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Dominating a Neighbor (3)

I headed out a bit after Kyle had returned to his apartment, not so much that it looked like I was rushing, but enough so that I still looked like I was in control. Which I was. He was close to a window to see me head out, but I didn’t make it look like I had noticed. Expected at this stage, but not something he should continue. He needed to be dependent on me, but not constantly waiting on me. I ran some errands, met some friends for lunch and did some more stuff around town. I was a bit at wits end, but I didn’t want to get back too soon. Just about the time I had decided I was done and had no choice but to head home a buddy texted to see what I was up to. So I headed over to his place. We popped in a movie, deciding it was stupid and joked our way through it. Then we headed out for dinner and beer. We decided on another movie after a we made it back to his place. This made it fairly late, which was perfect. Kyle would be missing me. But the boy hadn’t texted. He was learning to let me drive the relationship.

I headed back to my place, and I could tell Kyle was still watching. He had it bad for me. I went in like nothing special was going on. I could have texted him, it sure would feel good to bury my cock in his mouth and ass. But I had to put my own pleasure off to keep him in his place. It would mean I could sink my dick in him any time the mood took me once he was properly trained. I hit the bed knowing he was aching for me.

Morning came, and groggily I made it to the shower and cooked myself breakfast. I could see Kyle heading to work with a number of lingering glances my way. I knew work was going to be tough on him. He’d be thinking of me and what had happened to him over the weekend. A completely major turn for him. He’d be having some doubts, some periods of time when he was distracted, some points of incredible horniness. Such exquisite torture. And he was doing it all to himself. I knew it was going to be tough on him.

I considered what I should do that evening. I could summon him over for a brief blow job, or I could have him over for a longer time, keep him in my arms for a bit. He was actually a fairly strong man. Not his muscles, which he certainly had, but inside, fortitude. But this was a big deal for him. He’d had to deal with sorrow and pain, but I didn’t want to have him feel alone and used. He could come over for the evening. So long as I summoned him and he didn’t ask.

More longing looks as he mounted the steps to his apartment. I might even have caught a sigh as he went in the door. Poor boy. I let him go for a bit. Not too long. Just enough for him to wonder. [Get over here – leave your shirt at home] I texted him. Commands to appear and be shirtless, so something to obey. But also what he wanted more than anything in the world. To be with me.

[Yes Master] the response came instantly. He had been waiting for that, and knocked on my door in short order. I didn’t rush to the door, but held my arms open for my boy to give me a hug when I opened it. He had remembered to remove his shirt before he came over. Good boy.

“I missed you so much. You’re so close. It was so hard.” He said into my chest.

“You did good, boy.” I led him to the sofa and gestured for him to get rid of the pants. He kicked off his shoes and stripped down. I took him into my arms and we lay there a bit. I was still clothes. Granted, it was a t shirt and sweatpants. But he was naked and I wasn’t. “A little time apart is a good thing. I don’t want you to get all tired of your Master.” I was feeling up his pecs.

“I’d never get tired of you, Master.”

“Maybe. But we each have our own lives. You need to keep yours up. I don’t want you sitting at home just because I might summon you.”

His brow furrowed a bit. “I don’t want to miss a change of being with you. It would be like…disobedience.”

“I’m not that unreasonable. If I want you to drop everything and follow an order, I’ll tell you. If you’re out with your family, or friends, or especially work, and I tell you to do something, I expect you to tell me what’s going on. Look, if you’ve just sat down with your parents for lunch and I want a quick blow job, tell me you’re with your family. I’ll wait. You need them in your life. I can live without a blow job for a few hours. I won’t even punish you for that. What I will punish you for, and quite severely, is you leaving them because I want you. When you tell me what’s up, I will decide if you need to make an excuse to come and service me. That is my decision, not yours. Are we perfectly clear on this?” I had been adding seriousness to my voice as I went on.

“Yes Master. We’re clear.” He sounded a little chastened. I was refusing to strip his life away. He had some fantasy of cutting everything off and making me the only thing in his life. Now, I was telling him that was not going to happen. That fantasy was gone. But the relief his more rational brain was feeling was of more importance. He’d still be able to do everything he wanted, he wouldn’t be making the sacrifices that would make him a shell of a man. I didn’t want a shell, I wanted a fully-formed person.

“Now, if I decide I want you anyway, I’ll tell you to find a way to obey me. If you’ve just sat down to a dinner with an old friend and I tell you to get your ass in my bed, you had better make up some excuse so you can ride my cock. Right then and there.” That will give him the fantasy back. Again, my choice not his.

“Yes Master.” I could hear the tint of excitement in his voice. He liked the idea. I would have to put that into play at some point.

“So, how was work today?” My hands were still roaming over his body. I’ve always liked feeling up fit young men.

“Good. I couldn’t keep my mind off of you though.”

