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A Congressman Corrupted (3)

I awoke to the sound of something cooking downstairs. I dragged myself up and let my legs hang off the side of the bed. I would have thought that last night was nothing more than a dream, if it wasn’t for the pain and soreness in my bowels. I stood up and stretched my arms out. I could feel my ass throb with every movement I made. Nevertheless, I put on some clothes and went downstairs. I saw my beautiful wife at the stove, barely clothed. She stood over the stovetop, cooking some bacon, obviously trying to entice me with her body. She still had on the skimpy nightgown that I saw her in bed with last night. She spun around when she heard me walk into the room.

“Morning, baby!” She smiled with glee and walked over to me. Every step she took made her massive breasts jiggle around in her lacey top. She pushed her body against mine and kissed me passionately. I could feel her huge breasts being squished tightly against my chest as she shoved her tongue far down my throat.

“That’s what I was looking for last night…but it never happened.” She said, sounding disappointed. She started walking back over to the stove to finish cooking.

“Well…I got…distracted. I spent a little while at the bar, and then I met up with some…friends.” I said, stumbling over most of my words as I tried to figure out how to say this in the best way.

“Well, all I know is that I had to take care of myself last night. But now that you’re home, why don’t we get one in before work?” While I couldn’t deny how incredibly busty and beautiful she looked, all I could think about was Brute’s unbelievably large cock. Her giant busty rack that was held up by her supportive nightgown failed to turn me on in the slightest. In fact, all I could imagine is how much hotter she’d look right now if she had a girthy black cock between those melons. Something serious was happen to me. It hadn’t even been a single day since I had my ass viciously torn apart by a black alpha, and yet I couldn’t stop dreaming about it.

“I…ugh…I don’t think so, honey. I’m just not in the mood.” I uttered quickly, trying to push past this conversation.

“What do you mean? Are you serious?” She looked at me baffled. She knew her sex drive far outshined mine, but she had never heard me turn down sex so quickly before.

“Please, honey…” I said, holding my hand up in the air as if signaling her to stop. “I’m just not in the mood.” I hung my head in shame, still confused about these new urges.

“Okay! Fine!” She said in a mocking tone, obviously pissed off.

We had breakfast together, barely even saying a word to each other all morning. When it came time to head to work, I said goodbye and slipped out the door. I hailed a cab a bit down the street, and we raced off towards town hall.

When I finally entered into my office, I was greeted by my assistant. He was holding a large stack of documents, which I knew to be the new anti-black bill that I had drafted up. I sat down at my desk and felt the warm throbbing of my still sore ass on the leather seat.

“Good morning, sir.” My perky, young assistant said to me. “The new bill is all ready to go! We spent the night proofreading it and revising any errors. All we need is your signature, sir.” He gently tossed the stack of paper directly in front of me. I stared at it for a brief moment. This was the bill that had made me famous, and yet this also brought me more shame than I could imagine. People rallied behind this bill, fought for this bill, even elected me simply because I promised to pass a bill like this. I knew that this is what my people wanted, but deep down I just couldn’t do it. My conscience got the better of me as I stood up and faced my assistant.

“There’s no way I can sign this!” I said heroically.

“I’m sorry…is something wrong with it, sir?” My assistant was clearly confused as to why I was displeased with a bill that I had written myself.

“Yes, something is wrong with it. It’s not right!” I paused briefly and noticed how confused my assistant was. “It’s not moral! How can we call ourselves ‘good people’ when we’re clearly so bigoted and racist?” I reached down and grabbed the bill off my desk. I grabbed it on one side with both hands. Angrily, I tore the entire stack in half, much to my assistant’s amazement.

“But…I…don’t understand. I thought you wanted to pass this bill. Isn’t that why you wrote it?” I tossed the torn pages into the trash can next to my desk.

“Yes, but that was before I realized how anti-American this thing is!” I yelled, pointing to the torn pages in the trash can. “America is about freedom and acceptance. How the fuck is it ‘accepting’ to force good people out of their homes simply because they look different from us? I refuse to enact anything like that!” I folded up my arms on my chest, abstinently.

