I crawled through the gate, with a tight leash around my neck and a giant black hunk at my side. There must have been nearly a hundred black men, women, and children here. Even more disturbing were the weapons that were laid around the compound everywhere. Hundreds of high capacity rifles and shotguns could be seen resting up against boxes all over this place. Many were in the hands of huge muscular black men who were rubbing them down and cleaning them. Huge machetes and knives, even a couple fragmentation grenades were strewn around this compound like it was nothing.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” I heard a feminine voice cry out. A woman stood up from her seat, dark as night and covered in tattered clothes. “That racist fuckhead is the reason we’re living like this!” She lunged forward, pointing a finger directly at me. I couldn’t help but notice her large bulbous breasts that were barely contained by her torn clothes. Thanks to the holes in her shirt, bits of her black breast meat were visible. I couldn’t deny how incredibly attractive this large busty woman was. Her tits must have been nearly as big as my wife’s, which is an impressive feat all by itself, and yet her dark black skin made them even sexier to me.

“Relax!” Brute said in a commanding voice. “Soon this honky will be working for us! We’re gonna use his position and power to take over this city once and for all!” The beautiful young black girl smirked contently and sat back down. I looked around this makeshift warehouse and became amazed at the people here.

Huge shirtless men marched around exposing their unnaturally buff bodies. The women, too, were unbelievably blessed with their bodies. They had skinny and tight frames, but their asses and tits were large enough to get lost inside of. This compound felt more like a clubhouse for well-endowed people than it did a refugee camp. The more I looked around, the hornier I became. Huge hulky black men with ripped oiled chests, and big voluptuous black tits and asses that clapped with every step they took. I was amazed that our city even had a hundred black men and women that were this incredibly good looking.

Underneath all the sexual tension that I felt was sadness and pity. They scrapped together any food they could find and patched together any cloth into clothing. They tried to make the best out of a bad situation…a situation that I put them in. My fear mongering pushed the white population of this county into hating and despising those that are different. I helped promote racism and violence against these people that I was now staring at.

Before I could continue that train of thought, Brute yanked on my chain, as if to awaken me from my daze. He marched towards a well lit room at the back of the camp, as I crawled behind him obediently. I could tell this room was of great importance once I saw the two armed guards standing in front of the doorway. We paused for a second as Brute addressed the guards.

“I’m gonna break this one in for a bit. Don’t let anyone disturb me until I’m done, got it?” He didn’t even wait for a response as he walked through the doorway.

“Yes, sir!” The two guards said simultaneously, showing great respect for Brute. He slammed the door shut behind us and leaned down towards me. Instinctively, I recoiled and tensed up. I had no idea what he was going to do to me, but I figured that it would be violent. He grabbed the collar, unfastened it from my neck, and tossed it into the corner of the room.

“Don’t be afraid, honky. Any aggression I show you will certainly be deserved and justified.”

“Please, Brute…please don’t hurt me. I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t…” Before I could finish that sentence Brute leaned down and slammed his open palm against my face. A loud crack echoed through the room as my head was forced down towards the floor from the incredible force of his slap.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to speak, faggot! You will treat me and the rest of the black race with the respect we deserve!” He yelled, grabbing a hold of his tight shirt. He yanked it off, exposing his incredibly muscular chest. His seemingly endless rippling abs made me feel a strange mix of arousal and inferiority. He tossed his shirt aside and reached down to his jeans. Surprisingly, this was the first time that I had eyed up his crotch and noticed his huge bulge. What looked like a big lump of meat, still contained by his jeans, stuck out about a few inches from his waist. Even though I was not gay…I couldn’t help but imagine what the dick that caused that giant bulge actually looked like.

I knelt there silently as he proceeded to unbuckle his belt. He was about to toss it aside too, like the rest of his cloths, when he froze for a second. He turned back towards me and smiled, belt still in hand.

“I’ve got an idea…” He flung his belt outward, whipping me on my chest with the metal end. “Why don’t you take my pants off, faggot?” I hesitated for a few seconds, scared and uncertain of what to do. He whipped me again, this time with even more aggression and force. “What’s wrong, faggot? You too stupid to know how to take pants off? You better take these off, cracka! Unless you want my fist to be the thing whipping you next time!” I crawled forward a bit and knelt up, face to face with his huge throbbing bulge.

