My Dungeon – Boys At My Wall

It is always nice to see, how other Masters have equipped their dungeon and how they live their kinky life. Today I am visiting JamesBondageSx. It is the first time, that I’ll meet him, but I’ve seen a lot of pictures of many cute and restrained boys in his house yet. Now it is really time to see, where all the pictures have been taken and to talk with James about SM and bondage.

Hi James, for how long are you into SM and what have been your first steps into the kinky world?

Hi MasterMarc. I have been playing on the bondage scene for around twenty years, but my interest goes back to childhood and adolescence, I remember getting a hardon in my Pajamas watching tv escapologists when I was 12 or 13, I bought my first cheap handcuffs at 16 and my first bike jacket, boots and leather jeans at 18 at university. Without the benefit of the internet in those days of course, it was several more years before I realised I could play with them with someone else! When I first properly started playing in my mid to late twenties, I had a small locked wooden box by my bed filled with my gear. Now I have a playroom full!


United Kingdom

You have bought your first handcuffs with 16? That sounds to me, as you would have started your kinkster career as bottom. Am I right? And how has your desires developed in the last 20 years?

On my recon profile I describe myself as 90% top. It takes a rare man with imagination and the kit to match to get me in a sub role these days, but I have certainly subbed, though more in the past than recently. I think playing as sub occasionally, especially as you are learning as a top, is a good boost to your skills as a dominant, there are always new ideas and techniques to keep your dungeon work fresh and exciting. I certainly never think I know it all, I am always open to discovering new angles.

It is also important to experience things from the sub’s angle to better understand and manipulate their headspace and horniness when they are bound by me.

Ok, you’re right, it is easier to be a good Master if you have also experiences as sub. I am one of the Masters who has always been top. To experience new toys first on yourself is really important than, but even more important is, that you need to be an empathic character. For me to be responsible, empathic and solicitousness are the three most important traits of a good Master. Or how do you see it?

I fully agree, when I play with a sub/fag/pig/slave I want to understand him, not just use him. It’s vitally important to establish a connection and trust so he can relax into his true headspace and not only get the most out of a session, but feel 100% free (in his bondage!) to express himself fully, whether that is by grunting like a pig, licking my boots, guzzling my piss, rattling my chains like a desperate prisoner: in short I want my playroom to be a safe place where all of its visitors can fully be themselves, exploring their deepest and hitherto most shameful sexual secrets for real.

Everything is done with an eye to safety and quick release if necessary. To get them into that kind of liberated headspace is also amazing for me as Sir/Master: the conflicted look in the eyes of a heavily bound and helpless boi, loving and hating me in equal measure for the sexual heaven and hell I am putting him through is priceless, and what makes it all worthwhile.

Ohhhhh yes, I love this look too. Or also this look which shows you a mix of devotion and pain. 🙂 It seems that the handcuffs have really been the start of a big love: Steel Bondage! What is the attraction of it?

Steel bondage is an absolute favourite: for its security, absolute inescapability, it’s speed (speedcuffs!) and it’s institutional associations: prisoner, death row, kidnap, police scenarios, meaning it fits a large range of scenarios.

It’s weight is very horny, literally weighing a boi down, and in fact I often threaten to lock someone in their own body weight of chain and steel.

Visually it’s silver and shiny (looks great against black leather or rubber or orange prison uniform). The sound of the click of a padlock or the ratchet of a cuff saying “you’re stuck now”, rattling chains or cuffs is a real turn on, and the look of realisation on a sub’s face that he’s not getting out or getting any more comfortable until I decide is again priceless.

As much as I can see here, you really own a lot of steel bondage equipment. We have been talking about the most important qualities of a Master before. If you chat online, you often get the feeling that subs are not looking for a Master, they are looking for an equipment provider. 🙂 How important is it for you, to have your own playroom and to be well-equipped?

Well, I certainly don’t flatter myself that I would get nearly so much attention if I didn’t have the facility of a playroom, and it’s certainly the case that a lot of the messages I get rather transparently do treat me as some kind of lending library of gear that is free and accessible to all. I try and reply to all messages but the “hi how r u” and the “when you gonna tie me up” and “wanna play?” variety usually get pretty short shrift from me.

The guys who take the time to send an articulate and well-thought-out first message which establishes a connection, flatters and compliments me, and what I do in my playroom and not just what items my playroom may contain, are the ones messaging will flourish with and an eventual meet occur. I can usually tell very early on if a line of messaging will lead anywhere.

Only yesterday I was being quizzed about how I make connections and how I set up threesomes, answer: I do threesomes with guys I’ve both met 1:1 first. “How do they get to meet you 1:1?” Was his next question. “They win me over with their charming and intelligent messages” was my reply hahaha

Hehehe. I hate messages like “What would you like to do with me?” …. I can not answer it, as I don’t know you  …. or “what kind of equipment do you have?” …. If you are interested in the equipment, you should meet with a sex shop owner. I am well-equipped, but he has more. 🙂 But now it is really time that you show us around your playrooms, we want to know what kind of equipment do you have. 🙂 We are standing now in a first room of your roof space. What kind of room is that?

The first room in my playroom is largely a “gear” room. There is a floor to ceiling post to tie subs to, but most of the play takes place in the second room.

