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The Arkansas Programme (8)


Billy stood there looking at my naked body as it lay stretched out before him on the crisp white sheets.  In spite of him having seen me naked day after day, this was different – I was about to be used by him for sex and I could see him appraising my cock and balls. I twisted to one side and raised my leg slightly to try to conceal myself, but there wasn’t much I could do with my hands loosely cuffed to the metal bed-head.

“Dad tells me you were married, and have kids”, Billy said. “Does that mean you’ve never fucked a man, or taken it up the ass?”

I didn’t reply. I was so ashamed about what I knew was inevitably going to happen, that I didn’t want to reveal anything about me or my past life to him.

“Gone silent, have we?”, Billy said. “I’ll have to see if we can’t get a few words out of you….”

And with that he leaped onto the bed, and sat down on my belly, straddling me with his legs. His young, athletic frame was towering above me, and his warm ass pressed into my belly as he made no attempt to take his weight on his knees. He put his hands on the sides of my body, and gently moved them upwards, probing between each of my ribs as he went. When he was level with my nipples he reached out simultaneously with both thumbs and rubbed the hard flesh of them over the tips – I’ve got sensitive nipples anyway, and this sudden assault took me completely unawares. I couldn’t help myself – my body tried to arch upwards, and I let out a loud gasping noise – was it pleasure, or was it pain?

Billy grinned down at me, and said “Ah! So you have still got a voice. Come on, Steve, I want to hear all about your sexual exploits. I can’t believe that a big muscular stud like you didn’t have the pick of the other guys in the gay bars – I don’t put you down as the type who would have a regular boyfriend, but I should think you had seven one-night stands a week once you put that body on display! So come on… Tell all.”

I shook my head, and Billy rubbed my nipples vigorously again, causing me to shout out this time as it was more than just pleasant – it actually was painful.

“Hey, I like the way your body bucks when I do that!”, Billy said. “Dad warned me that you’d thrash around a lot under me when we started fucking, but we haven’t even started that yet and you’re writhing around. Be careful, man – my balls are hanging down here almost onto your chest, and if you thrash around too much you might hurt me!”

“But come on – I can play with your tits all night, and then I can move on to your pits – I bet they’re sensitive, too. The guys at school who have sensitive tits all have sensitive pits, and I think you’ll be the same. You’ll tell me all about your previous lovers sooner or later, so why not make it sooner? Not only will you save yourself a lot of trouble, but we can get down to the serious business of the night quicker, too. I really do want to hear about your previous experiences, as I think they’ll really turn me on!”

I didn’t think he needed turning on, as his prick was rock hard sticking out over my chest. As he reached down to play with my nipples, he had to lean forward and his cock head (like all the family, he was circumcised) had run up and down my chest, leaving a small trace of pre -cum glistening on the trail of hair from my navel towards my pecs.

What I to loose?  He could probably access the records of the Arkansas Programme anyway, so I told him my story – briefly. How I’d started fucking – girls – at l4, got married at l8, had kids. And then about beating up my best buddy when I’d found him fucking my old lady, and raping her.  Then being put on “the Programme”.  I told him how us prisoners were not allowed to have sex, but how deeply humiliating it was to have guards, buyers, and officials constantly examining our bodies just as if we were cattle. I told him of the shock when another man first hefted my balls in his hand, to “weigh” them, and the humiliation of having a prospective buyer rolling back your foreskin whilst you stand there, helpless.

Once I had started, I found it was easy to go on.  So I told him about my life on the building site, and how Seb was the first guy I had ever gone with. Before that, all my sex had been with women, or with my own hand!

Billy looked amazed at these revelations. “Tell me more about Seb”, he commanded.

So I told him how kind Seb had been, and how I really liked the guy. I thought he was going to be a real buddy to me, like one of the many men who had been good friends – but not sex partners – in the old days. And how that first afternoon, under the hot sun, he had played with my body, kissed me, and then fucked me.

I went on to tell him that after that first time I had begun to long for Seb’s tongue down my throat, his hands on my cock, and the joy of our bodies twined together. And how, over time, I had come to like his cock thrusting in and out of my ass.

“So what did you do with Seb?”, Billy asked.

“Nothing, other than to kiss him, suck his cock as foreplay before he fucked me, and pleasure his body generally as we fondled and stroked each other.”

“So you never fucked him?”

“No. Seb was always certain that he was a regular, free, straight, guy. And free, straight guys don’t get fucked by cons, he said – although they could fuck cons, as it was really only the same as taking a woman up the ass.”

“And my dad never went with you whilst you’ve been here. How long is it – two months?”

“No. When he wasn’t fucking those women clients of his, he just jerked himself off every night. He didn’t even have me sleep in the bed with him.  I didn’t even know he did have sex with men until you came home from school, and your Uncle Brett came around that night.”

Billy laughed at this, and said “Well, we’re in for quite a night! Dad thinks I’m so innocent! He and my uncles and cousins are so virtuous – none of us boys in the family are allowed to fuck or be fucked until we’re l6. But of course we’re all sexually mature so much earlier, and are all sucking each other and jerking each other, and having fun with them in bed – but no fucking!”

“I’m the first one amongst this generation to go away to school. All my cousins stayed around here, and their asses and cocks were ‘virgin’ until their sixteenth birthday. But at sc hool, I soon found a lot of guys who wanted a young boy – they were desperate, working as school masters or janitors or whatever, and being surrounded by all those boys all day but never being able to do anything about it. I only had to signal that I already knew all about going with an older man, and they couldn’t stop themselves!  And of course they were like putty in my hands – I could fuck them if I wanted to, and make them fuck me – most of them just wanted to suck and jerk-off, but I could get all of that right here at home.”

