Kink Fiction

Chapter 1

by @PupRbn

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Chapter 2 | Prologue

Cameron Murdock winced as his hardened member strained against its steel encasement. It had been four weeks since the boy’s induction into the billionaire Alexander Murdock’s world of crime-fighting and strict protocol, yet there was still something so exciting about it all. Just the mere thought of his locked nub caused Cameron’s penis to ache with glee. His Master had made sure that the thought would remain at the forefront of the slave’s feeble mind. At the tip of the slave’s cock, Alexander had issued a Prince Albert piercing the night of the boy’s oath. He stated it was to ensure the cage was never removed or tampered with. Apparently, the Master’s previous slave used to defy him at every turn. Alexander had explained that he was a troubled boy and likely enjoyed the punishment. Cameron could see why. The slave enjoyed imagining his new Master’s strict hand across his rear. He yearned to feel the immense pain and satisfaction such an act would bring, and all it would take was one slip of his nub.

He confessed these feelings of descent to his Master the moment he had first felt them, and, to his surprise, his Master had been pleased. With a firm hand, Alexander had lifted the slave’s hanging chin and assured him that there would be much pain in the road ahead. He stated that servitude is paved in humiliation and gratitude and that Cameron would now live a life of both. This, of course, started with his cock being reduced to a useless remnant of its former self indefinitely. Alexander had made this rule very clear. The cage had a tracker. It would keep the boy safe. And the boy was to never, under any circumstances, remove it from his cock. To this, the slave had agreed, sealing his fate and placing his life in the hands of Alexander Murdock.  

It had been an easy decision. After all, Cameron had not had much of a life to return to. He was a runaway since the age of seventeen. His parents, two backwoods dwelling mountaineers, would never have allowed a gay boy under their roof. In fact, even with them in the dark on the boy’s sexuality, Cameron’s housing status had been put into jeopardy countless times over everything from petty drunken squabbles to fights with his father that ended with a fist through the drywall. Cameron had seen the writing on the walls for years and, after realizing his affinity for the male physique, knew when it was time to cut his losses. He still loved his parents even to this day. Somewhere in his heart, Cameron hoped that they missed him, that they regretted every stupid argument, and that one day they would see the service-oriented house slave he had become and they would be proud.

Still, they would never know the sleepless nights Cameron spent skipping from alley to alley. They would never experience the cold sting of the needles that punctured his flesh or the warm embrace of the substances those syringes delivered. They would never know the fear in Cameron’s heart as he faced down the barrel of a gun one night when his luck and finances had finally run out.

But maybe he did not need them to know these trials. In the end, these bumps in the road are what led Cameron to his Master’s feet. For the gun was drawn by a man of evil but it was kicked to the puddle-stained concrete by a righteous avenger, The Caped Wonder. The evildoer was thwarted, and the damsel was saved. However, this was not where the two’s story ended. Claiming that Cameron had committed a crime of his own, The Caped Wonder had handcuffed the boy. The boy was untrained, unruly, a slave still but to a much crueler Master. He attempted to protest, slurring the hero’s name. The Cape silenced the boy’s blasphemous tongue with a quick strike of his elbow to the boy’s temple. When Cameron later awoke, he had been stripped of his clothes and caged behind bars in a room he now knows as The Dungeon, the Cape’s base of operations.

In the following days, The Caped Wonder had given the boy a choice: go to jail for the crimes he committed or dedicate his life to abolishing the very substances he sought to abuse. The choice was simple. So, for weeks Cameron languished behind the gilded bars of The Dungeon’s holding cell, his body deprived of the substances it had been so accustomed to. He was not allowed to leave his cell in these initial days. The Cape could not risk him escaping to go off and use again, or worse, expose the hero’s true identity.

