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Super Bowl Party (9)

I figure the best way to wait for Danny and Garrett would be on my knees, so I’m kneeling facing the door when they finally come into the bathroom to enjoy their “prize.”

“Well, well, well,” Danny says. “When Rob invited me to this party I had no idea I’d have a faggot to myself for a while. Did you know this was going to happen?”

“No, Mr. Danny,” I responded. “Master Rob knows I will do what he wants, and I trust him not to go too far. Beyond that, I can’t really say much. I’m sure you understand.”

“Rob’s a lucky guy. Not only are you useful to him, you actually get it. Good boy.” Then Danny turned to Garrett. “You gay, dude?” he asks. 

“No, but this sure has been a turn-on for me,” Garrett responded. “I can’t believe how excited I’ve been getting all day watching this guy get used and treated like property. It’s so fucking hot.”

“Speaking of hot,” Danny says as he lowers his shorts. “Lick those balls, faggot.” 

I start to lick his balls, averaged-sized, but I’m no snob. I was always into all types of guys before I realized my true calling, and now I never would think of denying service to someone Rob sent to me. Not my place.

“I take it you’re gay?” Garrett asks Danny as he takes off his tank top and slides his shorts to the floor. 

“Yeah, at least now. Didn’t figure it out until a few years ago. Caught my roommate checking me out after a shower,” Danny said as I continued to lick his balls. “I asked him if he like what he saw, and he said yes. So I basically jumped him and shoved his head on my dick. He gave me the best blow job I ever had, and after I shot my load down his throat I instinctively dropped to my knees and hugged him. You know, just to thank him. I realized I was holding another guy and freaked out. But the next day we talked about it and he made me realize that maybe my instinct was what I was meant to be. We ended up doing it almost every day the rest of the semester, and we slept in the same bed every night.”

“Damn,” Garrett said. “If I caught any roommate doing that, I would have fucked him raw right then and there and raped his ass every day afterward. I have nothing against gay guys, but be honest with me. Sneaking peeks at my dick when you’re my roommate isn’t cool.”

“Well, this one’s honest,” Danny says, gesturing toward me. “Maybe you can use some attention.”

“Fuck yeah,” Garrett said, turning my head toward him and sliding his dick into my mouth. “So you want to just get off, or should we have a little fun with this fag?”

“Well, we have the third quarter, and it will go by fast if we don’t start taking advantage of the time,” Danny answers. He hocks one up and spits right on top of my head as Garrett’s dick is gliding in and out. It slowly slides down my forehead, and the sight of that kind of excited Garrett.

“You got any more for him?” he asked Danny, who responded by spitting on my head again, this time leaning down and planting it right on my nose. 

“Rob said there was lube in here. You think we should really make him our bitch?” Danny asked, but it wasn’t really a question. He reached for the lube. “Toys or the real thing?”

“Well, if we use toys the faggot’s cunt won’t be as tight for us,” Garrett said. “But there are lots of ways to have fun with him.” With that, Garrett pulled his dick out of my mouth and began slapping my cheek with it. I have no idea if this feels good for guys or not, but it always got me excited. I love it when a guy smacks my face with his dick, or my tongue. But I have no idea if they do it because it feels good or because it’s a turn-on to use their hard dicks to smack fags. Whichever, I don’t care. I was enjoying it.

“Good point,” Dylan said. “So how ’bout we spit-roast him? Which end do you want first?”

“Doesn’t matter if we’re going to trade holes every so often. So I’ll stay where I am,” Garrett said, returning his dick into my mouth. For the first time, he shoved it all the way in and grabbed my head, making me gag. “Fuck yeah,” he said, pulling my head into his crotch until he got what he wanted. The fluids covered his dick and streamed down on to his balls. 

“Damn that is hot,” Dylan said. “I’m not big enough to do that.” I’m thinking that’s a good thing if he’s going to be the first one up my cunt. If I’m going to get a lot of action today — and I can’t help but think I will before this party is over — I’d like to work my way up. 

Just then Garrett reached down below me and put his hands on my chest. He finds what he’s looking for and gives both nipples a hard twist at the same time. I yelped in pain and went into whimpering mode. Hey, if it turns Master Rob on, it might do the same for other guys. But it just made Garrett do it again. More whimpering.

“Don’t be fooled, Garrett,” Dylan said. “Guys who like to be treated like that whine a lot as part of the show for the dominant guy. He’s loving it.”

Encouraged, Garrett now went from twisting one, then the other, back and forth until I felt like he was going to twist them right off. I almost cried out, begging him to ease up. Bad move.

“What the fuck is going on in there?” Master Rob yelled, pounding on the door. “Open up.”

“Nothing, Rob. I was just tweaking his tits while Danny got ready to fuck him,” Garrett said. 