“So dad thinks I’m the little innocent, but I’ve actually had more experience than you. I can see that I’m going to have fun with you, Steve – I can train you to my ways exactly.  That Seb sounds like a real wimp, and I don’t suppose he taught you much.  You’re a relatively clean page, and I can write on you all the little things that cause me particular pleasure.”

I listened to all this and the shame I had felt when I was first given to Billy by Carl was redoubled. I was going to be “schooled” into the ways of sex by a sixteen year old. There was nothing I could do about it. My strong, hard body couldn’t save me – even if I wasn’t chained, Billy could order me to be punished, or simply sent back to the auction where the future in the pain palace awaited me, if I didn’t obey him totally.

Billy moved forward along my body, until his ass was sitting on my pecs, his knees were pressed into my shoulders, and his cock was thrusting into my face.

“Foreplay, Steve!”, he said “I like my cock sucked until I’m almost cumming. I’m glad you’re experienced in this, at least, as I hate it when a guy gags when my cock goes all the way down.”

I raised my head, opened my mouth, and as I had done so many times before with Seb, reached out with my tongue and started to delicately lick all around his cock head, paying particular attention to the flange, as I knew Seb had found that most stimulating.  But I was to find out that there’s a difference between a lusty sixteen year old and a more mature guy – the young haven’t had the time to learn that there’s more sensuality to be gained by going slowly, and prolonging sex. Billy was impatient with my caress-like licking, and simply leaned forward and proceeded to face-fuck me, hard. His pubic hair pushed against my nose again and again as he thrust up and down, and his cock pistoned in and out of my mouth. It was so fast, and so vigorous, that all I could do was keep my lips together with my teeth well out of the way in case I injured him.  Seb had always liked the extra sensation that he got when my teeth raked his cock gently, but Billy had no time for this.

Billy was so excited that he was unable to control himself, and he suddenly cried “Sweet Jesus! Aaaaaahhhhh!”, and I felt a stream of hot, creamy cum shoot into my mouth.

He took his cock out of my mouth, and told me to raise my thighs, bringing my feet up towards my ass. He leaned back against this “back rest” I had formed, with his softening cock lying just under my chin. So as well as face fucking me against my will, he was using my body as a convenient piece of furniture.

“Man, you’ve got a nice mouth! I wasn’t going to cum, but I got carried away! I’ll have to rest a bit, so let’s think about how I’m going to fuck you. Shall I take you for the first time doggy fashion – that’s more humiliating for a guy;  or shall I have you on your back as you are now, so I can see your face as I go into you? “

“But either way I’ve got to get you lubed.”

Quick as a flash, he turned around and, still squatting over me, turned his attention to my cock. In spite of myself, I had an erection, and he started to simply jerk me off – he didn’t ask me if I wanted this, he didn’t even pay me the courtesy of licking my cock first so it was moistened with spit. As far as he was concerned, I was just a plaything for Billy, and my wishes or desires didn’t come in to it.

As his hand raced up and down my shaft, I saw what Carl meant about the hard skin on it – there were definite ridges where he had been gripping a tennis racket, and they were actually a bit painful as they almost snagged my cock head.

His ass was towards my face, and I could see his ass hole as a darker shape contrasted against the pale whiteness of the inside of his ass crack. He obviously wore tiny Speedos at school for swimming and so on, because there was that area of pure white all around his ass, whereas the rest of his body was that light gold that blondes go in the sun. He shaved his ass, I guessed, because there was no hair to be seen there, or on his balls handing down between his thighs, whereas he had a good patch of light brown pubic air around his cock, and his arms and legs were covered in fine blond hairs, almost bleached white by the sun.

I felt myself starting to cum, and then I shot my load. But Billy didn’t stop! He carried on jerking at me, and I bucked up and down and cried out in real pain.  Like all circumcised guys, he didn’t realise that those of us with a foreskin get especially sensitive after we have shot, and it’s absolute agony if another guy keeps jerking you or sucking you.

Billy had caught a lot of my cum in the palm of his hand, and he repositioned his body so he was again facing towards me, and I had to make a “chair back” for him with my legs again. He waved his hand with my cum in it around near my face, then dipped a finger from his other hand in it and held up a thread from the pool in his palm.  Rubbing his fingers in it, he said

“Good. Thick and rich. And a lot of it! You really are a stud, aren’t you – I saw you jerk off this morning, and you’ve produced all this tonight.”

He wiped his fingers under my nose, so some of my cum stuck into the “five o’clock shadow” on my upper lip, and I was assailed with that unmistakable scent of man.

“What was all that shouting about when you shot, though? You didn’t do that on any of the mornings when you jerked yourself off”

I told him about the sensitivity of most uncircumcised men, and he laughed.

“Perhaps I’ll do something about that. It would probably be a service to you to actually circumcise you: it would stop you squealing like a stuck pig in bed, anyway! And I could have the foreskin dried and tanned, and wear it as a ring: the guys at school would really think it really cool when I told them what it was.”

I was going to argue, but I knew it was no use. I was powerless to do anything about it if he did decide to circumcise me, and arguing with him might make him more determined to do it.

“Ok, it’s going to be doggy fashion. Turn over and get up on your knees!”, he commanded.

This was so humiliating – being ordered around by a sixteen year old. But what could I do? I meekly did as he had said, and knelt there with my chained wrists out in front of me.

“Head down and knees further apart, so your ass comes up!”

Again, I obeyed. And then I felt his finger probing my ass hole, pushing in, then coming out, to go in a moment later much more easily – I realised he was using my cum to lubricate my ass hole.

