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BE YOURSELF – Sam’s (Mr. Rubber France 2018) Campaign

Sam | 1985 | 176 cm | 65 kg | Metz (FR)

I did not accept my homosexuality and my fetishism. I lived in depression for several years because of it.


Twitter: @SamRber 

MasterMarc: Hi Sam. Two months ago you have been elected as Mr. Rubber France 2018. Congratulations. First of all a simple question for an elected ambassador of the rubber community: Why do you love rubber?

Sam: Hello MasterMarc, thank you very much;) The question is not so simple, rubber is above all a feeling and you must have to wear it to understand it. I find rubber very sexy, having a body moulded in rubber is very exciting to look at, wear and touch (and also to play). The advantage of rubber is that it allows you to show your body, to be “naked” but all in sensuality. It’s a real second skin!

MasterMarc: How important is rubber as part of your sexual life and your sexual desires?

Sam: For me rubber is not a part of my sex life, it’s my whole life (sexual and normal). First of all, rubber makes me feel good about myself. Without rubber, I’m very shy. I have trouble getting naked. As a result, I can hardly let go. When I wear rubber, I feel good about myself; I feel more exciting (and excited) and let go totally. Playing rubber allows me to have fun without asking questions, without being afraid, I can relax and enjoy the moment.

MasterMarc: Would you say that your fetish is giving you more self-confidence? Why do you think that fetish can have such an impact? What makes your own fetish out of you?

Sam: Of course, my fetishism gives me complete self-confidence. Rubber is a second skin for me, and I find myself sexier, more exciting with than without rubber. In addition, rubber leaves a certain mystery about what lies behind, which makes this fetish even more exciting and obliges to take some time to discover the other (without rubber, you can go straight to the essential, it’s less exciting). It’s kind of like a gift to unpack lol. When I wear rubber, I’m really confident and I’m not afraid to go to others when it’s impossible without it. I think that for many, beyond the exciting side, rubber is a very good way to gain self-confidence, enhancing one’s body, without showing it.

MasterMarc: Was this impact which rubber has on you the reason why you have started your #BeYourself campaign? And can you tell us a little about it?

Sam: When I first discovered rubber, I was 15 years old and it was behind my computer screen. That day I was very excited and I knew that I would like this subject. Unfortunately, at the age of 15, I did not accept my homosexuality and my fetishism. For me it was a double punishment (gay + fetish). I lived in depression for several years because of it. Over the years, I have learned to accept myself and be proud of who I am, to be proud of my rubber. A few years ago, I started posting photos of myself on social networks, and I received a lot of messages, questions, people who, like me when I was 15, discovered their fetishism through my photos and were afraid to live it. That’s why I signed up for the election of Mister Rubber France, in order to be able to spread the message that it’s important to take on, to be yourself and to be proud of yourself! If I could do it, anyone can do it. Once elected, I launched the initiative, because in the fetish world, the stories are very different and everyone has learned to live their rubber and their fetish differently. The aim of this simple initiative is to allow everyone to showcase their story and their journey, accompanied by a fetish photo with the hashtag . All the photos and stories will be shared on a website (beyourself-fetish. com) to promote all the people who make our fetish proud and help everyone to take responsibility and join our beautiful community!

MasterMarc: We as sadOsam team think that you’ve had a great idea. Belive me, we get many questions of people who are still to shy to live it and it is an important goal of sadOsam to encourage them, to live their own desires, as they are a part of you. You can ignore it, but you will always feel that something important is missing. How can people be part of your campaign?

Sam: Thank you very much; -) Today, we are fortunate enough to have the Internet, which was not the case for everyone and we must use this tool to reach people who cannot be reached during events. That’s why the campaign is online at . There is a short presentation of the campaign, and there is a link to a form to participate. Just send us your photo, nickname, and story and that’s it! Throughout the year, I will go through the various events to promote my initiative, invite fetishists to participate and make sure that at the end of my mandate, many of us will say .

I will also, when the initiative is online, promote it on the net (website gay, Google pub…) to try to reach people who are looking for information about fetishism and perhaps allow them to discover stories in which they will find themselves. It is important to make the initiative known not only in the fetish community but also to people who do not yet live it. It is precisely the encounter between fetishists and those who are afraid to live it that will allow the birth of “new fetishists”;) As a mister, I would also like to remind you that my initiative is entirely voluntary and that at no time will the entries be used for anything other than to promote our pride in being fetish.

MasterMarc: It seems that you have found your mission as Titleholder. How is the feedback of the community and do you have a lot of guys participating and sending you their pics?

Sam: For the moment the community is very enthusiastic about the initiative and I am receiving contributions from France, but also from Europe and the United States. The message of the discovery of his fetishism is universal and I am glad that the reactions are positive all over the world. For the moment, I already have a lot of entries, but I hope to have more in the next few days 😉 Putting on an gear, making a sign (hand or computer), taking a picture and telling a story in a few lines doesn’t take much time and it’s for the good cause. It is important to remind everyone (and we have all experienced it) how much it is appreciated to have help and references when we discover ourselves (I think we all wish we had other stories to help us in our discovery) and therefore it is important to take a few minutes to participate; -)

MasterMarc: I am happy to hear that you have got contributions from all over and we hope you get a lot more in the next few days. We have really to continue our talk soon, Sam, and all of us are waiting to see all the kinksters showing their fetish on your page.

So now it is up to you, DEAR sadOsam READERS. Show your fetish, show yourself and show your pride. People should see, that it is nothing bad having a kink and that to live it is satisfying you.

Sam: Thank you for your interview, long life in SadOsam and !

Sam’s Website | Campaign’s Website

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