Hi Chris, nice to have you here with us. Some weeks ago, I’ve told Sebastian Kane, that you’ve a real cute submissive ass in your scenes. Now I’ve to say that in real life it even looks better. I know that you have also your fetish. Can you tell us, when do you have discovered your fetish side and what your first steps into the kinky world have been?

Thank you, MasterMarc. Nice that you love my ass. Believe me, I love to show it and if it gets used. 🙂

I didn’t really know much about kink before I joined Boynapped. I might have been a little bit scared of it at first, but now I’m getting more and more into it. Step by step, f.e. piss games – before we did it on the set I didn’t know what I should think about it, but now I enjoy it and when I have my fantasies about it, it gets me hard. I feel the same also with hot wax play. Meanwhile, I really love this sensation.

Now i feel pretty comfortable doing kinky stuff. I started to do kink also in my own bedroom and I have to say, that sex is becoming even hotter than it was before.

Out of experience, if you start with kink, and you like it, you will be more and more into it. I would say you have a  deep submissive site inside you, you like to be used as sex toy, and you like to be powerless in such moments, that the other takes what he wants, of course just he expects your limits. Am I right? And can you tell, which sensations you get if you’re dominated and what you love about it?

I really like situations in which I haven’t any control and any chance to get it. If you’re blindfolded, you don’t know what will happen next, what you have to expect. You are like under an electric tension as your other sins try to find out what is coming next. You try to listen, you try to feel for example little winds which the movement of the top are creating. But you’re there helpless and ready to be used, even more if you are also bounded. You’re reduced to a sex toy, an object who is just there to please the desires of the top.

You really seem to be a kinky boy. I know you are into feet. Can you tell us, what the fascination of feet is and what kind of foot action do you love?

I know there are a lot of people who don’t like feet. They see it as something dirty. But I like it. It really makes me hot to feel feet, with or without white sox, on my face. Of course, I prefer nice feet which people also care about. But then I really like the smell. It makes me horny as hell.

On the other side, my feet are very sensitive and if the top rubs his cock against my sole it just feels amazing. And don’t waste your cum, shoot your load over my feet!

So should I shoot my load over my feet, and you’ll lick it clean? Do you like to lick feet? And if yes, it is also a humiliation for you?

Yes, do that, if you want to see me kneeling in front of you and enjoying every drop of your cum. I really love to lick feet. It is a big turn on for me. It is like to have a cock in the mouth. For me to play with feet, to lick them, to feel them on me makes me rock hard. I don’t see it as humiliation. For me, it is just part of good sex. Or is to suck a cock also a humiliation? Not for me!

Ok, if you like cum, then we have to talk about piss games. You have told us before you like it, but do you also swallow piss?

I have pissed several times into others mouths, but till now I’ve never had the situation in which people pissed into my mouth, so I haven’t experiences with swallowing it. Probably I like it, but I just don’t know.

But I can say that I really love to be pissed. If you’re outside, the sun is shining on your naked body, and then you get a golden shower, isn’t that hot? I love when the piss is running over my face and then over my chest down to my dick and backside to my boy cunt. It is a great feeling, and it makes me rock hard. Even now, talking about it, I get a boner.

You’re really a little kinky slut. I understand totally that porn labels love to work with you. BTW. how does it come that you’ve started to do porn?

Chris Jansen: First I have to say that I really love to show me naked and in action and even more if people watch it. So I started, as many guys do, on a cam platform (flirt4free). Once I wanted to present me in action together with a friend, but then the administrators of the platform told me, that it isn’t possible cause of legal reasons.

To act alone in front of the cam can become boring, so I have sent my application to porn labels. I’ve got answer of Boynapped and Blake Mason. I was really happy. It is real fun doing porn. It is a professional environment, and you are always in a good group of guys, so you can also enjoy the social part of the work. If you work on a porn set, there are people on set who are responsible for technics, etc., so you can just focus on your work in front of the camera. If you do cam action by yourself, you have always to take care about everything. So that is another advantage of doing porn.

Do you like more to do kinky or vanilla scenes?

It’s really a different work. Both has his advantages and his attraction. Vanilla has his tender sides, you are more connected to your partner, it is softer and petting stuff like kissing, rubbing with your partner, wanking etc. are part of the game. It is more sensual, and it has his positive aspects. Of course, to cum is much more important in vanilla, which is something nice.

But to be honest, I prefer kinky scenes. It is wilder, harder, dirtier and as a sub you have to take what is coming. That is more my nature, and that’s the reason I prefer it. I like to be a sextoy, I like to be used, I like not to know what is coming next. The kinky side is becoming more and more dominant in my sexual life, and that is why I prefer it.

If you were the storybook writer, director and actor of an own super kinky movie, how would this scene look like?

Ouu, that’s a hot question and not so easy to answer …. let me think about …. In my eyes, guys on motorbikes are hot and do you remember how the biker bars in the 80ies looked like … probably you have seen it in the first Terminator movie. I think such a bar with hot guys in tight modern day leather outfits would give the right ambiance for such a movie. And as they are  tough guys it is the right environment for harder action and a hard abuse of nice boyish guys like I am.

I think such a biker gang should kidnap me, bring me to their club house (Do you remember how it looked like in “Sons Of Anachry”?)  and than the action will start. Of course I would have to suffer a lot of humliation first, they would strip me, dirty talk to me, piss on me, let me lick their feet …. I would have to give many blowjobs and they would tell me, what kind of pussy I am and that I’m not a man, just a pussy to serve real men. Of course a hard group rape and spanking on the billard table would also be part of the scene. How do you like this scene, MasterMarc?

It sounds hot, and I would have even some harder ideas of what to do with you, boy. 🙂 I am sure, a lot of our readers have got a boner now, and they look forward to seeing your next scenes and probably also your biker movie. It was a great pleasure to talk to you and, I am sure, we will talk again soon.

Kris Blent about Chris


We met at staxus for the first time and he was such a sweethaert. We where together the intire trip and had so much fun. Hes a super sweet, pretty and specially smart guy. You can really have fun with him. Last time we’ve translated dirty songs from our two languages to eachother. Cant wait to meet him again soon.


Cocky Mum Kiki about Chris


I saw Chris first at Staxus. I was fascinate about him. He looks like an innocent angel but he’s sometimes a naughty devil. That’s the way I like. I love his scene for Boynapped. Everybody who saw this scene, knows what I mean. He has his own spirit. I hope to see more about him in the future and my wish is to meet him one day

Some of Chris Jansens’s Kink Scenes

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