“Don’t let this interfere with your job. But you’ll get calmed down some. Trust me, I’ll keep you busy enough.” I reached into a drawer in the endtable next to me. I pulled out a little item with a couple of loops. I eased his hands behind his back and used this item to bind them together. Just a little bondage. Kyle struggled against it, nothing really serious, just enough to assure himself that it was significant enough to keep him bound.

“You’ll be able to take advantage of me like this.” He said teasingly.

“You’re my property, I can take any advantage I want with you.”

“Property?” He asked getting a bit stiff all over, including his cock. “Am I just property to you?”

“Very valuable property. You want to belong to me, don’t you.” I drew my hand from a slight grab of his neck all the way down to cup his cock and balls.

“Yes, I do. I am yours body, mind, and soul.” I could hear the earnestness in his voice.

“Good. I could do with a nice blow job now. How about you showing your owner some gratitude.”

“Of course, Master.” Kyle slid down and faced my crotch. Now he was faced with a task. I moved so I was seated in the middle of the couch, my arms spread across the back. I wasn’t going to pull my shorts off. Kyle looked up at me, questioning. Then he got it. He was going to have to get my shorts off without his hands. With a looked of pleased determination he moved his mouth to the band of my shorts. He got a grip on it with his teeth. He started to pull it down. Physics gets into it now, and he worked it well. He quickly learned how to bite it on each side and pull, then go to the other. I did lift my hips up. I wanted him to work, not to put an impossible task before him.

I heard a grunt of triumph when he got it over my ass and it came down easily. He pulled the shorts completely off. He smiled as he moved that very talented mouth to my cock. This was going to feel so nice. And it did. His mouth engulfed my prick, and it felt so warm. He really put his heart and soul into sucking me off.

Since his hands were tied behind him, he had to really work his mouth to make up for it. Kyle rose to the challenge like a trooper. He was in overdrive working his lips and tongue. He worked the shaft than moved to my balls. Good boy, remembering to work all my junk. I had my arms across the back of the sofa. This is what the world was all about, relaxing while your boy sucked you off. Kyle was working hard, but not like he was trying to get me to shoot just yet. He was giving a really good blow job, as he had serious talent there, but not in a way that was seeming to get me to cum right off. But he wasn’t taking it lazy either. I widened my legs some.

I was proud of the effort he put in. He usually used his hands to keep up a lot of tactile work, now he was limited to his mouth and really rose to the challenge. Not just his work, I could see his cock was fully hard. He had liked being called property and owned by me. It was something he secretly wanted, even if he didn’t really know before I said it to him. I had taken a bit of a risk, just a little one, but it paid off.

He was licking down below my balls, getting to my taint. He hadn’t been down there before. I’d keep him on my cock more, but I was letting him go on his own and he was working to make up for the limitation I had imposed on him. I inched down a bit. Let’s see how far he would go.

He stayed on the taint. I liked it. Lots of guys don’t work on the taint enough, but it feels really good when someone works on it. I enjoyed how my balls draped over the top of his face. He had a very active tongue. Plus his lips were in on the work, so I was getting some nice sensations. This was the best part of having a boy around, him working on your pleasure, getting serviced. His tongue flicked near my hole. I didn’t move, wanting to see how far he went. He flicked it again. No man in his right mind would turn down a rim job, so let see if he go to it. He moved closer. Such a good boy. He moved to really get to my hole. Well, his tongue was the only thing ever going in there, so he might as well enjoy it. I slid down a bit so he could go further, and he did. He was working the outside hitting all over. It felt really, really good. I liked how he was going all out for it. I might have to bind him up more often, if the always threw himself so fully into it. Plus I admit it was nice to see him struggle to please me.

Ahhhh, there it is, the tongue actually going in the hole. I slid down more so he could get to it easier. No reason I couldn’t help that way. He was almost humming. That was new for me, but it was certainly welcome. The tongue was going overtime and he had a new part of my body to worship. The tongue can go into all sorts of shapes, and he was getting all of them, He knew this was going to go on for a while, and he was digging in. I could wonder how long he would go, but he would push himself to exhaustion if I didn’t stop him. I wasn’t going to stop him for a while. I had said blow job, but his rimming skills were a good as his cock work. He started to head back to my balls, but I pushed him back. He got the message. It might be a victory for him, but let him have it. A small bit he thinks he controls.

The analingus continued and I put my head back, closed my eyes and just let him pleasure me. This was the only way my legs got spread for a man. Fuck I was enjoying this. There were advantages to having a boy next door. I should have found one years ago. I could feel his breathing, he was struggling a bit for breath, but that didn’t take one whit off his effort. His nose was getting a full smell of my ass, let him learn my stink and etch it into his memory. I’m sure he was enjoying some part of it, getting to be so close to me, and make me feel good. If he opened his eyes, all he’d see just my ass cheeks. He was tasting me, breathing me in, feeling my skin. Lucky boy. Lucky me too.