While the road to recovery had been a grueling one, it was one that Cameron looked back on fondly. He learned a lot in those weeks as he watched the comings and goings of The Caped Wonder. For it was in these moments that Cameron saw the man for who he truly was, a man born of teachers trying to exert a level of control in his world. He was tortured, angry, and something Cameron knew he could fix. So, the boy stayed, and, over time, he earned the vigilante’s trust and respect, awarding him a place at the crime fighter’s side as both his slave and protege. Cameron took his duties as a house slave seriously, perhaps even more seriously than his duties as the newly appointed Wonder-boy. This seemed to perturb the Cape on occasion, though he never spoke as to why. It just seemed to vex him, and he made his vexations known to the boy often.

Not wishing to incur his Master’s wrath on this particular morning, Cameron walked briskly down the well-polished mahogany halls of the manor and tried to ignore the pain of his pulsing groin. The ring in his cock clicked as it swayed side to side, colliding with the edges of the cage. This clicking only exacerbated his scrotal pains as it served as a constant reminder of his current state. He could not let this distraction slow his pace even for a moment. He was already running behind and his Master would be hungry for his lunch by now.

The slave took his silver serving tray in one hand as he approached the grand double doors to The Dungeon. Once inside, he saw his Master seated in full uniform, pouring over analytics on the screen before him. Cameron found his Master like this most mornings, just back from a patrol and pouring over the data he had collected. He did not seem to notice the boy was five minutes late. For this, Cameron was thankful. Silently, the boy scurried to his Master’s side and planted the tray on the empty desk space next to him.

Then, without an issued command, Cameron averted his eyes forward onto a fixed point on the door and bent to a kneel. He was now in first position, a position he was ordered to be in whenever idle in the presents of his Master. To Alexander, idleness was the death of fags. He had told Cameron that his life was now in full service to him and that every action the boy took was a reflection of his Master’s training. To be idle was to show disobedience. So, he was forced to show obedience by waiting in a position of his Master’s choosing.

The slave waited for his Master’s touch, for Alexander to reach down and pet his curled, golden locks as the man had each morning. But, instead, Alexander simply sighed and clicked a tab on his computer. Instantly, Cameron fell to the floor as a massive jolt of electricity was sent through the tip of cock. He screamed a guttural holler in pain.

“That’s not how I trained you,” Alexander scolded before striking the boy’s cheek with his open hand. The slap stung so much it almost distracted Cameron from the pain that radiated down his cock. Alexander stood, placing a boot on the boy’s back that forced him fully to the floor.

“You can’t show the enemy you’re in pain. You can’t show them that they’ve won. You can’t allow them to control you. You belong to me. I control you, faggot. And my command is that, when met with pain, you pretend to be the man you know you aren’t and accept it with that patented Wonder-boy smile. Can you do that?”

Cameron nodded, his body shaking as the voltage continued to grow.

“Then smile for your Master and thank him for this lesson.”

Cameron gritted his teeth together and curled his lips upward in compliance. “Th-thank yo-o-ou, S-sir.”

“Good, now show me how you’d sit if Dr. D had control of your nub and electrocuted it.”

Alexander lifted his boot and stood with his feet shoulder-width apart. Cameron did as he was commanded, lifting himself back into first position with a smile still plastered on his face. His teeth chattered and pecs shook as he gazed up to his Master but there was no indication of pain on his features. Alexander smirked.

“Good boy.” With a click of the tab, the electrocution ceased, and the boy was left in his smiling state, chest relaxed and nostrils huffing with gulps of air.

Alexander took this moment to round the desk. His latex cape trailed behind him as he walked over to the vault where he kept his tactical equipment. The boy absolutely loved watching his Master in stride. He was mesmerized by the watery reflections of the latex with each movement and the ripples his hairy chest made as it flexed and contorted. He was a magical man; one Cameron was lucky to serve.

“You were five minutes late. I don’t think I should have to tell you that.”

“Yes, Sir,” Cameron said without his smile ever turning. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Sir.”

“I don’t think I need to explain to you what five minutes without food means for my busy schedule.”

“No, Sir. I understand, Sir. I promise it won’t happen again, Sir.”

“Did you slip and fall on your way here or something fag,” Alexander asked as he rummaged through the vault. “Or did your lazy, useless ass just decide to sleep in again?”

“I spent too long in the shower, Sir. It was shaving day.”

