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A Straight Slave Gets Forced To Get Fucked By Men

Tightlyrubberd | 1974 | 175 cm | 73 kg | USA / Germany

I wouldn’t consider myself a fag but guess thats a matter of opinion.

Twitter: @tightlyrubberd

MasterMarc: Today I’m talking to a sexy mistress and her straight slave. Belive me, she can be demanding and she has some special desires. She loves that her heterosexual slave gets fucked by men. Before we do talk to the slave I really have to ask the mistress about their motivation for such kind of action. Hi Mistress Susi, how does it come that you let other man fuck your slave, who is considering himself as straight? What is your motivation and how important is the humiliating aspect of it?

Mistress Susi: Hi Master Marc, that is a good question 🙂 There are several reasons why I like forced bi so much. The humiliating aspect is only one part of it, sure it is important but most important to me is to have my slaves brainfucked and influenced so much, that they are willing to do something like that. Many of them are or have been gay phobic. With some of them it took years to lead them the way to do something with other men. Others will do it quite fast for me. I feel that most would never have done it unless influenced by a powerful Mistress.

MasterMarc: I understand totally, that Susi loves the psychological challenge to turn straight guys into pussyboys for men. It is a symbol of real devotion, if you can bring others to do things they would say is against their nature. Good SM which is lived long term is a mind game. But now it is time to talk to the straight slave. I know, there are several who would tell me, that he isn’t as straight as he says or that he is a gay who doesn’t dare to admit it to himself. I’ll ask him: Are you gay? Do you like to have sex with men?

MasterMarc: For how long are you serving your mistress and what kind of relationship do you have with her?

Tightlyrubberd: We met online last feburary. I contacted her about shooting with her as a rubberslave. We met in march for our fisrt shoot. It was amazing fun and we had a good connection. Over time we met more and more to train and shoot clips. I thought i was big into latex but after meeting her, i knew she was even more a rubberist. Her collection was huge and i knew i wanted to be her slave. Over time we built on our connection and she eventually made me her personal slave. Our clips became very popular and even added regular cam shows. When we first met i was just a rubberslave but shes very much into rubberdolls. She encouraged me to start my transformation.

It was all new to me. Being feminized in latex. So it took time to get comfortable with that role. Our rubberdoll clips are some of the most popular

MasterMarc: Tell us a little about your feelings you’ve had as she started to feminize you. 

Tightlyrubberd: I have never been into fem. Latex. Its very popular. Dolls and sissys but never interested me. When she brought it up, i wasn’t interested. She showed me clips and pics of other dolls she made and kept pushing. Seeing how much it pleased her, i agreed to give it a try. It was still full rubber. Just with some changes. I got the doll catsuit with boobs. High heels. Rubber corset. Pony tail hoods. Even latex lingerie. The make up part was a bitch!!

Once i got fully dressed as a rubberdoll, it became addictive. Not only the transformation but her playing and training me as a doll..

MasterMarc: Wasn’t it humiliating to become a female bitch? And Can you tell us a little about the training as doll? 

Tightlyrubberd: It was somewhat but being a heavy rubberist, viewed it more as a rubberobject for my mistress. Part of being in full latex is how it transforms ones identity. Similar to when i started. Was a rubberslave or gimp. Anonymous under the tight shiny rubberskin. It also helps getting into more types of play, such as being with men. It was alot to get trained at. Wearing and walking in heels. Putting on makeup. The corset training. Even getting used to the weight and size of the breast in the suit. Over time all got more natural but what kept me motivated was my mistress being pleased and enjoying me that way.

MasterMarc: MasterMarc: but now you’ve really to tell us how does it come that hetrosexual guy like you becomes a little fag? A pussyboy who is there to give with his two holes satisfaction to real men …

Tightlyrubberd: Well, i wouldn’t consider myself a fag but guess thats a matter of opinion. Once im fully transformed into a rubberdoll, i have to do everything my mistress desires. She fully enjoys her doll to be used by her and who she chooses. Already she has loaned me out to a doll we met at a fetish convention. She is also into forced bi and has lined up several males for me to serve and please. Im getting more and more used to being used as a female rubber object.