My curiosity got the better of me as I reached forward and grasped the zipper of his jeans and slowly pulled it down. The zipper suddenly fell down as the weight of his massive bulge pushed it with incredible force. Out sprung a huge black meat stick that nearly smacked me in the face before it fell down, limp against the outside of his jeans.

“Holy shit!” I yelled, as my jaw dropped with shock. His huge, dark, veiny shaft lay calmly against his jeans. I ran my eyes up and down this monstrous beast of a cock, trying to gauge its size. There must have been about 8 or 9 inches of soft black meat dangling right in front of my face.

“Fuck yeah, honky! Now you see how fucking worthless you are, don’t you? I’m stronger than you, faster than you, bigger than you…I’m better than you in every possible way.” I could see this unnaturally large cock starting to swell with blood and thicken. Brute was becoming hard, and I knew exactly what that meant.

“Listen, Brute…I…I’m not gay. I can’t do this.” A confused look appeared on Brute’s face which quickly dissolved into rage and hate. He clenched his fist tightly and launched it right at my face. His superior strength sent me sliding across the floor as my ears rung. I lifted my head up off the concrete, clearly disoriented.

“Get back here, faggot!” He screamed, causing me to shiver in fear. I crawled back towards him and knelt back down in front of his giant shaft. I could see his shaft slowly rising to a straightened position. All this violence must have gotten Brute turned on.

“Touch it, faggot, or you’ll be eating all your meals through a fucking straw!” I knew better now than to underestimate the power of this huge black hunk. He clearly had the power to kill me with one hand and without even breaking a sweat. I reached out and grasped his huge shaft at the base. I could feel the heat and throbbing motion of the blood rushing to his already massive dick. I dragged my hand forward and backward, pulling his foreskin back and revealing the large bulbous head of his cock.

I continued pumping his veiny dark cock in my hand, mesmerized by this man’s incredible manliness. Not only was his cock enough to satisfy a horse, but his incredible muscular frame was probably strong enough to move a god-dammed car. This man was the epitome of human evolution. Even if he was a violent criminal, there was no denying that he was vastly superior to every other man I had ever seen. After only about a minute of jerking, his cock had now swelled to a jaw dropping length and girth. Now it was nearly about as thick as my wrist and nearly an entire foot in length. I continued rubbing my hand up and down his length, completely entranced by this god-like cock.

“Typical white wimp! You all take one look at a big fat nigga dick and lose your god damned minds.” He said in a snarky tone, smiling at me as I lost myself in his manliness. “I bet that mouth would work even better. And you’ll certainly want to get this thing nice and slippery before I ram it in your tight virgin ass.”

“My ass…?” I felt myself awakening from the strange trance that his superior cock had put on me.

“Yes, faggot, your ass! That’s what white asses were made for, after all. But first, we gotta get this monster nice and wet.” He reached out and grabbed the sides of my mouth, pulling them open. I gurgled and panted heavily as he tore open my jaw like a psychopathic dentist. Still holding my mouth open like I was a disobedient animal, he thrust forward and jammed as much of his huge thick meatstick down my throat as he could. He pressed forward forcefully, causing me to gag and choke helplessly. The length of his cock buckled in the middle from the resistance it met in my mouth.

“Damn you’ve got a tight throat, honky. I figured since you’re always fucking spouting off racial slurs, you’d have a well-seasoned mouth.” He kept a hold of the corners of my mouth and pumped his cock into me with incredible force. With every violent thrust, I choked and felt thick streams of spit seep out of my mouth. He chuckled to himself manically, clearly content seeing me in pain.

“Fucking hell! I love hearing you white pieces of shit choke to death.” I could tell this monstrous beast of a man was becoming turned on. Not only was his cock practically hard as a rock, but his thrusts had become more forceful. He smiled with glee as my eyes became bloodshot and every bit of air was evacuated from my lungs. All I could do was gargle my own saliva as he continued to abuse my mouth. I could feel my face turning blue as nothing but thick viscous drool poured out of my mouth and no air got it.