“One change we’ll make tomorrow, Steve. I don’t like all this hair in your ass crack and around your hole. It’ll be shave time for you.  I can’t be bothered now, though, as I’ve got an aching hard on again”

A guy’s ass is his most intimate part, I guess. Other guys see your cock and your balls in changing rooms and if you go skinny dipping, but your ass hole is not normally on display to other men.  I was blushing furiously, because not only was this sixteen year old looking at my ass hole and fingering it, but he was doing that other almost taboo thing – he was talking about it (or, at least, talking about the hair around it). Men just don’t have those kind of conversations – you never even hear guys talking about their cocks in a changing room, do you? In fact, thinking about it, you don’t hear men talking in public lavatories much, although, interestingly, women do so all the time.

But I then felt his warm cock head pressing at my ass for entry, and, as Seb had taught me, instead of resisting, I sort of pushed back, so he slid in. He fucked me hard – Seb had been gentle, sliding in and out with exquisite slowness, but Billy thrust and rammed, slamming his pubic bone hard against my ass on each stroke. He came after only about eight thrusts, and I could see what he had meant earlier about guys being at their most virile at l6!

He pulled out, and I thought it was over. But suddenly I screamed and almost threw up – Billy had viciously slapped my balls very hard as they hung down, unprotected, between my thighs. Laughing at my pain, he told be to turn over onto my back again, then threw himself down so he was lying along me. I could feel his cock, covered in his cum, my cum, and my ass juices, pressing into mine. I could feel his heart pounding as his chest pressed against mine, and he was breathing deeply from his efforts. Why had he hit my balls? Was I just a toy for him, I wondered?

“Man, that was good.”, he said. “You’ve not just got a nice mouth, but a really great ass. All the guys I’ve fucked at school have had small, tight asses like mine. Yours is a mature body, and it was great tunnelling down through those fantastic ass cheeks to get to your sweet spot. This is the best birthday present dad could have given me.”

“Now it’s your turn to perform. I want that big thick cock of yours up my ass.” “Look, Billy, I haven’t….”

“Yes, you said. You haven’t fucked a guy before. That will make me your first. I’ll be sort of taking your virginity!”

It wasn’t easy to get into position, with my hands chained to the bed head, but Billy had a lot of fun worming his way underneath me and squirming and wriggling until he was lying on his back and I was kneeling between his legs. He’d managed to thread his legs between my shoulders and chained wrists, so his ass was thrusting up into the air in front  of me.

I’d never been up another guy’s ass before, and seeing the slight, but athletic, frame of Billy lying underneath me really didn’t turn me on at all. Had I wanted to go with a man, I think the first one I would have chosen would have been someone like Carl – someone more my own size and musculature, and someone older than me.

“Aw, shit!”, Billy said. “I’m not lubed up. And you can’t do it, as your hands are chained. Wait   a minute, whilst I get out from under you and do something about it.”

He started to move, but something snapped inside me. I’d been humiliated enough by this young lad, and he’d fucked my face, jerked me off to provide a lubrication for him, and fucked me, all without even asking me. Before he could move away, I pushed my body down on to his so he was trapped, willed my cock to go hard, and then forced it at his ass hole. He started to scream and cry, but it was no use – he couldn’t get away, and with a hard shove, I was in – my cock head was past his first sphincter.

I wouldn’t recommend a dry fuck, not when it’s your first time. Billy was obviously hurting, and I didn’t find it much fun. But I pounded away, working out all the rage and frustration I had experienced that night until, explosively, I shot my load inside him.

I didn’t even pull out slowly – just jerked my cock out, and knelt over him, looking down at his tearstained face.

“You fucker!”, he said.

“Yes, Billy, a very apt description. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

He wriggled out from under me, and said “You’re going to pay for that.”

And I did. For the rest of the night, he played with my body. He didn’t just rub my nipples, but bit them with his sharp teeth. My shoulders, my neck, and the tender areas right under my ar m pits became a mass of bite marks and bruises. He grabbed my arm pit hair with his teeth, and yanked out small tufts of it, causing me to scream. My cock head was exposed as he rolled back my foreskin, then he rubbed its moist sensitive tip against the rough hairs on his chin. And of course he tortured my balls – squeezing them and slapping them, until I could almost not feel them any more and I had shouted myself hoarse with the pain.

Towards morning, after he had fucked me for the fifth time, again quickly and harshly, and, of course, without the benefit of a lube (although luckily there was so much of his cum already in me, it wasn’t as bad as a completely dry fuck), he lay on top of me and said

“Steve, I’m not sorry I’ve hurt you. You hurt me, and I needed to teach you a lesson. But I’ve got you for the two months of the school holidays, and I want to enjoy you. I could go on making you scream every night like this, but I’d rather have you fully co-operative and enjoying it too – that way we can get dad, my uncles, and cousins, to join in occasionally in threesomes and four-ways.  So how about a truce?  Shall we call it quits?”

I really was hurting – not just physically, but with the anger that had built up inside me as he had tortured me – because that was what it was really. I felt like telling him to fuck off, and that I wasn’t going to be his plaything.  But what would that achieve?  Carl would only send me back to the auction, and, now I knew that the family actually ran the Programme, I felt sure that Carl would take revenge for spoiling Billy’s birthday present by making sure I went to a pain parlour.

So swallowing my pride I said, submissively “Ok”.

Billy reached out to the side table, and I thought he was going to use the stun device on me – but it was for the key to my handcuffs. I was amazed that he was going to uncuff me, and thought that the moment I was free, I would beat him to a pulp. A l6 year old, no matter how fit, is no match for a big, heavily muscled 26 year old!

But as the cuffs came off my wrist, better sense prevailed as I knew the consequences, so I just lay there massaging my sore wrists.