“Very well, sir. Just remember that you have another rally today. You were going to tell the people the good news…What are you going to tell them now?” I thought back to all the teachings and lessons that Brute had taught me. Sure, he might have been aggressive with me, but he’s still fighting for a good cause.

“I’ll show them the RIGHT thing to do.” I said, speaking with emphasis to make my point clear. I stormed out of my office, hopped into the first taxi I could find, and raced towards my rally.

As I arrived and stepped out of the cab, I could hear people screaming and cheering my name. I made my way directly to the podium, trying to navigate the huge crowds all around me. I approached the microphone, which was pointing directly at my face, and looked out at the screaming crowd.

“Welcome, everyone! Thanks for coming. Now please…please settle down. I have some very important news to tell you all.” Most of the mob settled down, while a couple people continued carrying on.

“No more blacks!” Some began to chant the motto that my campaign ran under.

“Did you finally get rid of all those niggers?” Asked one particularly disgusting white gentleman.

“I know a lot of you will be disappointed…but I must tell the truth. Today, I refused to sign the anti-black bill.” The crowd became full of quiet side-conversations and audible confusion. “I know I promised to do this for all of you…but I also promised to uphold the values that this nation stands for! Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL!” The crowd didn’t cheer; they didn’t clap. I received nothing but silence and hateful stares. “Don’t you understand how horrible it is to segregate an entire race?”

“Jonathon, those niggers are murdering, raping, and stealing! How the fuck can you support that?” One angry white guy screamed.

“Not all of them do that! It’s not right to punish good people for the mistakes that OTHER people have made!” I yelled, answering back to him. I turned my attention back to the group as a whole.

“I know it’s scary…but it’s the RIGHT thing to do! Open your hearts to these people. Let these proud African men and women show you just how great they are! Trust me! In time, you’ll see them as I do: strong, powerful, loyal, and deserving of our acceptance and love!” I walked away from the podium to a roar of “boo”s and angry fists being shaken. I felt even sadder now that this rally was over. I knew that their racism and bigotry was directly my fault.

I was the one that instilled fear and hatred within them. I was the one that told them not to trust African Americans. I was the one that told them the only way to be safe was to segregate themselves from and entire race of people. I was determined to ensure that hatred and racism was not going to be what generations would remember me for.

I stormed out of the rally, took another taxi, and raced back to Brute’s compound. I heard the familiar sound of gunshots and wild guard dogs as I entered the worst part of the city. I knocked on the large metal sliding door and waited for someone to answer. Within a few seconds, the same young man who was on guard duty last night stuck his face against the peephole and smiled once he saw me.

“Oh…it’s you. Yeah, come on in faggot.” He loudly pulled the gate open and motioned over towards the side room that Brute had fucked me in last night. “Your master’s over there, honky!” He yelled, in a degrading and derogatory tone. I walked through the masses of black people going about their day and made it to Brute’s room. The second he saw me, he dropped what he was doing and walked over towards me.

“Well done, faggot. I had an agent planted in the rally. He says you really put those crackas in their place!” I must admit, it felt great to be congratulated by such a powerful alpha male.

“Well, I just did what I knew was right, sir.” I said, being respectful to this superior hunk.

“That’s correct.” He said, as he took a few more steps and stood directly in front of me. “It’s the RIGHT thing to do for whites to honor the wishes and requests of niggas…isn’t it?” I nodded with a smile.

“Why are you doing all this, faggot?” I looked at Brute with slight confusion.

“Well…because I love the black race and want to see them prosper, sir.” Brute didn’t seem content with my answer.

“You sure that’s all you want? You sure you aren’t addicted to niggas cocks too?” Feelings of submissiveness kicked in as I hung my head towards the ground.

“Well…I…I” Brute lovingly placed his huge black hand on top of my head. I was amazed to find out that it was so large that it completely encompassed my scalp.

