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I Need It Bigger (2)

WARNING: This story contains EXTREME examples of fictional racism. If you are not okay with racial slurs or this type of raceplay, then please for the love of god don’t leave some half-brained comment expressing your hate…just move on. It is important to remember that all themes and subjects covered in this story are completely FICTIONAL. This story does not condone real-life racism or violent actions in any way.

NOTE: All students expressed in this story are senior level students, meaning that they are 18 years old.

As I opened my eyes and yawned awake, I could feel a strange sensation down below. I reached my hand under the sheets and gently caressed my dick. It felt hot, as if someone had lit a fire under my crotch. I could feel that familiar stretching discomfort radiating through my whole lower half. As I stood up out of bed, I heard a loud wet slap from down below. I was nearly thrown off balance from the force of the impact.

My gigantic soft shaft slapped down against my thigh and rocked back and forth. I couldn’t help but smile profusely as I stared in awe at the pulsating monster dangling between my legs. Not only was it about an entire foot long, but it was incredibly thick too. I reached my hand down and held it against the top of my shaft. My closed fist was nearly a perfect match for the girth of my impressive cock. I pressed my shaft tightly against my thigh, wanting to see just how far down this monster reached. To my surprise, the pink tip of my cock reached right down to the top of my kneecap. Yesterday I had a foot long dick only when it was fully hard. I couldn’t imagine how big this beast was going to get once I stiffened it up, if it was already a foot long while still soft and floppy.

As much as I wanted to find out just how much of a man I was, I was close to being late for school. I threw on my clothes, and ran outside without much thought. As I walked down the sidewalk, I looked down with confidence at the huge, noticeable bulge in my pants. In order to even get my gigantic shaft to fit in my tight jeans, I had to roll it up into one big lump and squeeze it tightly against my crotch. As I continued down the street, I couldn’t help but notice the passing glances that I got from people walking past me.

There’s no doubt that they saw the unnaturally large bulge that was straining at the seams of my jeans. Hell, that bulge was so big that any man, woman, or child would think that I was smuggling a honey-baked ham in my pants! Every woman that passed and dropped her jaw at the sight of my gargantuan bulge was also met with a cocky smirk from up above too. I could tell that these pills were having an effect on more than just my dick. I felt…powerful! I felt like I could do, or get, or say anything I wanted. I felt like the world was wrapped around my finger.

I confidently strutted past the guys too, and laughed at their timid reactions. Most of them tried their best not to look directly at it, although I could see some of them sneaking peripheral peaks at my goods! Their confused and amazed looks only made me smile more. I knew that none of those boys could ever compete with me. I was better than them in every way. I couldn’t believe how much these growth hormones were messing with my mind. For some reason, I actually enjoyed the thought of subjugating whites and dominating them. Long gone was the gentle and kind kid with an above average dick. He was now replaced with a cocky, horse-hung stud who wanted every white hole to belong to him.

Throughout the day at school, I could see the effect that these pills were having on others. All the girls huddled around me and asked if they could do anything for me. I knew in due time I would lay claim to every one of their pussies…but right now I just wanted to see them suffer. I made them carry my books and lug my backpack around. Hell, I even made them get up and retrieve anything I needed. Thanks to these hormone pills, I loved every pained look on their faces. There was something about a weak white girl suffering that really turned me on.

Since all the girls in the school were pretty much under my control, I figured I’d turn my attention to the guys. Most of them could sense my power and dominance. I snickered as I walked through the halls and saw the pathetic white guys stepping back and avoiding me. Suddenly, I thought of a brilliant idea. I knew that Mr. Johnson was still pissed at me for leaving class yesterday. With my newfound confidence and control over people, I wondered if I could get him to come around.

I forced my makeshift harem to stay behind and wait for me. I left the slutty white whores and marched directly into Mr. Johnson’s room. Mr. Johnson must have had a free period, because his room was completely empty. He was sitting at his desk, looking over a few papers in complete silence. I recognized the same familiar hulking pile of muscle mass. Somehow, even with all those muscles, I still doubted that he was more of a man than me. He might work out more than me…but no amount of exercise is gonna give you a big fat black dick like mine! He glanced up and finally noticed me standing there.

“Oh…hey, Lamar. What brings you here?” He said, in a very kind and gentle tone. His voice may have been low and manly sounding, but his words were far too gentle to come from an alpha male. His muscular body may have said “alpha”, but his attitude and voice screamed “inferior faggot”! I knew for a fact that real men dominate and control lesser men…and I wouldn’t have any problem getting this meathead to kneel before me.