“Ok”, said Billy. “I’m not having my slave idle, you know. You’ve only fucked me once, and that was not an experience I’m going to repeat – you’ve been warned – NEVER fuck me like that again. But I do need you properly experienced for when my school friends arrive next week, so you’re going to have to learn. Now, jerk me off….”

For the next hour I was utterly humiliated as Billy made me perform sexually in a sort of “training” mode.  Using the cum I had milked from him, I had to lube his ass, probing gently with one finger first, then inserting two and finally three to make sure he was properly stretched. Then he had me fuck him, first doggy fashion, then on his back. I wasn’t allowed to cum, and Billy issued explicit commands, telling me how much I could go in, how much I could pull out, the speed of my stroke, and so on. It was just as if he was schooling a pony over the jumps, or training a new dog to fetch and retrieve. If you’ve ever taken orders from a gym instructor, or a training sergeant, you’ll know how difficult it is to obey another man absolutely, in detail. But when the person giving the orders is a year old boy, you’re a 26 year old tough stud, and the orders are telling you how to handle your most basic sexual urges, its all but impossible to do it without being deeply humiliated to the very core of your being.

We both fell asleep eventually after Billy tired of “training” me, and I woke up to find his body “spooned” in front of me. His head was cradled on my outstretched arm, and his ass was nestling against my cock – in his innocent sleep, he really did look like the boy he still actually was. I was hard with my morning erection, in spite of all that had happened during the night, and there was a delicious sensation as Billy nestled back further towards me as he started to wake, too.

“Morning, Steve”, he said sleepily. “I can feel your cock is glad I’m here. Let’s fuck!”

I groaned inwardly, as I was so exhausted and just couldn’t start all over again. But I was saved because, without knocking, Carl came in to the room. He grinned as he saw us lying together like that, and Billy, seeing his dad, said

“Dad, thanks! Steve is the best present you could have given me. Some of the other guys at school got cars on their birthdays, but I know you don’t want to break into the trust funds and get me one. But this is far better – none of the other guys have a personal sex toy! Just wait until they come next week – they’ll be green with envy!”

Billy was of course not embarrassed at being naked in my arms in front of his dad, but he anyway got up, and I saw that he, too, was hard.

“Unfinished business?”, asked Carl, “You’ve both got erections, I see. Although breakfast is almost over, I’ll tell them to wait if you want to go at it again.”

“No, dad. I’m famished. Just a quick shower, and I’ll be down.”

Carl turned and left, and Billy went into the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on. “Come on, Steve!”, he called, so I got up and went in. “In here with me”, he said, and I saw there was plenty of room inside the luxurious marble-tiled shower stall.

I stepped in, and started to wash myself, standing away from Billy.

“Steve – come here!  You’re my slave, and slaves wash their masters and attend to their needs!”

I couldn’t believe this – was I expected to wash him in the shower? The answer was, of course, yes. And Billy had very specific requirements that he told me about as I soaped each of his feet in turn, paying special attention to in-between his toes, then this legs and thighs, his body, and his hair.  I had to give special attention to his ass, running a soapy finger between his cheeks, but he didn’t allow me to wash his balls – “Next time”, he said. “You’ve learned enough for today, and you’re still a bit clumsy. You need more practice before I’ll be happy with you washing my most tender parts!”

Then I had to dry him, again following his commands, moving all over his body with the fluffy white towels.  I could then use the damp towels, hurriedly, on my own body.

I felt like crying inside. I was a big, strong man. But I had been used as a sexual tool last night, and now I was reduced to the status of a menial personal servant. I deserved better than this. A virile, muscular man needs proper work to do, not to be the pampered pet of a young lad.

Because it was a family breakfast, he dressed in crisp pale blue cotton boxer shorts, a sparkling white T-shirt, and pale blue washed-out jeans, with leather deck shoes on his naked feet. Then he called for me – naked – to follow him, and we went down the wide, thickly carpeted staircase. I was acutely conscious not only of being naked, but of all the bite marks and bruises adorning my body and the tracks across my back and chest where Billy’s finger nails had scored my flesh during his passion.


The whole family was in the dining room. Carl’s dad was at the head of the table, and Brett and Joey, and a couple of other guys, were arranged along the edges. Interspersed with the men were some of the women I had seen yesterday – I identified Brett and Joey’s wives, and I guessed the others were their sisters, making the extra guys their brothers in law.

Standing just behind Carl’s dad’s chair was Dave, totally naked, like me. He had his back against the wall, and his hands clasped behind his neck, and his feet about a metre apart in the classic display position. Billy sat down next to his dad, and I stood there at the door, wondering what to do.

All the men and women were clearly used to having a naked hunk in the room, because they hardly stopped talking when we came in. Carl looked at me and said “Back against the wall, behind Billy’s chair, and in display – like your friend Dave is!”

I did as I was told, and in spite of myself, felt an erection starting to mount. I did everything I could to stop it – I thought of other things, I flexed my toes in and out of the deep pile target, but it was no good. The sheer humiliation of being made to stand on full display in front of this room of expensively dressed men and women was too much, and my cock jutted upwards.

One of the women noticed this, and called out “Hey, Billy – you didn’t exercise that slave enough last night – he’s got an erection!”

I didn’t know what to do, and in addition to my embarrassing erection I felt a deep rosy blush starting to cover my chest and spread up my neck to cover my face.

“Get him out of here, Billy!”, the woman continued, “Seeing that cock is quite putting me off my breakfast.”