My dick was hard, very hard. Kyle had a lot of skills and I have to admit his body and mind turned me on. I’d probably enjoy him if he didn’t submit to me. Him submitting was much better, of course. I pulled my thoughts out and realized he had been working for quite a long time. I could let it go on forever, but I had to admit the human body had limits. His tongue had to be tired, but he was still trooping on. My dick was almost achingly stiff. I needed to fuck, and fuck now.

I pulled him out from under me and moved him so he was kneeling with his face down on the couch. I lined up and pushed into his ass. Getting his shute wrapped around my cock almost made me shoot right off. It took a momentous amount of control to keep from cumming. That’s actually why I had his face away from me, so he couldn’t see my struggle. I bit my lip as I started the fuck, my face showing the strain of holding my cum in. I gave him thrusts as I tried to bring thoughts into my head to delay shooting off. Usually I can really hold back, but his tonguing had so turned me on. I finally got my control back. I could now push in a bit more seriously, it felt great, his tight ass gripping my cock and warming it up so well. He was grunting as I fucked his brains out.

I decided to cum. I figured I had held off long enough, he would think I was still in charge, and I could finally release the sperm that had been boiling inside of me. I shoved in and stayed there  ejaculating deep into his guts. I leaned over and wrapped my arms around his chest, nuzzling his hair. “Good boy.” I whispered.

When I caught my breath, I pulled him to lay with me on the sofa. He remained silent and held my arms. It was so tender, so needful of me. Just where I wanted him, and I had to admit, I was stuck on him as well.

Kyle stayed overnight in my bed, waking me up with one of his expert blow jobs. He still had his wrists tied together. I considered that while his mouth worked on my big cock. I sometimes forgot he was new to being a submissive. He was quite obedient, and really worked to please me. He even remember to get to my taint. I didn’t make him suck me too long. He had to get to his office. I had a bit more freedom on starting on work, but I didn’t want him in jeopardy. I wanted him gainfully employed. I came in his mouth, and he swallowed it all, his eyes showing appreciation. I sent him home in just the shorts he showed up in. I gave him a big hug and kiss at the door.

I settled down to work, getting a lot done. Later in the afternoon, Mickey arrived. Mickey is one of my boys. He’s married to a woman, but comes by once a week to blow me, clean my apartment and get some subservience in. He would never been great a full time servant. He just needed to get some serving in. It sated his hunger to be on his knees, making him a much happier man. I got the advantage of a boy who did my chores and didn’t require a lot of work.

I had left the door unlocked, and Mickey came in, kneeled and crawled over to me. I ignored him and he crawled under my desk and pulled my pants down and nuzzled my junk. He took a good whiff and moved his mouth on it. I kept working, even taking a call. He was well trained enough to be quiet when I was talking. I let him have my cum and he swallowed it down. He would always take a minute to just hold my dick in his mouth. I knew he had to take a moment to gather himself, to accept that he had just sucked another man off. He struggled at that, the taste of cum in his mouth made him realize what he really needed, and it was hard for him to face. I let him stay there, not letting on that I knew what was going through his mind. The musk of my crotch brought him back to what he needed to do. He breathed deep and crawled out from under my desk.

Without a word from either of us, he got to cleaning my place. I concentrated mostly on my work, but I kept in tune with what he was doing. He liked it when I ignored him, it gave him the thrill of humiliation that he was working for a man who wasn’t paying attention to him. The time he spent doing this for me really gave his life fulfillment. He always left so much happier. He worked hard. He dusted, vacuumed, really gave a good cleaning to everything. When he finished, he knelt near me and just waited. I would leave him on his knees for a bit, generally depending on what I was doing, before I looked over at him.

“Ready for your inspection, Master.” Mickey said. I just looked at him for a minute. He would shrink a little.

“You had better have done a good job.” I said, raising. I would check around, determining how well he had done. He followed me on his knees.

I didn’t really have to inspect, he never let me down. But I did anyway. I knew the emotions that sent through him. When I was done I looked at him, gave just a ghost of a smile and said “Good work boy.”

“Thank you Master.” Mickey let go of the breath he was holding.

“You’re dismissed.” I walked to the door and opened it. Mickey got up and headed out. As he went down the stairs in front of my apartment, I looked over and saw Kyle, stopped a few steps from his door. Even from this distance I saw the look of hurt on his face. I held his eyes for a moment, and waved my hand for him to come over. Kyle stayed frozen for a moment, then gave a pained shake of his head and rushed into his place.

I knew this was going to happen, that Kyle would be faced with the fact that I had other boys. I even knew it was going to be Mickey’s visit today, unless something kept Kyle late. But I wasn’t going to reschedule my life for my sub. And he was going to have to learn that I got to screw with anyone I wanted. I even knew he would be hurt. But he needed to be. He needed to get through this. I’d give him some time. See if he reached out, or if I would have to take a hand in it. I’ll give him a bit of time to see what he did.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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