MasterMarc: How was it to get fucked by a man for the first time?

Tightlyrubberd: The 1st time i was fucked by another guy, I was super nervous. It was not planned. I had just gotten a new fucking machine and a top friend was helping me break it in. It includes a bondage stockade so once on it, was helpless. I was extremely turned on by it and he took advantage to start playing with me. We had played some but never sex. More rubber domination. He got in front of my head and i couldn’t resist when he slid his rubber covered cock in my mouth. Being used by the dildo on the machine and his cock in my mouth felt great.

MasterMarc: But have you also been fucked by men in your ass? And how was the feeling, if you compare it with the fucking machine?

Tightlyrubberd: I have a couple times. The same top that helped me with the use of my new toy also fucked me after taking the fucking machine portion off. I wasnt expecting it. I had played and used butt plugs alot but like the dildo on the machine. It feels very different. Im glad i was loosened by the dildo on the machine. It was quite a shock at first but was very turned on so let it happen. It only happened that night and 1 other. My mistress has 2 guys lined up and keeps my ass trained with her strap ons and plugs

MasterMarcWould you love to have more of such experiences?

Tightlyrubberd: In latex i get into soo much more. The fact she is excited and wants it for me, also adds to my interest and need

MasterMarc: What are your ditiest fantasies and would you love to be even more forced to become be the pussyboy of other men?

Tightlyrubberd: They all involve being helpless in latex. Longer and longer kept in it. Holes filled. No way out. – As long as i sealed in total tight rubber and it pleases my mistress that I get fucked by other men …. Yes!

MasterMarc: What is the special kick of it?

Tightlyrubberd: When i’m sealed in full rubber i get sort of transformed. The latex covering seperates me from alot. Sort of being another person or object. Allows me to get into many things, i would not do out of it. Being used my another guy is one of them. When her rubberdoll, the tight latex gets me very aroused. She like keeping me in chastity as well. That adds more to my horniness and need for sexual release.

MasterMarc: Chastity is an important tool a master has. What kind of effect does it have? As the dick is the symbolic of a man, what does it mean to be forced to wear a chastity cage?

Tightlyrubberd: I have several cage style chastity devices and the My-steel untouchable full belt. Wearing any of them puts me in the perfect slave mindset. Giving my cock and ability to pleasure there to her is perfect. I get increasingly horny as time passes and she delights in teasing me to make it worse. The feeling of it alone is true submission. Then knowing she has the keys and i have no access to my own cock is such a rush. For both of us.

The full belt is the hardest being so restrictive and heavy. She uses the different ones for different times

MasterMarc: For the majority of the heterosexual world men are still the strong sex. Their dick is in command … From this point of view, what does it mean to be enclosed, to be the pussy who gets fucked? Are you still a real man?

Tightlyrubberd: Its a wide range of emotions for me. Sometimes I am extremely aroused. Others get down from lack of attention in it. Having no access to my own cock is extremely important to being a owned slave. Being used in chastity is quite the rush. It forces me to focus my pleasure from being used. I consider myself a rubberobject but yes a man trapped in latex and chastity.

I do consider myself a true man. I still have same cravings but they are controlled and decided by my Mistress. I love having her own me and wouldn’t change it for anything. I don’t consider what she has me do in latex as anything that changes me from being a man. Yes my cock is trapped in a cage and i can only get to enjoy it under her permission but, in my mind, that doesn’t stop me from being a man. It actually makes me more aroused and the cravings a man gets are intensified.

MasterMarc: You’ve mentioned your shows before. Can you tell us a little about it? Where can we see you acting as rubberdoll and pussyboy?

Tightlyrubberd: She kept getting requests on her cam chats to show her using her slave. We did one and was a massive success. We do 1 every other friday now. They are alot of fun. We advertise them the Wednesday before and vary what we do. Click here to visit our camcontacts profile.



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