Finally he let go of my mouth and yanked his cock out of the depths of my esophagus. He pulled out strings of saliva from the deepest parts of my throat that were still clinging to his glistening foot long cock. I fell to the floor, gagging and spiting up drool like my life depended on it. I could hear Brute laughing to himself.

“Look at you, honky. You nearly had the life choked out of you…and you’re fucking hard!” I looked down to see a small tent that formed in my dress pants. I was too busy before from all the pain and fear to notice that I was erect. Brute was right! What was wrong with me? How could this kind of mistreatment and violence turn me on?

“Just like all the rest of those crackas! You all love being abused and degraded; most of you just don’t realize it.” He leaned down and wrapped his huge muscled forearm around my neck. He lifted me up and held me tightly against his chest. He tightened his muscles, like a python trying to suffocate me. I feared for my life as I heard him laugh to himself as I wheezed for air. My feet dangled in midair as he secured me in a choke hold position.

Suddenly, and without warning, I felt a huge surge of sexual pleasure radiate through my body. My cock instantly became rock hard and I nearly felt like I was about to cum. The pain started to dissipate as my vision blurred. He kept his giant puffy arm clenched around my neck as I started to close my eyes and die. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. This man was literally murdering me, and yet I was more turned on now than ever before.

Right before my vision completely faded and I went to meet my maker, Brute released his choke hold and let my limp body drop onto the cold concrete. My vision slowly returned as I took a few deep breaths. I reached my hands up to my neck and felt at the base of my throat. It felt hot and throbbing. Extreme pain radiated from my cherry-red neck every time I touched it.

“THAT right there is why niggas are better than you white pigs. You could never compete with me, you worthless piece of shit. You’re an OBJECT, not a human!” He continued spouting off degrading comments while I cleared my hoarse throat. I knelt forward and looked at this gigantic man in front of me.

As he screamed obscenities, I watched his every movement. His angry mouth sometimes spit a small bit of saliva as he yelled at me. His muscles flexed and tightened as he asserted his dominance. His still dripping wet cock waggled side to side as he continued on in his rage. I couldn’t deny it any longer. I was NOTHING compared to him. I don’t even deserve to consider myself a ‘man’ if guys like this exist. I’m not sure what category I would put myself in, but it sure as hell wasn’t the same one that Brute was in!

As he slowed down his angry verbal assault, I looked up at him with loving eyes. I couldn’t fight this urge anymore. Being choked brought me incredible pleasure that I couldn’t even describe. Brute unlocked a new side of me when he nearly suffocated me, and I was determined to experience it again.

“Sir…” I tried my best to speak with a sore and abused throat. “could you…please choke me again?” I collapsed down to the floor, nearly passing out from the incredible trauma my body just took. I didn’t care how dangerous this was. I didn’t care how demeaning and degrading this was. All I knew was that this horse hung African hunk was giving me more pleasure than anything else in my life ever has.

“That’s what I like to hear! Fuck yeah!” Brute yelled as he leaned down and picked me up with his arm around my neck. Once again, I found myself dangling in midair, my entire bodyweight supported by my fragile neck that was nestled in this bodybuilder’s arm. As Brute tightened his choke hold, he leaned his face in towards my ear and began to whisper.

“Soon you’ll realize that all white men crave punishment and violence. It’s a sign of your submission – your natural inferiority. Millions of years of evolution turned white men into weak, disgusting sub-humans. Wake up and smell the scientific facts, honky. Black men are proven to be naturally stronger, faster, taller…and just all around better than you pale pieces of trash. So it makes you wonder, doesn’t it…what point is there to keeping white men around when niggas are the rightful rulers of this world?” I couldn’t answer, or move, or make any noise at all. My vision was fading again, and I was greatly looking forward to another rush of ecstasy.

Once again, without any warning, I felt a huge tidal wave of emotional release tear through my insides. Suddenly, my dick began to twitch and pulsate. I could feel cum slowly leaking out of me thanks to the rush of endorphins that hit me like a freight train. He released me again, this time waiting even longer and nearly killing me in the process. I collapsed to the ground and gasped for air.