“Why the fuck do you think I’m here? I wanna talk about what happened yesterday.” His eyes widened with shock.

“Lamar! You know you can’t use that kind of language in school. Now why don’t we just…” I folded my hands up on my chest in a dominant pose and interrupted him mid-sentence.

“I’ll use whatever fucking language I wanna use. Now listen up!” I could feel myself becoming stronger and more confident with every harsh word I spoke. All this extra testosterone in my body from the hormone pills must have really did a number on my brain. I couldn’t even feel any remnants of the peaceful and loving boy that I used to be. All I wanted now was to laugh as the entire white race fell at my feet.

“But, Lamar…you…” I interrupted him again as I approached his desk.

“I’m a changing man, Mr. Johnson. You must understand that high school is a difficult time for a young boy. I had to sneak off to the bathroom to…ugh…drain my snake!” I said cleverly, while grabbing at my huge soft bulge. He glanced down for the first time and got a complete eyeful of my jaw-droppingly large bulge. I could see him try and contain his emotions. He simply looked back up at my face, but I could see in his eyes that he was absolutely dumbfounded. I could only imagine the thoughts of shame and embarrassment that were going through this inferior little brain.

“Well…I…ugh…I understand, Lamar. Sometimes men need to excuse themselves for personal matters…especially a growing boy like you.” I could see the struggle in his eyes; he desperately wanted to look back down and gaze at the biggest dick he would ever get to see in his life!

“Oh, I’m growing, alright! I just don’t know how much bigger this beast can get until I end up killing someone with it.” I said, humorously. I grabbed the bulbous lump of meat and shook it around again. He stared as the soft flesh underneath my jeans jiggled around like a bowl of jelly. For a second I thought I could see a tiny bit of drool at the corner of his mouth. It was obvious that my new confidence and dominance was completely melting his mind.

“I…I don’t think we should talk about those kind of things, Lamar. It…It’s not right.” He murmured, still staring intensely at my monstrous bulge.

“Why the fuck not? There’s nothing wrong with two guys talking about ‘guy’ stuff.” I walked a bit closer to him. By now, my bulge was no more than a few feet from him. “Besides…I see you staring at it. I bet you wanna know if it’s real or not, don’t you?”


“What’s wrong, loser? You take one look at a superior nigga and can’t even fucking speak anymore?”

“Lamar…please don’t use that language.” What was once a request now sounded like pleading and begging. I could tell that the longer he stared at my god-like cock, the less of a man he felt like. I was nearly half his age, much shorter than him, and much less muscular than him…but none of that seemed to matter. Thanks to my new hormone pills, I had the biggest dick in the state…hell, the nation, probably! There was nothing that this pathetic white man could do to get to my level. I began slowly walking closer to him.

“I’ll say whatever the fuck I want, do whatever the fuck I want, and get whatever the fuck I want, understand?” I was now only about a foot from him. I looked down at him sitting in his chair, practically shaking with fear and anticipation. He couldn’t say a word. His gaze was fixed on the throbbing lump of meat that was nearly ripping the seams of my jeans apart.

“You’re not a real man…you’re just a white fag.” He lowered his head, as if ashamed of his inferiority. “I think it’s about time that I show you what white fags deserve!” I reached down and grabbed my zipper. With one strong yank, I pulled it down and finally freed my beast. No longer constricted by my tight jeans, my giant soft shaft erupted from out of my fly and slammed down on Mr. Johnson’s desk. My once bundled up shaft unraveled and laid calmly right in front of him.

“THAT right there is exactly why I get to do whatever the fuck I want.” I put my hands at my waist and stared down at my masterpiece. I can’t even begin to describe how powerful I felt looking at my 12 inches of thick veiny black meat. In fact, I was so enamored with myself that I nearly forgot about Mr. Johnson. It was hard to take my own eyes off my unnaturally large cock, but once I did I was greeted with the sight of a shamed and defeated white hunk. I could see this muscular white man sinking in his chair out of fear. The look of terror on his face said it all.

“I know it must be hard to comprehend what’s going on here with all those useless muscles, meathead, but this is what a REAL man looks like!” By now I was practically yelling at him. I didn’t give a shit about the rules of what you can do to a teacher. No one was ever going to stop me from taking anything I want ever again! I could see the lust taking over his mind. Without being able to think rationally, he reached out any laid one of his hands on my dick. He rubbed up and down all 12 inches of my giant throbbing snake.

“I…I can’t believe how fucking massive this thing is!” He continued running his hand up and down my shaft, getting faster and faster. I could see his mind trying to comprehend how a dick could get so unimaginably big.