But knowing that he could humiliate me further, Billy got up, went over to his grandfather and whispered something in his ear. The old man nodded, and Billy went to Dave and said something, before returning to his chair. Dave came over towards me, his hands still clasped behind his neck, dropped to his knees in front of me, and nuzzled his lips upwards so that he could suck my cock into his mouth. He then sucked me off – an act made all the more humiliating because both of us had our hands behind our necks the whole time, and because it elicited so little attention from the diners – Billy didn’t even turn around, so confident was he that his commands would be obeyed.

Dave sucked and sucked, until I came explosively in his throat. He then leaned back slightly, licked my softening cock free of any traces of cum with his outstretched tongue, and went back to standing behind the old man’s chair, still at “display”.

I felt like crying – how could they use me this way? I was a man, I had kids, I had the right to choose when I had sex, and with whom. But all this had been taken away from me, and I had been casually “milked” so that he sight of my erection would not spoil some rich bitch’s breakfast!

Turning towards the head of the table, one of the women said “Dad, are you boys going to stay around the pool all day? I’m taking the girls on the corporate Boeing to Dallas for a day’s shopping – most of the shops in Little Rock are closed on a Sunday.”

“Sue”, the old man replied “Is there no end to your extravagance! With the landing fees, maintenance costs, overtime for the pilots and crew, and fuel, that little shopping trip will set he firm back at least a hundred k.”

“Oh daddy – don’t be such a meany! You wouldn’t want us girls hanging around all day and spoiling the fun I think you boys all have planned.                                 Come on, ladies, time to leave!” , and with that the women all got up and left the room.

Carl then looked at his father and said that he and Billy were going home straight after breakfast, but his father cut across him:

“Carl, you don’t really belong in this family! I thought you were improving, when I saw Billy’s birthday present, but perhaps you’re not. Your brothers, your brothers in law and I are all here today for Billy. We’ve all rearranged out diaries so that we can spend the whole day getting to know the boy better, and letting him know us. And now you want to go home! It’s just not on, Carl.  You go if you want, but let Billy stay here for a bit of fun.”

Turning to Billy, he continued “You want to stay, don’t you Billy? I don’t think you’ve even been naked with your uncle Mike after he married Sue, let alone fucked any of us!”

Billy looked at his grandfather, and said “Sir, I’d really like to stay. But I respect my dad too much to go against his wishes.  If he says we’re going home, we’re going home”.

Carl was obviously pleased by this – I could see him inwardly preening himself at this sign of Billy’s devotion to him as a father. He said “Oh, all right! A young guy only comes of age once, and I remember my first time with grandpappy and all my uncles when I was a lad. I don’t want to spoil Billy’s big day.   We’ll stay on, but I want to be home in time for supper.”

The men all got up, and went out through the wide French doors towards the pool complex, and Dave and I were left standing there. After a few minutes, we both dropped “display”, and Dave came over to me.

“Sorry, Steve”, he said. “But a slave’s got to do what he’s ordered to. I know you must have been deeply embarrassed, but for me it wasn’t so bad – in fact it was fun. You’ve got a great cock, mate!”

I couldn’t believe this. Dave had been so shy and retiring, and now he thought nothing of sucking a man off in public, and had views on what was a good cock. Views he didn’t mind sharing with its owner. What could have happened to that young guy who had relied so heavily on Mitch for support and protection during our days on the road gang?

“Hey, Dave, what’s come over you? On the road gang you always tried to hide yourself from the others, and it was only Mitch’s protection that stopped most of the guys face fucking you all the time. You were terrified. And now you like cock sucking?”

“Steve, people change! It was dreadful when I was bought for the sex parlour, as I was completely untutored in the pleasures of sex, and was a virgin. You learn hard and quick in one of those places, though.  On my first night I was sold off for a fabulous sum to a seventy year old guy with a huge belly, who had me tied down so he could stuff his cock up my ass – he could only just make it, not only because he had difficulty in maintaining an erection, but

because his belly got in the way and prevented it going in too far – I guess I was lucky. But it was repulsive – he had that sour smell of an old guy, and his flesh was all mottled.”

“I cried and cried, and he seemed to like that. I think it would have put me off sex for life, but the next client, when the old man had finished, was a big, muscled hairy business man who was just in town for one night on business, and wanted a bit of relief before he had to return home to his wife. As he stripped off his clothes in front of me, I knew this was different – he was obviously used to being in charge of everything, and was totally unashamed of what he was about to do. He fucked me three times, and really fucked me hard – I was sore for days afterwards.  He had decided to treat himself to a young, almost virgin lad, he said, as he’d struck a big deal that day that would earn him lots of commission, and he felt he deserved something special.”

“But he taught me that having a big, powerful cock up you, when it’s driven by someone who’s totally dominant, and totally in charge, is great. In between bouts, he sat in a big armchair with me on his lap, with one of his big hairy arms around me, and as waited to recover for the next bout, he played with my nipples, and my cock. He never once asked me if I enjoyed it or anything, just took what he wanted from my body. He was so sure of himself, and so sure that his needs were all that mattered.”

“I decided then that as I was going to be a sex toy in the sex parlour, I needed to do everything I could to make myself attractive to that kind of guy, and turn off the old men, the fatties, and the fairies. So I spend all my spare time in the gym and really hardened my body, and I flaunted myself in front of the obviously dominant men as they were inspecting us in the cage, trying to look tough, and challenging them with my eyes to try to subdue me… At the same time, of course, looking tough put off a lot of the fat, flabby and old!”

“The cage?”

“Oh, you know, where all the slaves in the sex parlour wait. About 4 p.m. We all have to stop what we’re doing – exercising or whatever, have an enema, shower, and shave, then we all wait in the cage for the guests to arrive. It’s a circular cage with bars from floor to ceiling, and the guests can stroll around the outside so they can see the merchandise from all sides. The parlour master is on hand, and can tell them the rates for any of us – having the Programme number tattooed on us makes it easy to refer between the price list and the slave.”