“Damn, cracka! You fucking came from being choked?! Jesus Christ, you white men are literally the most worthless things on this earth! How the fuck can you call yourself a man when you cum from nearly dying?”

“I..I’m sorry, sir. It just feels so good…I…I don’t know what to do.” I looked up at him with big puppy dog eyes. I could barely talk, I couldn’t see straight, and I could barely think properly. I found it hard to comprehend what was going on around me when my brain was still desperately trying to get oxygen.

“The only thing you can do, you disgusting animal, is to take even more. The more you destroy your body and submit to niggas, the happier you will be.” I drunkenly smiled with glee, happy to hear that I could experience even more pleasure. “Take off those soiled clothes and lay down on that mattress over there.” He motioned over to a dirty mattress lying on the floor as I quickly stripped all of my clothes off. I stood and stared at Brute for a second, still swooning over his greatness. He clenched his fist and launched it straight into my soft, flappy stomach. It felt like a tractor trailer hit my naked body.

“For a second I thought that you were finally starting to realize that you are a slave to niggas. I guess I’ll just have to keep beating you till you learn your place. Now get on the fucking mattress, honky!” He screamed as I quickly shuffled over towards it. I laid my frail little body on the mattress, face down. I stuck my soft flabby ass into the air, knowing full well what was about to happen. He stood behind my raised ass and gave it a nice hard slap. I could feel my soft ass cheeks jiggling from his hit.

“Yeah…this will do nicely.” He said in a seductive tone. I heard him rub his hands on his still soaking wet monster cock. He let go of his massive meat stick and left it slam down against my ass and back.

“Ugh!” I felt the air rush out of my lungs as his unnaturally heavy cock slammed me down even deeper into this dirty mattress. An entire foot of girthy black meat was now resting on my ass, reaching all the way up to the crest of my back. I waited with anticipation for a minute or two, though it seemed like an eternity. I had just cum earlier from being nearly choked to death, and yet I was still hard. I desperately wanted to find out how good this black dick felt inside of me. If he could arouse me that much just by choking me, I couldn’t imagine how wild he could drive me with his giant cock. I just couldn’t wait any longer. I turned my head and faced him.

“Please, sir…I can’t wait anymore. Just destroy me, already!” I screamed, literally begging to be taken advantage of. For a brief second, he stood there as if confused or surprised. Suddenly, I felt a huge blow to the back of the head. He donkey punched me right in the back of the skull.

“How dare you tell me what to do, you worthless fucking waste of space!” He screamed at the top of his lungs. My ears were ringing and my eye sight was a bit wobbly. I laid my head down against the mattress, hoping this pain would pass.

“I’ll fuck you whenever the fuck I want to! Got it, faggot?” I quickly responded, fearing the violence that might ensue if I didn’t.

“Yes, sir. I’m so sorry, sir.” I said, trying to be as respectful and kind as possible. I could feel some tears building up in my eyes as a sobering realization hit me. All this violence…all this suffering…I completely deserved it. I made life a living hell for the black people in this camp. Deep down I knew that this is what racist assholes like me deserve.

“That’s better, cracka! Soon you’ll learn your place.” He slid his huge heavy cock off of my back. Suddenly, I felt a hot meaty pole pressing against my airtight asshole. The huge girthy head of his cock, which was about as wide as my fist, was pressingly as hard as possible against my hole. I could feel my ass opening up to him.

“Oh! Fuck!” I moaned with discomfort as I felt the head slip into my stretching butthole. With every calm push forward, my ass opened even wider. Brute grabbed ahold of my shoulders and used my body as leverage to completely tear apart my ass.

“God damn! I love a nice tight virgin honky!” He said, smiling as I grunted and groaned in pain. I couldn’t help but moan in a feminine manner as I felt all of my manhood leaving me. After a few minutes of moaning like a girl, I finally felt his big heavy nuts pressing against my ass. I couldn’t believe it. I had succeeded in inserting an entire foot of thick veiny black cock into my virgin asshole! Even without him thrusting in and out, I could feel him hitting places inside of me that I didn’t even know I had. Lust overtook my mind as I started to rock my hips forward and backward, literally fucking myself with his cock.

To be continued …