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Gentlemen’s Club: Introducing Diego

An comic strip by Frank Fellows. Story written by Sev.

Josh had enough. He was fed up with the way his family treated him. So he grabbed his bag and and just walked down the street. He had no idea where to go, but anywhere was fine, as long as it was as far from them as possible. He decided it was a good idea to go to the main road, and try to hitchhike his way to the nearest city. Ater 2 hours of walking and putting his finger out he almost gave up, but then a pickup truck drove by and started to slow down. Diego was overflowing with happiness for his savior, but little did he know what the driver had planned for him.

“Come on boy, get in there! They’re waitin’ for ya!” Diego was pushed forward, and he stumbled over the chains on his feet and almost fell over. He somehow managed to regain his balance, and felt his face blushing red as he realized what was going on around him. There were people in fine clothes standing and sitting around in the room, some seem to be idly chatting, but most of them staring at his naked self now, as he interrupted their conversations. His first instinct was to cover himself, but there was no way he could do that since his hands were tied to his neck with this strange metal bar. He could just stand there ashamed and fearing what comes next. One of the men stood up and walked up to him, so close that Diego had to look up to see his face. “So this is our new plaything, heh? I’m sure were going to have a lot of fun with you, boy.” Diego could feel a shiver running down his spine. “What the hell are they going to do to me?”

The man in front of him pulled slightly on his leash, and Diego let out a muffled moan through his gag as he felt the metal bar stuffed into his cock move with it. “Stand upright boy, we want to get a good look of you!”. Diego felt tears of despair running down his cheeks. The people around him laughed as he tried to pull himself in a straighter stance, but it was impossible to do that with those chains attached to his feet and hands behind his back. “If you don’t manage to do it, we will have to  teach you how to stand straight.” What? How do they plan to teach something like that?

Diego muscles felt sore. He could barely stretch and flex his limbs as his handcuffs were put so high he had to stand on his toes on the small metal bars on the cage to not dangle in the air. His mind felt cloudy. He must have been hanging there for hours. A man came to him, a glass of wine in one hand and something that made Diegos brain send out waves of fear in the other. He had seen that thing on his familys farm before. That thing was a whip! “Have you learnt your lesson, boy?” The man let his whip slowly glide over Diego hard dick. Suddenly, without a warning, Diego heard a slapping sound, and an instant later, he felt burning pain coming from his dick. He started to cry and spasm in agony, and felt how his toes lost the grip on the bars…

“Start sucking boy. You know what happens else.” Josh stared at the thing his captor held in his hand, and his head leapt back in fright as he saw the bolts lightning crackling at the end of it. He blinked away his tears. “I don’t have a choice”. His lips slowly wrapped around the hard dick in front of him, and started to move up and down. “I think you really want another lesson, boy. Do it right and use your tongue.” Diegos didn’t loosen his lips wrap around the dick, but he went up to the tip and gently started to caress it with his tongue. “Good boy, looks like you can be obedient after all. I think we can keep you here for a while.” Diego froze in fear at those last words. It didn’t look like he was going to get out here anytime soon…

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