‘It’s okay, cracka. You can say it.” He rubbed my head as if I was a house pet.

“I…I love nigga dick.” I said, feeling almost freed and liberated.

“No, bitch! Don’t say ‘nigga’. You sound like some stupid white rapper who wishes he was black. Say ‘nigger’.” He exclaimed, putting extra emphasis on the “er” ending.

“I…I love nigger dick.” Saying it properly out loud for the first time filled me with a strange sense of satisfaction.

“Louder, faggot!”

“I love big fat nigger cock!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“Good…good.” Brute said lovingly. “It’s no use trying to fight it. White boys were MADE to please niggas.” I could feel myself falling down off the ‘high’ I just received from confessing my secret love.

“Speaking of pleasing niggas…we’re one step closer to finally putting an end to the harsh rule you whites have over this city.” He paused for a moment, as if thinking over his next action. “You know what…I think you’ve earned yourself a reward for being such a good and obedient faggot.” My eyes lit up, hoping for another night of violent and aggressive ass pounding.

“Thank you, sir. It was an honor to fight for such an important cause.” For some reason, just making Brute happy seemed to make me happy too. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that I was falling in love with him. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged my limp body out into the main open area. Most of the random men and women were gone now that it was dark, most likely having retired for the night. Three dark skinned hunks stood guard over this compound in the dead of night. Brute tossed my inferior body into the middle of the square with ease.

“Enjoy, my brothers! You’ve earned a nice piece of honky butt as payment for jobs well done.” He said, looking at each of the 3 guards. They all started to circle in around me as Brute retreated to his room.

“Oh…and if anyone bothers me when I’m sleeping, I’ll cut their fucking head off!” He slammed the door to his room shut, leaving me shivering on the ground and surrounded by these stunning black hunks. They all threw their fully automatic rifles to the ground and started rubbing at their crotches. I could see bulges starting to form that got bigger and bigger the more they grabbed at them.

“I thought I was Brute’s slave, sirs?” I timidly asked the group. All three of them looked at each other and burst into laughter.

“No, you stupid white piece of trash…” One of them said, while looking at me with a humored and entertained look on his face. “…you belong to all niggas.”

“Maybe we should get ‘Property of the Master Race’ tattooed on his fat honky ass.” One of the other black guards said, causing the other two to chuckle a bit.

“Yeah, but first we gotta break this bitch’s spirit! Come on, brothas, let’s show this honky slut why niggas deserve to be worshiped!” They continued grabbing and rubbing at their already massive bulges, ensuring that their cocks were fully hard when I saw them. Most of them had tents forming in their pants that stuck out nearly a foot from their body. They all moved in a bit closer to me, practically shoving their huge erections in my face.

Almost in unison, they all reached into their pants and whipped out their giant dark shafts. I audibly gasped as a massive black dick sprung up out of each of their pants. Rock hard and sticking straight out, these foot long beasts were a sight to behold. I could see their veins throbbing and pulsating with an immensely strong blood flow. I saw them all start looking around and staring at one another’s dicks, marveling at each other’s supremacy. My tiny little dick was becoming rock hard again, as my body realized the intense pleasure I was about to feel.

I crawled over towards the group, practically drooling at this point. I reached out and grasped the two massive shafts at my sides, while staring directly at the one pointed at my face. I slowly jerked the dicks off in my hands as the one guard in front of me grabbed me by the head.

“That’s a good little honky! You wanna please as many niggas as you can at one time, huh?” I smiled and nodded, hoping to satisfy all three of these muscular alpha males. The two black gods at the ends licked their lips with pleasure as I continued to yank their foot long shafts front to back.

“Open your mouth, faggot, so I can lube it up for you.” The man in the middle said with a devilish tone. After all this time staring at these hung black gods, I couldn’t even think straight. I didn’t even know how to resist anymore. I opened my mouth obediently. He collected a big wad of saliva in his mouth and spat it directly into mine. I could taste his intoxicatingly sweet juices. I smiled as I swallowed his delicious spit.