“Shaving day?” Alexander thought for a moment. “I suppose it is. And might I say, you look very smooth today. Good work, slave. But that body hair is still causing too much trouble for me. I want you to schedule a laser removal appointment to have it permanently removed. Then I’ll never have to worry about my lunch arriving late or those silly inspections where you always seem to have missed a spot.”

“Sir…,” Cameron started in protest but was cut short as his Master snapped his body back towards to the boy’s direction.

Alexander tracked his hand down and across his body,  throwing a sharp metal object in the boy’s direction. It whipped through the air with a crack, zooming past the boy’s cheek before landing in the wall next to him. Cameron could just slightly make out the shape of the shuriken-like throwing dart from out the corner of his eye. Yet, he did not flinch and did not frown. He simply smiled back to his Master, unphased by the action.

“Very good,” Alexander praised. “I do love that little smile of yours. So cute and complying. That’s why I hate to hear that same mouth take such a defiant tone with me. You will get every last spec of hair below your neck permanently removed. This is not a request. If you don’t comply, I’ll strap you down and do it myself and I won’t stop at the neck. Do I make myself clear, boy?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Aw, you sound scared,” Alexander cooed as he strolled back over to the boy. He stopped, his codpiece dangling within inches of the slave’s lustful eyes. In it, Cameron could make out the thick outline of his Master’s superior cock. It always seemed to threaten to bust the codpiece open as it filled every ounce of free space it was given.

“That’s good. You should be scared of me. It keeps you good. Now, I’ve been saving a load for you all night boy so, eat up.”

Cameron nodded and reached forward. He did not waste time on foreplay, he was starving, almost ravenous if he had been allowed to be. But even when sucking he was expected to act like a civilized slave. So, the boy meticulously uncurled his Master’s bunched member, allowing it to grow in his grasp. His Master’s cock was one of the widest Cameron had taken. It was something that had taken the slave more training than he could have imagined to suck and even more to be bred with. His jaw use to lock at the mere sight of the appendage. Though, now it was the slave’s favorite daily meal.

Cameron closed his eyes and moaned as his Master’s cock slid deep into his throat, a stream of precum already gracing his taste buds with its nectary flavor. He had been taught not only to love the taste of cock but to live off it. This was Cameron’s most sacred duty as his Master’s slave and he performed it with pride.

“I ran into your little friend tonight,” Alexander began. His voice was unstrained as usual, no sign that he was enjoying the action at all. He enjoyed keeping the slave on its toes, he wanted it to think it could always do better. “That skinny twink burglar in cat ears that’s always robbing the Met. He gave me quite the chase, but I got him in the end. I don’t like how he looks at you or your nub when we are out patrolling, so I thought I should teach him a lesson. At first, I was satisfied to breed the fucker and leave his tight little hole gaping so none could use him again. Then I contemplated that maybe I should take him back here and train him as I had you. It would be good for you to have a little brother of sorts to keep in line. It could have taught you some responsibility. But I know you and I still have a lot of work to do before you’re ready to take anyone’s reins. So, I let him go. He’s good to keep around, an easy target for you to spar with. God, it took so much for me not to fuck that little twat’s brains out right there. He’s so arrogant, so cunning. I wanted to make him mine and teach him what it meant to be good.”

The Master shoved his cock down deep into the slave’s throat, causing Cameron’s eyes to shoot open. Don’t panic, he thought. Just open your throat and hold your breath. It pushed deeper and deeper and then finally, it released. Cameron could feel the cum sliding down his throat in waves. It warmed his stomach as it plopped down. It took a solid minute for the well to run dry and for his Master to finally pull out.

“But then I wouldn’t have had much left for you, now, would I?”

“I’m sure you would have, Sir,” Cameron replied as he wiped the saliva from his lips. “Ever since your run-in with the Cum-shot squad your load has been quite remarkable.”

Alexander let out a sigh. “I let them get the better of me. And, ever since that day, once my tank is full, I can hardly control myself. I have to unload it in a boy or—.”

“Master, it’s ok,” Cameron reassured. “I know. And I’ll always be happy to drain your cock. It’s my pleasure.”