“Then why the fuck is he so loud? He should know better. Faggot, front and center,” Master Rob commanded,

I crawled over to him and kneeled straight up, eyes locked on his navel, waiting for what was to come.

“So, suddenly the faggot has forgotten the rules,” Master Rob said. “You stay quiet while you’re being used. Nobody wants to hear your faggot whining.” Now I know that’s not true, but it’s all part of the game, magnified by his desire to show off for his guests.

“I guess I have to show them that you can keep quiet,” Master Rob continued. He reached down with one hand and grabbed my left nipple, pinching and twisting it at the same time. My face revealed the pain, but I made no sound. He did the same thing with the right one, then both of them.

“See, faggot? You know how to take what you have coming to you,” Master Rob said. “So what happened?”

“I’m sorry, Master Rob. I don’t know what came over me. I guess I thought since it wasn’t you — “

“Dumbass faggot. Any person I turn you over to gets the same treatment I get. Did you forget that?” Master Rob was genuinely angry. “Bend over, hands on the sides of the toilet.”

I do as I’m told, exposing my almost-bare ass to the three of them. 

“You’re the ones he didn’t show proper respect for, so you’re the ones who get to punish him. Make that ass red and then get back to using him as you wish. He won’t give you any more trouble.”

Damn right I won’t, I thought. Master Rob exited the bathroom and Danny and Garrett just stood for a moment, looking at each other. 

“You’re wasting time,” Master Rob yelled from the other side of the door. Within seconds, Danny was on my left and Garrett was on my right, administering my just punishment. The best way to spank me simultaneously was for Garrett to use his left hand, and I’m guessing he’s right-handed because Danny’s blows were a lot harder than Garrett’s. I whimpered each time either of them came down on me, but I really meant it when Danny smacked my left cheek while I was kind of acting for Garrett’s benefit when he hit my right one. 

When they got to 20 the stopped and examined their handiwork. Sure enough, Danny’s side was more red than Garrett’s, but each seemed satisfied. 

“Back on the floor, fag,” Danny said. “I know you need a load.”

Lots of them, I thought. But Danny was only concerned with one, and he shoved his dick into my ass hard and just held it. Unlike Garrett, he’s had experience fucking guys, and he knew damn well that would hurt and that I couldn’t scream again. And he also knew that I would be impressed by his strength and interest in hurting me as much as pleasuring himself. And I did have immediate respect for his manhood as I waited for him to begin thrusting.

Meanwhile, Garrett had lifted his dick and pulled my face toward his balls. His were bigger than Danny’s but not outrageously large or anything. So I lovingly licked and lightly sucked them, running my tongue underneath, until Danny pulled back and rammed me again. The assault on my barely-lubed pussy was rough and jolted my head off of Garrett, and, fearful of biting him, I held my head up for a bit while Danny found a rhythm. 

HIs rhythm was brutality. Hands on each of my hips, he basically pulled me on to his dick over and over. My body was flailing about, not really in control of my movements in response to his drilling. 

“Fuck, dude, I’ve never seen anything like that,” Garrett said. “And how often have you had sex with two other people?” Danny retorted. Garrett, suddenly uncomfortable with the idea that this counted as sex, turned bright red and said quietly, “Only once. And we were a lot nicer to her.”

“Well, this is what a faggot is for,” Danny said. “Look, guys date. We do. We go to dinner, we go to shows, we go to clubs, we have quiet evenings at home. But fags aren’t like other guys. They exist to serve real men, gay or straight. You don’t have to worry about their orgasm, you don’t have to buy them dinner, you don’t have to cuddle afterwards. It’s just a cumdump, and a urinal, and a spittoon, you use it until you’re done, then you leave or send it away. Everybody man, gay or straight, should have a couple of faggots around.”

Garrett smiled and Danny went back to ramming my pussy with his average sized but very effective dick. Garrett went into face-fucking mode, not deep enough to make me gag but deep enough to maximize his pleasure. 

“Hey, I’m getting a little close,” Garrett said. “Time to switch?”.

“Sure,” Danny said, slamming his dick all the way in one last time, smacking my ass and then pulling out, a bit too quickly for comfort. “Enjoy. But you might want to add a bit of lube to your dick. I didn’t use much on his faghole.”

Garrett took the advice and got behind me. “Do I just shove it in?” he asked Danny, who was amused by his new friend’s unfamiliarity with fag-raping. “You do it however you want, dude,” Danny said. “Remember, he’s just a faggot.”

Garrett tried one angle, didn’t get very far, then shifted a bit and slid his dick in me. It wasn’t all the way in, and Danny knew what was going on.

“Just keep it inside him, dude. Go in and out as far as you are now, but keep poking the head where you’re hitting him and push just a bit. He’ll welcome you inside soon enough.”