“You like drinking nigga juices, faggot?” I nodded and murmured affirmatively. Drinking his spit sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. “Good! Because that’s what the rest of your life is gonna be about, cracka!” He spit on me again, this time in a more aggressive and violent way. I simply couldn’t withstand the lust building inside me anymore.

“Please, sir. I need that nigger cock deep in my throat!” I screamed with two huge black cocks still in my hands. The three black men all looked at each other, surprised.

“Looks like Brute’s already got you helplessly addicted.” One guy said. He then turned to the black stud next to him. “That’s how you can tell when a bitch gets horny. If he starts screaming ‘nigger this’…’nigger that’, then he’s beggin’ for a bruising!” The black men chuckled between themselves as I continued to fondle the dicks of the two men at the ends of the line. I opened my mouth, as if to invite the guy in the middle inside.

He grabbed his cock at the base and angled the head right in front of my mouth. With one huge thrust forward, I felt his horse-sized member plunge all the way down into my esophagus. Amazingly, I gobbled up all 12 inches within an instant.

“Damn!” The black alpha exclaimed. “Brute must have really broken in this fag already!” He threw his head back and groaned, clearly pleased by my oral skills. I pushed my head forward and backwards, practically gagging myself on his foot long shaft.

“Take a look at this, my brothas! This honky’s wrecking his own throat! I didn’t even need to beat him or anything!” The two black men with their dicks in my hands looked over jealously. One of them pushed the guy aside and stepped right in front of me.

“I wanna try this bitch too!” He said with glee, sounding like an excited child. He rammed his cock in too without any regard for my mouth. I swallowed every single inch and buried by face in his thin black pubes. A huge smile appeared on his face as his cock banged around in my sore throat. The third man, and the only one yet to gag me, looked at both of the other black guards.

“You know…we don’t have to take turns. Let’s all get in that fag mouth together and break his fucking jaw!” He took a step forward and shoved his dick tightly against the other man’s cock. He slid it in far enough to match the other guy’s length, while he motioned over to the last man.

“Come on, brotha. Don’t you wanna silence this racist bitch once and for all?” His eyes lit up with excitement as he took a few steps closer towards my mouth. He pressed his cock against the other two and squeezed it into my stretched open mouth. My eyes widened with a mix of fear and excitement. I could feel myself being choked of all air…but deep down it was just making me hornier. My cock hardened and my face turned red as three girthy black meatsticks filled my entire esophagus.

“Haha! Look at this honky choking! I knew he could never stand up to the power of us alpha male niggas!” The guy in the middle said, reaching his arms out and putting them around the shoulders of the two guys at his sides. They soon began to thrust their dicks slightly, only moving a few inches at a time. I gagged and choked, making the most retched faces as I lost the ability to breathe.

“Fucking hell this is hot!” One of them yelled, throwing his head back with excitement. “Nothing’s hotter than a white guy near death!” He stared down at me with a look of extreme hate and brutality. As my eyes became bloodshot and my face turned blue, I could tell these 3 black hunks were loving it. The more I gagged and spit up big wads of saliva, the harder they all thrust into my mouth simultaneously.

Right before I passed out from asphyxiation, they all yanked their massive shafted out of my throat. I collapsed to the floor, gasping for air, as the black alphas all stood and looked down at me. Their huge rock hard dicks were dripping wet and covered in viscous drool.

“Jesus Christ, look how fucking pathetic this one is!” One of them yelled, clearly displeased with me. They stared down at me as I choked on my own spit with great shame. “Maybe we should just kill this one and be done with it. It makes me sick looking at this weak little piece of shit!”

“No!” One of the other guys exclaimed. “You heard Brute. This faggot has a lot of power around here. We’re gonna use him to finally put an end to these racist assholes that run the city.” The third black guard smiled as if he realized something exciting.

“We can’t kill him…but how about we keep choking him till he’s close to death.” They all started eyeing each other up.

