Pup Thumper

is talking with

Pup Se7en

1993 | 183 cm | 72 kg

Basel (CH)

Hello dear readers, today we got something different for you. Our interviewpup Se7en is on the receiving end for once. He’s going to be interviewed by Bunnypup Thumper of Pile-o-Pets this evening. How’re you feeling puppy? Are you nervous about being the interviewbottom?

XD Never been called that before, but yes, slightly nervous. I’ve stood in front of the camera before, and did some stuff together with others, but never as the one having to answer questions. It feels strange, but I’ve prepared as good as I can, and hopefully will be able to make it an entertaining evening.

What is the talk going to be about?

Well my main topic is going to be the importance of sharing our fetishes with others in and around the community. This will be branched out a bit into different aspects naturally, and also will connect to my work here on sadOsam of course. So the viewers and listeners likely will hear some of the fun stories I experienced over my time here in addition to my ramblings. 😉 just as incentive to anybody interested.

What is the goal of your talk?

The goal is foremost to let everybody who joins in have a good time, and second to get them thinking about what effect they have when they’re sharing what they like. My Hope is it’ll have a positive effect on a few of them and their thoughts.

And where can they view this interview this evening?

It’s going to be shared over on pile-o-pets zoom stream. You don’t need an account to join, just click on the link here at around 7pm BST (GMT+1).

That’s around 2 pm for people in New York (EST / GMT-5) or 11 am in LA (PDT / GMT-7).


You can also find other info on pile-o-pets website, including donation links etc. Join in all of you, and have fun!