also drinks with artificial sweetener in can make it taste quite sweet. My piss always smells very appley when I drink cider so I’m curious to see how that tastes! I have never actually been bound during a party but I’m always very open to new ideas and experiences so would certainly give it a try, I was put into a cage once!

MasterMarc: Just once … we would have to change that, boy. 🙂 But I think about those experiences we will have to talk another time. Last but not least what is another hot piss fantasy you have in your mind you haven’t done yet, and why not?

Goldenboy: Haha, yes definitely have to change that!

Ooh I have plenty of fantasies involving piss and more, one would be to be at a sex party with a funnel inserted into my hole, a piss gag in my mouth and just to be used all night long as a toilet!

Another would be to be pissed over by a whole team of sweaty footballers after a match, get absolutely drenched in their warm golden streams, tasting the different flavours, before being used as a cum dump for them all! As to why I haven’t done those yet, well just waiting for the offers – which I’ll hopefully get “streaming” in now!

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