“You thinking what I’m thinking, brothas?” They all smirked at each other.

“Fuck yeah, my nigga! Let’s choke this honky with some nigga ass!” They all reached down to where their cocks were hanging out of the fly of their jeans, and unbuttoned their pants. They slid them off and tossed them onto the ground. I couldn’t help but get excited when I saw their three tight and muscular butts. Their incredible chiseled asses made them the perfect examples of the natural supremacy of African men. They all knelt down to the ground and bent over, pushing their firm asses into the air. Their still hard foot long dicks were nearly touching the concrete ground as they wiggled their asses in my face.

“What the fuck are you waiting for, bitch? Get down here and give these niggas hole a nice spit shine!” He yelled in a commanding voice. I knelt down and gazed at the three plump dark asses that were pushed together side by side. I was almost entranced by the soft jiggling movement of their plump cheeks swaying side to side.

I leaned forward and pressed my face firmly into the crack of his ass. I gently licked at the man’s surprisingly delicious butthole. For another minute or two, I covered his tight hole in a generous coating of my saliva. I heard him grunt quietly with displeasure. Then he reached backward and squeezed his hand against the back of my head. He pushed forward with intense pressure, ensuring that my face was completely engulfed in the crack of his ass. He laughed maniacally for a couple seconds.

“Now THIS is how you suffocate a white bitch!” He grunted in a dominant manner, pushing my head even tighter into his dark hole. I did as I was told and continued drooling over his ass even though I was starting to get light headed from lack of air. The combination of asphyxiation and delicious black sweat was starting to drive me crazy. My vision darkened as my body started dying from lack of oxygen. He pulled his hand back, still attached to my skull, and yanked my head away.

“No, no…I don’t think so! Don’t you die just yet, faggot! We’ve still got some use for you, even if you are still a mindless piece of trash!” I gasped for breath, feeling that incredible rush of near death asphyxiation. I looked forward and saw my incredible work. I realized why my tongue was sore once I saw his ass completely drenched in spit. Thick strings of drool ran down his ass crack and onto his low hanging loose nutsack.

“Please…m-more…” I murmured, still trying to find the power to breathe again.

Oh you’ll get plenty more, honky! Get the fuck over here! Me next!” The man in the middle yelled. I crawled over to him and did the same to his superior ass. Once again I was met with another dose of extreme air deprivation. The most fucked up part is how much I actually enjoyed all of this. These powerful African warriors were laughing as they nearly murdered me with their asses…and yet, I was rock hard from the enjoyment. I didn’t care about my life; if anything, this actually felt like a natural and instinctual thing to do. I could have died with my head in that alpha’s ass, and I would have been happy and content.

Once again, I drenched his glorious ass in my spit as I fought for air. Once he was thoroughly satisfied, I moved on to the last man in the line. I degraded myself one last time as the three black alphas all stared back at me. They laughed and congratulated each other on their superiority, as their asses continued to drip my saliva on the ground. After a few minutes of my head buried in the last alpha’s ass, I collapsed to the ground exhausted and in desperate need of air. The three alpha males rose up and stared down at my writhing body with looks of shame and disappointment. One stepped away for a brief second and came back, dragging a wooden box behind him. He threw it down right next to my weak, collapsed body.

“Bend over on here, faggot.” He said, slapping the top of the box. “We’re not done hurting you yet!” I felt an oddly arousing mix of pain and pleasure as I crawled over to it and pulled my frail body up. I bent over onto it, so that my torso was on the box and my ass and legs were hanging off the side. One of the alphas walked up right behind me and lifted his leg up high. He moved his foot over my head and slammed it down as hard as he could.

“AHH! FUCK!” I whimpered like an animal in pain. His strong muscular foot was slowly crushing my skull against this reinforced wooden crate. At the same time, I felt his limp long shaft flop down against my ass. I wish I could have turned my head around to see how this looked. I bet he looked like the most powerful alpha male ever with his foot crushing my head and his massively long shaft draped over my pale ass.