“Yes, and your duty.” Alexander once again sat down behind his desk and pulled open a new tab. “Speaking of duties, I got a strange tip last night. Stand at attention, please, it’s time for a mission brief.”

“Sir, yes, Sir,” Cameron said as he stood to his feet. The boy then placed both arms behind his back and pointed the crown of his head to the ceiling above. His feet were planted shoulder-width apart and his attention was directed back to his spot on the door.

“Our little cat burglar was actually able to talk me down with a little intel. Apparently, young men have been being abducted from all over the city. It started in primarily gay and homeless locales but has now spread. Just recently a powerful stockbroker, Jason Pierce, went missing under similar circumstances.”

“And you think Jason could be related to the other abducted men, Sir? I mean, it kinda sounds like Dr. D’s M. O. But I thought he only went after gay guys who turned him down.”

Alexander once again flipped the tab on his computer open, sending a controlled shock through the boy’s nub. Cameron wanted to fall to his knees from the pain but fought the urge through gritted, smiling teeth.


“Mr. Pierce. My apologies, Sir. This faggot forgot its place. All men are above this faggot, Sir, because they are true men, and this faggot is nothing but property. Your property, Sir. And your property is respectful, Sir.”

“Yes… it is. Very good.” Alexander clicked the tab, turning off the power to the boy’s ring. “And I don’t think Dr. D’s behind this one. All of the men here that went missing were white, brown-haired, six feet or taller, and had the physique of a runner.”

“A runner? You don’t think…”

“I don’t think, Wonder-boy. I know. Turns out, our dear friend, Calvin Hobbs is back in town.”

“The Horse Wrangler.”

“Precisely, and wouldn’t you know it? He invited Alexander Murdock to a race. ‘Bring your own or bet on ours. Best studs in the state. Winner auction to follow the event.’”

“He’s going to sell them off? That’s diabolical.”

“Hm well, it’s certainly something. I’d personally love to spend the money on a stud, but I don’t know if Mr. Pierce or the other men have the desire to serve as you do.”

“So, Wonder-boy and The Caped Wonder swoop in and save the day! I’ll get my suit on and the car prepped.”

“Hold on just a moment, son. I think we can do better than that.”


“No Capes necessary. Alexander Murdock was invited to bring a stud of his own and, last I checked, you were a pretty fast runner.”


“I know, I know. We haven’t had you bridle trained, or had you tow the carriage around the grounds yet but I’m sure you can pull off one little race. Plus, this’ll be the debut of Murdock’s newest piece of property.”

Cameron shuttered. He had not left the manner as a slave in months at this point and had become happy with the arrangement the two shared. He didn’t know how he would feel around others, subject to the rule of his Master, his nub throbbing for stands full of onlookers to lead and gawk at. The idea alone humiliated the boy.

Alexander turned, noticing the changes in the countenance of his slave. “Speak your feelings boy. You have my permission.”

“Thank you, Sir. It’s just that I’m scared.”


“Of what others will think.”

“Ha! My boy, they will think you’re a worthless slave. They’ll see you for what you are. It’s a gift and it will instill your role in you further. With humiliation comes pride. This was always an inevitability, fag. You were always going to be the public and well-known slave of a billionaire playboy. Just because I’ve been working from home these last few months doesn’t mean you won’t be seen. It has merely delayed your destiny. Soon, you’ll accompany me to the office or be forced to go shopping for me. It’s not like you have any ‘regular clothes’ any longer and you aren’t permitted to own any from henceforth. The humiliation is your way of life. I’m sorry if it’s difficult at first. But it will get better.” Alexander placed a firm, consoling hand on the slave’s shoulder. “You have my word it will.”

Cameron nodded, his mind swimming with the possibilities of his future. This was never what he had expected, but in some ways, it’s what he had known he needed. He couldn’t run from Alexander; he couldn’t run from this life. All he could do was embrace it.

“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir. So… should we uh, get me fitted?”

“Certainly. I thought you’d never ask.” And finally, with his hand clamped tightly on the boy’s bare shoulder, Master Alexander Murdock smiled.

To be continued …?

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