“Why don’t you try jerking this monster off, and then you’ll see just how big this thing can get!” I continued standing at the side of his desk, with my hands at my waist and my giant black anaconda lying on his desk.

“I…I don’t know. This isn’t right, Lamar. P-Please put that thing away.” He pulled his hand back and looked up at me with the most pitifully shameful look I had ever seen on a man. I could feel the anger bubbling inside of me. These new pills made it impossible for me to accept rejection. All these hormones rushing through my brain meant that I was going to get whatever I want whenever I want, and no one was going to say “no.” I pulled my open palm back and swung it towards Mr. Johnson’s face. A loud crack echoed through the room as my hand made contact with his cheek and nearly threw him back off his chair.

“Don’t you ever fucking tell me what to do again, got it faggot?” He twitched with fear as I waited eagerly for his response.

“P-Please, Lamar…I…I can’t do this.” I looked down at his poor timid face and knew exactly what he meant. I had one of the biggest dicks on the planet, and any tight virgin hole would be thoroughly torn apart if my superior cock had its way. Strangely, I decided not to destroy this poor loser’s asshole. Whether it was out of pity or simply because I wanted to prolong his suffering, I couldn’t quite tell.

“I’m gonna save your ass for later…when I’m even bigger! For now, I think I’m gonna put an end to your annoying whining.” I grabbed the base of my giant shaft down near the balls, and flung my dick towards his face. My long snake slung around and slammed right into his unsuspecting mouth. I smiled as I heard the ever so satisfying slap of huge black meat pummeling a white face into submission.

“Be a good little fag slave and get on your fucking knees! I wanna choke every last bit of air out of your pathetic white body!” I screamed, causing him to recoil in shock. As much as he hated what was happening, there was no way that he could resist the allure of my monstrously huge cock. No matter how hard he fought, his brain was already turned to mush from the second that he saw my glorious, superior cock. Reluctantly, he dropped down to his knees and looked forward with terrible sadness in his eyes. My thick veiny shaft dangled right in front of his face.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? If this big fat nigga dick isn’t choking you till you turn blue within 10 seconds, I’m gonna beat the fucking shit out of you!” Scared and intimidated, he cautiously grabbed my shaft. As his fingers wrapped around tightly, I could feel the blood squeezing into my shaft, making me even larger. The already prominent veins that ran all over my shaft became thicker and darker. In fact, I could literally see them pulsating and throbbing the more turned on I became. I could see him starting to come around, as he moved his hand up and down my shaft. His eyes were completely transfixed on my growing member.

“My god…this thing is getting even bigger! I can’t believe how utterly massive it is!” The more tightly he squeezed and rubbed my shaft, the thicker and harder it became. Eventually he was face to face with a rock hard foot long cock. The head of my cock was directly pointed at his mouth, which was still hanging open from shock.

“I thought I told you to gag yourself, honky! Trust me…you really don’t want to disappoint me.” I could tell that he heard the anger and hate in my voice. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and leaned in closer to my dick. Once about an inch or so of my dick was hovering within his mouth, I grabbed the back of his head and yanked him closer to me. Inch after inch of throbbing black meat disappeared in his mouth. His cheeks bulged out as he started to gag and choke. He put his hands on my thighs, trying desperately to push back and get some air. I didn’t give a shit what he wanted! I pushed forward even harder, smiling as I listened to the gurgle and gasps of my new fuck slave.

He couldn’t even talk half my dick before his mouth was entirely filled and his cheeks were completely stretched to their limits. I pressed with all my might and watched as his throat began to bulge out. I could literally see the big fleshy head of my cock traveling down his esophagus. The closer he got to taking the whole thing, the more excited I got and the harder I pressed. Suddenly, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he finally reached the base. His nose squished tightly against my thin shaved pubes.

“Damn, bitch! Your body was made for taking nigga dicks!” I said with amazement, as Mr. Johnson tried to squirm free. I rocked his head from side to side, causing my dick to bang around deep in his throat. I could feel my cock rearranging his esophagus as I got rough and threw his head around.

Finally, after playing around with my new toy, I let him go. Mr. Johnson went rocketing back, desperately choking for air. My dick twitched in the air, completely drenched in thick strings of saliva. He collapsed onto the floor, holding his hands at the base of his neck.

“Oh, come on!” I said, in a disbelieving voice. “I know you whites are weak and pathetic and all, but I know you can do better than that!” With fear in his eyes, he tried to crawl away from me. My hate-filled eyes watched as he squirmed on the floor, still gagging and spitting up thick piles of drool.

