Become Part of the KINKFINITY Family!


KINKFINITY is a website FOR KINKSTERS BY KINKSTERS. So we want YOU to participate on KINKFINITY. Tell us about your experiences, show us yourself, give us insights to your sessions, publish your kinky stories on KINKFINITY, etc. ... Help us to make sadOsam an interesting place for all of us! HERE you can find different possiblities to become part of the KINKFINITY family!

"My Fetish Life" Interview

This is a standardised interview about your fetish experiences. You don't have to be an expert! Everyone is living his kinks the way he wants. Often articles about guys with less experience can encourage others to start to live their kinks. Everyone is learning from the experiences of others! Show us, how YOU LIVE YOUR KINKS!

"My Chastity Experiences" Interview

Chastity has become very popular for bottom boys but also for tops. Do you have your own experiences with chastity? Have it been long or short experiences? Good or bad ones? Tell us more about it! How was it, what kind of experinces do you have, which devices do you know, and can you probably give also some advices? This is a standardised interview.

"Why do you like FISTING?"

I'm totally into Ass Play and Fisting and I would love to share my experiences with the Kinkfinity audience.

"Why do you like to be an ABDL?"

Are you an adult baby and/or diaper lover and would you like to tell us about your kink lifestyle?

"My Wuff Side"

Tell us about you and what makes you a pet player. Show us your wuff side!

"Why do you like RUBER"

Are you a rubber fan, drone, gimp or so? Tell us more about your love for it!

I want to be EXPOSED

Are you an exhibitionist and you would love to show you and your kinky action to our readers? Here you can send us good and kinky pics of you and you will get your platform to show yourself!

I like to TRANSLATE Articles

We see that a lot of people all over are interested in our articles but they aren't able to understand it. Belive us, google translator is not really made for a fetish wording. Would you like to help us to translate articles into GERMAN, CHINESE, SPANISH or FRENCH? Please contact us!

I would like to WRITE Articles

I'm a kinkster and I love to write about my fetishes or other topics. Of course you'll get our support. You don't have to be an expert! It is much more important that you love what you do and that you really love to write about it. Best is you contact us and we talk about your and our ideas!

INSIGHTS to my Sessions

It is nice to read about fetish and sm, but real lived kinky action is still the best. Do you want to share your experiences and give our readers an insight to your sessions? We would love to, as it is always nice to see how others are living it. IT IS VERY INSPIRING! Send us photos of your sessions and tell us why it was a good experience for you.

I am a Kinky Artist

Are you a kinky photographer, illustrator, singer, DJ or another kind of artist in the wide field of fetish and SM? We love to present your work on sadOsam, so that you get a bigger audience. Contact us and we will check out together, how to present your work on KINKFINITY.

I run a Podcast, Vlog or Blog

As you have probably seen we integrate good kinky podcasts, vlogs and blogs on sadOsam. That is a way to make your audience bigger than it is now. Are you interested to be also published on KINKFINITY than please contact us!

I write Kinky Stories

Do you write kinky stories? Fiction in the world of fetish and sm? Would you like to publish them also here on sadOsam, where a lot of kinksters would read it? We are always interested to get stories to publish involving your kinky desires and needs. Here you find your audience!

I want to help you!

Would you be interested to help us to make KINKFINITY better or to support us with our work and more? Just contact us. We are happy to get some help.