Garrett was not the type that had trouble picking up women, so it must have been a little strange for him to be getting sex tips from Danny. Then again, if Danny mentioned he was giving sex tips, Garrett would have objected. This wasn’t sex, he was thinking, this is a guy. Am I raping him? he thought to himself. Well, he is Rob’s slave, but how did that happen? Was this voluntary, or am I somehow aiding and abetting something morally wrong? 

“What is your problem, dude?” Danny asked. “Just rape the faggot’s pussy already.”

A gay guy using that word to describe what he was about to do seemed strange, but it also seemed to make it OK. And Garrett shook off his doubts and jammed his dick into my cunt, but unlike Danny he didn’t hold it in. He immediately settled into a pace and fucked me good. 

By this time, Danny was in an equally steady pace at the other end, and with his dick being a bit smaller than Garrett’s this was defintiely the easiest way for me to handle the two of them. Even so, I could feel myself being transported to that place where you’re barely aware of what’s going on, when your eyes roll back and the only thing that matters is getting those loads. I try to grab Garrett’s dick with my ass as much as I can, but he’s oblivious to anything I’m doing. And Danny needs no help; one time he said “Tighten those pussy lips, fagboy,” and other than that he quietly but methodically went about his business.

“Fuck, dude, I’m going to blow!” Danny said, barely a second before he actually did. He pulled out and shot his load all over my face. It has been a long time since I had that much cum on my face, and Danny was pleased with himself. “Looks good, faggot. And you remember what Rob said, no cleaning up!” Of course I remembered.

“Come one, dude! Breed that pussy!” Danny urged on Garrett, who needed no urging, just a bit more time. Danny reached down and started tweaking my nipples, already sore from the earier attack, as Garrett got closer. “You enjoying this faggot? My load on your face, a straight guy’s load going into your faggot cunt? A dream for bitches like you,” Danny said. Of course he was right.

Hearing that probably helped push Garrett over the edge, as his long swimmer’s body began to convulse as he unloaded deep into me. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” he shouted as his precious fluid went deep inside me, his balls slapping against my ass a few more times before he was spent. 

“He’ll clean you off,” Danny said to Garrett, who looked confused. “Silly straight boys,” he muttered, pushing me until I turned my body around to take Garrett’s wet dick into my mouth. I gently sucked him off until he was clean. “That is so hot,” Garrett said. “I never had that before.” “See what happens when you tell a chick to do it,” Danny grinned. “Fags know a man doesn’t want any faggot ass juice on his dick after he’s done, so they automatically clean it off. Part of the service.”

I’ve been doing that to anyone, gay, bi or straight, who has fucked me since my old master trained me to do that. And yes, on a couple of occasions I was the first person to do that for the guy, which surprised me. But I love being the first to do anything, and you have a much better chance with straight guys. Most women just don’t do very much, I had learned. 

“Damn that was amazing,” Garrett said. “It wasn’t bad, dude,” Danny answered. “Pretty hot watching you destroy his ass. But now I need to piss.” 

I knelt down to face him, but he shook his head. “No, fag. Not that way. Lose the apron and kneel in the shower.” I did as I was told, and Garrett looked amazed as I did. “You’re not going to … ” he said, but Danny did exactly that, aiming his dick high in the air and letting his warm piss stream hit me in quite the arc. Then he lowered it and splashed my face some — washing some of his cum off of me in the process — and then down my chest and stomach and to my own pathetic little dick. He emptied what was left in his bladder on my crotch, which, of course, wasn’t good for much else anyway.

“I think we used him pretty good, dude,” Danny said. “You need to piss?” 

“I can force myself,” Garrett responded. And Garrett moved over to the shower and tried. Oh, he tried. “Nothing’s coming. I mean, I don’t have to piss bad or anything, but I know I have some. What the fuck?” 

“Stage fright,” Danny said. “It’s not normal to piss on someone, and your brain doesn’t want to do it. The first time I tried to piss down a faggot’s throat I got nothing. I was so pissed off. I finally gave him a few dribbles, but it sucked. I wanted him to swallow like a gallon out of me. Nothing worse than a fag getting all condescending with the “It’s ok, sir” crap, like a woman with a guy that can’t get it up. Sucks. But it happens.”

Just then, Master Rob knocked on the door. “A minute left. You guys should get out here now.”

Danny and Garrett put their shorts and basketball jerseys back on and headed back to the living area. I was kneeling in the shower, smelling of Danny’s piss, Garrett’s cum leaking out of my pussy and not sure exactly what to do. “That means you, too, faggot!” Master Rob shouted. I stood up, put the apron back on over my panties and headed out for god-knows-what.

To be continued …

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