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You can’t act being in pain

An interview with KRIS BLENT, a porn actor and winner of the Prowler Award 2016 as Best International Porn Actor.

MasterMarc: Hi Kris. First of all congratulations. Some weeks ago, you have been awarded as “Best International Pornstar” at the Prowler awards. It was a big party at the Heaven in London and of course it is a big honour to get this title. How do you feel now?

Kris Blent: Thank you so much for asking, i feel amazing, actually. I never would have expected to win over all of these amazingly great guys. Even being nominated was such an honour, but winning was huge for me. I love doing what i do, and getting rewarded for it in this beautiful way is just everything I could ever have wished for.

MasterMarc: How was the party after you have got the award? I’m sure it has been hot and wild. 🙂

Kris Blent: The afterpaty was really great. The sun slowly started to come up again when i finaly hit my pillow?. London is a very nice place to go out clubbing.

MasterMarc: Sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun. 🙂 Can you tell us, how does it come that you have become a porn actor? 

Kris Blent: I always wanted to do something creative instead of just a normal 9 to 5 job and I also love a little bit of attention so i tought: why not becomimg a porn model… Doing the thing I love most: HAVING SEX .. Meet great people and have a job thats so diffrent from others.

MasterMarc: I agree, sex is something important in life. But not all sex is same fun. Let us talk first about your sexual life in front of the camera. What do you think makes you unique, so that you have won this award? 

Kris Blent: I don’t know what makes me unique, there are so many amazing guys out there who really enjoy the business, sex and being in front of the camera, all I can say is that I enjoy my work very much, enjoy my fans very much. I don’t think that I act sexy in front of a camera because the way you see me on the screen is just how I am in real life. haha. I am sex and i sweat porn through my pors?. I think i won the award because people love to see me being myself … A little bit crazy and a little bit sexy.

MasterMarc: We have seen you in softer movies but also in fetish movies? What do you prefer? And what is the role you think you’re best in?

Kris Blent: I really love doing fetish movies a lot… Specially because there is no way you could “act” like you’re in pain or hurt… So if I suffer on screen, then just because I actually am. I think that makes great scenes, and I’m all about making great scenes? But I love doing “normal” scenes as well, just because you can make that more “pretty” and steamy. Doing fetish stuff can definitely turn me on but watching fetish doesn’t. I think the scenes I did for Boynapped turned out pretty good, but there was no acting hahah and in staxus vanilla movies there is. So It’s hard to say what I’m best in… What do u think?

MasterMarc: I think your question is easy to answer for me, as I don’t really like vanilla porn. 🙂 Some days ago, you have published a picture on twitter on which you’re doing a medical check up. As longer as more people want to watch bareback movies. What do you think about?

Kris Blent: I think that’s normal… I prefer bareback as well. I think it’s much hotter to watch people really interact skin to skin. Having the feeling of real flesh inside you or around your dick. In personal life I almost always use a condom, so I usually really look out to having sex with a “bare fuck friend” haha (someone who I trust and who I know about his testes and his number of sexual partners”. Some condoms even hurt me inside sometimes, haha. Am i crazy, or is that normal? ?

MasterMarc: I think it is better not to answer to your question. 🙂 Do you think that the porn industry is seriously taking care about the health of the actors?

Kris Blent: Some do… and some don’t… Some diddn’t and do now.

MasterMarc: Sounds a little like a lottery. You are in a lot of your movies a real power bottom. Also in fetish scenes you are mostly the bottom. But now we want to know more about the private Kris. What kind of sex do you like personally?

Kris Blent: Hihi, in my personal life am I almost just the same as in the movies. In person, I can make up my own positions and in scenes I can’t because I have to follow the orders of the director. Beside of that, I’m exactly the same. I think I even started to do porn because my boyfriends and fuck friends always called me “my little pornstar” so yes… In person, I am a very active bottom as well. I do top sometimes, but not as often. I love to make it hot steamy and sexy, I love hard, wild sex. I also like it when my partner “makes” me do stuff and if he pushes my limits.

MasterMarc: Ui, that’s interesting. 🙂 What do you think about the new scenes you’ve done with Ashton for Boynapped? Was it hard enough for your personal needs? 

Kris Blent: I like the scenes very much. It was really intensive to shoot as well! It really felt like a rape for me haha and i liked it. There was a straight reporter working for a radio station on set, and he could not believe his eyes and ears. ?

MasterMarc: If you would be the storybook writer of a real hard and kinky movie with you as bottom/slave, how would this scene look like? 🙂

Kris Blent: Hmmm, i think my story would be about me being in jail. One night like 4 or 5 gangsterish guys all with a lot of tattoos and huge big fat dicks will come to my cell, only take their dicks out of their pants and force me to suck them and then they fuck my ass really hard and rough. They would talk dirty to me the whole time and treat me like trash, call me things like… IDK… Dirty whore hahaa? And all cum inside my ass one after the other. When they are done, they just leave me in my cell covered with sperm.

MasterMarc: Uhhh, you should really become a storybook writer of your own movies. 🙂 Last but not least, can you tell us, which are your favourite three non fetish scenes you’ve ever done?

MasterMarc: Hey Kris. It was a great pleasure to talk with you. I am sure, we will see us again and talk more. I wish you a hot and sweaty summer and all the best for your career in front of the camera.

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