“When a client has selected you, the guards take you to a room so you can be prepared – tied to the bed on your back or on your stomach, tied to a post, or just left standing – whatever the client has ordered. And when the client has  finished with you, you’re cleaned out, shower ed again, and put back into the cage to wait for the next client.”

“I really got to enjoy the succession of powerful men who had me, and I had a set of sort of ‘regulars’ – guys who would always pick me out if I was in the cage when he was in the parlour. ”

“I was quite popular, but one night a really cheesy tub of lard picked me out – it was gross! He’d ordered me tied to the bed, lying on my back, and when he undressed – I think his jeans must have been about 60” waist – he almost crushed me when he came any lay on me. I couldn’t help telling him to fuck off and leave me be!”

“He complained to the management, of course, because slaves aren’t supposed to be like that. I was in the sex parlour so that a piece of shit like him could get sex, whereas I don’t suppose he’d ever find a free man who would want him.”

“They needed to make an example of me, as they didn’t want the other slaves getting uppity, so it was arranged that I would be whipped in front of all of them the following evening, just before the parlour opened for business. I was manacled to the bars of the cage, my hands high above my head so that all of my shoulders, back, ass and thighs would be exposed to the whip, when Jase came in on a tour of inspection.”


“Jase – Carl, Brett and Joey’s dad.  ‘The old man’.  Current head of the family.”

“He asked what was going on, and they told him I had insulted a client. Looking me up and down as I stood there, he said ‘Why don’t you like men, boy?’.”

“So I told him I did like men – big, tough, strong-willed men. But I didn’t want to go with any old feeble guys, or any barrels of lard.”

“He laughed at this, and ordered them to let me go free. He said he liked a boy with spirit, and if I thought he was one of those tough, strong-willed men that I liked, perhaps I should come and live with him.”

“I could tell that he was s a real power in the land – there’s almost a tangible feel of power when he’s in the room. And you’ve seen him naked – he’s only in his early fifties, and he’s got a great body.  He brought me here for a couple of night’s trial, and I’ve been here ever since.”

“Having the other guys is a real bonus, too – Brett and Joey still sleep with their dad when they’re at the house, and I think he got his daughters to pick their husbands because they were types he fancied particularly, too.  We have some great threesomes, and foursomes.”

“Come on – let’s go out to the pool. I’m sure they won’t mind us joining them. I think Mike has the hots for you, anyway – it’s not just young Billy he’s looking to fuck today!”

I was in turmoil inwardly. How could Dave had changed so much? How could he have become such a total slave in his mind?  Would I become like that, I wondered – indeed, was I already like that in some ways. I tried to think of how it had been when I was free and running my own little family – did I feel different to the way I did now? Of course I did – I was humiliated constantly now; but was I starting to enjoy it, in the way that once I used to enjoy being in charge.

Out at he swimming pool all the men were naked – clearly they never bothered with costumes unless the women were present.

Joey, Brett, Carl and Billy had just finished racing each other – eight laps – and as Dave and I came close they were pulling themselves out of the water, chests heaving with their exertion.

Carl turned to Billy and said “Are you going to lie in the sun a bit?” “Yes, dad.”

“Ok – well let me tell you a little trick your granddad taught me. You don’t need a sun bed with  a slave around – he’s a much better one!”

So saying, he called me over, and told me to sit on the ground, with my legs together. Then I had to place my hands on the ground behind my back, so that my body was angled slightly backwards.

“There you are, Billy”, he said, “The perfect sun bed.  You sit on his crotch, and lie back into his chest. It’s self-adjusting – or, rather, you can lie back as much as you want or be propped up as you want, just by telling the slave to move his arms backwards and forwards. So much more convenient that having to keep getting up and adjusting a sun bed manually!”

Billy came over, and sat down gingerly, his warm ass hot against the top of my thighs and my cock. He leaned his body back, and his bony back was cool against my chest – the water from the pool was evaporating, and lowering his temperature.”

“Lean back a bit, Steve”, he commanded, and I moved my hands back so that I wasn’t so upright.

Then he said “Hey, dad, you’re right – this is great provided you have a slave as big and muscular as Steve. Just two questions, though – what do you do with smaller slaves? And what do I do when he gets a hard on – knowing Steve, it’ll happen soon enough!”

“Well, son, if the slave is too small to lie on, you can always use him as a stool and sit on his back. Or as a convenient table beside a proper chair. As for the hard-on – well, when I was your age, I liked to feel the slave’s hard cock against my ass crack – the more so as I knew it was uncomfortable for him!”

As they were speaking, the degradation of being used as a piece of furniture was really striking home. But the talk of erections was having its effect, too, and in spite of myself I could feel my cock starting to sir underneath Billy’s bony ass.

“Hey, dad, I see what you mean!”, Billy said. Then he wriggled his ass, to make himself more comfortable on my cock, but in so doing he pressed down and my balls were ground into the tiles of the pool surround. I screamed, pushed Billy off, and jumped up, cupping my balls in my hands to try to stop the agony.

Billy looked very cross at being tipped on the ground so unceremoniously, but all the other men were laughing – both at Billy, and at me as I hopped around, groaning and clutching my balls. Eventually Billy saw the funny side, too, and started laughing – so apart from me- and I didn’t count in their world – everyone was happy.

Dave stayed close to Jase most of the morning, fetching him drinks, wiping his face with a towel when he was sweating too much, and so on. The men all swam, and from time to time played with each other – I lost track of who sucked who, and who fucked who – I think they all did it to each other. Billy seemed particularly pleased as all his uncles made themselves available to him, and I think he fucked them all.