“There’s nothing you can do now, Mr. Johnson…you’re MY property!” I leaned down and grabbed him by the thin hair on his head. “Admit it, honky! You’re a worthless white piece of shit!” A small tear dripped down his one cheek, as his mind began to break. He knew that he wasn’t a man. He knew that I could out power him in every possible way. He knew that all his might and muscle were useless against the raw, primal power of the black race! He looked up at me with watery eyes, and finally smiled for the first time.

“I…I’m a worthless white faggot.” He said, with his chin still dripping with saliva. The smile on his face said it all! His mind had finally accepted the truth of black supremacy!

“Say it again!” I screamed at him.

“I’m a…worthless white faggot!” He said, with a bit more confidence this time.

“One more time!”

“I’m a worthless white faggot and I live to serve niggers!” Finally his deep-seeded admiration for the black race started to show.

“Now that’s what I’m fucking talking about! Fuck YEAH!” I exclaimed, as I let go of his hair and threw his body back down on the floor. “I wanna hear you beg for your Master’s big nigga cock!” With a giant smile on his face, he slowly crawled closer to me. With drool still pouring out of his mouth and his voice still hoarse from abuse, he finally showed me the respect that I deserved.

“Please, Master, let me destroy my mouth on that gargantuan nigger cock!” His glossy eyes and drool covered chin simply confirmed what I had thought all along – he’s not a man…he’s a piece of property! I gently rubbed my hand over his slimy, spit covered hair.

“That’s a good little white slave. Yes…you have my permission to ruin your faggot throat on my superior cock.” I said, smiling down at my new fucktoy. Clearly excited, he thrust his body forward and slammed his face against my wet soggy shaft. He rubbed his face and mouth over every bulging vein, licking and sniffing like a mindless animal.

“I can’t believe how intoxicating this thing is. Every time I pull away…I…I just need to come back for more! I just can’t explain it.” He exclaimed, taking a short break from worshiping me.

“I can! I’ve been taking some hormone pills. Not only have they made my dick utterly gigantic, but they also make my body produce huge amounts of pheromones.” I looked down to see that he had jumped right back to my dick, burying his face in my crotch and licking at my shaft like a hungry dog. “In other words…no one can resist me now! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, straight or gay, black or white…I rule over ALL!” I grabbed his head and held it back slightly.

“Keep that fag hole open! I wanna see you wreck your own mouth, loser. Show me how devoted you are to serving the black race!” I let go of his head and grabbed the base of my dick. I lifted up the huge and heavy shaft so that the head of my cock was aimed right for his mouth. I could see my new slave twitching with anticipation. Mr. Johnson just couldn’t wait any longer. He lunged forward, mouth hanging open, and gobbled up as many inches of my horse-sized dick as he could. Still sore from before, his throat proved much easier to penetrate this time.

I simply put my fists on my waist and let my fucktoy ruin his mouth in honor of my glory! He seemed ecstatic to be doing all the work. He pulled his head front and back, each time pushing another inch into his gaping hole. I felt overwhelming pride once I saw his throat stretch out again. I could feel my dick stretching as far down into his throat as any dick has every reached.

Hearing his desperate gagging sounds was like music to my ears. The more his body seemed to resist, the harder he pushed himself. Deep down, I couldn’t believe how powerful these pills were. Just a few pheromones made this self-respecting muscular white man drop to his knees and worship me like a god! His dead glossy eyes looked up at me lovingly as he was literally turning blue from lack of oxygen. He didn’t seem to mind, though. He pushed through the pain, continuing to fuck his own mouth. I couldn’t deny that I was impressed by this honky’s commitment. He violently flung his head forward and backward, causing huge piles of saliva and precum to rocket out of his mouth each time he pushed back towards my crotch.

“Keep up the good work, faggot, and I might just have a special treat for you.” I said, in an arrogant and cocky tone. Cleary excited about his reward, he moved even faster now, literally slamming his head roughly against my crotch. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t even close to cumming. I already had quite the stamina before, but after gobbling up a handful of pills last night…I bet I could last longer than any other guy in the world.

I continued to watch with pleasure as my new slave broke this throat apart just to make me happy. Slowly the pleasure built up inside of me. A few hours went by and finally I felt the urge to cum. By now Mr. Johnson was obviously exhausted. His entire shirt was completely drenched in drool, his eyes were bloodshot from lack of oxygen to his brain, and his movements were sloppy and drunken-like. I had denied this poor helpless faggot my cum for long enough! Even though this hunk had been deepthroating me for a couple hours, I still wasn’t that close to cumming. I tried my best to work past my superior stamina, working up the biggest load I could.