He grabbed his soft floppy dick and jerked it furiously, ensuring that it would be fully hard when he invaded my ass. He pressed his dick downward towards my ass. Even though he was slightly hovering above it, his impressively long dick could still easily touch my sore hole. After the extremely rough treatment my poor asshole received last night, it offered no resistant to this black god’s monster cock. My hole, which was once as tight and secure as a steel trap, was now basically like elastic putty. My loose hole gave way to his rock hard African meatstick within an instant. All 12 inches were completely swallowed up with ease.

He pulled in and out, stretching my ass out even farther. His boot was still pressing down tightly on my skull. I felt his incredibly heavy balls slamming down on my ass with every manly thrust. I couldn’t deny how impressed I was with these men. Not only were they all hung enough to satisfy a fucking horse, but they were more physically powerful than any white man I had ever seen.

Brute was completely right; black men are undeniably better! I couldn’t stop now. I needed more pleasure and more roughness. I thought back to what one of the guards said when I used a racial slur. Not only did it turn them on before, but they proceeded to get even more aggressive when I used those terms. I knew what I had to do to get used even harder. I twisted my head around, as much as I could with a foot planted down on it, and faced the other two men.

“Please, sirs, come and join us! Annihilate me with those master race meat sticks!” I screamed, feeling more free and liberated than I ever have before.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, my nigga!” One man said as he looked at the other guy. “I love a honky who knows his place!” They both walked over towards me, their giant black shafts slapping against their legs with every step they took. The one man fucking me removed his boot from my head and let his leg fall back down at his side. He continued thrusting into my loose hole as he invited the other two men over.

“There’s plenty of room, my brothas. Find a part of this faggot you like and give it hell!” One of the black men smacked me hard on the ass.

“Lift yourself up, cracka! I’m gonna get in under there!” I lifted my body up as much as I could, still being viciously violated by a giant black dick. This buff black hunk slid his body in under me so that his face was practically touching mine.

“Nigga, get my dick in there with yours. I wanna double team this worthless piece of shit!” He yelled in a dominant and aggressive way. I stared into his eyes, my body on top of his, as the man behind me grabbed his dick and shoved it into my ass alongside his own. I screamed slightly and bit my lip as I felt two foot long girthy shafts completely annihilating my asshole into mush. They both thrust alternatively into me, causing a strange mix of incredible pain and pleasure.

“Calm down, faggot. This is what white bodies were made for. I know you can take it!” The man lying under me said. I stared down at his incredibly hot body and face. I could see the pleasure and happiness in his eyes as he double fucked me with his friend. I leaned my face down and sensually kissed this dominant alpha male as lovingly as I could. His spit tasted incredibly sweet and delicious as I flung my tongue around in his mouth.

“Thank you so much, sir. This is exactly what I needed. My fag hole was getting so hungry for some monster nigger dicks!” I yelled, clearly exciting all three of the guards. I heard a couple grunts of satisfaction and even one jubilant cheer.

“Fuck yeah, honky! Now you’re getting addicted!” The wet sloshing sound of my red puffy hole swallowing up giant dicks echoed through the compound. With each thrust into my ass, I could hear my soft squishy hole stretching open to accommodate even more. The third man, who had stood waiting for a while, now approached me with his huge black shaft still dripping wet from being sucked on before. He lunged forward and grabbed me by the throat with both hands.

“I wanna hear you beg for this dick, honky.” He said in a very low and manly tone. “You haven’t earned this dick yet! You don’t deserve it yet!” I looked down at his veiny long shaft and noticed that is was slightly thicker than the other two that were in my ass. Before all the air was choked out of my lungs, I quickly spoke.

“Please give me that superior nigger dick, sir. I’ll do anything! I want it more than anything!” He leaned in close and spit right on my face. He tightened his grip around my neck to the point where it was uncomfortable.