All the men were very loving to Jase, and offered themselves to him, but he declined them all until, near lunch time, he called Billy over and said “Come on, Billy, it’s time to please your grandfather. It’s too hot for me to exert my self much, but you’re young and tough – you can do all the work! “

He lay back in his sun lounger, and I could see he was fully erect. Billy straddled him, and gently lowered himself down onto Jase’s cock, then rode up and down until Jase had evidently cum deep inside him.

I didn’t escape these games entirely – as soon as Billy had fucked Mike, the big, black-haired Arkansas guy came over to me, ordered me to kneel down with my knees apart and shoulders pressed into the pool side, then fucked me long and hard. He slapped me on the ass when he had finished, saying “That Billy sure is lucky to have an ass like that to use whenever he wants to. I wish my daddy had given me a sixteenth birthday present like you!”

As his cock pistoned in and out of me I had looked inwards at myself and noticed that, far from hurting, this big Arkansas man’s cock was actually pleasurable inside me; but, I suppose, worse: I didn’t mind being fucked in this way in front of a group of men, some of whom were watching us closely.

When we got back to the cabin that night, there was a change from the normal routine. Stripping off his clothes as soon as he went in, Carl said to me “Get in the shower and clean yourself up. Make sure you flush some water up your ass – my brother in law’s cum must still be up there, and although I love Mike almost like a brother, I don’t want my cock stirring in his cum!”

I wondered what he meant by this, but was soon to find out – when I came out of the shower and went to take my blanket, Carl told me instead to get into the bed. After they had pissed and cleaned their teeth, Carl and Billy joined me – one on each side. Then, absolutely without consulting me, father and son discussed across by body how they were going to use me that night. In the end, Carl used his father’s authority on Billy and said that after watching me for those weeks it was now time for him to have the pleasure of my ass. So the only question to be decided was whether Billy wanted to stick his cock down my throat (“in a good old spit roast” as Carl described it – I supposed I would look a bit like a piece of meant impaled on a barbecue spit), or whether I should fuck Billy whilst Carl was fucking me.

It was clear that my views didn’t count – and, what’s more, they didn’t even think to ask me. They were both so confident that I was just there to be used, that they no more thought of my needs and wants as they would think about what a dildo thought! I knew I was just a toy for them, and I felt that my manhood, my own worth as a human being, was being brutally degraded by them as their discussion continued.

Carl was tough, strong, and had a long, thick cock. I cried out as first pushed it home to its root. And underneath me, Billy was gasping as my own cock was pushed up inside him. But I had to be careful – I couldn’t risk going too hard into him, in case Carl thought I was being too rough on his son.

I’d sometimes seen those pictures of three guys on top of each other fucking, in those magazines of the top shelf of bookstores- they used to have some sort of repulsive fascination for me when I was leading my former life, and occasionally one of my buddies and I would snigger about it and say that they looked as if they were having fun. But actually it’s really hard to do, and for the guy in the middle, it’s far from fun – I had to concentrate all the time, to try to synchronise my thrusts in to Billy with his dad’s pumping into my ass. But I think it was Ok, because Carl pulled out from me and rolled over onto his back at about the same time as I shot into Billy.

Billy then told Carl that he hadn’t been satisfied – his cock was still erect, and leaking precum. He slid his body over mine so that he was lying next to Carl, and Carl raised his right leg up into the air to make a “scissors” of his legs, reached down and pulled Billy’s body towards him and wrapped his arm tightly around the lad, then with his other hand guided Billy’s cock up his ass. I lay there as, next to me, Billy fucked his dad most tenderly – that position with two guys lying side by side, on their sides, encourages a gentle fuck because of course it’s so difficult to actually get your cock in and then to pump it in and out. In later years it became our favo urite way of having sex, but that’s for later.


Fortunately both Carl and Billy were exhausted after their day of sexual exploration at the family mansion, so after this “good night” session they both went quickly to sleep and slept solidly all through the night. I woke up with Billy’s body pressed into my back, and his cock jutting into my ass crack. Carl was spooned up behind him, and Carl’s arm was thrown over Billy and lying loosely on my right tit.

As we all started to wake, I thought there would be a bout of morning sex, but Carl suddenly shouted “Look at the fucking time!” And leapt out of bed. He slapped Billy’s ass to wake the guy up, too, and screamed at me to get my ass out of bed as we were late for the start of a new contract.

Pausing only to pull on his cut-offs, and without even washing or any breakfast, Carl bundled us both into the pickup and we raced off towards town, dropping Billy off at the house of one of his cousins on the way.

Carl stopped at a McDonalds to buy us breakfast that we eat out of the bag as he drove along, and we weren’t too late – he really liked to make a good impression on his customers, and always wanted to arrive on time, to look neat and clean, and to do a good job.

I couldn’t believe that we could work all day together putting up a boundary fence without saying anything about the events of the previous day – all Carl ever said to me were

work-related instructions. It wasn’t that he was ashamed or embarrassed about all the incest and fucking that had gone on, it was just that it seemed completely normal to him and no more worthy of discussion than was a topic such as whether he had flossed or not that morning.

Back at the cabin that night, Billy was keen to use my body as soon as we got home. He slumped down on the couch, complaining to Carl that his cousin was boring – he was getting married the next week, and was saving himself for his bride, Billy said. Billy went on and on about how the cousin and he had been really good jerk-off buddies, and how Billy had been looking forward to a good day’s fucking now that he was a man, but the cousin would have none of it. He was happy to play tennis and swim, and had even suggested a game of golf, but the moment Billy had tried to cup the cousin’s crotch through his tennis shorts, the cousin had told him to stop.