In this room I have my collection of leather gear and numerous bike leathers, boots, hoods, gags, gas masks, restraints, a few uniforms, including a prison uniform, leather straitjacket and sleepsack, a wall of handcuffs, leg irons and rigid irons; many rolls of duct tape and pallet wrap, toys, and rubber gear. This (i think) makes it quite an intimidating and exciting room for new visitors to walk into seeing so much gear likely to be used on them. For most guys, their eyes are on stalks, like a kid in a sweet shop!

There are many Pounds hanging around in your roof pitch. What kind of gear do you like to wear during sessions?

Yes I think I must have spent well into the tens of thousands over the years.
I wear a variety of gear when I’m topping. Sometimes full leather uniform: leather jeans, boots, shirt, tie, Sam brown, muir cap, gloves cuffholder, etc. For guys who like a more aggressive dom I will wear skin gear, and get the subs under my 20 hole boots, worshipping the soles. Sometimes it a more casual look: leather jeans T-shirt leather waistcoat and boots. Occasionally SWAT gear, or bike leathers, whatever seems to suit the mood with whoever I’m playing with.

How important is the gear you’re wearing for sexual action?

It’s very important to me, I want to feel the part, I want to look powerful and dominant and masculine, both for myself, and for the sub serving me, so he genuinely feels he is under the control of a superior. I feel sexy in my gear and it is an important part of setting the scene for power play and kinky sex.

I think it is time to go to the next room. What kind of ambiance do you try to create here or is it just a functional room?

When I extended and refurbished the playroom two years ago after building work, I painted it all in two shades of institutional grey, to create a kind of industrial/prison ambience. This in conjunction with the black upright chair (for interrogation or heas shaving scenes) black bed with black rubber sheet and the silver wall fixings for shackles works well, and the second room is much more sparsely furnished, to create a cell like atmosphere and more importantly, the space to play.

Besides the chair and bed, this room also stores my larger pieces of ironwork such as the stockade, pillory/stocks and one very popular piece of equipment, the Fuck machine.

The lighting is dimmable here, (installed by a kinky electrician friend) to create atmosphere, the floor is black rubberised matting (soft for the knees of worshipping slaves! I am too thoughtful and considerate!)

Yes, the atmosphere is important. 🙂 And it looks good here. What is your favorite toy or equipment and why?

I think it is probably my wall mounted shackles and collar which fix a sub spread eagled and vulnerable to the wall. I think nothing shows my power over them better than this. They can rattle their chains as much as they like (and I love it if they do) but they are going nowhere. If they are tightly gagged with duct tape and mmmpppfffhhhing through their gag as I tease and torture their cock, balls and nipples, or feed them smoke through a gas mask tube, so much the better.

What was the longest time a sub has been fixed at the wall?

Probably a couple of hours before moving then to a totally different position, such as strapped in the straitjacket. As I said earlier, safety is very important to me, and too long in this position can lead to numbness in the hands, or even light headedness, so I constantly check my prisoner to ensure nothing is causing a problem with their circulation. It’s usually pretty clear to me when it’s time for a change of bondage.

I am sure you have a lot of ideas what to do with such a fixed sub. But how important do you think are “non action” periods in such a fixed position for the headspace of a boy?

I think it is very important, to make the bondage very real. Left ignored (but monitored) in a tightly roped down sleepsack can prove to a sub that bondage isn’t bondage until you want out! I take safety too seriously to leave them unattended, but periods without attention does a boy good, most definitely

Wondering what if anything is going to happen next. Anticipation is a big part of play.

I am totally with you. Bottoms who are looking just for a sequence of different action in which they are the center of attention are not real subs. Or what do you think? What makes a guy interesting for you?

Obviously like everybody, I like a handsome, fit guy, but it is their mind and mindset that really interest me. This goes back to the messaging we mentioned early. A good sub will form a connection long before you actually meet, with his ideas and headspace, rather than just demanding to know when I can meet and tie him up and what I’m going to do to him. The former is the kind of sub I know I can get into total subspace, the kind so overwhelmed by and embracing of their bondage, they will promise me anything, and cry things like “make me suffer Sir! I want to suffer for you!”

A good example of this is a sub I first met three months ago, MrYours, who, though his pain threshold is low, is willing to try almost anything to please me. His journey has been amazing, from slightly shy and lacking in confidence, thinking kink and SM was something other people did, that he wasn’t good enough for, to embracing his journey of discovery and suddenly finding a huge and appreciative audience on tumblr and elsewhere. He is a star, or porn star as I now call him, haha. 

Last but not least you have to tell us about your hottest experience ever in your own play room.

That is such a hard question! So many great subs, over so many years.
Really hard to narrow it down. Ok, so I will reply with two of my recent best sessions:

One was with MrYours, his first ever full mummification, fully pallet wrapped and duct taped then taped down to a board, totally immobile, cock tortured with electro, tits clamped, and milked to within an inch of his life!

The other recent session which was super hot was with two subs, Spanish (cuteplaytoy) and French (aidenlthralpha) where amongst other things they were tightly chained and cuffed back to back in full bike leathers boots and gloves, gagged and blindfolded with black pvc tape and left to struggle while I enjoyed the show!