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Young Porn Ginger Jasper Rhodes Enjoys Being Dominated

Hi Jasper. Many of our readers know you as the cute ginger power bottom from several porn movies. Can you tell us, what makes it interesting to get pounded in front of the camera?

I used to do webcam work before the porn, and I always got off on the fact I was being exposed, I was then led into porn and that’s when everything began, I like seeing how thousands of people have watched me getting fucked!

I guess it’s a fetish in itself really, it’s the same as some people enjoy sex in public places, instead of it being a public toilet or a park, for time that public space is the internet

Would you say that you’re an exhibitionist? What are the feelings you get, if you know, that a lot of people are watching you and that you get reduced to wanking material?

Yeah, I guess I would say I’m an exhibitionist. And it’s a pride and excitement, knowing people are choosing me and are watching me opposed to other scenes by other models, it’s a good feeling!

So this reduction, which others would see as humiliation, makes you proud? It seems that you have a submissive side? Do you like humiliation, and what are your other kinks?

I guess so, I find making porn like making art, it’s not easy, the actual production is not as straight forward as the sex I’d have in the privacy of my own home, so when I’ve helped make this product, and people are enjoying it, yeah that makes me proud. And yes, I do indeed have a submissive side I wouldn’t say I’m extremely kinky, but I do enjoy being dominated, whether that be by being tied up, verbal abuse, being spat at, spanked, or all of the above at the same time

Am I right if I say that this submissive side is also an advantage for your work on set, as instructions are not something which disturbs you? Can you give us a little insight to how the work in front of the camera is?

I guess in a way yes it does help, however Again the way I’d be submissive on camera wouldn’t be the same as in the bedroom, when I’m filming I guess I’m acting, putting on a show, and I’m more focused on making something that looks good, I also find sex very special and when I have sex with someone and will let myself be completely dominated it’s very special to me, whereas on camera I’ll completely disassociate myself, there’s no emotion there like it would be in my private life.

So let us talk about your private life sex. How does feelings change, if you have a dominant partner? And how much do you want to submit to him?

So in real life I’m quite specific who I sleep with, I won’t just be submissive for anyone, it’s quite recent I got like this, I used to be a bit of a Slut and would just get with anyone and everyone! Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy group sex, it’s one of my biggest fetishes as I can disassociate myself sexually from it but when it’s one on one I find it much more intimate, and dependent on how much I like the guy I’m sleeping with depends on how much I’ll submit to him, if I like him a lot I’ll be a lot more willing to try things out of my comfort zone whereas if there’s not much chemistry I’ll probably keep things quite vanilla.

The personal comfort zone is very important. But sometimes to feel uncomfortable can also be comfortable for submissive boys. Am I right? If you are in an environment you feel safe, do you like to feel helpless and delivered? 

I’m not going to lie I prefer to be comfortable when trying new things, I have to be comfortable either sexually or personally, so for example I’d try new things sexually in the comfort of my own home, or in a space I feel safe, whereas if I was to be in an unknown place or area I’d be more likely to just stick to what I know sexually,

But if you feel safe and comfortable with the guy you are with, what do you think about being forced in a good way, being helpless and a kind of amicable “abuse”?

Oh, that’s fine! If I’m comfortable with the guy, I’m up for anything. I’d quite like to find a fuck buddy who I can get comfortable enough with to try fisting with, Despite the fact I take pretty big dicks I’m often told I’m really tight, even if a guy is just fingering me! So I’d need to be comfortable with the guy to be able to trust him to stretch me safely.

Oh yes, the stretching of an ass needs time and a top with practice. Why do you love the idea to get fisted? Can you tell us, which feelings do you connect to it?

I guess it’s the idea of submitting to a guy I care about and trust enough to completely destroy my ass! Things can go quite wrong with fisting if it’s not done properly, so knowing I’m being dominated by a guy I know I can 100% trust doing things like that would be pretty exciting, knowing that I trust him completely to be able to try anything I feel comfortable and want to try wth.

Now I have really to ask you what type of guys are you into? Just into youngsters or also into older guys than you with more experiences?

I’m pretty open-minded! I used to only get with older guys, but I’ve recently found I’m starting to like guys my own age too. Couldn’t go with a younger guy though! As long as the guy is fit and healthy! I’m not really into massively overweight guys, a bit of extra man to cuddle doesn’t bother me, but when a guy is more than just a little chubby it can put me off. I tend to go off personality and how much a guy turns me on, though 🙂 .

You have told us, that you like to get spanked. Just soft or also harder? And can you tell us, what makes you hot if you get spanked?

So not too hard if it’s in the same place. I’m really pale and my skin marks really easily, so it’s perfect for a spanking scene. But I do like it sexually as well, I’m not talking bend me over your knee and spank me, I’m talking more pull my head back and spank me whilst you’re pounding my ass kind of thing. Make me your bitch! That’s what I like hash. Haha.

I think to make a bitch out of you is not difficult :), but you would need a little more of spanking training, so that you can take it harder. I would say your hair should be the benchmark for the colour of your ass. Or what do you think about?

Hahahaha, that sounds good! Yeah, I guess a bit more training and I’ll be a pro! Practice makes perfect! Honestly, my ass goes as red as my hair from one good slap! People would be surprised about how it isn’t easy to make a bitch of me! I really don’t sleep around like I used to! But once I’m in bed, get me in the right mood, and I’ll do pretty much anything you want me to!

Hehe, I normally say that submissive guys should submit to a man they feel protected with, but not to the world. But of course, I would lie if I would say that I don’t like to make “bitches” out of my boys. 🙂 What other kinks would you like to try, and can you tell us what your motivation is?

Yeah I guess that’s true, I guess that’s why I’m more likely to submit to someone bigger and older than me, it’s that feeling of protection even when I go for guys around my own age they’re always more toned or more muscular than I am!

I’d like to try more bondage, suspension, getting tied up and used, it just looks really hot. I’ve been tied up before, but I’d like to try it a little more extreme, and again it goes back to just having that relationship with someone where you can trust them! I guess that’s what kink is about for me, it’s a big trust exercise with a happy ending (hopefully).

Yes, trust is the base of good SM. Should the bf just be dominant in the bedroom, or do you like a man who is a protective alpha in life?

I like a guy who’s dominant in life, but not as much as in the bedroom. Like I don’t want someone who’s just going to try and dominate me all the time, I like times when we can chill and just do normal things, but I still want to know if anything were to happen he can look after me.

What are your upcoming porn projects, and would you like also to do SM porn in the future?

Hahaha I don’t want to reveal too much, I know I’m about to start working for staxus, and also I’ve requested a scene with mydirtiestfantasy which we should be doing in the next few months, there’s no date confirmed yet, there are a few more scenes I’ve filmed for Blake mason yet to come out which are pretty hot as well as a solo for TXXXM Studio’s!

Do you like solos? I was never a fan to watch other boys wanking 🙂

Personally I don’t watch them, when there’s an internet full of guys fucking I’d rather watch that, lol

Last but not least, if you would write an own storybook for a kinky porn with you as main role, how would this movie look like?

Haha, I’ll be getting used by a group of hot hung guys bareback, if I could do it there’d be double penetration (but unfortunately I’m too tight) just ideally me getting completely destroyed by a group with a bukkake ending loads of spunk, could even mix things up a bit and give it a theme, maybe military or school football team or something to spice things up a bit!

Jasper Rhodes

United Kingdom

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