An interview with Xavier Sibley (23), a kinky porn actor and natural born pussyboy.

MasterMarc: Hi Xavier, nice to have you here with us. How is it to know that you have been part of uncountable wanking dreams and that you have got fucked by thousands of guys in their fantasy? Is your ass hurting? 🙂

Xavier Sibley: Hi MasterMarc, it’s a pleasure to be with you and I’m honored to do this interview with you. To be honest it really touches me in the bottom of my heart since I do everything I can do to give all the people who are watching my videos pleasure, and to know it does is like a victory for me, a love victory! And I never would have been here without all this uncountable wanking dreams and all this people want to fuck me, so I wanna thank all this people too!

MasterMarc: Hehe, sounds like to be a porn actor is not only a job for you. It seems to be a passion too. How have you become a porn model and when was it?

Xavier Sibley: Ahah, that’s true. This is more than a job, like you said right it’s a passion and a part of my life! I became a porn actor in January 2014 for French Twinks, he contacted me in December 2013 via an app for a shooting and i said that it would be funny and I should try it! To be honest I was very nervous for my first scene and the first times with my partner during this shoot I was laughing quite much, I can remember when I was at the right side of the bed when he fucked me  and the light and the book fell down on the floor, ahah! But after that I was just imagining that the cameras weren’t there and I finally came to like it and decided to do more porn!

MasterMarc: I can imagine that the first time is really strange. To have a hard-on is important for a porn actor, even if he is more bottom as you are. Have you ever had problems to get hard and how have you solved it?

Xavier Sibley: Not strange, just more difficult than normal. It’s really important to have a hard-on in porn but sometimes it’s difficult, but you just need to think sexy and everything is fine! When I started porn it was difficult to stay hard all the time but now i don’t have this problem anymore, and to be honest I like the sensation of being seen by someone and the presence of a camera excites me!

MasterMarc: So exhibitionism is one of your kinks. Tell us a little more about things you personally are into? I am  talking about you as private person and not as porn actor. Tell us about your dirty desires and needs! 🙂

Xavier Sibley: Exhibitionism is one of my kinks that’s sure, I can’t count the number of time I have sucked guys in nightclub, bus, street and more places with this exciting thoughts to be caught, that sounds dirty, ahah! My personal interior is really dirty and curious, I like to test new things everytime! For example I tested pissing with my ex-boyfriend and I liked it,  even more when I piss on or into someone. Another example I tested was bondage and wax during an orgy and oh my god, I really liked the sensation to be prisoner of someone and you can’t do anything. As for the wax, that’s definitely my kink! I like to be strangled too, the sensation to feel my breath weakening and start again, that’s awesome! To be honest I think I like to be dominated and to be a slave, ahah! Its one of the reasons I accepted when Boynapped contacted me!

MasterMarc: You really have a dirty mind. I like that and I think i have to kidnap you and bring you to my dungeon, boy. 🙂 What is for you as porn actor the difference between being on a set for a vanilla scene and doing a kinky movie?

Xavier Sibley: Ahah, that’s sound good! For me the difference between being on set for a vanilla scene and doing a kinky movie is that in the vanilla scene is something more like you can do all day and for a kinky scene, its more like I want always new things, discover new things and to give more than you can think you can give on the front of camera!.

MasterMarc: Would you say that you are a submissive guy? Is it just a sexual desire or is it part of your personality? 

Xavier Sibley: To be honest, I started to be submissive at the same time I started the porn, before that I was totally top all the time in my sexual life. I think this probably happened because I needed it in my sexual life, to fuck with a top guys and it’s a part of my personality. I fell in love with bad boys, ahah!

MasterMarc: What are bad boys for you? 

Xavier Sibley: For me, you have two type of bads boys: The guys physicly look like a bad boy with tattoos, plugs, piercing and more, a little like me, and the guys that are mentaly bad boys, that play with the sentiments of the the other guy, that loves to fuck with so many guys, that treats the other people like they are below him, to be short an asshole, ahah! And sometimes its the both!

MasterMarc: Seems that you’re the guy who needs to be at the short leash. 🙂 What do you think about pain and humiliation?

Xavier Sibley: I think pain is a good thing, for my part at least it is. Like I said before one of my kink is the wax after all. And about the humiliation, it’s not really my thing but to be honest, I think sometimes I like it when a guy treats me like a bitch when he fucks me ( sorry if I can be à little bit trash in my words).

MasterMarc: But do you think that your desires in pain, humiliation and other kinky things are developing and growing?

Xavier Sibley: This answer gonna be a little bit short but to be honest with you, I don’t know, maybe yes or maybe not!

MasterMarc: Nobody knows what the future brings. 🙂 Let us talk about the present. You’re doing porn and at the same time you work also in a bar as bartender. Have you ever had the situation that people have recognized you? And how was that feeling?

Xavier Sibley: That’s true! Nobody knows what’s the future brings! When I worked in a nightclub fews months ago so many people rencognized me and sometimes also when I’m out for party! I have a memory of two years ago when I went to Geneva for a weekend and I went to a cabaret with a friend when a guy scream “Xavier? Are you really Xavier?” and I felt a little embarassed and I was blushing. But right now when the people ask I answer and talk with all of this people because its not a secret!

MasterMarc: You have done many scenes for different labels. Could you tell us, which are your two favourit kinky scenes and which are the two favourit vanilla scenes? Can you tell us also why you like it?

Xavier Sibley: I can’t really remember how many scenes I have shoot at this day, ahah! But I can say my two favorite vanilla scenes: Definitely my shoot with the famous Jordan Fox, since he is one of my favorite porn actors. When French Twinks propose to me to shoot with him it was like a dream came true! He is a hard one and I like that, he strangled me, slapped me and fucked me really hard with is fat cock! So that is why this my first choice! My second choice would be my shooting with Kris Blent for Staxus because we are very close and this is the most sensual shoot I have ever shoot and the taking of the video only took one hour, so that is why its my second choice! Now, my two kinky scenes are definitely two Boynapped shoots, the first is one of my shoot with Ashton Bradley who he mummyfied me with only a little tube in my mouth and jerked me off,Sadly this one is not online! And my second choice is my new scene that just came out on Boynapped, my shoot with Sean Taylor with the hot and cold experience, because I like this sensation to be prisoner, not to see anything and not being prepared at the hot or the cold. And Sean Taylor is a good sucker, ahah!

My favourit vanilla scenes

Staxus: Four Horny Dudes Take The Drive Of Their Lives for Hard Cock

(click on the pic to get more information about the movie)


French Twinks: The Evil Doctors Horny Patient


My favourit kinky scenes

Boynapped: Xavier Sibley & Sean Taylor

(click on the pic to get more information about the movie)


Boynapped: Xavier Sibley & Ashton Bradley

(This scene will be released August 31, 2016)

MasterMarc: The next question is more or less a must if I do interviews with a porn actor: If you would be the storybook writer, director and actor of the kinkiest pron scene which you have in your head, how would this scene look like?

Xavier Sibley: My mind is very dirty, i’m a lot of imaginations, everything inspires me and like French Twinks said on the website “Xavier is an imaginative cute twink”, ahah! I think if I would start my own production than it becomes really kinky. One of the ideas is a kinky “dad and son” scene. That is just one example because I have so many ideas in my head but maybe one day, you can see the products out of my ideas on your screen. Just give me the years and the experiences I need for it.

MasterMarc: Hey Xavier, it was really fun to have you here with us. Probably we should go down into my dungeon to try some of the ideas and give you the experience :))) . It was a great pleasure and I am sure we will continue our chat here on sadOsam soon.

You can find Xavier Sibley on Twitter.

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