“That’s not good enough, faggot!” He screamed, causing me to wince in fear. “I wanna see just how far you’ll go!” He tightened his grip even more to the point where I was about to start suffocating. “Punch yourself, cracka!” He yelled. I didn’t have any time to think about what he meant. If I wanted to breathe ever again, I was going to have to do anything he told me to. I clenched my fist tightly and threw it at my own cheek. My ears rang slightly from the force of the impact as a small tear dripped down my face. I just couldn’t help but get overtaken with emotion.

“Please, nigger master, grace me with that god-like dick!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I sobbed slightly, obviously distraught and in no sane condition. I punched myself again, even harder this time. I began whimpering like an upset little child as I finally realized how worthless and shameful I was.

Here I was, getting double teamed with two foot long cocks and even that wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I was such a mindless fuck slave that I actually beat the shit out of myself just so I could gag and choke on another big dick! I cried like I had never cried before, but that didn’t stop the two alphas from still tearing apart my ass even harder.

The man in front of me, still choking my neck as hard as he could, smiled an evil and devilish smile. He seemed to delight in causing me pain more than anyone else. I could feel my body going limp as this bull nigger crushed my esophagus. I couldn’t even find the strength to punch myself again. Before my vision faded completely, I felt him release his grip and let my head drop down on top of the black alpha lying underneath me. I desperately rubbed at my throat as I took a few deep breaths.

“Now you’ve earned it, bitch!” I heard his stern and angry voice rumble above me. “Only pain and suffering can make you disgusting white pigs worthy enough to experience the best the human race has to offer!” He said, almost in a clever and laughable way. He reached down and grabbed his huge floppy cock at the base. He flung it around, whipping it against his own legs and chest with incredible force. Suddenly, he flung it against me. His surprisingly heavy cock slammed me right in the face.

“Open the fuck up, cracka!” He yelled aggressively. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and within a second, his flaccid cock was completely filling my mouth. I murmured a few words that were completely muffled by my stuffed mouth.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, you uncivilized savage mother fucker!” He grabbed me by the neck, using it as leverage, and thrust into my mouth. I gagged and choked as he furiously pumped into my mouth like it was a woman’s vagina. All I could do was lay there completely powerless and full of shame, as three horse hung black men used and abused me like I was some fuck doll.

After about an hour or so, the men seemed to tire of me. They had built themselves up to a climax and withdrew their huge meaty cocks out of me. As the two dicks fell out of my ass, I could feel my warm squishy insides moving back into position ever so slightly. I knew that my ass would never fully repair itself after this night. For the rest of my life, I was going to have a dark gaping hole where my tight little ass used to be.

All three guards stood side by side in front of me, rapidly jerking off their giant meaty dicks. I could see one of them start to bite his lower lip and jerk his head around as he reached his climax.

“Ah…fuck! I’m gonna cum! Get that mouth open, you worthless cum dumpster!” I instantly opened my sore and tired mouth as wide as I could. A huge blast of bright white cum erupted from him and landed directly down my throat. Before I could even taste it, the other two men started grunting and groaning. They, too, erupted in long strings of cum that pelted me right in the face and in my mouth. They continued to shoot more and more, even after a dozen rockets of jizz.

I patiently waited as my mouth was filled to the literal brim. My open mouth overflowed with cum that ran all the way down my body and onto the cold concrete floor. Finally the guards settled down and let their throbbing cocks drop down against their thighs. I could feel the tension when I tried to move, caused by their hot sticky jizz. I swallowed the huge pool of cum sitting in my mouth and stood up. The guards grabbed their clothes and each slid them on. They grabbed their guns that were resting on the ground and walked back to their posts. One looked over at me with a stern look.

“Get the fuck out of here, bitch! You’re gonna need your rest for tomorrow. You’ve got a big day ahead of you. Tomorrow we finally take back this city!” He yelled, lifting his gun up in the air, as if celebrating the revolution.

I licked off every bit of cum that I could find on myself before leaving the compound. I hailed a cab, knowing that once I got home I could easily slip into bed without Julie even noticing I was gone.

To be continued …

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