“I think you’ve been good enough to earn your reward, slave.” All of a sudden his eyes widened with attention. He pushed forward as hard as he could, burying his face in my crotch. His eyes looked up at me, filled with anticipation and excitement. I stood there smirking, with all 12 inches of my monster cock literally tearing apart his neck muscles. I knew what he was waiting for…but I knew something that he didn’t. If I was already strong enough to fill an entire sink with cum last night, the pills I took before bed would only make it even worse. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen to a white body when literally every inch of their stomach is filled to the brim with cum.

I pushed past my unnaturally long stamina and finally worked up a load of cum. I could feel my long baggy nuts tightening against my shaft as more than a gallon of superior cum got ready to burst out of me.

Once the pleasure built up so much that I couldn’t resist, I simply let loose! I grunted and groaned with some of the manliest sounds that I had ever heard. Jet after jet of thick hot cum rocketed out of my horse cock. I laughed a bit as I listened to my lumps of cum splatting down into his stomach. I could see his eyes starting to fill with fear. His stomach was literally filled to the brim with cum, and I didn’t show any signs of stopping.

I held his head tight against my body, making sure that he couldn’t break free. Suddenly, giant white streams of liquid erupted from the sides of his mouth. These thick lumps of cum splatted down against the floor in such a way that it sounded like it was raining. I laughed manically, amazed by my own strength and power, as the floor around him started to form a pool of cum.

A few minutes went by before I finally felt the last shot of cum leave my superior shaft. By now, Mr. Johnson was literally kneeling in a deep pool of cum. His entire body was thoroughly drenched. As I withdrew my cock from his fag mouth, he finally got the chance to breathe. He gasped and choked while holding his neck. He looked up at me with fear and amazement. I simply stared back at my slave, with my cock still throbbing in midair. It was dripping wet with a mix of drool and jizz. The deep dark veins were literally twitching with strong blood flow. If I didn’t know any better…I’d think my dick was starting to get a mind of its own. The way my gigantic shaft pulsated and throbbed seemed like it was its own living being.

Nevertheless, I slapped him hard across the check. I watched as he lost his balance and slid around on the thick pool of cum. The pile of cum in his mouth flung out as he fell face-first onto the floor. I could hear him start to whimper slightly. Whether he was truly in pain or whether he was simply starting to accept his inferiority, I didn’t care. I coiled up my long soggy shaft and pushed it tightly into my pants. I zipped them back up and admired the blatantly obvious bulge that came from my fully flaccid cock.

“I…I…I can’t believe that! That must have been more cum than a dozen men could make!” He said, trying desperately to speak with a ruined and sore throat.

“No shit, honky! Now you know what REAL men are like, isn’t that right whitey?” He stared lovingly at the giant anaconda that was practically ripping apart the seams of my jeans.

“Oh, yes, Master! There’s no way I could ever compete with that thing…that’s for sure!” I smirked and grabbed at my tight jeans. I watched my unnaturally large bulge jiggle around like a huge lump of soft flesh.

“That’s exactly what I want to fucking hear.” I turned away from him and walked towards the door. “Clean this place up, bitch. I’ll be back some other day to take that white ass too.” I heard him squeal with excitement as I left the room. The day was late, and it was time to go home.

I made it home, but it was far too late to do anything else. I got a shower and headed right to bed. Before I lay down, I noticed the bottle on my dresser. I was already amazed at how strong and virile I had become. My will was so strong that no man, no matter how straight, could resist me. These pills had allowed me to become the horse hung black alpha that I always knew I could be…but it wasn’t enough. As hung and powerful as I was, you can always improve in life. I couldn’t even imagine how much I could bend people to my will if I took even more pills.

I reached over and grabbed the bottle. Popping the cap off, I glanced inside to see just how much was left. There were definitely quite a few pills left, perhaps 20 or so. I thought back to what 5 pills last night did to my dick and dominating attitude. I couldn’t even imagine the kind of hell all 20 pills would do to me…but perhaps I didn’t have to imagine. It didn’t take more than a few seconds to convince myself of this horrible idea. With all 20 pills in my system, I would be literally unstoppable. I would be the most powerful human that ever existed! No person could stop me from doing whatever I wanted.

Filled with excitement, I shoved the bottle of pills towards my face and dumped all the pills into my mouth. With a few crunches and big gulps, I finally consumed every last pill in the bottle. I was so excited about my new changes that I could barely sleep that night. I tossed and turned, fading in and out of dreams of gigantic dicks and black supremacy. Little did I know that when I would wake up, everything would be different.

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