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An “invite only party” as Kickoff of the Fetish Week London

Sandy is presenting us the kickoff event of the Fetish Week London.

It is time to concrete the plans for this summer. One of the summer highlights in the kinky world is of course the Fetish Week London. Some weeks ago the responsible organizer Antoin has presented the program here on sadOsam and you have seen, that during this week various parties and events for all kind of fetish people are organized. Today Sandy, the marketing manager of Recon, will present us a special goody for all Recon Members. The kickoff party of the Fetish Week London will be an “invite only party” at a secret place for Recon Members. It’s time to talk to Sandy to know, how the party will be and how to get a ticket.


MasterMarc: Hi Sandy. Nice to have you here with us. Recon is an important site and app for gay fetish guys. Can you tell us why you’re organizing parties and what makes your events outstanding?


Sandy: Recon exists because of its members and we want our events to be an opportunity for them to come together, gear up and meet in the flesh.  I like to think our events are special because of the amount of time and care that goes into organising them. We want to create the best atmosphere possible for guys to socialise and play.


MasterMarc: Fetish Week London is coming. We really have to talk about the kickoff party. You’re presenting this party later than all the other events of the Fetish Week. Why that and what can we expect of this event?


SandyWe always like to tease the details of this party. It’s become the best way to kickoff Fetish Week London for our members. In some ways, though, it’s separate from the main week, as it’s exclusively for the men of Recon – it’s our way of showing our appreciation for them. They can expect to be well lubricated, too – free drinks will be flowing all night! It’s a chance to meet the creator of Recon, Philip Hamill and the rest of the team. It’s just a fun laid back night getting to know the guys that you’ll be seeing all week during FWL2016.


MasterMarc: Why is the event at a secret place and what makes this place so special?


Sandy: We like to keep our members excited and keeping the location a secret makes this event one of the most anticipated of the week. This party has been in some fantastic London venues the past couple of years. Each year we strive to make it stand out from the last, so that the attendees have a different and fresh experience each time. In 2014 we were in an amazing venue in Shoreditch called Village Underground. Then last year we were on the HMS President. You never know what we’ll do next. So it’s really important to apply for an invite.


MasterMarc: Out of my experience a big part of our readers are also chatting on Recon so I think that it would be interesting to know who can get a ticket and what do we have to do to get it?


Sandy: The Premium Member Party is on Sunday 10th July. Though it’s called the Premium Members Party, it’s open to all Recon members. Details can be found on Recon – – or if you have our app, check ‘Calendar’ under the events tab. Select the link in the Premium Members Party event listing that says ‘Apply for invite’. Fill out the form and submit, if you’ve been selected to attend you should receive an email closer to the party date.


MasterMarc: Last but not least I want to ask you, why people should spend a week in London in summer and not go to a lovely beach on the Mediterranean?


Sandy: London really does comes alive in the summer. It’s already one of the best cities in the world, with incredible bars, clubs, restaurants and culture, but with a little bit of sun, Londoners become a lot more friendly. Honestly, no one appreciates warm weather quite like British people – even a hint of sun and we’re wearing as little as possible and being extrememly sociable in the sunshine. These good feelings carry on throughout the night, as well. So, friendly frisky Londoners combined with Fetish Week debauchery makes for a week that will certainly be remembered.
MasterMarc: I know there are many reasons and I look forward to see you and many of our sadOsam readers at the Fetish Week in July.



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