So Billy was frustrated. He had dropped his shorts before sitting on the couch, and his hard cock was now jutting up through the fly of his cotton boxers.

“Steve, get over here and suck this!”, he shouted.

Carl had started dinner behind the counter, and was looking over at Billy. He said “Jesus, son, doesn’t your cock ever get tired? Make it quick, though, as I’m only re-heating a pizza and it won’t take long.”

I had to kneel submissively before the l6 year old and prepare to suck him. I went to take his cock in my hands, but Billy lashed out with his foot, kicking my exposed balls and causing me to scream with pain.

“Steve, a slave doesn’t touch his master’s cock without permission. Don’t you know that the proper way for a slave to suck cock is with his hands held behind his neck? Your buddy Dave does – remember how he did it to you yesterday in the dining room. Man, was that an exhibition – w could all see the sweat breaking out on you as he went down on you. Any one would have thought that your cock had never been sucked before!”

I was seething inwardly – it wasn’t that my cock hadn’t been sucked before that had been bothering me, it was having it done in front of a room full of people who were all leading “normal” lives, in proper clothes. How could Billy be so insensitive, how could he not understand?

But I knew what I had to do, so I regained my position on my knees in front of Billy, clasped my hands behind my neck, and reached out for his cock with my lips.

“Spread your knees wider apart!”, Billy told me.

I wondered why, and soon found out – with my knees further apart, my balls were hanging lower towards the ground. Billy put his naked foot under my balls, and twitched his toes upwards so they just scraped my balls.

It was an amazing sensation – the guy’s toes tickled my balls and the sensitive area between them and my ass hole, and I liked it. But there was a menace to it, too – at any time, Billy could jerk his foot upwards and my balls would be smashed into my ass, and I knew the pain that would cause. Thinking about it, I now see that Billy understood that the line between pleasure and pain is incredibly fine, and that a true master gives a slave one whilst holding out the exquisite threat that it can soon turn into the other.

I sucked away, and he soon shot his load into my mouth. He told me to stand up, and I stood in front of him whilst he idly started to play with my cock and run the nail of his little finger under my foreskin – I writhed and wanted to jerk backwards, so sharp was the sensation.

“Billy!”, Carl shouted, “Stop playing with Steve. I told you dinner was almost ready. You can finish toying with him when we’ve all eaten – get your ass to the table, and bring Steve’s with you!”

Billy sat next to Carl, opposite me, and he raised his legs unde the table so that his feet rested on the edge of my chair and he started to massage my cock and balls with his toes. Again, I was hovering on that dividing line between pleasure and the possibility of acute pain, and I could hardly eat.

“Stop that, Billy!”, said Carl who had seen what was going on. “Look, son, I don’t think you quite understand why we give our boys slaves in this family as they enter manhood. It’s not so that you can torture the poor guy, but so that you can relieve your sexual tensions.”

“Before great great granddad hit on the idea of giving my grand father a slave, the men in our family used to go our whoring, and seducing all the local girls.  The inevitable would happen, and we’d knock up some local society girl, and her parents would insist we married them – you know how horny we all are all the time, and how virile and fertile we are: look at how many cousins you have!”

“That was no good for the family line, as the girls were often not suitable as brides for men who would be running the Bank, and thus the finances of the State. In fact, we think some of the local girls would actually try to seduce the young guys in our family, so that could marry in to it and be assured of an easy life from then on.”

“We want our boys to find good wives – steady, clever, well-educated girls who will bring up their children properly so the business can pass on from generation to generation. We want you to take a lot of time finding the right woman, then you have to father at least three children by her, including at least two sons. And then you can go your own separate ways.

You need to take a good long time looking, and whilst you’re doing it, we don’t want you to be frustrated.”

“Our family is so strong from generation to generation because every father forges a strong sexual bond with his sons from an early age. You don’t get sons rebelling against their fathers in this family as they do in almost every other one in America – we’re bonded together by sex from the moment the son is old enough to have it.”

“But when a boy gets to l6, it’s time for him to explore. I’m proud of the way you go with grandpa, your uncles, and me, but you’d soon tire of it if we were the only men you know. And you need to experiment – we all love you, and have gentle, mutual sex. But you need to work out your passions and play ‘power games’ in a non-threatening way – that’s why we give you a slave.”

“It used to be easy before slavery was abolished, but it got difficult between the abolition and the start of The Arkansas Programme – we had to import young slaves from North Africa, and disposing of them was always a problem.”

“But now it’s fine – Steve here is a choice piece of man flesh – any man would want him in their bed.  And when you come back from school for the next vacation, I’ll have found you something else equally exciting – would a thin, tall, runner be to your taste next time – I’ve seen one in the sex parlour who would be a change after Steve?  It’s a pity you can’t take a slave back to school with you, as I’m concerned that you’ll get into trouble with the other guys there deprived of sex whenever you want it, and having to do it furtively with them only occasionally, I know that the frustration can cause you to go wild and start to do all sorts of dreadful things like smoking. If only the North East understood how beneficial the Arkansas Programme was for the slaves in it and for the users, life would be so much easier!

I sat there with my head down listening to this. Carl just thought of me as a piece of flesh to satisfy his greater plans for Billy. And I was going to be replaced before the start of the next vacation – I wondered if Carl was going to keep me on as a worker?

We went to bed early again that night, and I lost track of how many times we all fucked each other – sometimes we were pairs, sometimes three-ways, sometimes sucking, sometimes fucking – it seemed to go on all night. And I actually started to really enjoy it.

To be continued …

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